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Quest Journals

Journey Log (201)

My first shift gifts!

So being new to all this shifting business, I decided to leave some gifts in a couple of spots that were significant to me in realizing my own shifting. I left one where I found a gift left for me, with impeccable divine timing around this time last year. The second I left behind for someone like me - even though I do not know whom. I hope to create my conscious changes rather than leaving simple gifts, yet this was fun too!
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Being Unique: The Truth

Hey Sexy shifters~

I would like to share another truth with you. 

The world is a vast and diverse place. The population on our dear mother Gaia is surpassing seven (7) billion high vibe humans! That is variation at its finest. We are not alone on our journeys. We are actively co-creating reality together.
Our society has a lot to say about “being different”. Capitalism sometimes glorifies ‘difference’, puts it on a temporary pedestal and parades it around.

We are the generation that truly embraces difference, lifting it up spiritually. We are creating a community of people who share their gifts- their “difference”- without fear.

Today, I wanted to share my truth on “being unique”.  …

Mike asks! “ Why do you feel it's important to be unique and/or true to yourself?”
(Full Video click >>here)

I am unique person.
MANY people have told me how weird I am. If you are reading my blog, perhaps you have been called weird too.
I believe we are all special. I also understand we are the same as everyone else. I am a human being like all other humans. Its basic science really. In nature, variation is key. We know birds exist, and we also know there are many types of birds that all have their own role in nature. Humans are the same way. Many humans have different skills and abilities, but we are all part of the human species.

Take the cells of the body as an example.
You have millions of different cells. ALL of them have the basic building blocks of a cell: Nucleus, membranes and organelles. However, each cell is also unique, performing a different important function.

The Skin cells to protect your body,

The Microglial cells make up your central nervous system

The Osteoclast is a bone cell.

I believe humans are like cells of the body. We all perform different functions to survive. It is important to understand why you are the same as other humans.

It is equally important to find out how you are unique. You must be true to yourself in order to find out what kind of cell you are. Don’t try to be someone you are not.

If a skin cell became jealous of a bone cell, we’d have a problem. Say bye bye to soft skin. There would be a whole new meaning to the phrase “feel it in my bones.”

#dadjokes aside. I see “being true to myself”, or staying true to my uniqueness as imperative to my survival.

There is this phrase that I heard, and if you have the source please let me know. The phrase goes something like this:

“They can steal your crops,repossess your house, take the clothes of your back, but at the end of the day, THEY CANNOT TAKE YOUR MIND”

It is the essence of who you are.

>LET me break it down with some Freshly popped Psychology

I am a supporter of Erik Erikson's self actualization.

I believe we are constantly seeking to become our best self.

In the words of Alfred Adler, I believe we are moving in a “Unifying directional Tendency toward self mastery and self overcoming in the service of social interest”.

We want to be better for ourselves and those we care about.

I believe we are also shaped by the things that happen to us and HOW we react to them/ learn from these events it what matters.

That is a unique process in itself because everyone experiences things differently.

I believe we ascribe meaning to things and place value on things. Making the individual both the picture and the artist. Macro and micro. As above, so below.

What’s the Takeaway? It is important to be unique because you never know when your uniqueness will be needed, so stay true to yourself!

Each human has a lesson to teach, and a lesson to learn. We are navigating reality together. You never know when something you do positively impacts someone else. Perhaps it is your smile, or the way you dance to music. You can make someone's day just by being you.

Thank you for your question. 

That’s all for this week. If you would like your question answered post in my YouTube comments

OR tweet me @breezyspreadlov

Thanks for Tuning in, Stay Healthy Stay Light Don’t give up the Fight Breezy Out!

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Join the Golden Gaian Adventure!


Twitter: @Breezyspreadlov

Main Channel:

What is the Golden Gaian Adventure? A Gaian Traveller and Light Worker Explorer with Golden Creative Life Force Energy on a mission to cleanse the Crystalline Consciousness, and Root Universal and Solar Upgrades.


