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I had an idea last week. And that was to begin paint symbols that represent an intention I want to share with the world, both energetically and physically, by painting it and posting it on Internet.

This one is about integration. The white spot in the center stands for eternal light and love, also known as pure divinity. The rings outside is the different perspective it can have while investigating its own potential in a virtual “studio” called physical reality. The rings have an opening and is there for a reason. They are there for being able to let the darkness or unknown;ness inside. The outer rings is an effect of change and a perspective that is not fully integrated with divine truth. As there are many experiences, there are many rings outside “the core” and all have an opening. But! When an integration has been established and one “damaged” perspective has been taken care of, with the divine love, an merge will occur. One of the rings will close and join the core or center. An integration has happened.

This can happen on all levels such as physical, emotional, spiritual, mind and other.

The journey of my life has taken many turns. Turns that led to an awakening and led to the darkest and most negative experiences that I know. To see it know, almost seven years later, I have gone through many stages that were very painful. In retrospect, the journey has pushed me more and more into the direction of surrender. Stating that I am the divine presence and what ever I experiences is an manifestation of the light that I am. That was an hard one to comprehend for me, and still is, with an upraising that was surrounded in separation, fear and scarcity. As a brave and bold soul, I have dived deep deep down, and had “sat down” with the some of the wounds and feelings that was, and are, popping up in my life.

Much of the dark “shit” I have experienced I was diving into with the statement that, I want to love all the fragments that are and was “damaged”, (rings outside the core) the time before now. The latest teachings of Matt Kahn has helped me to re-align my self and has done that with a turbo-kick that are propelling me into the light as never before. Is is a love revolution that states:” Whatever arises – love that!”

I have begun this intention-drawings with the topic of integration because: I think that integration and taking “care” of the dark side of us is the most important thing we can “do” in a spiritual awakening we are all going through. If the hurt and overstimulated nervoussytem (EGO) also called psychological triggers, is not taken care of, deep and true awakening and world change can not be established. If a part of us is “outside” the light and love that we are, we are not whole. The wounds of our life is crying for integration an wants to join the superb light of love that we are.

It says: “Please love me! I want to be included!”

The darkest and most heaviest experiences in our life, is also a catalyst to a great leap in consciousness that will change the world from inside out.

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Swedish shifter


  • Great work! I wanted to leave a comment because this really reminded me of how Atlantis' is described to be laid out, in circles like this, weird connection right..

This reply was deleted.

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