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Quest Journals

Journey Log (201)

Hello wonderful Paradigm Shifting friends. My Wee Clan Torrance Youtube channel is about to put out its 500th Energy Raising Video! Looking for suggestions for a GIVEAWAY to celebrate! 

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My Quest Begins

Hey Shifters!!

I've finally gotten a chance to take a look at the new website and I am pretty excited about where the Paradigm Shift Project is headed. Overwhelmed with excitement actually, I have so many ideas and thoughts running around in my head right now. It can be hard to keep up with my mind because of the racing thoughts each exploding with possibility and branching out like a tree or fractal.

An Introduction

Born in Windsor Canada I am one of the weird kids, the one that didn't have a lot of friends in school. I have always been more introverted in nature yet curious about people. As an observer or watcher in high school I would mix with different students the other ones that stood out from the mainstream crowd hanging out with the nerdy kids, the goth kids, the metalheads, the hippies, with a dream to unite all people.

Back in grade school I created the UAP (Uniting All People) and it was to be a community of tolerance and open minded discussion over the years I have tried to make it happen under different names and never quite getting things off the ground. I helped my sister start a Pagan meetup group and tried to start a media company that was to make video games that would assist in awakening consciousness. I bought a cafe in the downtown core which served as a haven for those who dared to be different and ran the business for a year or so before it went out of business. Learned a lot through it all but losing the cafe did damage to my self esteem and the wheels of life continued to turn.

When I fell in love with Paradigm Shift a few years ago I started listening to the Paradigm Radio show often replaying many of the podcasts past episodes. While inspired by the project I have not been very active in the community only standing on the outside as an observer. Here was exactly what I have been wanting to do: create community, assist in awakening consciousness, creating media and uniting people.

Despite it being everything I have wanted part of me has been resisting.  I have a history of learning disability, attention deficit disorder, depression I guess I am just wired differently. As challenging as things have been I have always held on to a ray of hope by searching within. Meditation, Chakra Work, Aura Healing, NLP, Going to Church, Journaling, Lucid Dreaming, Yoga, Hypnosis, Personal Development, Affirmatiojns, Reiki, Past Life Regression I have tried these and many more intellectually taking these paradigms of consciousness change in but rarely holding on to something that will move me forward.

I love the Quest Journals because unlike the websites, and blogs I have tried to start-up everything is already here no setup required, no worrying about how my website is going to look. A freedom to just write and get my thoughts out in an arena where others are invited to do the same. Each one of us is on our own path but too many of us are walking it alone when we don't need to be. Here we can share in a community not based on one particular spiritual view or cultural background but rather one that celebrates the diversity of the human spirit in love and chronicling the shift we are all going through together on this cosmic dance of life.

Until next time shifters sending love and light!!


carpet cleaning palm beach

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Here is the link to my latest conscious music video; Have not much to say on it as it speaks for itself when you listen to but other than that this song was made at a time there was not as much clarity in my perception as there is now so i do view it as a contribution to my/our evolution as perception is stretched, morphed and evolved to new heights constantly.


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Ya ho! Breezy Here, with another Whirlwind update for all you sexy shifters!

It's 2016! And boy did this year started off with a Bang! Holding nothing back, it unleashed all its potential and  inspired many to create.
For instance, there is this sweet new Paradigm Shift platform for all of us to converse! Nothing is more important than the sharing of information. 

That is why I am so happy to be a part of this shift! I get to share it with you! We can be creative together, inspiring love together. It will be magical.

I digress.

2016 was not shy about being new... no it took "New" to a whole new level by opening with a NEW MOON. This brought upgrades for every being on this planet. When one tunes in, one begins to notice a subtle vibrating energy of "beginning", and when this energy is noticed it begins to take hold. Maybe some of you can attest to "upgrades" in your life or a space that has opened up allowing something new to come in. 

Either way, there is a subtle vibration that leads to a not so subtle expression of newness.

For example, I decided to revamp my YouTube Channel concept, create a Vlog channel, get my dreadlocks re-twisted, and do TWO photo shoots. My "newness" KNOWS NO BOUNDS. In this energy, I feel free to expand and act on my true potential. In this energy, my authentic self emerges un-apologetically to nay-sayers and discriminators. It will not go quietly into the night. For it is here to stay.

