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Greetings fellow conscious beings,

As one awakens to the multi-dimensionality of their consciousness, which is bound within this linear holographic matrix, the expression of their very being begins to shift into a new state. Advanced insights and revelations are gained from realms beyond, from higher-conscious versions of one’s self. These revelations signify the true preciousness of one's embodiment of experience in this reality, directing one toward a path of excitement and creation.

During this awakening, the true oneness of all forms of consciousness comes to the forefront of one's awareness. The realization that we are all but fragments of an infinite tree of consciousness, changes the very foundation of our experience and expression.

Our fractured states of awareness are extremely precious and invigorating. Such states are experimental and crucial for the infinite sea of consciousness to experience, create and express itself in a multitude of ways.

Consciousness is waking itself up to its true nature:

Live limitless and adapt.

Farewell fellow conscious beings.


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Observing my life since the beginning of this year, I have noticed the highs and lows of my journey to ascend. I am currently in a state where its harder to stay positive. Just a few days ago I was joyful and achieving a bliss state when all of a sudden one of my deepest shadows comes up. When I run away from myself to not feel the pain but actually drawing more negativity in. I don't understand why I do's like I somehow adopted that it's better to be in pain than to risk being happy and get hurt. I have big dreams and know I have a lot to offer the world if I can just believe in myself. My whole life since I child I have never felt good enough for anything.I always felt alone and scared of the world around me. Now I am trying to ascend but I feel like I can't tell what's illusion or real anymore. It's stressing me out so bad. :(

I am now going to pull a tarot for you guys and we will see what our guides say..


So my intuition was telling me that this meant that we are masters of our reality and our drive in life. It might be hard to see for some people though, myself included. Also dealing with our shadows because if we are held back, like hooked into the past or anything negative will conflict with us maintain a higher frequency. So I'm going to try to stay in bliss and just keep love in my heart whenever stuff arises.

Lastly I would like to see if I can send energy to people through this chakra meditation I made. I think I could be an energy healer if I wanted. If you try this please let me know what you feel from it. :)


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Aloha Team, 

I am excited to share with you an awesome co-created conversation that I did with my good friend and fellow conscious youtuber Bridget Nielsen! 

We decided to get together one day and take turns interviewing each other, and the discussion that came up was super ripe and powerful. 

I will link both of the interviews into this post alone for convenience.

Bridget is an amazing media creator who does alot to support the "Starseed" community - people who are actively drawn to the idea that many of us have lineage to a bigger cosmic family out there in the universe. So within the conversation she asked me what I thought about the Starseed concept, and I brought in some of my own perspectives to help bring it back down to Earth and ground the idea in a practical concept that focuses back onto the mission that we have here to help shift consciousness. In addition we also talked about the project, about aliens, dream exploration, who I got my name Wolf-Shield, my connect to the elf kin, and much more.

Doing this interview with her is also a great way for us to help expand the audience of the project and invite more people to be directly involved with the Paradigm Shift CEntral team. I know many people have synched up with the project because of the interviews. So shoutout to them!

So thanks again to Bridget for helping make it possible and for rocking it as a fellow creator within the shift. 

Enjoy the interview! Link to Bridget's channels are posted below. 

Here is the video of me interviewing her!

Connect with Bridget at:


Connect with me at

Support more interviews like these when you join the team patreon at

Thank you again, and 0N3 L0V3

- Brendon 

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Cheers to another year Shifted!

As we take our steps forward let us reflect on the past to see how far we have come. It is amazing to know much this project has and is continuing to help make a difference within this reality. I am incredibly greatful to everyone for synching up with the team and for carrying the Shift with them where ever they are. 

For the past several years I have made a habit of catching the Sunrise on my birthday. Although this year's video was different then previous ones, because much of my reflection in the present moment was focused around my love and connect to my dog Shelby who I walked across the rainbow bridge on my birthday. Reflecting on death and life is an important part of this journey. This video is for him, yet it is also for all of us. Let each breathe be more mindful. Let each moment be more present. May we honour the energies moving through us. Let each challenge be a gateway to new strength. 

Aloha. I love you. 

