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Quest Journals

Journey Log (201)

Eye (I)

I wrote this poem when I couldn't sleep one night. I did not feel alone because I knew I was there with me.


Eye (I)

I seem to have trouble
Telling us apart
How can I lie to you
When you can see my heart?

I lie awake at night
Just listening to your thoughts
As you discuss the past, future,
And things that I forgot.

When I’m confused about my world
You assure me I am right.
You’re with me in my darkest times
And when I see the light.

My deepest fears fade away
Because I know you are there
For when I look into the mirror,
It is at you that eye stare.

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Am I Awake?

I am going to use this first post to introduce Jaclyn… I feel as though I was very awake as a child.  I had a very vivid imagination, I was smart, insightful, and always questioned the authority of adults and their “system” because it didn’t seem to fit.  I often had dreams and interacted with what I now think were spirit guides, angels, ghosts, or just entities without a physical body.  I feel I was more in touch with the higher realms and more sensitive to their power.

I grew up in a southern Catholic household, so you can imagine my family was always very religious and traditional.  I was discouraged from ever venturing outside of what was expected, especially when it came to subjects that questioned the authority of “God” and the Bible.  Talking about any of the “New Age” concepts and information or tools like tarot cards and Ouija boards or using words like the “third eye” was considered evil.  I grew up living in a reality where if I “sinned” I would go to a place called Hell.  If my mind ever wondered away from Jesus or God I was doomed to fire and brimstone for all eternity.  The thought of reincarnation or realities outside of religion was forbidden.  I lived in what I still think of as a prison where diverse thoughts are forbidden and thinking with your own mind was considered evil.  I was taught that you must be obedient and asleep.

I was conditioned to think The System was all there was.  The Matrix was only a movie.  Fairy tales aren’t real.  What you see is what you get-- I knew deep inside none of that was true.  I was always attracted to stories pertaining to fantasy and what people call “fiction” because THIS reality wasn’t real.  I always knew that something wasn’t right.  I always knew there was something more…

I started working for a big oil company a few years back.  My family was so proud that I got that corporate job everyone wants to have.  I was going to be successful.  I was going to be an integral part of The System.  I was going to go down that path that everyone said was such an eminent conduit to life.  The path of life….  For whom exactly?  I started realizing that I no longer had control of the reins.  I was blindfolded, going somewhere… and I had no idea how I got there.  Was I asleep??

I really started waking up once I realized I no longer had control and wondered how long it had been since I lost it.  I started researching and finding out so many aspects of life that had been kept from me all these years.  There was so much information that it was almost too much to bear.  I needed to look within myself.  I started avoiding the subjects of negativity and separation and started promoting more love.  I started meditating, doing yoga, and eating a cleaner diet.  I have not mastered these yet, but it is a work in progress. 

So, am I awake?  Am I awake within this dream and know that I am in this dream awake to the reality of the dream?  I have had dreams, I had had my dreams crushed, I have been in a nightmare, and I have realized that I have been creating this dream even when I was “asleep” in the dream.  I realize that there does not have to be an explanation for everything.  Things just are.  We can just be.  There is no normal and there is no such thing as time.  These petty thoughts are just reflections of the human slave, not the infinite soul within this human vessel that I was slowly discovering.

The part I am still trying to figure out is how to take on all the information I have tapped into and all the portals I have opened for myself and make it MY reality.  Be the change I want to see in the world.  Have no expectations.  Learn how to just be.  Determine how to manifest my own reality.  I am still a part of the old system, and I know what I need to do.  I am still shaking off that fear we all know isn’t real.  I have not had any many experiences that would be considered metaphysical, but I have always had this sense of knowing.  And the more I uncover, the more I realize how much I already know.

I am so fortunate to have stumbled across one of Brendon’s interviews.  I had been watching BridgET Nielsen’s YouTube channel and it suggested that I check it out.  Now I am here, manifesting my reality with this group of wonderful souls.  Thank you for the opportunity to share my story.  I would love to share some of my poetry here as well.

Namaste and much love from Texas! 

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The Awaking

Aloha all. This is Justin Lesh, and my first Quest Journal I hope you enjoy the journey of my awakening, and how i ended up on Paradigm Shift.

