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About Quest Journals

The Quest Journals are an opportunity for Shifters to share and document their own unfolding spiritual journey as part of the collective shift in consciousness. Personal introspections, visions and intentions, local Shiftivism adventures, community updates, dream journals, personal creations, art, poetry, music, videos, and more. This is a space for us to practice gonzo journalism and creating conscious media.

Together our stories weave a bigger story. 
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Go forth and create your own mythos.

Personal Creations (53)

Spirit: Level One

"And suddenly the night felt like the day.."

My heart pined. And I can only surrender. You left me one word, 'wind'.

I was late to it, but hoped to find you somehow in the night. That if the wind touched...the same wind to touch you, would carry to me and then we'd be together.

The night was chilly. The wind was strong. Very strong. I gazed around for you, to no avail.

Something I always did when I was young, and always hoped somehow…

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Songs to My Daughter

I have come home through the fields of Sparta

The high grass and mountains run deeps in my blood

The call of the stream heeded my return

Upon the victory against a great empire that is mighty as bulls.

I have come to see my most important person

Whom I seek years ago through my beloved

Whose hair is the night and her robe is snow

She danced into the fair of grass and sway like the apricorn

Bringing me ever closer to her presence


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As we increase into the newness of our collective realities, it is important to remember to silently integrate. What do we mean by this? Turning off all electronics, escaping into nature or solace, away from distractions (and they can be plenty, can't they). Remember, your path is your own to walk/ talk/ be.


The Council

As Channeled through Jessica Starshine…

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This is a flashback to a few years ago, when returning from a consciousness retreat in North Carolina.

It's good to look back and see how far I have come in telling my story.

The focus of my Golden Gaian Adventure series is to share with others what I am learning…

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Answers revealed in questions (Video)

Sometimes we find ourselves caught up in the labyrinth of thought; tied up and tangled by feelings that set off memories of what happened, and visions of what is yet to come. The choice that you make with these thoughts are what leads you through the next gate of your consciousness. I'll be honest...I hit a brick wall the other day, albeit small and as predicted it felt very emotionally weighted. The urge to run far away in the opposite direction was there but no longer as potent, it's…

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888 evolution

I read a quote yesterday (which I can't find right now!) that really resonated with me that advised the reader to find out what they are really afraid of, what their limits really are, in order to actively challenge those limits. I feel like that was a message just for me. My intention now is to come to understand myself and my challenges so that I can approach them creatively and at a sensible pace. It makes sense that facing fears will be a challenge, a work out, that levels up the…

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