Connect with me on further.
On youtube
On facebook

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Hey guys this is my reading for the full moon today. The deck I use is the Sirian Starseed Tarot which you can find online if you're interested. In this reading we somewhat get a glimpse of what this upcoming fall will be like through observing the overall energy of today. While you are watching the reading try to think about how this relates to you and observe the "random thoughts" (intuition) that come to mind. If you would like to get a reading from me just contact on here from facebook. I would appreciate this because I want practice and memorize my cards.

Connect with me on facebook at

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One of the most exciting parts about this journey is being able to share the story of our project and real world game to help shift consciousness with an increasingly growing audience, ripple the waves of inspiration further, and inviting more people to be involved and connected as a part of the team and the ongoing story. 

Just recently I was a guest on The Just Bernard Show with Bernard Alvarez. Bernard is a fellow Shifter who has been doing his online show for many many years and through his live broadcasts and recordings he reaches an audience close to 30 000+ people. 

Bernard had know about the Paradigm Shift Central project for awhile, so it was really exciting for him to invite me on to be able to co-create together. This was one of the funnest interviews I have done, as I really enjoy Bernards spirit and his support for what we are building for the whole community. He is a big fan of our focus on the resurgence of the Jedi and the concept of the Light Guardian. 

Here are some of the topics we hit upon in the quick 45 min discussion!

- What is the Paradigm Shift Central project and the inspiration behind starting it?
- What it means to be a "Shifter". Modern resurgence of Jedi, Light Guardians
- Shiftivism, Free Hugs, Shift Button tactics. "Hacking the matrix with love."
- The role of conscious media as medicine. Both healing and inspirational.
- Story of my connection with the wolf energy. Being a leader within the shift. 
- The Journey to Lucidity saga movies. The heroes journey. Awakening within the dream. Importance of dream exploration. 
- Understanding more about our multi-dimensional reality
- The power of story telling. Sacred journeys through the Global Journey Meditations. 
- Recent experience documenting and sharing working with 5g sacred mushroom
- The future of the Paradigm Shift Central project, how people can continue to be involved. 

Enjoy! And let this broadcast continue to inspire more and more of us as we continue to ripple the waves further. 

Shifters Unite!

*And bonus shoutout to those who are now connected to the project thanks to this broadcast!

Listen to The justBernard Show LIVE on Tuesdays at 2PM ET at


Subscribe and explore my youtube at
Connect with me on facebook at


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I didn't plan on crying when I made this video live - but I am okay with the fact that I did...

Crying is healing....and I hope this allows others to heal in their own ways too...

Much love to all our animal friends, all of us who love them, and all of us who help them when the time comes to cross the rainbow bridge... 


Animals are our allies.
They are friends, and they are family...

For the past 13ish years I have been fortunate to share my journey with my dog Shelby. He has helped me in more ways than a probably even know. Simply by just being there it has allowed me to actively learn more about myself through the act of being able to express my love towards him. Plus the fact that he is a German Shepherd for me is a reflection of the Wolf teachings, and has helped me see more of the Wolf within myself....

Well, as the ever infinite clock ticks on, Shelby is inevitably getting closer to concluding his journey here on the earth plane before returning to the astral realms from which we all source from. 

The other day I decided to randomly do a live facebook broadcast with Shelby. I wasn't really even sure what I would say in total, but I just wanted to do it - to be able to document more of my appreciation with him and share his presence with the community too. 

Well... in typical Cancerian fashion, I was only a few minute sin when I began to feel the feels.... and right on cue with the rain, the tears came too... Being able to open myself up emotionally in a moment like that was important for me, and for others in ways I may not even know. I wanted to be able to talk about the topic of death in a positive light. To be able to reflect on in from a spiritual perspective.....

Shelby is my hero, and I love him with all my heart and beyond. For all he has done for me, I will be there to walk him across the rainbow bridge...

Though I am not sure how much time I have left with him, I am reminded to be grateful of every moment....

To live as it may end tomorrow, and to love as if it will last forever...

Here is the video in which I share my emotions and discuss more about the topics of Life and Death. 

Much love to all of our animal friends out there on this journey with us. 

A special thank you to the community for their outpouring of support and love <3 <3 


As a bonus I have included two additional videos of having fun with Shelby and my other dog Dalin. :)

And to conclude this Quest Journal, here are some words of wisdom from Shelby himself for all of us on our paths...