To get things started I want to talk about the beginning stages of my awaking. I was around the age of 15 when I picked up playing World of War Craft. I'm sure many of you have heard of this MMORPG being that it is the biggest one of it's kind. Well I started and could stop, I was heavily addicted and at the time I had not realized this. but now many years down the rode I can easily admit that I was addicted. I played the game for about a whole year, going to school half the time and spend many late nights pillaging away at the world of Warcraft. I had become so succumbed in the game I started to not enjoy reality near as much as the game. This lead me down the dark rode of depression I was literally stealing money from my parents to get a lead in the game. After I was caught red handed by my parents stealing from there bank account I was banned from computer use. Being so addicted I became severely depressed with the thought of suicide gleaming from within. I got scared and went to my mom for help, she put me in depression theopy and I went twice, first time was more an introduction to my therapist, she was a female that made it a little easier. Now the second trip I went and she asked me what was causing me to be so sad, and my reply was my emotions. She definitely wasn't expecting that answer and I'm guessing she wasn't a very trained therapist after what i tell you. She asked me few questions on relationships and things and we ended the session with her showing me pictures of her daughter that was about my age. I didn't wanna go back after. My mom was quite understanding after I told her it wasn't working. So for the next few years going into high school and all that i had made a new group of friends because of course the only I really had after that year were online. I got into drugs mainly prescription pills, i started dealing to get ahead and high. i had some really good times during those days but it wasn't treating the depression i was trying bury, only making it worse. i got away from that style of living and the emotions fell in. i dropped out of high school half way through 11th grade, and began playing games all the time, tell i was about 19 years old. I had a friend Jeffery who is still very close to me being we share such similar interest, but through middle and high school I did not associate at all. Anyways he hit me up randomly one Wednesday night and convinced me to go out to Pure night club for there Wide awake EDM night. So i went, It took me awhile to settle in but before i knew it i was dancing and LOVING it. i had so much fun and meet two more people that have been great friends sense Pit, and Chris. they knew Jeffery already and we ended up hanging out after at my place because my parents were very very chill and at 18 practically let me do anything i mean to an extent. well we got place around 2 AM and come to find out Pit had got some acid from someone at the club and invited me to try it with him and Chris for the first time. So of i course i did. Had some amazing experiences with them sharing thoughts on the world and talking about emotional things, we all laughed together, cried together, got angry together. After that night i seriously felt a weight lifted off my shoulders. i was able to feel good about waking up to live another day, but after about a month things seemed to be going backwards. I started to feel depressed and lonely and sad and even drugs would just start amplifying it after. so i did some research online about emotions and drugs and altered mind sets leading me of course right to Jordan's videos, Spirit Science. The blew me away i could feel that the knowledge i was getting was true and it awoke me. It shook me up down and all around. But right in the midst of discovering this knowledge my parents separated, it tore me apart piece by piece tell i was literally contemplating suicide again, and then my dad moved to Colorado because his dad had died but the brought him back so he wanted to spend time with them and i went. i got there we got settled in a house and both had jobs making decent money, But after abut 7 months I lost cool i had to do something to make myself happy because i knew at that i point only i could do it. i had about $700 saved and i bought a one way ticket to Hawaii a travel bag and a tent and set sail with only $200 in my pocket, so even if i got there and wanted to go back i would have to work my way out of it. at the time ny friend Pit had just done the same thing but had the ticket home already so i flew to Hilo airport on the Big Island of Havaii. i met up with Pit and we began to explore and learn the land what we could eat and all that fun nature stuff. but after only a month pit decided to fly home. so here i was only people i knew was who i had met that month. and man was i in for an experience. i stayed outside of hillo for about 2 weeks in the woods kinda struggling day to day, then i finally said what am i doing and packed up camp and set out to adventure. I went to the rainbow gathering on Kahana Beach and that was the most welcoming group of people i had ever been around, i had a blast for two days learning meditations, yoga practices, and best of all how to play a bongo. after the great time everyone got back to there normal activity's, well i was told about Vispassana it is a 10 day silent meditation and fast. i went to the library signed up and even had some one from the group give me a ride. so i started the first two nights went bad, but it was the third night that got me, every day at noon we would all do a group meditation and drink some herbal tea, still no talking, after that on the third day i returned to my tent. trying to meditate i could only focus on the depression they had been drawing me down for so long, and i broke i cried and and cried and cried i don't even know how long but it was awhile, then i finally calmed myself down, i started focusing on my breath like i learned and tuned into my heart beat, and that night i faced the depression first hand stemming as far back as the game i played, it was the core and i forgave my self for my doings and admitted i had a problem and from there i went through everything for the next 7 days finding all these little things in my day to day life that i had just not gotten over. but i did it i finished the 10 days and left feeling like a completely new re birthed person. from there i got to try DMT for the first time and had an awesome experience, i saw myself turn into a wave length of energy and was flying around for what seemed to be awhile but it was like 3 seconds. about 2 minutes after talking about what i had experienced i had a vision, a very very prolific one. i was a young boy maybe 6 or so and i was like in sleep paralysis it felt like i was aware and awake i could kinda look around, there was 4 torches lit burning a bluish white flame, i was cold very cold and from what i could sense i was naked laying flat on something. Then four hooded figures surrounded me, one from each side, instantly i got this overwhelming sense of fear trying my hardest to just say something, i couldn't. i remember the faces prolifically after the hoods were removed old men probably 70s or so one of them was obviously younger but not much. they were chanting in a language i have yet to figure out, and they raised a blade curved with a gold handle and some inscriptions i didn't see very well. at that moment i realized exactly what was going on, i was being sacrificed, i felt the blade stab me and on impact i came back to reality in a whirlwind of what the fuck, i freaked everyone out i was with and left. i went back to Hillo because seriously was about to try and get off the island after that it scared me so bad, but i couldn't find a job and spanging (street talk asking for spare change) was just not working. one day i was dicking around and walked down to underneath this bridge that goes into Hilo that i had seen before just never really went down and explored. it was like an old homeless community. there was a few mattresses a bunch of cloths and things, and then under a blanket i found this book that really struck my interest because the guy on the front looked very very familiar, why it was there i had no idea, but i took it. the book was The Eye in the Triangle, a biography on Alister Crowley. i had no idea who he was or anything but i set in and started reading the book, i got a little ways in and then realized, he became a free mason. and then it all made sense, i was seriously in shock that i was now reading a book about one of the men i had just seen in my vision. i had to read this book i knew it. so i did and found out the horribly disgusting things the masons did to children. from there i was lead down into Wypo Vally. i ended up staying on a taro farm there working for about 4 months, and before i left i made the 10 mile hike on the kings trail to Wymonu Vally.i spent the night there and had a wonderful connection to mother earth and on the way back i was climbing down back into Wypo Vally, and the kings trail is about 20 cut backs to get up the side of the vally so there pretty skinny trails at some points, well i slipped and slid down probably a few 100 feet or so to the next cut back and slammed the ground hard almost rolling off the next dip but i didn't, thank god. i lied there for awhile catching my breath and realizing i was still alive (I seriously thought i was screwed) but i made it. after that i said my farewells to everyone on the farm, making my way back to Hilo. first day back one of the houseless guys told me he has a job if i want it. of course i took it, i worked for this older gentleman John was his name but he was retired and had some land he needed help getting ready to build some houses, so i went and worked with him telling him that i was trying to get money to get home and he was so happy to see i was actually trying to work to get back and payed me about 20 and hour sometimes more. So i worked for a bit and eventually had enough to by me a ticket back to Colorado. and that's the story of how i found myself on a spiritual divine love driven awaking. I hope you enjoyed reading and ill be back at it soon enough, sharing some more stories and also as new ones as everyday it seems a lot of us are have some type of spiritual things going on and i cant wait to hear and read about yours. <3 Namaste.


