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A community is built one moment at a time…

Aloha Team! This is a quick update for everyone who maybe has not heard the latest on the team patreon updates. I just posted a new video that you can watch here aswell:

Also last night we did a 4 hour Metaphysical / Spirituality Q&A to help with team fund raising. It was super fun :D You can check it out here: 

Currently the primary focus is on getting out ALL of the Shifter Booster Kits sent to those signed up for the team patreon as soon as possible. We are inviting people to sign up for the asking amount of just 3-5 a month to support the ongoing evolution of the project for the whole community and in return to also receive the Shifter Booster Kit which includes the Shift Buttons, Love Wand, Crystal Wraps, and Free Hugs signs (plus bonuses on future kits and access to secret videos online.) These kits are made available as part of the real world game to help shift consciousness and created to help us accelerate the shift, evoke synchronicity, hack the matrix with love, build the tribe, and plant seeds where ever we are! And boy do they work…

Right now we are also managing some of the back end aspects of the team patreon while working up to our next team milestone of 800 as soon as possible to meet our August goal. New sign ups are of course super welcomed and people can sign up at 

***** A side note for those signed up already - take note that sometimes donations accidentally get declined at the top of the month because cards don't go through. This is why last night we were at 718 and now we are at 680. That just means that some people have to update their cards. When you are able to - please check your card info and update it as need be. Part of what I am doing today is also manually contact team members about this swell. ****  

If you have not yet - of course feel free to make your profile on the main website at and begin using the Quest Journals to document and share your journey.  

There is still much much much more to happen within this project - much that has been accomplished - and much that is already online (past broadcasts, movies, classes, etc). Our ripples are creating waves and I am a firm believer in the power of community and team work. So thank you again to everyone for sharing in helping honour the higher vision of helping shift consciousness in all our unique ways. Light Guardians, unite. 


If you have any questions please just feel free to ask! Thank you again for your support. :)

0N3 L0V3 

- Brendon


Connect with me on facebook for future live broadcasts at

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What is magic? I ran into my good friend and fellow social alchemist Roy MacDonald and we spoke about many metaphysical things.

Roy is a very well known man in my city of London, Ontario, Canada. He walks the streets talking to people, singing songs, connecting people. He is a philosopher, a poet, and a dear friend. He has known me for many years throughout the ongoing story of the Paradigm Shift project - and I am honoured to be able to learn from him when I synchronistically run into him now and then. 

So huge shoutout to Roy! Here is a short video amidst a much longer conversation we had that night. 

Here is a link to the wikipedia of Roy!

Much love :) 

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Aloha Team!

Brendon here with some very exciting futuristic media to share! With some recent tech upgrades we have begun venturing into creating NEW 360 footage documenting the experience inside Paradigm Shift meetings! The purpose for this is to help share more of what the Paradigm Shift community circles can look like, the conversation that can occur, how the conversations unfold, and to help give further insight and inspiration for others to help create Paradigm Shift communities where they are. 

This new format of 360 footage is a first step into the future of interactive media. For those who have a mobile devices that supports it - you can see how you can explore the 360 footage in a more dynamic Virtual Reality format. If you have a VR headset - then you can really bring yourself into the meeting. 360 footage and virtual reality media is something that will evolve al throughout the project, and I am excited to be able to share it now. :D

If you are interested in creating a Paradigm Shift community be sure to check out the > Community Start Up Guide < 

Here are a couple videos for the time being with some cool Shifty discussion. 

Thanks again for watching! 

The story continues with you. 

- Brendon 


Connect with me further.

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Where ever we go... we can bring Free Hugs with us. 

This is a quick Quest Journal log to document the recent experiences that happened from my end of the shift. 

Long story short, the other day I had to go downtown to run some errands, While I was downtown, I made it my intention to also spend some time doing Free Hugs and giving out Shift Buttons at the central core of my city of London, Ontario, Canada at the corner of Richmond and Dundas. This is a place where I have done Free Hugs many times before, though it had been a while since I had done them last. Fortunately, since the last time I have upgraded some of my tech and now have the ability to properly be able to LIVE STREAM my Shiftivism in action. 

A core intention in broadcasting my Shiftivism action live is to help bring more courage and inspiration into the story for others to see. To boldly be a Shifter and invite others to engage in Shiftiivsm where they are too. Using Shift Buttons while doing Free Hugs is something I have done countless times and will continue to do so. Using the Shift Buttons allows me to add another layer of dynamic potential to the Free Hugs because each button has a website to this project, which connects people into the community, plants the seeds, and helps awaken consciousness by inviting them into a bigger story and an expanded perception and understanding of reality, love, and our potential. 

During the mission I connected with numerous people, gave them Shift Buttons, talked about metaphysics and spirituality and things on the spot, informed them about our local Paradigm Shift London open-minded discussion and meditation circles, and made new friends.

Simply by being there on the corner you become a portal for synchronicity. The right people find you, hug you, talk to you, and thus...create new realities...

During my Shiftivism mission, I also went out of my way to talk with one of my friends who lives on the street. Marilyn. Marilyn is known by man as being the 'Street Mom', as she has helped provide guidance for many of the young adults also living on the street. As briefly mentioned on camera in the video, part of my mission was also to invite her out to eat some food (shwarma) and spend some time with her. Fortunately everything worked out, and after the Free Hugs we went and hung out for awhile. She said that the shwarma she had was the best food she had eaten in years. I wanted to be able to share this with people because I invite them to intentionally connect with those in their community who may be on the streets in less fortunate circumstance - and instead of just giving them change (which is still good) to invite them out for a meal and spend time with them. Because as valuable as the food is - giving our time to someone is somethings even more enriching for that persons spirit. Compassion. 

So in conclusion - mission accomplished once again. I hope this entry gives others hope as we continue to all engage in acts of Shiftivism where we are - intentionally helping shift consciousness through acts of love. 