From mine and Shelby's furry heart to yours...

0N3 L0V3

- Brendon 


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New Moon in Cancer – July 2016

Committing to one’s Dharma 

I’ve been reading the Bhagavad Gita with a soul friend of mine, and in that book Arjuna is a warrior but he is having difficulty coming to terms with the fact he must kill people he respects and feels a kinship to. Krishna speaks a lot about detachment and doing your dharma, or sacred duty, from an alignment and inner knowing that we must do our work in devotional service to God, making offerings with a deep reverence, but also dispassionately removing ourselves from attachments to the fruits of our actions, or letting go of the outcome. 

I struggle, as many do, with the concept of living without passion. That is the opposite of a Tantric way of life where you live out your passions consciously with full awareness. And I, like many of us, am integrating these two disciplines. 

Though I fully understand what it is to act with the intention of serving others, serving the greater good, and taking action because that is what feels right with your heart from an inner knowing.. an awareness of, ‘This is my next right act. This is what I must do, for me, and if others are not understanding of it, then that’s ok.. because my Vertical Alignment is intact. I understand what I must do and my heart, my relationship with myself, God, and the Earth, are all in alignment. I feel free as I do this.’

At this time, July 2016, this New Moon is in Cancer, a water sign. And Oh My Goddess my Rainbow Warriors.. we have Mars moving direct – finally – after all year of a retrograde cycle. 

It is like the heavens are sparkling at us again.. sending us signs of what is to come.. and I believe we are being called, and shown, and supported (thank god) into what our Dharma is in this life. What is our sacred duty as guardians of the light? What are we claiming as we are stepping into our new roles? What are we continuing to let go of? I saw a lizard take skin from his leg that he was shedding and eat it. What are we transmuting and can that fuel our new beginning? Are we able to allow any mud around us to nourish the lotus we are? 

So, it is time to begin 2016. For reals. This is the dawn of what is to come. This year has been a transition year, a year of purification, a year of transformation. The solstice was a huge wake up call to really commit to this new self.. and now we get to practice for the next 6 months.. and then the next 3 years.. be in that new identity. 

Experiment with how to play our parts. 

We must commit to ourselves, listen to our souls and trust our intuition. We must practice our arts, hone our medicine, and find ways to serve the earth and bring our medicine to the people. 

And so I have a bit of an announcement to make.. I am going on a quest. I am traveling west to connect with members of my soul tribe, to lead circles, to share healing arts, and practice teaching. I plan to head initially towards the Southwest, maybe over through California, and end up in the mountains. I have a strong pull toward Utah and I want to see Colorado... I want to visit sacred sites, temples, holy places, and do ritual at these locations. I want to meet with others on a similar vibration as mine.. to teach.. to learn.. to sing.. and to share our gifts and medicine with each other. 

So Rainbow Warrior family, if you’re in the states, and you want me to come see you.. to visit and share space, perhaps lead a circle of like-minded individuals for healing work.. I would be honored to create that with you. Right now I am open to receiving where I will be going, and allowing that to take form day by day based on the feedback the universe is sending me. 

Practicing surrender, trust, and commitment to my Dharma, my spiritual teaching work, my shamanic medicine woman path, and being of service to the planet. 

Aho. Namaste. And so it is. 

In love, light, and warrior spirit, 

Michelle Infinity

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Ignite the fireworks of the heart....

In synch with the Canada Day portal celebration, some fellow Shifters and I joined together for a Free Hugs Shiftivism mission in order to spread love, plant seeds, build the tribe, and continue to awaken others within the matrix through the magic of compassion, synchronicity, and Shift Button tactics.

Doing Free Hugs as a team is a really exciting adventure. For this mission, it was the first Free Hugs mission for my 3 friends- Jo, Cass, and Sarah. Even though they were admittedly a bit nervous going into it - once they stepped through that nervousness, they themselves experienced an opening. Heart expansion. In the same way their hugs were healing and empowering for others - they too also received healing and empowerment in return. 

Free Hugs are medicine. Time and time again we will go back to the topic of Free Hugs because in doing so we are helping the concept of compassion rise to the surface as a more common everyday thing within society. Through our small actions, we are making a big difference in the days, months, and years to come. 

