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About Quest Journals

The Quest Journals are an opportunity for Shifters to share and document their own unfolding spiritual journey as part of the collective shift in consciousness. Personal introspections, visions and intentions, local Shiftivism adventures, community updates, dream journals, personal creations, art, poetry, music, videos, and more. This is a space for us to practice gonzo journalism and creating conscious media.

Together our stories weave a bigger story. 
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Go forth and create your own mythos.

Personal Creations (53)

As of late I've found myself building barriers around my heart, being cautious not to fall in love with any experiences; a part of me wishes I would let go and fully embrace the feeling of extreme joy that comes with fully giving myself to moments that evince a feeling of love, while another part says "stay focused, keep steady, remain disciplined."

The disciplined aspect of me understands that feeling and giving love is okay, yet there are moments I wish I…

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Hello everyone!

The last 2 years I was mostly traveling around and getting to know many people who are already living a new way of life, Leaving the old paradigm. Eventually I found many places, where these kind of people come together and it´s amazing to see what happens there, what the places look like and so on. Since I had never had contact with all this before, I wanted to give these people and places a platform, to bring awareness about that a different way is possible and many…

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Extraterrestrial influence,

this is just a feelingthought.

have you ever felt a great deal of sadness and have no clue why? or have an unrest, a tempest spirit, as if you as a soul are locked in combat. Forever engaged in a battle. Just after you've analysed everything and know nothing is wrong, still something is ajar. A disturbance in the force, aching for happiness and content, comfort-ability Are we those  star children, indigos. old souls.  are we some sort of alien race, souls not from earth?  I've…

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Community Admin

This is always a dream.
It's just a matter of whether or not you are awake. 

Aloha friends. I am excited to share with you a special preview of our newest consciousness shifting movie, Journey to Lucidity 3: Quest of Quests. 
This movie is created for many reasons. It is a medium for a potent message…

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Balance is key

Balance is key was my teaching today. Hey soul family. Had a really great day today. I spent hours balancing (with the Earth) on today's spring equinox. I walked the banks of the river and stacked rocks creating all different types of art and rock towers. It is extremely meditative and focusing. And just by "coincidence" I was pulled to do this on the same day the earth is balancing itself. I feel that is enough reason to share this with others. I have been shifting and through consciously…

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Community Admin

Hey Team, 
Here is the recording of the first official test broadcast for the new Live feature that I have enabled on my facebook profile now. :) 

Within the broadcast we talked about understanding what "Shifty" stuff means, and shifting paradigms. Talking about our relationship with the ego and how the ego isn't a bad thing. Time travel stuff :P. Honouring our cycles. The…

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To Taste Paradise I

In truth, we do not love because of guarantee.

There is no guarantee in love, neither for the fulfillment of our pleasures, nor salvation.

In truth, there is no ultimate guarantee that the one we love will never hurt or disappoint us.

And thus, to love deeply in its full spectrum- to feel the full weight of passion and attacthement, joy and sorrow, inspiration and hopelessness, strength and vulnerability..

Is to be able to be destroyed…

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Love with me

Those nights will only be a memory
We can't stop ourselves now
Our bodies in the dark
Grab your mind, ask us how
How did i get here?
Where did you come from?
It seems like the universe
Is coming undone...
Hold no hesitation
It's not complicated
Step up to your throne
No, heavens not gated
I can lead you there
Grab my hand I'll show you
I'll walk with you…

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En Masse Human Awakening

On the verge of celebrations

Beyond our wildest imaginations

Just when all things seem so dire

Stoke the coals and blow the fire

When all you actors realize

The world’s a stage before our eyes

Under foot you found the mark

And now is when the real fun starts

Step into your mastery

Your mind, your power, you have the key

‘They’ never wanted you to know

You are the writer of your show

And star, director, see those…

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Winter is a magical time. The night grows silent as shimmering white snow blankets the earth...Only an hour til midnight on a Monday night, and most are wrapped up cozy in their beds. Some are perched on their couches, illuminated by the blue light of their tv boxes. All unaware of a snow spirit slowly drifting along through the crisp winter breeze. When the world sleeps, that is when the snow spirits rise to answer the call of spirit and to play.Dancing along the pristinely white streets.…
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Hola, I'm Natalia, and I this would be my first post, so I want to share a poem that I wrote in spanish but I'll translate it for you guys so don't worry.

Also I wanted to say that I really love this community and I'm glad I'm starting to be part of it. 

"¿Y para qué esperarnos a mañana,
a la otra vida?
¿Para qué esperarnos al fin de semana, 
a la valentía?

¿Para qué esperarnos?
Si estamos aquí con vida,

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What is

A frequency traveling, when parallel a vibration,oneness that awakens,Such a Miraculous sensation.As Colors of light we shun, a karma left undone.Waves rolling ashore, the hand at which is born.Crustacean of the night, one day take flight.Destination seems unknown, but above all souls are sewn.Dominatrix of the night causing such a tide.Fate at which we are, destined to be a star.A mathematical equation of life, at which parasitic existence hides.Game should be the name, a dream at which were…
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Community Admin

Today, for the first time in a long time, I was able to get back downtown (London, Ontario, Canada) to do some Free Hugs while running some errands. Free Hugs, aka Shiftivism, are something that I have spoken about many times, and will continue to advocate for as long as I am on this earthly plane (and beyond). It is who I am, as a Shifter - a social alchemist - a real world super hero.

I have been actively doing…

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Community Admin

Last night I had a very fitting an interesting dream. In it I was gifted by the universe an opportunity to hangout and get to talk with George Lucas, original director of Star Wars, for several dream hours while casually walking around town. As a conscious film maker myself, this was very fitting and very symbolic for me at this moment in time BECAUSE I am right in the middle of working on my newest full length conscious movie Journey to Lucidity 3: Quests of Quest. This is an ongoing saga I…

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A poem

This is my first Quest Journal entry. I decided to share a poem of mine that I'm quite proud of. Please enjoy my word-game <3 

"You have known her depths 
You have heard her song 
You've drunk from the river of her soul and
You have rode the waves of her heart
Sitting under the blanket of her sky,
The vibrations of your form have soaked in her…

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Community Admin

WELCOME TO THE FUTURE!!!! I am happy to introduce to you the first 360 Video created for Paradigm Shift Central of a Paradigm Shift London meeting. (Video may not work properly on mobile.)

The video is a fairly lengthy 35mins. The format I help facilitate is the idea that it is practicing having conscious conversations. You can think of it like the…

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Here is the link to my latest conscious music video; Have not much to say on it as it speaks for itself when you listen to but other than that this song was made at a time there was not as much clarity in my perception as there is now so i do view it as a contribution to my/our evolution as perception is stretched, morphed and evolved to new heights constantly.

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“If we are trusting ourselves and each other, then we are treating the other person like they are divine, and we are holding ourselves like we are divine. And from that, we are in communion. We are in union, a unification of communication. And that creates authenticity, this vivification of energy.. where we are both turned on, enlivened, and raised up by the exchange.”

Please check out my New Moon Vlog for January! It starts with a great surprise where I reveal the…

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