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About Quest Journals

The Quest Journals are an opportunity for Shifters to share and document their own unfolding spiritual journey as part of the collective shift in consciousness. Personal introspections, visions and intentions, local Shiftivism adventures, community updates, dream journals, personal creations, art, poetry, music, videos, and more. This is a space for us to practice gonzo journalism and creating conscious media.

Together our stories weave a bigger story. 
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Go forth and create your own mythos.

Journey Log (173)

Observing my life since the beginning of this year, I have noticed the highs and lows of my journey to ascend. I am currently in a state where its harder to stay positive. Just a few days ago I was joyful and achieving a bliss state when all of a sudden one of my deepest shadows comes up. When I run away from myself to not feel the pain but actually drawing more negativity in. I don't understand why I do's like I somehow adopted that it's better to be in pain than to risk being…

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For a large span of our lives we have considered dreams to be nothing more than uncontrollable and often forgotten experiences that are shaped depending on things like: our current mood, what we ate prior to sleeping, and other real world experiences. While to an extent this is true, we may also achieve lucidity in our dreams by sheer willpower alone; and with the achievement of lucidity within our dreams, we are able to remember and control our dreams at will. If we do not…

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-- Wisdom of the Hidden Realms Oracle --

#1) The Lady of Lightning (surprises, sometimes shock, total paradigm shift)

#352) The Eyes of Beauty (positive expectations, clarity)

#253) The Eagle King ( the big picture, angelic help)

-- Tarot of the Celtic Faeries Celtic cross reading  --

Middle1) Hanged Man Xll (12) - Immediate concern: Any negative feelings about ourselves do not serve our highest good and…

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No one can describe the type of awakening one goes through that changes everything about a person unless that person has also went though their own spiritual awakening. Take it from me. It will knock you on your ass and leave you questioning your entire belief system and what you define as real.It isn't an easy thing describing waking up one random spring day of 2015 and no longer being the same person who went to sleep that night. How do you tell people something like that and not have the…
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Community Admin

Cheers to another year Shifted!

As we take our steps forward let us reflect on the past to see how far we have come. It is amazing to know much this project has and is continuing to help make a difference within this reality. I am incredibly greatful to everyone for synching up with the team and for carrying the Shift with them where ever they are. 

For the past several years I have made a habit of catching the Sunrise on my birthday. Although…

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Roman Garza, Admin of Arizona here and today I choose to discuss psychology as far as I know it and it's tendencies to help fellow Shifters understand certain way themselves or other people may perceive reality. I make this point because taking in knowledge and wisdom in correct way, is paramount to further understanding and no longer falling for or being in Mind Control. When I say Mind Control, what do you think it means? Do you picture a person strapped into a chair, hooked up to…

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Community Admin

One of the most exciting parts about this journey is being able to share the story of our project and real world game to help shift consciousness with an increasingly growing audience, ripple the waves of inspiration further, and inviting more people to be involved and connected as a part of the team and the ongoing story. 

Just recently I was a guest on The Just Bernard Show with Bernard Alvarez. Bernard is a fellow Shifter who has been doing his online show for many many…

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Community Admin

I didn't plan on crying when I made this video live - but I am okay with the fact that I did...

Crying is healing....and I hope this allows others to heal in their own ways too...

Much love to all our animal friends, all of us who love them, and all of us who help them when the time comes to cross the rainbow bridge... 


Animals are our allies.
They are friends, and they are family...…

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Since my experience with ”the awakening” to a bigger reality In 2008 I have gone through many stages. I have even lost count of them...   But two of the biggest and hardest ones was ”the dark night of the soul” and the ”shadow work” that followed the dark night. With the realization or experience that I must be more than my physical body ejected me on a trajectory to ”hell”. And for several years I was really at the bottom of the ocean. I was…

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                      What the hell is going on ?

                      If you have found your self asking this question to your being, you may be experiencing some side effects, symptoms, of this shift. I recently stumbled across an article ( I'd post the link but it is lost to now )that told me there was a massive wave of cosmic energy spilling over Earth. As the days go on I see more and more articles arise about this energy. This energy is going to raise the vibration of all…

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Community Admin

Ignite the fireworks of the heart....

In synch with the Canada Day portal celebration, some fellow Shifters and I joined together for a Free Hugs Shiftivism mission in order to spread love, plant seeds, build the tribe, and continue to awaken others within the matrix through the magic of compassion, synchronicity, and Shift Button tactics.

Doing Free Hugs as a team is a really…

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The beginning

My deeper journey started in the late 2008. Little did I know that soon my life was about to explode in a lot of different ways and experiences. The spiritual explosion or what is commonly called an awakening started with a little book called "The monk who sold his Ferrari" with Robin Sharma. The book was given by a girlfriend I had an open relationship with, that was tormenting me. Or more like "a bad relationship". When i started to read this book a was amazed by all the new ideas and…

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Bhakti Witch: A new journey

Life has taken me in some interesting directions over the past few years. I find myself ebbing and flowing into new parts of my journey, and doing the deeper work of integration. I find myself coming back to doing foundational work and practices. There is power in simplicity. Going to the core of my work in yoga, witchcraft and intuition, and seeing where they all align, and breathe into each other. 

Bhakti is the yoga of devotion and love. As a practicing witch…

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Sëvën days

Dear future self, to whom I am writing, may these words help you retrace your steps when the path can not be seen.

Phewwww, a deep exhale, greetings Interwebs and hello to all the readers near and far! This is Justin Wagner (J-Wag) using the universal gift of thought and language to try and shed some light on this wild ride we all share called Life. The past year has been one of extreme expansion when it comes to heart and soul for this wandering alchemist.…

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