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First free hugs mission.

IMG_1145.mp4  So I did my first free hugs quest today . It was a huge stretch for me cause I like to keep to myself mostly. But I put myself out there and maybe like five minutes had gone by. When I got the first hug.She said " that's the best offer I've had all day". And I also got a I love you sign . And a good on ya mate!. :) .So all in all I got 4-5 hugs. It might've been six. Lol I was having so much fun I lost count. The biggest hurdle to overcome is just holding your space with that sign while some people look at you like your crazy. Like one mall cop did. Lol. I'd call this quest a smashing success and look forward to many more.-namaste    the link to the video is up at the top left.  

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My Shared Dreaming Experience

So a while back on the lucid dreaming website "Dream Views", I was a part of a sub-forum called the International Oneironaut Shared Dreaming Project. For those who don't know, an oneironaut is a person who explores the dreamworld. The main goal of this project was to of course share dreams.

When I joined there were maybe 5-10 people in the group. One of the members decided that we should all meet up at a certain location in the dream world. We wanted it to be a place that exists in the real world, so we could all memorize what it looks like from looking up pictures. Someone suggested the El Castillo pyramid, which is apart of the Chichén Itzá Mayan ruins in Mexico. Everyone agreed on this as a good place to meet up, so that night I spent a while looking at pictures of the pyramid before I went to sleep.

That night I had a lucid dream and I remembered that I was supposed to go to the pyramid. I closed my eyes within the dream and imagined the pyramid, and when I opened my eyes I was standing in front of it. It looked just like it did in all the photos I memorized before I fell asleep. In the distance there were these strange unique looking beings with their skin painted blue, and they were wearing really colorful outfits that had a lot of feathers. They had this misty aura surrounding them and it looked like they might have been spirits.