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I started documenting my channeling experiences on YouTube (search Star Vessel channel & it should appear) last year as I now feel comfortable fully stepping into gifts I have been aware of for years now.The first time I channeled anything it was the spirit of my mother's father. This did not occur by choice he in fact took it upon himself to use my body to cry in front of her after we had been speaking about him for a while. We both felt cold air circulating around us in a whirlpool like effect with the temperature of a freezer. I had full control of my vessel and was present but my eyes were closed as I pointed to myself repeating "I'm not the one crying!" As I was sobbing. Luckily, my mom is a shifty mother of magickal awesomeness so this experience for her was healing instead of terrifying.This experience for me was actually more blissful than anything as I retained the energy from whichever realm he was being channeled from for over 3 hours. I was in such awe at what had happened that for those 3 hours nothing else was relevant to me other than knowing energy of that magnitude of sheer bliss was in fact REAL beyond the "living" human experience.I decided in December 2016 it was time to broaden the horizons and test out channeling with confidence. I chose to wait so long because I had been programmed with fear from various sources claiming "be careful when you channel! You don't want to become posessed!" And other ridiculous statements which now humor me at best.I now genuinely feel guided to work on these abilities intently and "perfect" them to a degree they can be used for some higher purpose later on.I have recorded 3 separate channeled sessions of various beings from hyper-dimensional extraterrestrials, Agarthan "middle earth" beings (also extraterrestrials), and various elementals (dominantly Fae, and other umbrella-Elven races) on my Youtube channel Star Vessel.(It's all done with my phone so they aren't of quality but keep in mind they are only really intended for me at the moment hah).Today was the 2nd day I attempted channeling Elementals & was able to channel with my eyes open! This is extremely exciting for me as I have only previously been able to do it with them closed.If I had to describe the experience I feel while channeling it would be that I am in fact very present but require zero thought during the process. It feels like meditation except there is another "soul" or energetic being sharing said space with me.I can feel their feelings(or my own feelings as the information is relayed not sure if it's theirs yet or my reactions)They often use very expressive facial/hand movements which highly excites me as I feel it aids getting the message across sometimes even though these downloads from the sessions are all meant to be energetically understood.Soon I hope to begin channeling them in English instead of elemental languages/light languages, but I have to say I enjoy their native tongues more because listening with the heart and not the ears seems to always be the most effective listening.Art Credit: "Forest Palace" by Maxime BiBi
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What's Up High Vibe Humans?

I wanted to take the time to re-connect with writing my thoughts. Therefore, I will be experimenting with my YouTube series, Truthday Tuesday, and creating a written version.

Truthday Tuesday is a day high vibe humans, like you, ask me questions and I answer them based on my truth and my experience. The written format will be more detailed for the reader to enjoy. The video will also be created and linked to the blog, for those that still enjoy auditory and visual stimulation.

You can check out my "Why I walk Barefoot" post, or my "PAST LIVES MATTER" post for examples of Truthday Tuesday. 


This week's question comes from Mike. If you've been following the YouTube series you will recognize "MIKE" as a regular. He is currently the "good" question provider (not that there are good and bad questions). 

His question hits an emotional place, and makes me think about the deeper values I hold. 


He asks "How is your Journey changing you as a person?"


My journey through life is only beginning. I am 26 years YOUNG and finishing a Master's degree in Counseling Psychology. I am not sure what the future holds, and I look forward to it. I often see my life as a "Golden Gaian Adventure". As a story I can create and work to accomplish any goals I set my mind on.


My journey is spiritual and scientific. I often commune with the Divine in nature as a way to relieve the stress from graduate school. I enjoy knowing how plants get energy from the sun, and how I get energy from the plants when I eat them. Nom, nom nom I became vegetarian in 2009, and recently went vegan. #govegan2017 I went vegetarian for environmental reasons and I am going vegan for health reasons. My favorite foods are unlimited and include kale, brussel sprouts, quinoa, black beans, and red bell peppers.

You are what you eat. Here is a TEDx Talk by Pamela Peeke on "You are what your Grandparents ate":

My journey has changed the way I see my life, the way I see my food, and how I see myself. I am a fire sign. I was born a Leo with a fiery passionate soul. 