....See not so subtle....

I can tell 2016 is the year of the "Hustler".

To me a hustler is a person who has dedicated every breath to bringing their dream into reality. This takes dedication, sacrifice, strength, integrity, and most of all determination. This person might be called crazy, a workaholic, a dreamer, an idealist, or a fool. Yet, despite all the name calling, the facts show the opposite. The path of the hustler becomes clearer with each hard earned step forward.

If you want something done right, do it yourself. If you want something to be done about the world, you do it yourself. If other people inspire you, you still have to do something. It all comes down to doing. 

ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS. That is what the "Hustler" lives by. 

And that, High Vibe Humans is what 2016 has told me.

"Work Hard, Play Hard, Work Hard, Play Hard."

Stay Healthy Stay Light, and Don't Give up the Fight. 

Breezy Out!


carpet cleaning palm beach

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Spirit: Level One

"And suddenly the night felt like the day.."

My heart pined. And I can only surrender. You left me one word, 'wind'.

I was late to it, but hoped to find you somehow in the night. That if the wind touched...the same wind to touch you, would carry to me and then we'd be together.

The night was chilly. The wind was strong. Very strong. I gazed around for you, to no avail.

Something I always did when I was young, and always hoped somehow somebody would come. 

I walked along the darkened road. I stood for a moment as the wind seemed to create some huge tunnel, a raucous of whispers in trees, a great force in all directions. It sounded like a tornado should be, but was invisible. So I stood. i had been slouching forward, head hung in sadness. I straightened and stood on solid ground, as if I was proud to be. And I asked spirit,.."well spirit? what do you want me to do?" And as I stood I listened to wind and silence and tree whispers and chiming bells. The wind died down a bit. And I began to sing.

A simple melody. I had the amazon woman in mind. It became a song which took me to another place. And the wind was blowing 'trash' about the streets.

Boxes scraping on the road. I ran to it, this box in the road ahead of me. I picked it up and looked and it said 'Spirit level one.'

I was humored and delighted. And I walked along that midnight shore.

I walked for a while in the starless night. In my state of flow and delight. Singing that song. And suddenly the night felt like the day..

'I walk along the darkened road,

the spirit call to find my own,

i walk along, the night is cold

i sang a song to find my love

oo waylo waylo waylo way

oo waylo waylo waylo way

I walk along the midnight shore

i sang a song to find my love

i walk on paths not seen before

i sang a song to find my love

oo waylo waylo waylo way

oo waylo waylo waylo way

on darkened road, the wind is strong

i sang a song to find my love

the spirit calls me on and on

i reach for you but you are gone

oo waylo waylo waylo way

oo waylo waylo waylo way

o where o where do i belong?

the spirit called me on and on

i sang a song to find my love

o where oh where do i belong?

the seasons change, the wind is strong

o where oh where do i belong?

i sang a song to find my love

the spirit going on and on

oo waylo waylo waylo waylo..


(Work in progress)


carpet cleaning palm beach

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As a claircognizant, I often know things before they actually occur. What that super power needs to be tempered with is a spiritual trio of three other superpowers: Faith, Trust, and Surrender. We often sense or feel things before they occur, but sometimes this gets us lost in our own heads. Or, we try to take things into our own hands and make things happen. But when we have faith and allow more room for the magic of life the beauty of the Divine Orchestration of things can be astounding..

We have to release our need for control and really relax into life. Trusting that our needs will be met, and that the universe wants good things for us. Have Faith that there can be a magical solution to messy situations, and use prayer and intention to Surrender the outcome of the circumstances in our lives over to the Divine.

We work in partnership with spirit. We are co-creators of this life and universe. And (we have to hand it to them) Spirit, our Guides, are far more creative, and have much more wisdom and mastery than we do in our myopic view of the universe. So as we relax and learn to flow.. we are lead to more and more divine synchronicity and our lives can expand greater than we dream is possible.

May you relax and trust life!

I hope this serves you.

Aho. Namaste. And so it is.

