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This report log is in reference to my recent acts of Shiftivism in downtown London, Ontario, Canada, to add to the shift in consciousness. This is a quick recap and also aimed to help inspire other Shifters across the world to engage in Shiftivism where they are too.   

I knew I had to wrap a crystal for a friend, and I knew I had to wait for the bus. Therefore in the meantime I deployed my Shift tools to simply invite the universe to make use of the opportunity. While waiting, there was an interesting anomaly that occurred. My head was down, occupied with crystal wire wrap, and within that time I casually look up just as another Jedi is skating away on wheels of light. Purple ones. This is the only other person I have seen other than myself who has light wheels on their hoverboard, I mean skateboard. I had seen this person once before, but had not met them yet. Following my curiosity combined with my intuition I quickly tried to packe my gear to see what might happen if I ran into them at a light. But probably long before I had even gotten moving, they were already in another dimension by then. I am sure our paths will cross again eventually. Connecting with other Jedi is a valuable thing for Jedi to do. Shortly after that time frame I caught a bus - and it was onwards towards the Universe to see what adventures and synchronicities awaited.  

Beyond this single entry, there are several undocumented times that I have done Free Hugs downtown. However today my tactics were a bit different. A traditional tried and true tactic I commonly use is to simply pick a consistent well thought out spot, like corners, and hold space with a Free Hugs sign, Shift invite pamphlet, and some buttons. Those who I connect with over a free hug will commonly receive a Shift invite pamphlet for the regular Paradigm Shift London meet-ups that we have every Friday, 7-9pm, 236 Dundas St, Downtown Yoga Studio, third floor, Open-minded Discussion and Meditation.

These series of events result in the manifestation of community connection and building. I have been doing this for years, and it is helping make London a different place because it is assisting various individuals who are inspired to make change in themselves, which thus ripples through the community. This pattern can work anywhere, and for the person who is reading something I have written for the first time - now you know a bit about what the Paradigm Shift Community project is about. 

First rule of Hug Club. Give out hugs. 

As more people hear about the techniques I am using to grow a Paradigm Shift Community where I am, and have been for 6 years, the idea is that they will do it where they are too. 

An additional tactics that I feel some of you may be even MORE excited about than just regular free hugs - is the technique I was using at the local university. I find a good spot, then I chill out, put some art out on display made by myself and friends, put some crystal wraps I've made, work on another one and have the Free Hugs signs up and let people come to you. School campuses are a good place to do something like this. You will find the other Dreamers this way. Overall the experience proved again to be successful. I met some really cool people and various groups who would come and chill out at different times. Rather than people just hugging and maybe sticking around for awhile - the art on the ground encouraged people to chill out and join. If you are a student in school you can find some cool grass near a path to sit on. What ever works.  We talked for awhile about lucid dreaming among other things. The fact is that art is a portal creating tool in itself. It can bring people together. 

Here is my corresponding after action video log. 

This is my set up at the University on the corner. Again, if you are in school right now - starting a Paradigm Shift Community as a club is a super effective tactics. It's how I first started it. 

As always, please let news of these tactics inspire you to see what happens when you do it where you are. To give you hope that there is a way for us to do something that DOES make a difference.
Connect with others. Build the tribe. Change the world. 

 To see inside of of a Paradigm Shift Community meeting, watch the various videos we have posted. < Click here

For those unfamiliar with previous Free Hugs videos, these videos are like tutorials to help you out.

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Sept 9, 2015.


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