As always, you can get Shift Buttons to add to your game by joining the team patreon at

Shifters, shine on. 

0N3 L0V3 

- Brendon 

Connect with me further.

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Every now and then something so synchronistic happens that it is next to impossible to ignore... 

During a recent Paradigm Shift Community Admin Meeting, we experienced just that. Within the team broadcast the topic of trolls came up, and how to deal with them. Trolls is a term used to describe people on the internet who intentionally go out of their way to try and bother and harrass people into specific reactions, primarily by harassing them in coy, immature, and often malicious ways. And so, as we were talking about this as a team, low and behold, the universe was indeed listening. 

"Oh what's that? You guys want some trolls? Oh I'll give you some trolls. Here one second, let me go find the biggest troll on the internet I know... MUAHAHAHHAHA" - Said the universe. 

And just like that. BAM law of attraction in action. Within the short period of time that we were talking about trolls (something that doesnt come up often), next thing we knew we were about to get a surprise visit from THE BIGGEST AND MOST POPULAR TROLL on the internet.....a guy know as KEEMSTAR. And to be clear - he literally just randomly found our live broadcast. No one sent it to him or anything. Everything just lined up in the oh so magical ways that the universe often does all the time (whether we are aware of it or not). The universe wanted this to happen... for a reason.
(Video below)

What happend next was an awesome learning opportunity to apply what we were discussing into action. You see - for me my simple rule with trolls is "Don't feed the trolls." They get off on knowing that they have bothered you. They get off on knowing that they in some way have disturbed your peace. And yet, I personally see a scenario involving a troll (be it on the internet or in person) as an opportunity to test your mindfulness and your ability to maintain your peace, and practice radical compassion. Trolls will throw insults your way - but do you have to accept them? That choice is up to you. The choice is whether you choose to react or mindfully respond. Reacting can be thought of as a more instantaneous emotionally charged reaction to a scenario. Example - someone says to you "I think you are a douche nozzle." Your reaction "eh screw you buddy! You don't know me!" Thus - the troll has won. You have let go of your peace and given it away. The troll has succeeded at his mission.  Where as a mindful response to the trolls attack would be something more along the lines of "Cool story bro." and thus proceed to let the troll know that you did not accept his gift of hatred. Let is slide right past you as you step back and see the bigger picture, and even re-approach the scenario with courageous compassion. 

This circumstance is parallel to a teaching within Buddhism. 

"Suppose an enemy has hurt you in his own domain, why should you annoy yourself and hurt your mind in your own domain? Suppose someone, to annoy, provokes you to do some evil act, why allow anger to arise and thus do exactly as he wants you to do? -Visuddhi Magga

One day, Akkosaka heard that someone from his religion had converted to be a Buddhist monk. Enraged, he stomped off to curse the Enlightened One with harsh words in person. After letting off his steam, the Buddha had a calm conversation with him (as abridged) - 'Do friends come to you as guests?' 'Yes.' 'Do you serve them delicacies?' 'Yes, sometimes I do.' 'If they don't accept them, to whom do they belong?' 'They would be mine.' 'Likewise, that with which you have insulted me, I do not accept - it is all yours. Whoever returns insult to one who insults is said to be sharing company with that person, which I do not.'

Hearing this, Akkosaka assumed he was displeased, to which the Buddha replied, 'Where is anger from one free of anger, who has his mind tamed and equanimous, who is liberated with right understanding, who is tranquil? One worsens matters by flaring up at another who flared up. Whoever doesn't flare up at another doubly wins a battle difficult to win, benefitting oneself and the another. Understanding another's anger, one mindfully maintains one's peace. When one does so to heal the illness of anger for both, those who think one is a fool do not know the Dharma.' Hearing this, Akkosaka remarked at the magnificence of the Buddha's teaching, and ordained as a monk to learn from him, thereafer attaining Nirvana (as an Arahant)!
Akkosa Sutta

You will not be punished for your anger, you will be punished by your anger."

So again. If a troll comes at you - see it as a opportunity to test your vigilance and ability to maintain your peace in the midst of chaos. One of my core rules in life is to not respond to frustration with frustration. There are multiple levels to every story, and everyone has the spark within them, and everyone deserves to be loved. Often times trolls are people who are suffering on an internal level - hence why they resort to forms of bullying because they may not be supported in a better way of dealing with their wounds. We are here to be mirrors for each other and to help each other through our own personal healing. Be peace and you will help others become peace. Alchemizing a situation with a troll is a great form of Shiftivism (an act to intentionally help shift consciousness.)

And so, back to the story of being troll raided by KEEMSTAR live on air. KEEMSTAR is a very popular troll who literally spends alot of his time using his live audience of thousands as his personal army. He will tell them to flood peoples channels, leave foolish comments, etc etc. And so, when he ever so synchronistically stumbled upon our live broadcast - needless to say - things got extra Shifty....

KEEMSTAR came in expecting to get us worked up like everyone one else. And to some degree some of the participants in the chat were getting their guard up - which I understand. They were there to protect what they cared about (the team space.) But within the short time that he was in the hangout before I removed him, and after the broadcast crashed because of their attack - something else happened - it would appear that our lack of reaction to his attack sparked his curiosity. He wanted to find out more about what who I was and what the project was about....  And so, just like that, as you can watch in the video below, KEEMSTAR, live broadcasting to his audience of thousands, took the time to play some of the videos off my channel, including the beginning of the Awakening Within the Matrix in 5 mins, which also included the opening line being heard by his audience of "Remember - you are not a drop in the ocean, you are the entire ocean in a drop." And so just even that alone is a potent seed to plant with all the people tuned in. From there he browsed some more and even began playing some of the video with Shelby in it, which again, planted some more seeds! He saw the Free Hugs videos, browsed a bit more, and then low and behold - by the end of it he said that we were "alright" and that he was actually interested in having me on his show in the future - an opportunity which I am open to as another chance to share more consciousness shifting knowledge. So because one thing led to another, the universe used this synchronicity to help broadcast a message to an even wider audience - one that actually left an impression. Multiple people who were watching the stream ended up subscribing to the channel and synching up with the project. 