The beautiful thing is that as always, by documenting our Free Hugs mission it helps excite others about the idea of them doing Free Hugs where they are too - which is a key objective of the Paradigm Shift Central game - to be a Shifter - someone who is intentionally helping shift consciousness. Free Hugs are one of the key tools of every Shifter, and something that can be put to use anywhere, anytime. 

Watch the video to experience how our mission unfolded in the moment. 

So much love to the tribe for being a part of this bigger journey!

Join the team Patreon to add Shift Buttons to your Free Hugs missions to amplify their lasting effectiveness by allowing you to easily and directly invite people back to the game, and thus building the team, and bringing more conscious awareness into the collective. 

Add your support at and receive as many Shift Buttons as you ask for while also supporting the whole team and the evolution of the game. 

I look forward to seeing Quest Journals from others about their own ongoing Free Hugs missions and Shiftivism adventures! 

May this entry inspire you to inspire others. 

We are love. 

0N3 L0V3 

- Brendon

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A Shifter is someone who is intentionally helping assist with the shift in consciousness. 
We are real world hackers within the matrix. Conscious players within the game.
We use our heart and tools to help plant seeds, connect with community, awaken others, and build the tribe. 

From my own experience as a Shifter, every time I leave my house to go downtown I am openly stepping into more potentials to synchronistically connect with people. Synchronicity has been a key concept as to why I have been called to make this project - because synchronicity is (in one way) the additional influence of the bigger universe enacting through us and bringing events and people together in order to help accelerate the awakening process. These synchronicities will happen to all of us... all we have to do is have the open mind and heart to be able to recognize them and make the most of them. 

Here is a prime example of an epic synchronicity that happened when I was heading downtown on the bus....

Honestly, since the creation of the Shift Buttons - the excitement, realness, and potential for all of us to help assist in the shift has accelerated times infinity. Over my years as a Shifter I have literally given away THOUSANDS of Shift Buttons to people. Thousands of seeds planted. Hearts inspired. Minds opened. Ripples that create waves. Each Shift Button is a holographic link to THIS project website, which in turn connects them to all of the media, global meditations, movies, and of course local communities and invitations to be involved. 

If I met those people on the bus and didn't have Shift Buttons, it would have been another pecular scenario of needing to ask for phone numbers or facebook or something clumsy, right? Instead its just like - boom - Shift Button. Holographic tool to the whole project. Here you go, as a gift, and a portal for us to meet again in the future my friend. 

It is my goal to continue to get as many Shift Buttons out to strangers and the global team as possible. 

You can get your Shift Buttons when you sign up for the Team Patreon and get as many as you want. Sign up AND support the future of the project for the whole team at 

Simply having them on you will evoke synchronicity and unlock their potential within your journey, wherever you go.  

I look forward to hearing more about the every day synchronicity happening in your life as the magic continues to unfold :D

As a Shifter, every time we walk out the door we have the opportunity to help change the world. 

Be open. Be present. Be love. 

0N3 L0V3 

- Brendon 

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So last night was pretty fun :P I was invited by our good friend Kirk to be a guest on his show Kirk Spiritual which broadcasts live on Manhattan New York Public Access TV. This was my first official debut on LIVE TV talking directly about spiritual topics. 

During the broadcast we got to share with the audience information about the Paradigm Shift Central project and what we as a team our doing. In addition we also shared some of the videos we have done and had some fun quick Q&A.

Even though the internet is such a common thing, there is still something really cool and nostalgic about being part of a live TV broadcast.  Back in the day  I went to school for Television Broadcast, so it was really fun being able to return to it again after all these years. Since the show is a old fashion we don't honestly know how many people would  have tuned in live at the time, but as always - even if just one of those people sees it, hears about the projects, hears the message of hope, connects with it, and gets inspired - then its worth it. The opportunity arose for a reason - our job as a team is to meet it half way and make the most of it. Utilizing technology to get a message out there is a form of Shiftivism in itself.

Kirk recently found out about the Paradigm Shift Central project and contacted me after he saw me as a featured guest on the recent debut episode of The Way Of UK podcast with Paul and Michelle  (Click here to listen to that awesome broadcast
Kirk has been doing his show for 11 years, and much like what we are doing, it is about featuring a variety of amazing people who are intentionally help assist with the shift in consciousness. 