I heard some type of music playing and I think they might have been  playing flutes. I looked around and I didn't see signs of anyone else being there. I had the urge to climb to the top of the pyramid to create some sort of beacon to let other dreamers know someone was there. I created a fire ball in between my palms and I decided to start releasing these fireballs into the sky. I tried to make them as vibrant as possible. The rest of the dream becomes hazy from there, and I don't recall seeing anyone there except for those blue beings, which I'm disappointed I didn't try to talk with them.

The next morning I eagerly got on the forum and to my surprise I see that one of the members of the shared dreaming group posted that he got to the pyramid and saw someone shooting fire out of their hands! This completely blew my mind. It was too much of a similarity to be merely a coincidence. I told the guy my dream experience and he was just as shocked as I was. He told me he appeared at the pyramid in the form of a jaguar, &apparently some of the fireballs came close to him and he had to dodge them. No one else that night had reported that they were able to get to the pyramid. 

Unfortunately that group isn't really active anymore, but I would love to connect with more people who are interested in sharing dreams.

I know for certain shared dreaming is possible, and there are SO many potential possibilities within the dream world to explore and create with other people (and otherwordly beings). We can go on exciting adventures together and participate in acts of shiftivism even from within the dream world! Imagine all of us communicating with extraterrestrials and learning the wisdom and knowledge they have to share with us. Imagine flying over the Earth together and throwing ginormous energy balls at the planet, just like we have done in guided meditations. Except it will feel like we are actually there. There are so many possibilities! It's so exciting and I hope there are some shifters out there who are interested in sharing dreams.

How Many People Visit

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In the Midst of Transformation

Hey fellow shifters. <3

It's been a while since I've posted on here. I feel like sharing some things that have been happening on my personal journey. For the longest time I have been focused on trying to heal myself so I can become the greatest version of myself. It's been a very long and painful journey, but I'm ready to finally let go of my past self. I have dealt with major depression and anxiety almost my entire life, but I'm ready to shed those parts of me. I'm ready to share all the insight and wisom I have gained. I'm ready to finally share my voice.

I can see that more of humanity is waking up, and I want to help accelerate that. Lately I've been doing a lot of reading and researching. Astronomy, metaphysics,philosophy, spirituality, neuroscience, meditation, & lucid dreaming are some of the things I love learning about. I have an immense craving for knowledge, & I like knowing that I'm expanding my brain every time I choose to learn something new.

I haven't been meditating as much as I used to but I want to start doing it as much as I can. I've been having more vivid and intense dreams lately, a few of them lucid. I used to have great dream control in my lucid dreams,but now it's hard for me to control anything. I'm going to try my best to strengthen my lucid dreaming abilities so I can have complete control over my dreams. I believe lucid dreaming is such an amazing tool. I want to be able to send energy healing to people through my dreams, as well as create and strengthen energy grids across the planet.
I also believe in shared dreaming. I've had success with it before, and I think it would be so cool for us shifters to share lucid dreams together. Imagine what we could do! I will probably make another post about this topic.

I've been leaving behind shift buttons in a few places, and some of them have been picked up. It makes me so excited to leave them in places! I hope the people who pick them up go to this website and are reminded of who they really are and what they are capable of doing.

I hope everyone is doing amazing. <3 I'm always here for anyone who needs support, or someone to talk to.

Much love and light,
Cosmic Dragon <3

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Hello All you High Vibe Humans and Sexy Shifters ;)
 Breezy Here!

I wanted to share with you all the updates, and upgrades going on in my reality.

I released a NEW YouTube Video you can watch Here. This highlights my message very well. This is an urgent message. If you feel called, please share this with as many people as possible. 

Recently, I have felt the pull to really step into the spot light and ignite my truth. I have been called to truly turn my dream into reality, and step into the role I feel called to be.

What is my dream? To impact the world in such away that people are inspired to make it a better place. My dream is to inspire the younger generations to keep changing the world, to keep making it a better place.

What is the role I feel called to fill? That role is Leader. Not just any leader, but a strong, independent, biracial, female. THAT MEANS SOMETHING in today's society. This means I will face levels of discrimination that are not found in the spiritual conscious community. It means I will face comments,and situations where people are not conscious.

This is an upgrade, because before I was afraid of my own power, and only doing the "bare minimum". Now, I recognize that doing the "bare minimum" of spiritual work will not get me where my heart and spirit feels I need to be. 

This is an upgrade, because now I am facing my fear, and putting forth that hard work. I'm raising the bar on myself. 