I am also part water. 

I am fluid. Sometimes I am huge crashing waves carving out the shore other times I am serene and calm. If I stray from my meditation and self care practices, I become restless and wrapped up in my head. Thoughts of who I ought to be replay themselves over and over, only wearing myself out. I have learned that self care is not selfISH. 


That's the idea behind one of my workshops, "Fill Your Cup" until it overflows. It is easier to serve others once you have taken care of yourself. If you need to take time to gather your senses, DO IT! If you are stressed out, there is a higher possibility you will be LESS compassionate towards others. So, be compassionate to yourself and the rest will flow.


Reviewing how my journey has changed me IS interesting. I would say that I know my values more intimately than I when I was young. When I say intimate, I mean a deeper sense of knowing that comes from experience. When I face tough situations it tests my values and moral code, thus defining and redefining who I am over and over again. My journey is not done. I look forward to sharing what I can with you.


Thank you Mike for your Question.

If you would like to watch the Video version, click >> here


That's all for this week. If you would like your question answered, post in my YouTube Comments OR tweet me @breezyspreadlove

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On January 3rd 2017 I travelled to Greeley, Colorado to bear witness with the activists of Greeley Cow Save, the local chapter of the worldwide Save Movement. The JBS slaughterhouse is one of the largest in North America, killing over 5400 cows a day, six days a week, with a max capacity at 6000 cows slaughtered per day. The sheer size of this location is hard to describe, trucks enter the slaughterhouse at a horrifying rate, sometimes 2 or 3 at a time; it takes up a large block and the smell surrounding this small town is just putrid. 

 At the front gates of the slaughterhouse we were able to document brief moments with the animals inside as the trucks lined up to be unloaded. 


(Watch on youtube

My hope is that this video encourages others in the Colorado area to join these amazing activists who hold regular events featured on their Facebook page:


If you would like to support the media I make, please visit my patreon at

Connect to my facebook at

Subscribe to my youtube at

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My name is Rachel, a 22 year old shifter girl from México and I'm going to tell how I started to play this game and how I found Brendon, this amazing human being and leader. 

First of all, I want to share this with everyone and since I speak two languages I would really like to write this in spanish too, so I'll post 2 stories here, for anyone who speaks it and may wanna read them.

Okay, the story begins with me almost a year ago, feeling stressed and confused about my life and what I really wanted . I'm still studying my career (Programming and Digital Animation) to 2 years left for me to finish, I started feeling like nothing in my life was right, like everything I was doing had no sense at all. I felt my days were simple daily routine and asked myself if what I just chose was ''the right thing''(yeah, obviously!). I have to say that I've always been related with meditation and spiritual stuff because of my mother. She's reiki master so she pretty knows a lot of that. She kinda transmitted me and my brother all her knowledge. But I was awaken in a 20% (I had been so lost!). Since I was a teenage everything went really difficult for me. I wasn't aware of anything surrounding me (obviously!) so suffering was constantly present in my life (obviously! haha). 

One day my cousin Yonatan, which I don't really see often, came by from Quebec, Canada (where he actually lives) for some personal reason and my uncles offered a small dinner for him so we could catch up, but more than catching up I personally felt like we were practically knowing each other! It was like meeting a new member of my family. He is such an incredible person and has been in some many places. He is really awaken, enlightened and knows plenty of spiritual stuff. So we kinda made immediately a strong connection. We tried the whole dinner to talk about this awesome stuff but it was kinda difficult cause our family isn't really into this kind of things, so we had to wait and hanged out the next day to talk for hours about so many things. I must admit, that day was amazing for me, he made a great impact on my life and things started to change since that.

He opened my eyes and mind more than I thought they could be so I started looking up for ''answers'' about being awaken. And there's where Brendon <3 came up with his amazing "FREE HUGS" videos!. I was on facebook and honestly I can't remember well how I found it but I watched it and got in love with what I was looking! A guy hugging random people just to spread love and help expanding consciousness. I was so amazed that I wanted to do the same. Then I realized those hugs were more than that and that there were more "random" people doing the same shift all around the world, which it's amazing!

