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About Quest Journals

The Quest Journals are an opportunity for Shifters to share and document their own unfolding spiritual journey as part of the collective shift in consciousness. Personal introspections, visions and intentions, local Shiftivism adventures, community updates, dream journals, personal creations, art, poetry, music, videos, and more. This is a space for us to practice gonzo journalism and creating conscious media.

Together our stories weave a bigger story. 
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Go forth and create your own mythos.

Reflections (103)

On the Road

Hi fam :) Nice to connect& happy to be here. Im your friend and brother Kev=] I would love to learn something from each and every one of you. I recently found PSC, I've always knew and felt for as long as I can remember, But I was amazed when I found you guys. Always the perfect timing. Could feel it coming. I am very open and love connecting. This website and what you all share is beyond awesome. Putting words to something that can sometimes be hard to explain. I am inspired by all of…

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Cafe in Space

Cafe in Space

About a year ago I was able to remember my dreams very vividly. I've had dreams of surfing gigantic title waves, dueling wizards at a university (hogwarts) and even a dream where I was a jedi in training. I recorded my dreams on my PC in word format.
However one night I had a very strange dream. All I could…

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Random thought #2, Omens

If the universe want to us to realize something does it convert vibrational frequencies or tones into omens?

If we take long to choose because we need some kind of signal or just an image or symbol to act , omens are in my opinion both direct and indirect messages depending the circumstances and message being carried out, that way we see different perspectives or opportunities and the essence of life crosses our ways.

It's not always observing but trying to feel connected to…

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Random thought #1, Synchronicity

If the subconscious mind is interconnected with the comic consciousness, which is the universe itself, and everything in it then that must mean that part of seed within our brain that we have within the subconscious,and not fully control of it make us do certain things and we do't know why but somehow that part of ourselves is synchronised, and know if we do whatever is going to have a positive effect in the short or maybe the long run, without us being aware of it.  

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Jedi Training Dream

Jedi Training Dream

A year ago I had a dream that I was with an old man in a long brown robe. It looked very similar to the Jedi robes in "Star Wars". We were climbing over these large rocks that were floating in the sky. The odd thing was is that we were not using our hands to climb. Instead we were climbing by using a bunch of small silver orbs (about the size of a tennis ball) that we would move with "the force". I remembered he kept reminding me to let go…

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Potential Use of Sacred Geometrical Afterimages

In my life, one of the things that has come to stimulate a lot of curiosity is astral travel. I maintain the belief that the astral plane is where dreams happen and that by certain methods one can come to reach this layer of reality through conscious effort rather than the process of entering dreams, which is almost completely passive until one is in it.

One of the techniques that I have learned and had success with in the endeavor to astral project is to create a focus point from the…

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My Vision of The Future (The Golden Age)

My last writing was in regards to Humanity’s immediate future. Think of the coming times as a clearing away of the debris within our consciousness. Once the debris is clear, the rivers of Life can and will pour through us with a power and clarity that we can’t even conceive of presently. I have a vision for the future after this transition period, and it is a grand one. The Golden Age. Let me show you my (our) future.

We will live in a time of peace and prosperity that Humanity has…

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YOU Can Have Precognitive Dreams and Visions

Dreams. We all have them. What is their purpose? Modern science seems to think that there’s no purpose whatsoever to them, that there are just random neurons doing things in the mind, that we are just playing out events and issues from our daily waking lives. Our current society loves to get behind that modern science, because scientific ‘fact’ is (dangerously) the new religion.  Dreams do address any underlying emotions or problems we are not facing in our subconscious, but I’m here to tell…

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Lucid dreaming or shamanism?

Lucid dreaming or shamanism?

One thing I have been pondering lately is the question of when one takes a sacred plant medicine to "journey", does the plant give the user the ability to watch themselves fall asleep? When one is practicing OBE or lucid dreaming (Wake induced) it has very similar feelings as ingesting a sacred plant. I find in my own experiences that with a sacred plant, a teacher or being is present. When lucid dreaming, I find many beings, friends or foes are present…

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Community Admin

Last night in the astral I had one of the most prolonged experiences of lucidity in a dream I had ever had. First of all, I woke up at about 8am. Did some stuff, then fell back to sleep - so that in itself helped bring about the lucidity I would say. But once I was back in the astral, things got really interesting. Now I obviously cant recall everything that happened, so Ill just recall the cool parts that I can, especially the part at…

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Community Admin

When you remove the body - you are left with the mind. But when you remove the mind... what are you left with then? While within the void - I remembered what had been forgotten...

I have always been interested in concepts related to our multi-dimensional reality, lucid dreaming, the astral realms, meditation, imagination, infinity, and beyond. So naturally, for quite some time now I have been interested…

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My journey

In August of 2015 something happened that I've yet to find answers for. It was the beginning of my spiritual journey...After a night out with friends, we all headed to my house. Wanted to see the meteor shower. Out of nowhere I start to get anxiety. I felt my hands tingling and go numb. My heart rate sped up and panic set in. Feelings of heat and vibrations were traveling through my body followed sensations of cold. I had tremors and almost felt paralyzed. I was sure it was a heart attack! I'd…
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What is

A frequency traveling, when parallel a vibration,oneness that awakens,Such a Miraculous sensation.As Colors of light we shun, a karma left undone.Waves rolling ashore, the hand at which is born.Crustacean of the night, one day take flight.Destination seems unknown, but above all souls are sewn.Dominatrix of the night causing such a tide.Fate at which we are, destined to be a star.A mathematical equation of life, at which parasitic existence hides.Game should be the name, a dream at which were…
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*Authenticity warning* haha, it's a bit candid. Enjoy.I lay down, breathing into the pain of my moon-cycle, my sacred bleeding.Upon falling asleep..A house..A house which is just my room and a roof..I'm talking to someone.. Myself? Talking about my deep fears. Yet every detail eludes me. The environment, shifting from daylight to sunset and night.The sunset/night comes whenever my fear starts to get the better of me. Someone comments how the vast space of night and day are exactly the same…
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Community Admin

Being able to experience lucidity within a dream is an incredibly valuable part of the human experience. I feel that when we are in that space - we become EXTRA aware of how much we are creating our reality with our mind, and thus how that same principle applies to our waking state as well. 

This afternoon I took a nap (after having been up for a long time working on Paradigm Shift stuff), and going into it I had a feeling that my chances of achieving lucidity were…

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An image of what my computer desktop currently looks like, I have had these words posted here for quite some time and I use them as reminders.
Reminders of how I'd like to live my life, how I want to contribute to this world, and really the nature of our interconnectedness within this reality, this…

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