I share this with you, because maybe you feel called to do the same and feel the same fear.

Perhaps a voice inside of you is saying, "step into your power", or "JUST DO IT". Whatever that voice is saying, it wants your attention, and your dedication.

As a way to show my dedication to my calling, I am revamping my YouTube Channel.
My Main channel will feature the Q&A series#TruthdayTuesday and a new series #TheseThoughts , a health focused inspirational comedy program.

In the VIDEO "I am Just One Person", I emphasize the idea that sometimes we feel alone. Sometimes we feel like we are the only ones striving for real tangible change. Sometimes people use this feeling as an excuse to do nothing about the world and the state that it is in. We are not alone and we must not give up on EACH OTHER. We have to keep reminding each other, and keep each other accountable. 

By definition a Golden Gaian Adventure is anyone who is filled with Golden Creative Life Force Energy and is on a mission to cleanse the Crystalline Consciousness, and integrate Universal and Solar Upgrades. We all need to ignite our inner life force energy and make a change. 

This is a very important time in our history and I feel this is an urgent message. We need to keep inspiring each other to save the world despite how big the problems may seem. We are all parts to a larger puzzle, we must not forget that. I am just one person, I am not alone. 

BE- You- Til-ful! 

"Spreadlove and subscribe"

Breezy OUT!



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I'm coming out of my "Spiritual Emergence Closet," as Katie Mottram would say. In the future, I hope the western mental health system changes to psychiatry recognizing the Spiritual component and utilizes that factor to help patients gain…
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On the 2nd anniversary of my first transformative NOTE I had a conversation with my husband came up with the possibility of bipolar being “some type of stage of enlightenment”. This thought resonated strongly with me. This idea excited me and I…
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Good afternoon fellow shifters! I'm very new to this site, yet not new to the concept. For a long time I've tried to lead by example and spread love through simple means such as a smile or a random compliment. In fact, every once in a while on my Facebook, I will give all my followers a challenge to say something nice to a random stranger. I believe we can all make a change in this world, and it has to start somewhere.

Yesterday I saw the Free Hugs video Brendon posted - Call of the Light Guardians (Click Here) on my news feed. I've seen them before and they brought a tear to my eye every time I watched. But for some reason, I really felt the call yesterday. So I made my own "Free Hugs" sign on a small canvas with some acrylic paint, went down to the local hangout by Lake Michigan where people walk dogs and play Pokemon Go, and gave out free hugs!. At first, there weren't many takers. But the people that did read the sign smiled at me. To me, that was enough. I brought a smile to their faces, for whatever the reason, and that's always a good thing! But once I was out there for about an hour, more and more people would run up to me and give me a hug. I was hugging adults, children, and even dogs! I would stand and chat with them for a little bit when they asked me "why are you doing this?"

I told them "to spread love. You never know when someone may need a hug. We're all in this together. We should start acting like it". The response was overwhelming yesterday. As I walked away from the people I hugged, I would give them a quick word of advice.."Love yourself!". That always made them smile. Many people I hugged, told me I made their day. One gentlemen asked me why I was doing it, when I responded he said "that's 60s generation talk. You weren't even born than!" I smiled and said "love transends all generations!" He stood up and gave me a hug. Yesterday's experience truly humbled me and more importantly, seemed to touch the hearts of many! 

 Hear the call of our collective consciousness! Go out and spread some love! I know I will! I'm going to continue my journey of helping people realize our connections to each other, and the universe. Through small deeds, smiles and random compliments. Free hugs, sharing music for the soul, and making people laugh! These past few years have been difficult for me to say the least. I lost my mother in September of 2011 and I've no doubt had a difficult time dealing with losing her. Her and I were like the best of friends. When my parents got divorced, my older siblings were old enough to be on their own. I was young,  so it was my mother and I against the world it felt like a lot of times. I learned a whole lot from her! She was my rock! She always managed to see the good in people and in the world. That was something I always admired about her. When she was young, she had a dream of opening a frame shop. She achieved that dream! She always taught me that though love and patience, you can achieve anything. She was diagnosed with severe colon cancer in 2007 and was given two months to live....she survived four years! When she told me she had cancer, I knew it was my turn to be strong for her, so I was. 

She had the biggest heart of anyone I know! It's definitely where I got my love for everybody. Being a part of this movment is a way I can still feel close to her. Even though she has left this world, her love for me hasn't. It is reborn, in the form of new love. She is now part of me, and I am now part of her. 

I'm very happy to be part of this movment. I think with a little bit of persistence, and a lot of love, we can really make a change in this world!