See what happened for yourself in the recording of the Troll Raid from his end through the video below.

But... personally, I think the impact of this event went beyond what may be entirely noticeable in the moment... You see, in the days after the attack I began keeping an eye on KEEMSTAR, and already I was noticing a shift in him towards more compassion. Now I am not taking credit for that shift - but it seemed that the universe crossed his paths with us in a way that echoed something already inside of him and helped assist him towards his own choices. Because perhaps after all these years of trolling, he was beginning to see more. He was beginning to move beyond it.... he was starting to open his heart... Now for some this may be hard to believe, but in the days after when I was watching one of his live streams I literally heard him say "You know what, I am done fighting people. I'm done." And so... as it would appear - is the biggest troll on the internet going through his own paradigm shift? Time will tell more of this ongoing story.... But from my observation of how the universe works - I do see potential - and what I see is the potential for the spark in everyone. KEEMSTAR was generally curious about some of the Shifty topics within the project, and so I can imagine an opportunity in the future in which he could invite me to be a guest and together we can begin promoting to his audience messages of mindfulness and love. Because in a situation like this the most magical thing about it is that KEEMSTAR is a central node - and so as HE shifts, so too will his audience of thousands... the ripple effect...and that to me sounds alot like something the universe would do... 

So there we have it. The stories continues. Stay tuned to see what happens down the road. I'll keep an eye on KEEMSTAR and we will see where things go from there. 

For those interested they can connect with his channels at - -


Thanks again for reading and for being a part of the shift. May each of us bring more mindfulness into our future experiences with trolls, and be reminded too - that everyone deserves to be loved. 
Alchemize their fear and hate with your love and compassion. Go forth fellow wizards... shift those paradigms...

Also, you can watch the original Admin Meeting broadcast here -

0N3 L0V3

Connect with me further 
On youtube at
On facebook at

- Brendon 

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Saturday night. 12am. The streets are alive with people. The potential for synchronicity is ripe. A perfect opportunity for some Shiftivism....

But there I am. Waiting at the bus stop so I can catch the last bus to go home. With the bus visible in the distance, I have only moments to decide. Do I go home and call it a night? Or do I listen to the inner voice and stay out to do some Free Hugs on a street corner?

The bus approaches.... I double check my intuition, and then step back - waving the driver to keep going... 

I am now committed to my choice. No more busses. I'm in for the long night. Time to gear up and get to it. Time to be a Shifter. Time to hack the matrix and help awaken more people within the dream... 

But this time, there is a new element that makes things extra exciting. Due to recent tech upgrades I am now able to fully LIVE broadcast the adventure over facebook!

And thus, the adventure begins :D 


Within the excitement I am fortunate enough to be joined by some new friends who I had run into earlier in the night while out distributing flower of like Pokemon Team Badges in the near by park. They wern't there to play Pokemon, but I still got talking to them and gave one of them - Shane - a triforce button as a gift. So, as synchronicity would have it, while I am mid broadcast doing Free Hugs, the guys come over to ask me if they can join. Considering I always have extra Free Hugs signs on me - the answer is yes. Now in this scenario - what was extra cool is that these guys were between 14-17 years old, and yet here they were - being the brave ones - out hugging people with me on bar night. It just goes to show that anyone can do Free Hugs. 

The following is the full live broadcast, included with lots of insightful dialogue related to tips on how to do Free Hugs, awesome conversations with people on the streets, and lots of love and smiles. Needless to say it was another awesome experience with lots of seeds planted, and community connected. Huge shoutout to the guys for rocking it with me!

As always, I share these videos and stories to help inspire more and more of us to replicate these actions in similar ways where we are. 

Stay connected on my facebook for more live broadcasts at
Connect to my youtube at

Join the Team Patreon to get your Shift Buttons at

Hack the Matrix!

0N3 L0V3 

- Brendon 

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Adapt and overcome.
Yesterday I experienced a major glitch in the matrix.
I accidentally LOST my skateboard with the Spiderman graphic and White Light Wheels. (For anyone around London Canada - please feel free to keep your eyes open for the board. Its probably the only one in the city with white light wheels. It wasn't stolen - I just glitched and somehow forgot to put it in my car when I drove away because I got busy giving someone a Shift Button in the moment.) After it happened I went through some very familiar stages of loss, including - disbelief, acceptance, grief, and acceptance 2.0. As a board its more than just a vehicle - its a symbol. Having Spiderman on it meant alot to me. Symbolic of awakening the real world super hero within all of us. And the light wheels themselves were also very symbolic - visually representing my role as a Light Guardian. Having the light wheels on my board allows others to easily recognize and remember me when they see me around town. But I know - skateboard or no skateboard - I am still who I am...