In Love, Light, and Warrior Spirit,

Michelle ∞


carpet cleaning palm beach

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"Grandeur of the Infinite"For I am the dreamwalker and the dreamweaver, I am the called and the calling, I am the bridge between which dream becomes realized, I am the inventor, The Cosmic Alchemist, I am the grandeur of infinity, I Am Life's Pageantry, I am the sovereign center in which all collides, I am unabashed brilliance of flourishing existence, I am the uncontrived undefinable sweetness of life, The dawning of a morning moan from the ecstasy of a woman's pure self-arousal that arises innocently, I am the absolute deliciousness of exuding Radiance, The infinite layers of being, All emphasized characteristics, and those that await to be seen, The flickering of accentuated aspects and all of its glory, I am the River as well as the banks that confine it, I am in the shared sacred sexuality that unveils my Eternity, The abiding intimacy of timeless sensuality, I am the unfettered Traveler of the lands of nowhere, The nomad of infinity, I am the reverential journey that is like a treasure hunt of endless gifts, I am the inevitable action that is not taken, The stream that leads into the Mighty ocean, I too am this Mighty Ocean, I am the island on which the imaginary story is told, The storyteller I am as well as the story which unfolds, The steganography that only ever grows, The revealing of Majesty as it engulfs itself onto its own enfolding, I am the unimaginable delight that is born of the unknowable nature of Self-experience, I am the Miraculous ever-renewed painting of The Changless self, The multi-perceptive observing eye, The Choreographer of the Dance, The feet and the way they prance,The Dancer as well asThe Architect am I. I am the violinist, The pianist, The Orchestration of Great splendor, The Author of the Self-made Novel, All of these I am."The interpretive instrument of the "Infinite's Eternal Dance.""Authentic individuality"* ~ Self-control~ *"Ever evolving perspective of The Song of The Endless Self"Photo By: iiiMooeenOriginal PiecePoem written by: iiiMooeen

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Time....time is a funny thing. 
So here we are. Nov 11. A new moon. A new moment. A new beginning. For myself, and for the Paradigm Shift community project. 

This is a quick post to help fill in a gap, but needless to say I want to archive and let you know that things have shifted in some awesome ways on my end. For the past 6 months I have been working at a professional video editing studio as a 9 - 5 job. The experience has been great, and I have learned alot. As much as I enjoyed the opportunity, it undeniably meant I had to make sacrifices in terms of my commitment to the Paradigm Shift project and the community of people whom I love. I knew what my heart wanted.... the calling was beckoning me. 

And so well, as the fate of the universe would have it, I am thankful to say that I will be concluding my contract with my full time job on Nov 20th, and as such I will be able to switch back over to putting more of my energy and focus towards the Shift community in some new and very exciting ways! To launch of this new chapter, we are doing a special LIVE New Moon 1111 Global Meditation broadcast tonight on Paradigm Shift Radio at 9pm EST!

Listen and interact on Livenet at

There is so much that I am excited to bring to the community. Lots of new videos, articles, events, the Journey to Lucidity 3 movie, and much more! I have to keep this post short, but again, I just want to thank you to all those reading this. Livenet and the Shift project is a platform and a virtual space to help all of us unfold. Please see this message as an invitation to resume using Livenet as a tool to document and journal your own shifts in consciousness, your own journey. 

This time around, I am doing this differently and bring in new strategies to ensure the a fruitful future for the community. Part of this is the launch of my Patreon crowd funding page, in which I am inviting those in the community to add their support to my Career Path Achievement Mission! The simple concept of this is to be able to compile a series of monthly micro contributions from those of you in the community so that I can literally continue dedicating my time to the Shift project as a full time career! All we need is 125 people donating $20 a month, something I am very confident in. 

You can add your support to the mission at

And so to conclude, thank you again. Here is a quick video put up today as a reminder for the broadcast.
Look forward to co-creating more with you together.

0N3 L0V3

- Brendon  


carpet cleaning palm beach

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Sharing some of my experience of the Full Moon Eclipse of September 28th in Scotland. It was amazing and I could not capture the full blood moon experience on my camera. I have spent a lot of the last week or so with these mantras in my head and I decided to record them and upload them in case anyone else finds value in the moment. Wishing everyone and amazing experience in the cosmic Light. Carol x


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This report log is in reference to my recent acts of Shiftivism in downtown London, Ontario, Canada, to add to the shift in consciousness. This is a quick recap and also aimed to help inspire other Shifters across the world to engage in Shiftivism where they are too.   