I love you all!

Thank you

-John O'Neill

Connect with me on facebook at

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Aloha fellow Shifters, 

This is a Quest Journal to document a recent successful Free Hugs Shiftivism Mission that I did at the local University Campus to help connect with more people, have conscious conversations, give out Shift Buttons, hack the matrix, awaken others within the dream, connect them to the Paradigm Shift Central project, and promote open-mindedness and compassion.  This report log will detail information about why I did free hugs at campus, the modified free hugs tactics I used, why I used these specific tactics, and the results and outcome of them. Included at the end of this post is the post action video I made, but this write up gets into additional details of the mission. 

In the past I have done Free Hugs on the campus a few times. This is a campus that is near my house and it is the university that I graduated from for Media Theory and Production. As an Alumni it is really cool to be able to go back there and connect with students who may be just beginning their post secondary school. I know from first hand experience that the university never really taught too much about metaphysics, spirituality, lucid dreaming, dimensions, etc etc. Therefor being able to do Shiftivism on the campus is a great way to plant some potent seeds for the students to be able to share with them an invitation into the ever infinite and exciting realms of education and experience that these topics have to offer. And of course, to also be able to invite them to the regular local Paradigm Shift London community open-minded discussion and meditation meet ups that we have too.

At the time that I did these Free Hugs it was during the conclusion of orientation week - so basically this meant that the majority of the traffic were first year students and second, third year sophs who are basically kind of like camp counsellors during the orientation week. The energy is pretty pumping and there's a decent amount of traffic. So again, being able to do it within this limited time window enabled some potent synchronicities for those who I connected with. 

Now in this scenario, I find that it works best when I use a modified Free Hugs tactics. If I was doing Free Hugs downtown for example, then the normal tactic would be to stand in one place with a sign and then people would naturally come up to me. Although in this scenario I choose to modify - instead of standing with a sign what I do is I sit down in one spot on some steps in a moderately not too busy area with key traffic and then I have my Free Hugs sign propped up next to me while I simultaneously work on making crystal wire wraps. I place a folder infront of me and on it I place some of the Shift Buttons and the wraps that I am making. I also wear my Shift Button satchel and attach buttons across the front strap. This way instead of standing there with a sign it is much more passive - yet equally as effective - AND the key thing is that since I am sitting down by default and things are on the ground, once I hug people and tell them they can have a free magic button it is common for me to sit back down and then in turn it invites them to sit down swell if they wish to hangout for awhile and engage in conversation - something that happened numerous times with people who I met. After the hug it would spark a conversation as they ask what this is about and commonly they would stick around and we would have a micro paradigm shift meeting basically where we talk about metaphysics and lucid dreaming and such. This tactic is very passive, very casual, artistically oriented, and very very effect. 

The additional reason as to why I choose to do this tactics of Free Hugs oppose to the standing version is because I have done the standing version before on campus and I have learned from experience that in this situation part of your job is also to simultaneously not attract the attention of any near by security who may be passing by. You are far more likely to raise eye brows and attract suspicion and questioning if you are standing with a Free Hugs sign. In the past I have had security come up to me and tell me that I would need special permission to do that because technically if I am holding the sign then it is a form of soliciting. Plus if they know I am giving out buttons then it gives them more to be suspicious about, etc etc. There for - as a Shifter, part of my learning curve in this scenario is the required adaptation of ninja tactics. The goal is to still do free hugs, connect with people, plant seeds, and not attract the attention of security. Needless to say when I did it this time it was perfectly successful. Another key part of the tactic is in where I choose to position myself. What I do is I will angle my sign towards a 180 degree view range infront of me instead of something like a 270 range. This way I only have to focus on people seeing the sign who are coming at me from one angle - the same angle that I can see security coming from at a distance. And if I do see security I simply turn my sign up side down until they are out of the area. This way without the free hugs sign I am literally just a person sitting on steps making crystal wraps. Nothing that would cause them to get suspicious about. Again - with security - it is their job to be suspicious. They are not the enemy - they are just another version of Agent Smith - a inherent part of the job. It is our job to learn how to adapt and overcome them - which is very very possible. Ninja Shifter Tactics for the win. 

(My line of sight while sitting on the steps - notice how I strategically position myself on a corner and in a place where there is no traffic behind me.)

