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About Quest Journals

The Quest Journals are an opportunity for Shifters to share and document their own unfolding spiritual journey as part of the collective shift in consciousness. Personal introspections, visions and intentions, local Shiftivism adventures, community updates, dream journals, personal creations, art, poetry, music, videos, and more. This is a space for us to practice gonzo journalism and creating conscious media.

Together our stories weave a bigger story. 
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Go forth and create your own mythos.

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Community Admin

Every now and then something so synchronistic happens that it is next to impossible to ignore... 

During a recent Paradigm Shift Community Admin Meeting, we experienced just that. Within the team broadcast the topic of trolls came up, and how to deal with them. Trolls is a term used to describe people on the internet who intentionally go out of their way to try and bother and harrass people into specific reactions, primarily by harassing them in coy, immature, and often…

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Community Admin

Saturday night. 12am. The streets are alive with people. The potential for synchronicity is ripe. A perfect opportunity for some Shiftivism....

But there I am. Waiting at the bus stop so I can catch the last bus to go home. With the bus visible in the distance, I have only moments to decide. Do I go home and call it a night? Or do I listen to the inner voice and stay out to do some Free Hugs on a street corner?

The bus approaches.... I double check my…

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-- Wisdom of the Hidden Realms Oracle --

#1) The Lady of Lightning (surprises, sometimes shock, total paradigm shift)

#352) The Eyes of Beauty (positive expectations, clarity)

#253) The Eagle King ( the big picture, angelic help)

-- Tarot of the Celtic Faeries Celtic cross reading  --

Middle1) Hanged Man Xll (12) - Immediate concern: Any negative feelings about ourselves do not serve our highest good and…

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Hello fellow Shifters and those who choose to self-educate, I thank you for taking time to take insight within this article and of course this is the second edition (Click here for Part 1) into presenting importance of psychology and understanding it, and it's obvious application to wisdom, contemplation and also how it can, and has been…

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Community Admin

One of the most exciting parts about this journey is being able to share the story of our project and real world game to help shift consciousness with an increasingly growing audience, ripple the waves of inspiration further, and inviting more people to be involved and connected as a part of the team and the ongoing story. 

Just recently I was a guest on The Just Bernard Show with Bernard Alvarez. Bernard is a fellow Shifter who has been doing his online show for many many…

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Community Admin

Ignite the fireworks of the heart....

In synch with the Canada Day portal celebration, some fellow Shifters and I joined together for a Free Hugs Shiftivism mission in order to spread love, plant seeds, build the tribe, and continue to awaken others within the matrix through the magic of compassion, synchronicity, and Shift Button tactics.

Doing Free Hugs as a team is a really…

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Community Admin

A Shifter is someone who is intentionally helping assist with the shift in consciousness. 
We are real world hackers within the matrix. Conscious players within the game.
We use our heart and tools to help plant seeds, connect with community, awaken others, and build the tribe. 

From my own experience as a Shifter, every time I leave my house to go downtown I am openly stepping into more potentials to synchronistically connect with people.…

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Community Admin

So last night was pretty fun :P I was invited by our good friend Kirk to be a guest on his show Kirk Spiritual which broadcasts live on Manhattan New York Public Access TV. This was my first official debut on LIVE TV talking directly about spiritual topics. 

During the broadcast we got to share with the audience information about the Paradigm Shift Central project and what we as a team our doing. In addition we also shared some of the videos we have done and had some fun…

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Hello everyone!

The last 2 years I was mostly traveling around and getting to know many people who are already living a new way of life, Leaving the old paradigm. Eventually I found many places, where these kind of people come together and it´s amazing to see what happens there, what the places look like and so on. Since I had never had contact with all this before, I wanted to give these people and places a platform, to bring awareness about that a different way is possible and many…

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Ancient Forests Project <3 !

I've been following this beautiful human, Chris, on Instagram for quite a while now and my heart is constantly inspired by his devotion to nature, animals, and especially the ancient and endangered trees - which are the usual subjects of his social media pages. I am so grateful for people like him.
Please check out Chris on Insagram under the names @padraictheprince and @AncientForestsProject. 
If you wish to support his constant efforts to…

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Community Admin

The following is a chronological adventure experience of my day beginning with Jedi Academy Training in the park, to finding out it was Comic Book Day and going downtown to do some Free Hugs and give out Shift Buttons.
The videos were intentionally and originally posted individually to facebook/instagram in a sequence, and as an alternative form of  story telling I wanted to be able to archive them all here in one place. 
It is my intention to work more with this style…

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Community Admin

On a Saturday night I head downtown solo for another Free Hugs Shiftivism Shift Button mission to help softly unplug people from the matrix and shift paradigms. 
Help be the shift where you are by being a Shifter and replicating this and similar patterns in your community!…

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Balance is key

Balance is key was my teaching today. Hey soul family. Had a really great day today. I spent hours balancing (with the Earth) on today's spring equinox. I walked the banks of the river and stacked rocks creating all different types of art and rock towers. It is extremely meditative and focusing. And just by "coincidence" I was pulled to do this on the same day the earth is balancing itself. I feel that is enough reason to share this with others. I have been shifting and through consciously…

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Community Admin

Interesting side note - within Egyptian mythology, Osiris died in the 17th day of the 3rd month. He was also known as the Emerald Man, or the green man. Grains were said to rise from his corpse as a sacred gift for the people. 

Oh how times are shifty. :P As for myself, I think St. Patricks day is a ripe opportunity for shifting consciousness. …

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This is The Chad. First off, much love to everyone. I'm proud to announce the kick off of Paradigm Shift Central Tri-Cities. I'm new to making my voice heard and making videos. I will get into the Devine being that is me later. I'm so happy to find people that feel the way I feel and are totally open minded. Love conquers fear.
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