Here is a picture me and the board out on one of our many regular Shift Missions <3

But alas! Low and behold! After a half day of focusing my intentions and attention I have mastered up a new Shift Board from old parts and some parts I had to make! (It took trial and error to get the wheel to height ratio just right.) For me - as a Shifter and just a regular person - having wheels is very important. They are a primary tool and means of transportation through space AND time. (Honestly, skateboards / wheels put you in the future. - Oh what's that? The bus is coming in 10 mins but it takes 15 mins to walk there? Good thing we got wheels. That's right, because they put you in the future.) Being able to do Free Hugs while on a skateboard just brings things to a whole nother level. Plus skateboards make great seats when meditating!
So needless to say, this is a key lesson in non attachment, learning to let go, and adapting and overcoming. I mean honestly - it is possible that I will see that board again. Or its possible some kid out there ended up with it and is super happy. What ever happens I am okay with it. After all - the board never "belonged" to me to begin with. I was merely fortunate enough to work along side it for the time being. We do not "own" anything other than our own sovereignty. Its important to be humbled now and then. Along our path there will be many tools, allies, and gifts that come and go within our experience. Acknowledging that they are transient in the first place is a key in being able to appreciate them even more.
What tools in your life are you grateful for?
0N3 L0V3
- Brendon
PS - In the future I have always had the vision of being able to provide Shift Boards (regular boards with big wheels and lights) to members in the community. Down the road as the project evolves I even want to do give aways. Because honestly, we need to get more Shifters on Shift Boards. It just makes sense :P Comment bellow if you want one in the future.
PPS - We will also be looking for custom deck graphics. So shootout to the artists out there and feel free to let me know if interested.
Connect with me further at
See videos featuring the board out on our many missions at
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Living here in the South in the country I live around an abundance of trees and nature. I always would play outside and go on an adventure everyday in the woods by my house or in my yard mainly around trees. Sometimes I would pretend that the trees were some kind of space antennae that receive cosmic information(I was kind of right about that). In my journey I have learned that trees and plants have a consciousness just like we do and they react and communicate with us.

Health Benefits of Forest Bathing

Connecting with nature has benefited me in many ways on my journey.When I first began meditating and learning about how to focus my intention I would always meditate near trees and use my imagination and focus on healing. A few months ago I came across something called Shinrin – Yoku or “Forest Bathing”. Forest Bathing is basically relaxing or taking a walk in a wooded area. Forest Bathing has a very positive impact on health it lowers blood pressure, helps with stress and anxiety, and helps us to get on the natural frequency of the earth. My experience with forest bathing and meditating in natural environments has been amazing. I find it easier to do mindfulness meditation in nature it has helped me with my intuition, personal growth and development, and creativity. I have also experimented with energy work such as Yoga and Qi Gong while forest bathing as well.

My Qi Gong Tree

Feeling the flow and exchange of energy that nature has to offer is an amazing thing. I have certain trees I work with for certain things a tree for meditation, one for qi gong, etc. Forests and natural environments have an abundance of negative ions which are very beneficial for us. Receiving these ions are very important because we already spend hours of the day indoors blasted by radiation and positive ions which are harmful. Exercise and energy work in nature around negative ions for me has helped me out so much in expanding my consciousness and healing my multidimensional self.

Trees in different Cultures and Spiritual Systems

I study many different spiritual systems and see that the concept of the tree being a holy sacred thing is very common. In the Norse mythology they have something called Yggdrasil or the Ash Tree which is a very holy and sacred tree in the center of the universe connecting all the universe together.


Also in Jewish Mysticism I came across something called The Tree of Life

Tree of Life Kabbalah

The Tree of Life which is something like the diagram of the universe and the human body and also deals with a host of other things for personal growth and transmutation.

The Shamans all over the world see trees as sacred also. Some see them as portals to another dimension.


Trees as a Cosmic Antennae and Very Wise and Old Beings

I see trees as wise old and benevolent beings. I see them as these cosmic antennae that receive information from the cosmos that we can also receive. Trees are always in a state of praise and gratitude tot he universe they know they will receive all the elements they need to survive and thats how we should be. Rooted and grounded into the mother earth as our branches spiral upward into the infinite cosmos.

See You In Space,



Connect with me further on my Youtube Channel for more videos << Click Here <<

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Well it's a new moon again, this time in leo. Seems like time is just flying by now..which is good for manifesting but some of us might feel like we're being left behind or not doing enough. I know I do at least! The past couple weeks have been rough for me as it probably has been for some of you. You can notice the energy and your emotions going up and down like a roller coaster and it's a bit hard to hold on. I don't know what any of your experiences have been like but I have went through my shadows and fears these past couple weeks. Rough! It's hard for me to even talk about but I will because there is no reason to hide myself. Getting this off my chest and letting people know what I've been going through will help me but could also help you in some way. Even if it's just realizing you're not the only one going through hell to reach heaven. These past couple weeks I have fallen back into fear. Fear that others won't like me. Fear that I won't ascend with the rest of you. Why would I stay in fear when I know love can conquer it? My biggest triggers into fearful and negative states are what I think other people think of me and rejection.

Its crazy for me too because most of the time this fear and anxiety I have is complete illusion but it can seem so real to me. These negative fears and feelings keep repeating over and over until I believe it. This is where it gets dangerous because when you start believing the illusion everything seems against you. For example I could be talking to you and if your face has a weird look to it I will assume there is something about me you don't like. It can also be were I assume I hear you thinking something bad about me in my head when actually its my own shadows and fears fighting me on a spiritual level. Anyways these fears and shadows along with spending time with someone in a deep depressive state convinced me to relapse when I had been clean off of hard opiates. I am so ashamed of myself and that I allowed myself to fall into this trap again. At least the past couple of days I have realized that I need to make a change in my life. I need to be confident and open my heart with love instead of closing it in fear. When you think about it everything I have told you.. as drastic as it may be is synchronistic. This is the lions gate on a new moon in leo. Leo is more a sign of your drive for life, your fire. I am realizing that I had lost my drive for life for a bit of time. I actually was thinking about commiting suicide there for awhile but now I see I needed to experience all this. To be triggered again by fears I have held onto for so long. To relapse and fall back into my shadow. To see this darkness so I can once again stand in the light with my fellow light brothers and sisters. I will conquer these fears and I will try my hardest to stay in the light and I hope whatever you guys may be going through.. that you can as well.

To end this I will do my sirian starseed tarot reading...