Watch the full 30m show at >>
Subscribe at

A huge thank you again to Kirk Spiritual for having me on the show. There is much more to him and the work that he does as a techno shaman like myself.

 Connect to his ongoing broadcasts and more at

Broadcasts live Mondays at 11:30pm EST at

Watch past shows at
Visit his main website for more of what he does and connect with him at

His personal facebook is

Here is a video from Kirks youtube channel. Be sure to subscribe and explore more of the wisdom and inspiration he is sharing.
Subscribe at

Let's continue to ripple the waves and find more creative ways to bring consciousness into the mainstream.
Support the ongoing journey through the team patreon at

Go Team!

0N3 L0V3 !!

- Brendon

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I was honoured to be a guest on the first episode of Paul Boggie Brighton's new conscious community podcast - The Way of Conscious Mindfulness. Future interactive episodes will be created and broadcasted for timezones tailored to the UK / Europe audience.

Paul has been involved with the Paradigm Shift Central community since its early genesis! He is a great teacher, a fellow Jedi, and a wisdom holder of the tao. He has been a wonderful supporter of the project and its really meaningful to know that Paradigm Shift was part of the inspiration for him to begin this broadcast. We have always talked about having a separate show for the Europe time zone! And now here it is! Hooray! The show will feature a variety of inspirational teachers and creators within the community - to share with you their "Way of..."

Tune in and connect for future broadcasts at

Subscribe for live videos at

Connect with Paul directly at

Watch the first episode in which we talk about the Paradigm Shift Central project as well as the topic of dreams and lucid dreaming!


> Download as Mp3 - Right Click and Save As <

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Hello everyone!

The last 2 years I was mostly traveling around and getting to know many people who are already living a new way of life, Leaving the old paradigm. Eventually I found many places, where these kind of people come together and it´s amazing to see what happens there, what the places look like and so on. Since I had never had contact with all this before, I wanted to give these people and places a platform, to bring awareness about that a different way is possible and many people are doing it already.

Almost 2 months ago I left germany to go on a trip through Greece and maybe other countries. Some stops on this trip were fixed, a lot of them open to go with the flow. Before I left I started my video-project "daywalker" and just today I uploaded episode 13 on my youtube-channel and on my facebook-page. In a few words you can check them out here:

I am very open for feedback and ideas for my videos! And of course I appreciate comment, shares and so on. Before I had my own page i didn´t realize how valuable shares are for the content. So feel free to share :D