I knew I had to wrap a crystal for a friend, and I knew I had to wait for the bus. Therefore in the meantime I deployed my Shift tools to simply invite the universe to make use of the opportunity. While waiting, there was an interesting anomaly that occurred. My head was down, occupied with crystal wire wrap, and within that time I casually look up just as another Jedi is skating away on wheels of light. Purple ones. This is the only other person I have seen other than myself who has light wheels on their hoverboard, I mean skateboard. I had seen this person once before, but had not met them yet. Following my curiosity combined with my intuition I quickly tried to packe my gear to see what might happen if I ran into them at a light. But probably long before I had even gotten moving, they were already in another dimension by then. I am sure our paths will cross again eventually. Connecting with other Jedi is a valuable thing for Jedi to do. Shortly after that time frame I caught a bus - and it was onwards towards the Universe to see what adventures and synchronicities awaited.  

Beyond this single entry, there are several undocumented times that I have done Free Hugs downtown. However today my tactics were a bit different. A traditional tried and true tactic I commonly use is to simply pick a consistent well thought out spot, like corners, and hold space with a Free Hugs sign, Shift invite pamphlet, and some buttons. Those who I connect with over a free hug will commonly receive a Shift invite pamphlet for the regular Paradigm Shift London meet-ups that we have every Friday, 7-9pm, 236 Dundas St, Downtown Yoga Studio, third floor, Open-minded Discussion and Meditation.

These series of events result in the manifestation of community connection and building. I have been doing this for years, and it is helping make London a different place because it is assisting various individuals who are inspired to make change in themselves, which thus ripples through the community. This pattern can work anywhere, and for the person who is reading something I have written for the first time - now you know a bit about what the Paradigm Shift Community project is about. 

First rule of Hug Club. Give out hugs. 

As more people hear about the techniques I am using to grow a Paradigm Shift Community where I am, and have been for 6 years, the idea is that they will do it where they are too. 

An additional tactics that I feel some of you may be even MORE excited about than just regular free hugs - is the technique I was using at the local university. I find a good spot, then I chill out, put some art out on display made by myself and friends, put some crystal wraps I've made, work on another one and have the Free Hugs signs up and let people come to you. School campuses are a good place to do something like this. You will find the other Dreamers this way. Overall the experience proved again to be successful. I met some really cool people and various groups who would come and chill out at different times. Rather than people just hugging and maybe sticking around for awhile - the art on the ground encouraged people to chill out and join. If you are a student in school you can find some cool grass near a path to sit on. What ever works.  We talked for awhile about lucid dreaming among other things. The fact is that art is a portal creating tool in itself. It can bring people together. 

Here is my corresponding after action video log. 

This is my set up at the University on the corner. Again, if you are in school right now - starting a Paradigm Shift Community as a club is a super effective tactics. It's how I first started it. 

As always, please let news of these tactics inspire you to see what happens when you do it where you are. To give you hope that there is a way for us to do something that DOES make a difference.
Connect with others. Build the tribe. Change the world. 

 To see inside of of a Paradigm Shift Community meeting, watch the various videos we have posted. < Click here

For those unfamiliar with previous Free Hugs videos, these videos are like tutorials to help you out.

Follow me on

Sept 9, 2015.


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I was sitting in the garden taking a moment and watching Life - I have a good garden for this particular activity. I'd been trying to create something to describe how I'm feeling, that sometimes shifting is pretty harsh. Sometimes it can really grind up against us and expose some really raw sh*t. Each video I made I stopped after a while and deleted it. I still wanted to get something out, something with a point, intention, and that didn't keep lasting over 10 minutes  without getting anywhere. I've done this kind of thing before, while washing dishes or other such tasks, quite rarely and never on camera. I went with it because it turned out to feel the least resistive thing to do (there's a metaphor in there...)


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Last night in the astral I travelled far and wide across space and time. 
Hear about the experiences of what happened in the video below. 

My goal in making these videos is to help inspire and remind you about the importance of engaging with our dreams so that we can continue to learn on multiple dimensions and be able to bring back messages and lessons to share with the collective. As one of us expands, we all expand. 
This is our Journey to Lucidity. 