Seven of Chalices (upright)
This is the perfect card for everything I just talked about and this will probably relate to you in some way.
It's important to look at how we get distracted of reaching our goals by temptations around us. Do we have a clear intention of what we want to manifest in our lives and how are we working on that goal in this 3d world. What do we value most in our journey? For alot of us I'd say it is our ascension that we value most, so how can we focus our minds to reach this goal. I don't know about you but this is spot on or me. For me this says to not hold onto my fears and to not be afraid to dive into my shadows instead of running from them by numbing myself. I am going to focus on staying positive and sending love to anything negative that arises. Also to definitely stay away from people or things that I know don't serve my highest good!

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Processing Negativity

With all the craziness going on around the planet it's hard not to get sucked in to the drama. Like many, I like to surf the web to see what's going on in the world. One thing that I'm getting better at though is not delving into negativity very far. For instance, I'll scan the headlines and maybe read a sentence or two to get the gist, but then I'll stop there. I mean, what's the point of filling my head full of the negative details that the mainstream and alternative media are only too happy to be feeding me? Seriously, what's the F-ING point? 

Related to this, I heard an inspiring youtube talk the other day by Matt Kahn titled: Responding the Global Tragedy. His main point: the dark force is making it's last stand and is giving it everything it's got. It's not going to win but it's definitely going down swinging. One of the strategies he suggests is sending out blessings like: may all beings be happy - may all beings be free - may all beings have enough food to eat and pure water to drink - and beautiful places to live - and loving families - etc. 

So I've started doing that and making up my own blessings. During the day at random I just start sending out blessings. I don't know for sure, but my intuition tells me that this is a good/worthwhile thing to do. It definitely beats spending my time driving up to the dump and filling my head with extra servings of online garbage.

The other thing I've been doing is remembering to breathe. I've noticed that whenever my thoughts get negatively sidetracked, my breathing becomes shallower and shorter. When I catch myself, the antidote is simple: breathe a little deeper; breathe a little slower.

The trick is to catch it when it happens. These days, that's a full time job - but if I'm honest: what better way to spend my time than sending compassionate love vibes into the ethers? 

Much love -


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I had an idea last week. And that was to begin paint symbols that represent an intention I want to share with the world, both energetically and physically, by painting it and posting it on Internet.

This one is about integration. The white spot in the center stands for eternal light and love, also known as pure divinity. The rings outside is the different perspective it can have while investigating its own potential in a virtual “studio” called physical reality. The rings have an opening and is there for a reason. They are there for being able to let the darkness or unknown;ness inside. The outer rings is an effect of change and a perspective that is not fully integrated with divine truth. As there are many experiences, there are many rings outside “the core” and all have an opening. But! When an integration has been established and one “damaged” perspective has been taken care of, with the divine love, an merge will occur. One of the rings will close and join the core or center. An integration has happened.

This can happen on all levels such as physical, emotional, spiritual, mind and other.

The journey of my life has taken many turns. Turns that led to an awakening and led to the darkest and most negative experiences that I know. To see it know, almost seven years later, I have gone through many stages that were very painful. In retrospect, the journey has pushed me more and more into the direction of surrender. Stating that I am the divine presence and what ever I experiences is an manifestation of the light that I am. That was an hard one to comprehend for me, and still is, with an upraising that was surrounded in separation, fear and scarcity. As a brave and bold soul, I have dived deep deep down, and had “sat down” with the some of the wounds and feelings that was, and are, popping up in my life.

Much of the dark “shit” I have experienced I was diving into with the statement that, I want to love all the fragments that are and was “damaged”, (rings outside the core) the time before now. The latest teachings of Matt Kahn has helped me to re-align my self and has done that with a turbo-kick that are propelling me into the light as never before. Is is a love revolution that states:” Whatever arises – love that!”

I have begun this intention-drawings with the topic of integration because: I think that integration and taking “care” of the dark side of us is the most important thing we can “do” in a spiritual awakening we are all going through. If the hurt and overstimulated nervoussytem (EGO) also called psychological triggers, is not taken care of, deep and true awakening and world change can not be established. If a part of us is “outside” the light and love that we are, we are not whole. The wounds of our life is crying for integration an wants to join the superb light of love that we are.

It says: “Please love me! I want to be included!”

The darkest and most heaviest experiences in our life, is also a catalyst to a great leap in consciousness that will change the world from inside out.

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As many of you already know within the community, on my birthday of July 18th my family and I synchronistically had to walk my dog Shelby across the rainbow bridge. 

This was a very powerful and psychedelic experience for me, and one that I am very grateful for. Shelby was with us for close to 13 years and lived to the age of about 15. He was a fellow wolf, a brother, and a teacher. 

Though for now this will just be a short entry, it is my intention to sit down at another time and write out a longer Conscious Article entry about "Finding Spiritual Strength Through the Loss of a Pet" in which I will get into more details. 

Leading up to his passing I was openly sharing videos and images with the community about the unfolding events as a way to connect and to help dispel the taboos surrounding death and to bring more positive and healing perspectives into it. 

The following video  is part of my own healing following Shelby's passing. This is a special tribute honouring his journey with a special message from him to guide us on ours...

On the day that we had made the deicision that we were going to be putting him down on my birthday, I grabbed my camera and went outside and basically channeled a message of his voice sharing a message to me. This message is what we hear in the video now. It's an honour to be able to share this with the community. It's an honour to be a conduit and an ambassador for Shelby's message. I hope this video brings more space for healing into others who watch it. I invite you to feel what ever you need to feel and to give yourself permission to cry if need be. 

Thank you again to the community for their support and much love to everyone. Those who have been there to walk their pets and family across the rainbow bridge.

0N3 L0V3

Watch the video here↘

Thank you Shelby. 
We love you, always. 