So this is it for an introduction. Greetings from Thessaloniki! <3

Connect with me on facebook at

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By the power of the cosmos, that was one Shifty week...
I'll be honest, leading into this last week I knew it was going to be a test - but it was one I knew I was ready for. You see, since returning from California at the end of April and initiating the relaunch of Paradigm Shift Central as my full time focus, things have been consistently active in terms of the ongoing production involved with directing the project and helping run the show. Last week was no exception, and a great example of the vision coming to fruition...
From my end production wise this last week consisted of managing THREE live broadcasted events: Dream Class, Admin Hangout, Full Moon Meditation, which was AWESOME, plus the release of the Be the Change March Against Monsanto mini documentary (Link in comments), and the facilitation of the regular Paradigm Shift London meeting on Friday. All of which flowed successfully :) I admit it, it was challenging, there was alot of time and energy put into making it all happen, but I also know that it was great training for what is still ahead...
You see, we are at the point in the project where this next month will help us really plant the seeds for a potent future. As an entrepreneur I have put alot of creative thought into how to manage this project in a way that it will be both successful and sustainable.
A huge key to this has been the ongoing progress we are making with the team crowd funding. We have almost reached our current team milestone of 500 a month, and from there we will be aiming for our next milestone of 600. Our individual micro donations make this dream a reality - not just in this present moment, but for the bigger and more potent moments for the larger community still ahead of us. Through the method of micro donations, nothing is lost - and yet everything is gained. Abundance for all. (I am sending out the Shifter Booster Kits soon).
Seeing the support of the community really inspires me. It reminds me that people believe in what we are doing, see value in it, and synchs me into my promise of why I came here and to do what I need to do to honour this relationship. For example - me doing the most recent Be the Change video. The community support was a big part of what gave me that extra boost by reminding myself that I was doing it in service for the team. It helped aligned me into my sense of duty to make the video - and make it well...
I am glad that we have created a form of sacred commerce that allows our community project to function without the dependency of things like third party website advertising and needing to use website traffic and click baity articles just to stay afloat. I am also glad that we don't need to set up any exclusive access to media where people have to pay to see things. Instead we can do what we have always been doing - focus on providing ongoing free educational, entertaining, and inspirational quality conscious media and valuable events and interactive experiences for the community.
So what happens next? Well this week we only have one broadcast - the Team Building Hangout on Thursday. But nevertheless, it will be an equally busy week. With less broadcasts it means I have the space to shift focus into other key aspects of the project and meditate on the strategic steps involved. One of which will be posting less on my facebook profile in order to feed into more successful post algorithms so that the important content is seen (be sure to subscribe to my profile - - by clicking 'friends/following' then adding to See First). Needless to say there is still alot planned. Including shifting back into completing the production of Journey to Lucidity 3: Quest of Quests, our next full length movie that I still intend to release this summer - which also includes a yet to be revealed key aspect to this real cosmic story. But for now - step one - meditate.
Now if you are reading this, first of all - thank you. Whether you are new, or whether you have been witnessing this tree grow from its genesis over 6 years ago... thank you. And also its important that you know this - the only way people see our community content is when we share it, like, and comment so it shows up for others. So whether it be one to one conversations or using social media, passing on links for past broadcasts, new videos, and community content is such an important part of this project. As mentioned earlier, facebook and email lists only reach a small percentage of our shared audience. (Be sure to also like and See First the Paradigm Shift Central page - ) But... these obstacles are also a blessing because they call into action the direct practice of our cooperation.
The Paradigm Shift community is still evolving as we speak. I am honoured to be able to help captain this ship amongst other great captains within our community. We are still growing, we are still crystallizing, and we still have much more to do as part of the bigger story. For those able to, those who see what we are creating, and those who feel it in their heart, please sign up for the team patreon when you can (, continue to stay tuned for updates, go back and enjoy and be inspired by past broadcasts and the content we are creating together, and let's collectively celebrate where we as a team have been, where we are now, and where we are going.
Please leave a comment about what the Paradigm Shift project means and represents to you to generate more morale amongst the team. Do you make time to listen to the recordings of the broadcasts? What do you like about them and other content? Remember - morale is a resource that helps fuel the ship into the future.
Aloha. I am because we are.
Victory is a shared success.
0N3 L0V3
- Brendon 'Wolf-Shield' Culliton

Featured Links:

I am also including the Paradigm Shift Destiny School: Meditation & Mindfulness episode just because. 
*Reminder, mp3s for broadcasts are available to download through the Podcast feed at the top of the page.*

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Truthday Tuesday: 5 - 10 - 16

Hey All you Sexy Shifters and High Vibe Humans! Breezy Here with another whirlwind update! 

As you may or may not know I am a graduate student and I recently took a break from my YouTube Channel to focus on finals. I am happy to announce that I completed this semester with a 4.0 GPA. 

Summer has begun and I can know pour all my creative juices into my personal projects such as #TruthdayTuesday and #GoldenGaianAdventure

If you haven't already, check out my latest Truthday Tuesday Video Click Here

Truthday Tuesday is a day where you the High Vibe Humans ask me questions and I answer them based on my truth and my experience in the world. This week's video I tell the Truth about my channel.

Shout out's to this week's Shifters: 

Dystonia Wife who asked “How would you describe your channel?”

Jose Martinez who asked “Do you use Crystals or Gemstones?” (I discuss a bit about how I use them)

Andrew Joyce who asked “What would you say to someone who reports experiencing DejaVu while doing something ‘bad’ such as shooting heroine, or waiting to kill someone?”

To which I replied, "I would have to know more about that person’s thoughts, feelings, and beliefs they have in order to assist them. But in the end they draw their own conclusions."

