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Bad day? No way!

Preface: Been sorta blogging and facebooking but forgetting to come here and get engaged! But here's something I posted a sec ago on FB.
I'll be doing more soon!

Forgive me, I am a Lazy House Cat :3


I'm having a very bad day. Wait, let me find a new way to express this; I am having a very trying day. It's been building up and I am amazed at how well I am handling all this... shit covered gold.
At this point in my life, I have learned to look for the gold in the shit. Every dark moment carries a lesson hidden in plain sight. The shadows come bearing gifts that will advance you along the path.
A character flaw I have is the "need" for people to like me. It's not so much that way anymore, but finding out that old friends, that I have had squabbles with before in the long gone past, are still resistant to the idea of hanging out with me (even so far as to when I run into them on the street, one scoffs the other throws on a fake friend mask) cuts a little deeper than I'd like to admit.

But I recall how often I have heard of talking behind my back originating from them - everything from stuff that's pretty true, to shit I know is BS- and this doesn't bother me. I am hard pressed to remember a time I reflected that kind of energy back (probably when it was all fresh, but years later?). One even went as far as gossiping about personal medical information of mine (they worked as a receptionist at this place I went to for therapy), that I was able to get over quickly too (I thought about reporting them, yes. But that's not me, man.)
And despite all of this I am here, ready to forgive and forget, for people who probably think less of me than they do an ant.
And my garden is wilted too; I have forgiven and now I would like the same, but only if they want too. Since it seems pretty obvious they don't want that, I have reached the point where it's time to let them go.
Shame, one's a pretty good actor and I could of definitely used him when LHC Productions gets underway next year.

And that's not even really why it's been a trying day, but the rest must unravel in time and I will practice patience.

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Click click goes the mouse on the pad.
oh shit, says the mouse in the lab...

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