Additional Links:
Three Days of Light Movie:

Previous Conscious Video Dream Logs:

Feel free to add and follow me on facebook at


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Today I sat in a cafe. I was feeling slightly down-and-out, so I bought a coffee to uplift my spirits (enjoying the simple pleasures in life). I sat by the window and invited Happy Thoughts into my awareness...I focused on the idea that someone was going to come to meet me in the cafe and uplift my spirits.

Moments later, a Mother and her cute little daughter walked through the door. Her daughter was wearing a superhero cape with a rocketship on it and the words "Captain". I thought to myself, a superhero! How cute/ great/ of COURSE!

To my surprise, the little "girl" came to sit next to me and introduced herself by saying how she is a Superhero and is very happy to have a blueberry muffin.

The conversation began to get more inviting as I asked her what her superhero power was, she said "Green" and I retorted "Oh, to love right!, of COURSE" pretending, pretentiously like I knew something more than she.

Her Mother came to sit next to us and informed me that this "little girl" was a little boy with long hair. I said "oh, it doesn't matter to me" and was surprised by my assumption of thinking that this cosmic messenger was a girl.

The little boy continued to exchange moments with me and seemed very fond of me and very loving. There was many moments when, out of awkward silence, I spoke to seem superior or "more knowing" as adults often do out of habit/ fear, mostly met by deep inner silence from this master being. A few moments of silence then led to the child standing up on his stool, peered down at me and padding my head like I was a child and said the word "Nice" to me, as if I were a dog or an aggressive being. I felt very loved in that moment by the gentile way in which he showed me what I really was.

Interestingly enough, I understood what he meant. He was doing to me, the very thing that us adults do to those we feel superior over. And the comment, "nice" was stating only the best qualities in me, which was exactly the response it brought me to. I reflected, and realized, that I had been incredibly hurt by the words of adults, thinking they knew better than me, and that I was acting "mean" by seeming to know more than this star-captain superhero. I was deeply humbled.

Interestingly, the boy had said he was a superhero bear, that his muffin was a spaceship and that his superpower was "green".

Some coincidences:

I have a poster in my bedroom stating (with a bear on it) "Love makes all things bearable".

I found out that his name is Sirius...for those that know what that means, yes, what a beautiful star system. The message: Don't take things/ yourself, so Seriously...

<3 Love and light to us all.


carpet cleaning palm beach

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This is a flashback to a few years ago, when returning from a consciousness retreat in North Carolina.

It's good to look back and see how far I have come in telling my story.

The focus of my Golden Gaian Adventure series is to share with others what I am learning on my journey. I have set the intention to live my life with the golden  creative life force energies that permeate our world. 

Life is an array of colors, from colorful landscapes to colorful language. Our lives as humans are a gift, and that why its important to stay present in the present moment. 

This specific video features my general reaction to the 3 days of Light Experience. A few of my friends are featured and give their testimony to the life changing event.


In a under a week this festival will be happening again. The annual Three Days of Light Gathering will be better than ever this year. I am looking forward to artists like The Human Experience, SpaceshipEarth, EarthCry and Beautiful Chorus. 

I will be attending and working with The Book Fairy ;

This little adventure will be logged in the Shiftivim activity section and under my Golden Gaian Adventure section.

Once again I will be returning to North Carolina for a transformative event. I hope to see all you high vibe humans! 


carpet cleaning palm beach

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Flowetry 2015

something on the sidelines

of everyday gravy fine

I’ll freeflow

a poem

but you won’t like

what comes out

are you ready?

open up

because when

I’m free

it’s ashes

and incompetence

this is me being


they assigned

a lot of letters

to me



here I am

trying to make

something feel real

when I have




following me

how many

how much


are you ready

to take it?

are you ready

to bow

to the stamp

or transcend

what’s above

a label

what is

more than a diagnosis

what is

more real

than the shadows

in the subconscious



for real

they say

you gotta carry that weight

carry that weight


so where

does that leave me?

on the brink

of social responsibility

something random

you can poke fun

at me


on the brink

of respectability

when you say 911

I say Caitlyn jenner

when you say

arm up, let’s move out

I say #worldwarone

never again

never forget

goes on and on and on

here’s a piece

of social responsibility

me saying

see another

cause that other

is your brother

don’t say


when you could say



carpet cleaning palm beach

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