In addition for those who have not seen it, here is the video I filmed on the Sunrise of my birthday talking more about the experience and finding spiritual strength. 

Lastly, here is the farewell live broadcast we did on my birthday with Shelby. 

0N3 L0V3 


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Observing my life since the beginning of this year, I have noticed the highs and lows of my journey to ascend. I am currently in a state where its harder to stay positive. Just a few days ago I was joyful and achieving a bliss state when all of a sudden one of my deepest shadows comes up. When I run away from myself to not feel the pain but actually drawing more negativity in. I don't understand why I do's like I somehow adopted that it's better to be in pain than to risk being happy and get hurt. I have big dreams and know I have a lot to offer the world if I can just believe in myself. My whole life since I child I have never felt good enough for anything.I always felt alone and scared of the world around me. Now I am trying to ascend but I feel like I can't tell what's illusion or real anymore. It's stressing me out so bad. :(

I am now going to pull a tarot for you guys and we will see what our guides say..


So my intuition was telling me that this meant that we are masters of our reality and our drive in life. It might be hard to see for some people though, myself included. Also dealing with our shadows because if we are held back, like hooked into the past or anything negative will conflict with us maintain a higher frequency. So I'm going to try to stay in bliss and just keep love in my heart whenever stuff arises.

Lastly I would like to see if I can send energy to people through this chakra meditation I made. I think I could be an energy healer if I wanted. If you try this please let me know what you feel from it. :)


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For a large span of our lives we have considered dreams to be nothing more than uncontrollable and often forgotten experiences that are shaped depending on things like: our current mood, what we ate prior to sleeping, and other real world experiences. While to an extent this is true, we may also achieve lucidity in our dreams by sheer willpower alone; and with the achievement of lucidity within our dreams, we are able to remember and control our dreams at will. If we do not possess the ability to lucidly dream, our dreams will often be forgotten, and completely uncontrollable. The challenge therein is of course: achieving lucidity. Over the course of several weeks, I will attempt to achieve lucidity by keeping a constantly updated dream journal, and by performing several techniques that are known to hasten the achievement of lucidity.

By using techniques that have been documented and developed over time, we may dramatically reduce the amount of energy required to achieve lucidity within our dreams. One of the most basic techniques being this: keep a dream journal. A dream journal is simply a log of what we experience within our dreams. If we're just beginning, it will most likely be counter-intuitive for us to think about a dream, since we've spent the whole night focusing on it subconsciously. Something that I had to keep in mind was that by doing something as simple as moving after waking up, our brains have already begun to stray away from wanting to focus on a recent dream and have instead shifted focus to figuring out what needs to be done to get the day started; to counteract this, we need only to stay motionless after we wake. By successfully keeping a dream journal we begin to remember more of our dreams; and as we remember more of our dreams, we are able to identify any distinctions from reality that may occur within our dreams.

Certain things in the dream world are slightly, or even drastically different than what they are like in real life; some common differences are: sprouting additional fingers or additional toes, looking into a mirror and seeing a reflection based on our mood rather than our physical being, and being able to breathe even while we hold our breath. When we're able to identify reoccurring distinctions from reality that occur within our dreams, we gain access to a new technique: reality checks. Reality checks are real world actions that are performed multiple times a day in order to condition the mind to automatically perform them while dreaming. A reality check may be something as simple as counting our fingers, counting our toes, looking at our reflection, or holding our breath. Though they are very customizable, the function of a reality check goes beyond the simple action of repeating them; in order to fully utilize a reality check, we need to question that we might be within a dream at the moment it's performed; that way, while dreaming, we begin to use them as frequently as we do in real life. If a reality check succeeds while in a dream, we immediately achieve lucidity within that dream. Before I had begun to write down any of my dreams, the only way I had remembered them was to see an object, or scene involved in the dream. For instance, if I dreamt about walking alongside a lake on a rainy night while the full moon pierced through a distant parting in the clouds, I would begin to recall small parts of the dream if I saw the full moon in real life. Reality checks have not helped me in achieving full blown lucidity yet, however, they have helped me to achieve a kind of in-between state; it's a state where I'm aware that I'm dreaming, yet unable to control my actions without waking up.

With my achievement of pseudo lucidity, I felt better prepared to master a more advanced technique: WILD. W.I.L.D stands for Wake Induced Lucid Dream, and is a technique in which we seamlessly enter the lucid dream state from a waking state. In order to perform a WILD, we need to lay down, in a comfortable sleeping position, and close our eyes for as long as it takes our bodies to think we are asleep. There are two ways we can perform WILD, during the middle of the night(right after dreaming), or right before a nap. I chose to do the former. To WILD efficiently, I had to wake up just before my REM (Rapid eye movement) cycle occurred. In order to do that, I had to first find out when my REM cycles occurred.

Before I had begun to attempt to achieve lucidity I was very sleep deprived, at most getting 5 hours of sleep each night. People who are sleep deprived often enter the REM cycle of sleep quicker than those who aren’t, as the REM cycle of sleep is when our bodies are getting the most rest. REM cycles usually occur from one to three and a half hours after falling asleep if our sleep schedule is normal(8-9 hours~) so I set my first alarm clock to wake me up twenty minutes after I went to bed; that way it would wake me up just before my hastened REM cycle occurred. I lay down, and went to sleep immediately. Exactly twenty minutes later I was awoken by the shrill ringing of my alarm clock. I got up, turned off the alarm, and went back to bed. This time, with my eyes closed, I didn't move a single muscle in my body. After about thirty minutes of resisting the urge to move, I began to feel a very peculiar wave motion. It was a feeling comparable to flying through a nebula at a very high speed. My eyes also started moving extremely rapidly, as if I were painting a vivid image with them. I realized that I was entering the REM cycle sooner than I expected. I also realized that I could not move my body, and had entered sleep paralysis. I was transitioning, it was happening. I knew I could enter the lucid dream state if I wanted, but I also wanted to experience sleep paralysis.