So within this Shiftiivsm mission I had about 33 Shift Buttons on me and committed to staying there until I gave all of them out. In total I was in that spot for about 90minutes give or take. This format of setting the intention for the universe helps bring things into action. With the tactics that I do I am more than just sitting there hoping it will work - i am sitting there KNOWING it will work and then just being patient and allowing the synchronicity to occur in which those who are meant to see me will see me. And of course the whole format of it is that those who are open to coming up and giving me a Free Hugs are the same people who are very likely to also be open towards the topics of what Paradigm Shift is about. So naturally, as mentioned - part of what would happen is that people would stick around and talk to me for awhile. They would ask why I am doing this. I would tell them "To help change the world one hug at a time." I would also tell them about the website on the button, and how it has movies I have made that they can check out, and podcasts, and lots of interactive community stuff about metaphysics, spirituality, dreaming etc. Being able to sit down and talk with people is such a key thing. Because right then in there you are creating a space for them to practice expressing themselves, and to engage in discussion on this topics - something that for many of them as been completely absent within their lives. Yet at the same time - many of them ARE interested in the topics. And being early into their university career they are often just beginning to explore further down the rabbit whole. Some of them would tell me about their experiences with dreaming. One girl told me about how her parents are Reiki masters and how what I was saying was stuff she had grown up around. 

Having the Shift Buttons in themselves as a gift to give people is such a potent part of the tactics. It leaves an impression with them in the moment and also sparks excitement. Plus all of the Shift Buttons in themselves are jump points for conversation. Many people would ask what they mean - so in turn we would talk a bit about sacred geometry, or mutations cube, or the eye of ra, or the hidden knowledge of the universe, etc etc.  Even having the crystal wraps there was also for the purpose of conversation too. Many people would ask and comment about them - thus starting another conversation about crystals, and beyond. 

My own actions are just another origin point for more ripples to occur. Simply by interacting with me doing free hugs it could very easily help inspire each of those people to do free hugs aswell someday. In fact, there were a couple of the sophs who sat down to talk to me who I gave some free hugs signs to so they could take with them and use aswell. The free hugs that I did in one day ripples into more free hugs for others another day. 

Part of my role doing this is to also play that of a mentor in some ways (kind of like a soph) and to help share with them some potent ideas and encourage them to keep exploring on their own knowing that this project and community is real and they are supported in doing so. And of course, through the many layers and intentions of the project the core of it is bringing it back to helping remind people of their potential within this reality. Self empowerment and encouraging people to choose to be the change they wish to see and help us become better dreamers within the team. 

So in conclusion, this Shiftiism Mission was another success. Many seeds were planted and new time lines were created. The people who I connected with were the people I was meant to connect with. Down the road I am sure I will see them again. Sometimes you never fully know how far that one action will go - which is all the more reason to do it. Because in all reality, someone who I connected with may go watch the Journey to Lucidity movies, listen to a Dream Class podcast, do a Global Meditation that we do… and then from there… suddenly reality begins to transform for them. The paradigms continue to shift…. This is the hack we have created. And it is working...

As always I invite and encourage others to replicate these types of potent tactics where they are aswell, and to practice documenting it too. Be a portal for synchronicity and consciousness to flow through. Simply by putting yourself out there - you will find the others. Build the tribe. Be the portal. Be the opportunity. Be the shift.

You are consciousness awakening in action. 

Here is the video summarizing the mission. 

Keep it Shifty. 

0N3 L0V3 

- Brendon


To get Shift Buttons to use where you are you can sign up for the team patreon for the asking amount of just 3-5 a month to support the project at Thank you! 

Connect with me further.

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Shamanic Medicine Journey #3 Aftermath

Shamanic Medicine Journey #3 Aftermath

After the ceremony the facilitators offered anybody who wanted to stay overnight near the circle where the ceremony was held or go back to their tents/huts. I felt the need to stay overnight near the circle. As close to the sacred fire as possible. This fire burned for the first ceremony and didn’t go out until the very last ceremony of the weekend.

There were some volunteers who camped around the fire also. We talked about our previous experiences and they informed me about other ways to journey into the spirit realm. They informed me of the basics of a “vision quest” in which the participant spends 4 days alone in nature with no food or water. This vision quest helped them to connect with Pachamama (Mother Earth) and the Universe and their ancestors on a deeper level by totally depending on “spirit” for survival. This was practiced by their ancestors for hundreds of years and they wished to reclaim that spiritual practice.

I talked with the volunteers about my journeys with plant medicine and they shared some of their journeys as well. They helped me to really integrate my journey I had that day. They challenged me to revisit my fears that I met along the journey and to look at what really happened without judgment.