Sending out positive supportive energy to those who participated this week! If you would like your question answered post in the YouTube comments OR tweet me @breezyspreadlov

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The following is a chronological adventure experience of my day beginning with Jedi Academy Training in the park, to finding out it was Comic Book Day and going downtown to do some Free Hugs and give out Shift Buttons.
The videos were intentionally and originally posted individually to facebook/instagram in a sequence, and as an alternative form of  story telling I wanted to be able to archive them all here in one place. 
It is my intention to work more with this style of journalism in the future and invite others to consider it aswell. 
***Note - Some of the following instagram posts are videos. Scroll over and click to play.***


On the bus downtown to do the Jedi Training Academy. #waysoftheshifter

A video posted by (@paradigmshiftradio) on May 7, 2016 at 1:10pm PDT

Leaving a Shift Button on the bus to plant a seed. They are magic buttons, with a magic website on them. #waysoftheshifter

A video posted by (@paradigmshiftradio) on May 7, 2016 at 1:14pm PDT

And then there were many bikes. Ride on!

A video posted by (@paradigmshiftradio) on May 7, 2016 at 1:23pm PDT

Do you ever get that feeling...

A video posted by (@paradigmshiftradio) on May 7, 2016 at 2:34pm PDT

Stoping in at Tribal Mountain on Richmond St. Awesome place for spiritual tools and things.

A video posted by (@paradigmshiftradio) on May 7, 2016 at 2:44pm PDT

Remember who you are... #waysoftheshifter

A photo posted by (@paradigmshiftradio) on May 7, 2016 at 3:02pm PDT

Warming up for Jedi Training Academy. #waysoftheshifter

A video posted by (@paradigmshiftradio) on May 7, 2016 at 3:06pm PDT

Cognitive reflex training as part of Jedi Training Academy. #waysoftheshifter

A video posted by (@paradigmshiftradio) on May 7, 2016 at 3:10pm PDT

Zomg... Just found out today is Comic Book Day downtown! Today will be a Shifty day indeed... #waysoftheshifter

A video posted by (@paradigmshiftradio) on May 7, 2016 at 3:14pm PDT

Some of the training tools we practice with for the Jedi Training Academy. #waysoftheshifter

A photo posted by (@paradigmshiftradio) on May 7, 2016 at 3:46pm PDT

Sword training as part of Jedi Training Academy. Lots of other exercises took place before this off camera. #waysoftheshifter

A video posted by (@paradigmshiftradio) on May 7, 2016 at 3:50pm PDT

Skull Babylon, on my way downtown for Comic Book Day to so some Shiftivism and use my super powers for good. #waysoftheshifter

A video posted by (@paradigmshiftradio) on May 7, 2016 at 3:59pm PDT

Ghostbusters on the scene. #ldntont #canadaslondon

A photo posted by (@paradigmshiftradio) on May 7, 2016 at 4:11pm PDT

I like to cosplay as myself - Skull Babylon Neo Gonzo Journalist and Shifter of the Future.
Using my abilities to spread love, plant seeds, and help accelerate the shift in consciousness!

The great news is that there is a team of Shifters across the globe. You can be a part of the team too.

Shifters unite!

#waysoftheshifter #freehugs #awakening#comicbookday #ldntont #canadaslondon

R2! Its good to run into old friends :)

A photo posted by (@paradigmshiftradio) on May 7, 2016 at 4:30pm PDT

Awesome to see the Force alive and strong within the mainstream these days ;) Subtle reminders of something more. Do you remember? #starwars

A photo posted by (@paradigmshiftradio) on May 7, 2016 at 4:32pm PDT

Low on camera memory space. But got to get in some sword play on the street. Blending right in of course :P

A video posted by (@paradigmshiftradio) on May 7, 2016 at 4:38pm PDT

Onto the next adventure! See you in the future! Thanks for tuning in. Skull Babylon, out. #waysoftheshifter

A photo posted by (@paradigmshiftradio) on May 7, 2016 at 4:40pm PDT

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On a Saturday night I head downtown solo for another Free Hugs Shiftivism Shift Button mission to help softly unplug people from the matrix and shift paradigms. 
Help be the shift where you are by being a Shifter and replicating this and similar patterns in your community!

Shoutout to the amazing people I connected with that night!

Shifter Booster Kit available at
Shiftivism Tools (Free Hugs Sign Download) at

Connect with me on facebook at

0N3 L0V3

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Together our stories weave a bigger story. 
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