I had heard about it on several forums while browsing how to efficiently WILD. For most people sleep paralysis is an incredible experience. Sleep paralysis naturally occurs when we are asleep. Our mind freezes our body in order to not incur bodily harm during sleep cycles. During this moment, our mind and body both believe that we are asleep, and vivid, dreamlike images begin to form in our mind's eye. Opening our eyes during sleep paralysis is often a horrifying ordeal, as reality will be distorted, and several hypnagogic hallucinations will be visual. I eagerly opened my eyes, and was displeased to discover my blanket was covering my eyes. Then I felt an extremely ominous presence just a few feet away from me. It shambled closer and closer to me, all with a disgustingly malevolent intent that grew and grew with each terrifying step. I tried to move, I tried to blink, I tried to do anything to leave my paralytic state. Nothing worked. Within eight seconds the towering psychic horror was right next to me, looming over my bed, taunting me with its presence. My eyes widened with the most primordial and colossal feeling of fear I have ever experienced. Then, when the horror was but mere inches from my face, I could move again. The state had ended. I removed the blanket from my face. There was nothing there. I smiled. I didn’t regret straying from my path at all. The next day I attempted WILD again, and although I was tempted to, did not open my eyes again. The feeling of drifting through a nebula intensified; I teetered on the edge of consciousness, and I struggled not to fall asleep. I focused deeply, and stabilized my mind. After what felt like hours of internal struggle, the feeling of drifting through a nebula coalesced, and I began my first lucid dream.

I appeared in the middle of a desert. And after wondering for ages how I got there, I remembered that I was inside of a dream. Then I realized that I was aware I was within a dream. I began to get excited at my success, and felt myself going back to reality. I recalled from my research that often times during our first lucid dream, excitement can cause the state to end prematurely; and a quick fix this issue, was to spin in circles. I began to twist clockwise, and the desert around me turned into a blob of colors. It was reminiscent of a splatter painting. Seconds later, the colors blended back together into an image my brain understood, and that image was of a massive field that seemed to span on forever. At the center of the field was a hill, and on top of that hill was an extraordinarily large tree. 

I recognized this scene. I ran to the tree, and after what felt like days, finally reached it. I looked to the branches of the gargantuan tree, and saw billions of infinitesimal, green eyes looking back at me. I flung my arms around the tree, and was enveloped in a cascade of shadows. Not long after, I woke up.


- Lets us know what lucid dreaming is.

- A film about lucid dreaming.

- An in depth guide on how to lucid dream. Covers all techniques.

A deep explanation of lucid dreaming. Statistics on lucid dreams, multiple guides on how to prolong our dreams, 


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-- Wisdom of the Hidden Realms Oracle --

#1) The Lady of Lightning (surprises, sometimes shock, total paradigm shift)

#352) The Eyes of Beauty (positive expectations, clarity)

#253) The Eagle King ( the big picture, angelic help)

-- Tarot of the Celtic Faeries Celtic cross reading  --

Middle1) Hanged Man Xll (12) - Immediate concern: Any negative feelings about ourselves do not serve our highest good and inner potential. Try not to limit yourself with beliefs and be open to new ideas or feelings.

Bottom 2) Root/Obstacle -  This card is reflecting the insecurity we feel that may be our negative thoughts or feelings that may not be our own coming to the surface to be cleared.

Left 3) Past - In our past we felt the need to be in balance even in our most unbalanced of days. We need to be mindful of duality in everything and use the intuition that has guided us this far on our journey to spiritual growth.

Top 4 ) Action Required - Ritual of pure and positive intentions, to bring about the clarity we all crave, and the expectations of a cleaner, more peaceful and more beautiful life is so simple to focus all our minds on. Give a hug, blow a kiss, have a crystal infused bath with essential oils or incense in the back ground. Meditate on a positive affirmation. Everything helps. Be Mr. Deeds for the day!

Right 5) Future/Outcome - Good times are ahead if we learn to let go of things that don't make us happy anymore. Maybe it's a job, a living arrangement, or a relationship of any kind. Trust your instincts and exercise your free will. You may need time alone to dig deep and to listen to what your mind, body, and soul wants for you ultimately.

Love, light and BlessingsFaeryfox11

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No one can describe the type of awakening one goes through that changes everything about a person unless that person has also went though their own spiritual awakening. Take it from me. It will knock you on your ass and leave you questioning your entire belief system and what you define as real.It isn't an easy thing describing waking up one random spring day of 2015 and no longer being the same person who went to sleep that night. How do you tell people something like that and not have the look at you as if you've fallen off your rocker? The answer is you can't; sometimes you still have to talk about it.I don't claim to know it all, far from it. But I do know when I am being led down a path that is far different that any you can understand. It began with the search for what I understood as the truth. I searched in philosophy where I believed that it was located. Little did I know that search would take me through the wisest and most misunderstood knowledge on the planet. That of the occult and esoteric. The hidden knowledge of the ancients have endured the test of time because they come from a place of no time. Universal laws that can be bent but not broken. Laws that shape our reality. I do not speak of the physical laws but of the metaphysical laws. The true, unknown laws.
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Cheers to another year Shifted!

As we take our steps forward let us reflect on the past to see how far we have come. It is amazing to know much this project has and is continuing to help make a difference within this reality. I am incredibly greatful to everyone for synching up with the team and for carrying the Shift with them where ever they are. 

For the past several years I have made a habit of catching the Sunrise on my birthday. Although this year's video was different then previous ones, because much of my reflection in the present moment was focused around my love and connect to my dog Shelby who I walked across the rainbow bridge on my birthday. Reflecting on death and life is an important part of this journey. This video is for him, yet it is also for all of us. Let each breathe be more mindful. Let each moment be more present. May we honour the energies moving through us. Let each challenge be a gateway to new strength. 