After integrating for a while we all laid down around the fire. There was no roof overhead; it was just us, nature and the stars. I will admit I was a little nervous about sleeping in the wilderness without any shelter. I was afraid that wild animals or poisonous insects may attack us when we were sleeping. When I brought that thought to the attention of the volunteers, they chuckled and one of them said “if Pachamama wants to harm you, then nowhere is safe.” They all seemed to be in agreement and laid down. Another volunteer said “remember this is sacred land” and rolled over to go to sleep with a smile.

I laid there with my eyes open and thought about what was said. I realized that my belief in Pachamama was about to be tested. I thought to myself “how could they be so sure that they are safe?” I thought of home and my house. I thought of how I would be safe in my home behind my walls and locked doors. Then I thought about the reality of that statement. I realized that home is an illusion, society is an illusion. We may feel safer in society but according to the facts, one is more likely to be harmed by another human in society than by an animal in the wilderness. The truth is animals tend to avoid humans and especially fire.

I had to come to the realization that these journeys I go on are not metaphorical, spiritual retreats. This is a sacred spiritual practice and it is serious. We get faced with the challenge of perceiving Earth as an intelligent being who loves us or an unintelligent planet with no spirit like science teaches to us as children.

If I lived on a planet with no spirit then I would lay there in fear of anything that can creep out of the trees and attack me. If I lived on an intelligent being that loves me, then I could close my eyes and go to sleep knowing that Pachamama is real and she does love me. She will not allow any harm to come to me because she is the “queen of the forest” the creator of all organic life and the animals and creatures will not attack if she does not allow it.

If I was to tell you all my fears went away at that point I would be lying. Although I did feel more at ease, I made sure the fire was blazing nice and bright and added more logs to the fire pit. I thanked the sacred fire for it’s warmth and light and laid down. I stared at the stars that were glowing very bright in the dark night’s sky. I took a moment to take it all in and think of the greatness of the Universe. I thought about how the Universe is also alive and intelligent. I thought about the worlds that may be near the stars I’m looking at and how those worlds may be other living beings similar to Pachamama. I then went to sleep.

I woke up in the middle of the night with the realization that I was not in a shelter. I freaked out a little bit with any sound I heard from the trees and bushes. Fear came over me at times it was overwhelming. At any point I could have walked back to the tent to “safety” but I wanted to challenge myself to do something I have never done. Put my trust in Pachamama with no shelter.

Just when I was about to throw in the towel and go back to my “comfort zone” I heard snoring coming from the volunteers. I thought to myself “how could they be so comfortable?” I then sensed a presence near me. It was between me and the volunteer. It felt like a “Bear spirit” it was not threatening it seemed calm but alert. I felt another presence near another volunteer. This was a “panther spirit” it too was not threatening. I did not see these spirits, I felt them. Words cannot explain how I knew but I just had a “knowing”. I guess it can be understood as the 6th sense.

I felt very protected. I felt like somehow I was in the presence of family. Like a child who can go to sleep knowing his family is watching over him. I’m not sure if these spirits were mine or the volunteers or both. What if somehow we share the same ancestors? I won’t claim to know the answer to that. This time I felt very safe and went to sleep.

I woke up again but this time I was not afraid. I looked up and saw that some of the stars were moving. Some moved fast and some moved slowly. Some changed their speed from fast to slow and the opposite as well. I then saw some lights that looked more like they were moving from one tree to another. I stared at these lights for a while but for some reason I could not stay awake and I dozed off. As I was falling back to sleep I heard a male’s voice say “We all must return back to God.”

I then heard a buzzing sound in my ear; it was like a radio speaker turning to a different channel. I woke up and placed another log on the fire. I thanked Pachamama, Wakan  Tanka (Universal Creator) then went to sleep until morning. I knew I was on sacred land and that my ancestors were with me and I felt so safe. I felt like I was home. A’ho



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Aloha Team - fellow Shifters of the Paradigm!

Brendon here with a quick update in both video and text form. 

Main Points: 

My primary mission right now is on continuing to get the all the Shifter Booster Kits out as soon as possible, and then resuming regular team building broadcasts once we are ready to do so. 

We are asking for additional community donations to support the costs of shipping Shifter Booster Kits and to order more button making parts. 

For those who would like to make single donations to help the team - please use this link here <3

Thank you <3

As always we invite people to add their support to the Team Patreon when they can for the asking monthly amount of just 3-5. Sign up at - Help us reach our next team milestone of 800 as soon as possible.

Watch the live broadcasted video here:

It also includes some free style flowery and inspirational insight on the work we are all doing to help with the shift.

Thank you again team for being a part of something bigger than us. 

One step at a time. 

Patience, trust, and perseverance. 


0N3 L0V3 

- Brendon 

Connect to my facebok for more live broadcasts at
Subscribe to my youtube at

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