Aloha. I love you. 

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Roman Garza, Admin of Arizona here and today I choose to discuss psychology as far as I know it and it's tendencies to help fellow Shifters understand certain way themselves or other people may perceive reality. I make this point because taking in knowledge and wisdom in correct way, is paramount to further understanding and no longer falling for or being in Mind Control. When I say Mind Control, what do you think it means? Do you picture a person strapped into a chair, hooked up to some apparatus with electrodes being discharged into brain? Not denying that could be possible or has been attempted before but NO, mind control I am referring to is kind you or others may have been under, psychological tendencies not noticed by everyday man and woman, or even to expert psychologists themselves, kind of mind control spoke of by men such as Aldous Huxley, George Orwell and furthered elaborated by Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud. What that is, is like advertising; control; manipulation, a way to target someone and have them do what you want or act or behave way you choose and this is where Dark Occult fits into it all, ancient psychology is basically what occult, esoteric, teachings are comprised of being misused by immoral men who make life torture for rest of world. Think about it like this: It is Way of Mind and understanding of how works, but they know much better than you or I and they use for their own devious purposes, whoever you believe or know these controllers and manipulators to be is as good a guess as mine, but what is important is not them but information they use and why they use it against us.

I've decided as a Part 1 I will explain one of few psyches that social engineers have permeated into society since time immemorial to gain a grip on the populate and ignorant masses of world.

It being called "Solipsism".

Solipsism comes from Latin adjective "solus" meaning "alone". And Latin pronoun "ipse" meaning "self". It is ideology that only one's mind exists. Solipsists contend that knowledge of anything outside one's own mind is unsure, hence there is no such thing as objective truth, and nothing about external world and it's workings can actually be known.

Much like moral relativism, but that springs out of this core belief and most people don't know they have it.

I'd like to end with a quote from Larken Rose:

" The world is really damn big, and there are a lot of people on it. No kidding, right? But near incomprehensible number of humans on allows for massive manipulation and deception. To wit, if I could merely choose which events and stories you hear about—even if everything I tell you is completely true and accurate—I would have massive control over your perceptions, control over your thoughts and fears, and therefore a lot of control even over your actions. If, for example, I made sure you were told about it—and saw gruesome images—every single time someone was injured by a chainsaw (which happens about 80 times a day), you would think it was an intolerable, shocking epidemic... a crisis! If you weren’t very good at statistics and critical thought, you might even be joining call to have chainsaws banned, or at least licensed and heavily regulated.

As another example, if I made sure you heard about it, in lurid detail, every time someone with red hair mistreated an animal, and you were exposed to that day after day, over time you would—whether consciously, subconsciously, or both—start to think that redheads are all sadistic animal torturers. Just due to sheer numbers of people on , there could be a news channel that reported only redheads mistreating animals, without repeating same story twice, and without ever running out of stories (provided they had a way to find all those stories). For those who want to check math, there are estimated to be somewhere around 100,000,000 redheads in world. If even one out of every 100,000 of those was nasty to an animal at some point, that would give our “Redheads Being Mean to Animals Network” around three unique stories a day, for a year, never mentioning same individual twice. (After a year you could probably start over with list of people without viewers noticing.)

The point is, if YOUR perception of any group—any race, religion, nationality, fans of a particular band, people who wear a certain fashion, people born in a certain month, etc.—is based on what you see on a screen, or hear on radio, keep in mind that you are allowing someone else to mold your opinions for you. And if your view of that group doesn’t match your own direct, firsthand experiences, then you are probably being lied to, and someone is probably intentionally instilling fear or hatred in you in order to serve their own agenda."

There is some food for thought for Part 1 of my quest to show Community an insight into psychology and it's effects and how it is important and coincides with All Knowledge.

This will be one of many thought provoking subjects I will get into in my quest journals, so stay tuned for more

Agape`, Roman Garza of Arizona


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One of the most exciting parts about this journey is being able to share the story of our project and real world game to help shift consciousness with an increasingly growing audience, ripple the waves of inspiration further, and inviting more people to be involved and connected as a part of the team and the ongoing story. 

Just recently I was a guest on The Just Bernard Show with Bernard Alvarez. Bernard is a fellow Shifter who has been doing his online show for many many years and through his live broadcasts and recordings he reaches an audience close to 30 000+ people. 

Bernard had know about the Paradigm Shift Central project for awhile, so it was really exciting for him to invite me on to be able to co-create together. This was one of the funnest interviews I have done, as I really enjoy Bernards spirit and his support for what we are building for the whole community. He is a big fan of our focus on the resurgence of the Jedi and the concept of the Light Guardian. 

Here are some of the topics we hit upon in the quick 45 min discussion!

- What is the Paradigm Shift Central project and the inspiration behind starting it?
- What it means to be a "Shifter". Modern resurgence of Jedi, Light Guardians
- Shiftivism, Free Hugs, Shift Button tactics. "Hacking the matrix with love."
- The role of conscious media as medicine. Both healing and inspirational.
- Story of my connection with the wolf energy. Being a leader within the shift. 
- The Journey to Lucidity saga movies. The heroes journey. Awakening within the dream. Importance of dream exploration. 
- Understanding more about our multi-dimensional reality
- The power of story telling. Sacred journeys through the Global Journey Meditations. 
- Recent experience documenting and sharing working with 5g sacred mushroom
- The future of the Paradigm Shift Central project, how people can continue to be involved. 

Enjoy! And let this broadcast continue to inspire more and more of us as we continue to ripple the waves further. 

Shifters Unite!

*And bonus shoutout to those who are now connected to the project thanks to this broadcast!

Listen to The justBernard Show LIVE on Tuesdays at 2PM ET at


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