It has been more than 6 months since I decided to play this game too and expand my vision, my mind, everything and I feel really different from back then when I was a teenage, even from a year ago to now. This last semester at school I was able to make a video for my class and explained almost everything I've learned to not only my classmates, also to other teachers and more students. I also made shift stickers and some "FREE HUGS" signs for them and they were really receptive, I've never felt so good and in my element. That opportunity was amazing for me, even tho not everyone is so receptive or respectful, I gave many hugs and plenty of those stickers and didn't really care of "what they would say or think". That's how it has been since that (really positive results). I created this facebook page -> Paradigm Shift México - <-  to be in touch with people surrounding me and there's where I show everything I've done and share all the amazing content that I find everyday. I'm still figuring out how to create a club or meeting, I could say is still in progress cause it has been quite challenging for me to find more open minded people, but I trust and I know they'll show up and they will like to join this journey with me.

I'm playing this game in "Single Player" mode right know, but I will soon change it to "Multiplayer". I know this is why I am here and it's part of my mission. I want to be the change I'm desperate to see in my country! Cause I care about it, and I know the only way is LOVE and TRUSTing the universe and yourself, not anyone else. Yonatan taught me to keep looking, searching and to fully open my mind, and Brendon taught me to create, to change, to take actions and being an inspiration for others. They still teach me and inspire me in so many ways that I'm so grateful that they crossed into my life and that they helped me STARTING THE GAME.
I won't stop playing, I won't give up till the end. I'm a rebel, a divine being, one with the force and one with the universe, I love what I am and the most important... I trust.
I hope this story helps someone to feel part of this life shift and to reaffirm the truth about everything. To make you know you are not alone and there are many "random" people there outside that, who knows they'll may help you out too, you just got to trust, you'll find them.
Thank you so much for taking your time to read this, you are amazing!

Please feel free to connect with me on my facebook at
You can message me if you are in Mexico too and would like to help out!

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Playing My Game. By Richann Haxton

Hello friends!
This is some what of an introduction,
as well as, a Quest Journal.

First of all, I can hardly contain how much excitement I have relevant to finding this group. I first found  and watched the recent Full Moon Paradigm Shift Central video! (thanks Beonka). Let me put it this way, it was a four hour video that I watched over a two and a half day period, concurrently while I became acutely aware of how perfect a match it is for me and my game. Before I finished watching, I had checked out the website at length, joined, watched various videos, commented on one of your Journey Quests, Facebook friended a few of you, and much much more. Passion ignited, on fire!   I felt literally and proclaimed aloud, "that I feel like I drank a Cosmic Red Bull," and "I have this energy coursing through my veins." That was pretty much non-stop for the last two and half days, until yesterday afternoon.

I had a bit of a purposeful creative cosmic crash yesterday afternoon, LOL
The crash, really was perfect though, as I used it to slow down, center, and fine tune my focus, be crystal clear, be patient, trust my timing and chillax.

Part of that purosefulness was realizing that I was THEN experiencing my game. That I indeed was in that NOW playing, achieving game points, breaking the illusion by experiencing exactly what I was experiencing, rather than perceiving what was to come in the future, activated and inspired now that I had found all this. :D Oh, the irony of the game.

Then, I used that chillaxed, crashed evening last night and further integrated-cemented-crystallized  and even more so this morning, to re-focus on FUN.

See after I came down off my buzz,  I got a little resistance coming up when I started thinking about organizing the nuts and buts off my local Paradigm Shift group, namely how serious some around these parts, this neck of the woods, can get about paradigm shifting. I am playing my game in the third dimensional plane of rural west central Florida (USA). And my fellow master game players around here haven't yet presented abundantly in the idea of we are paradigm shifting, let alone, isn't this fun??? So, I got a little concerned about what I'm stepping into being a leader, a way shower, and if I'm up to it. Can I handle it? Do I want to even?

So, then I had a little game with myself of disappearing all that, everything and everyone, and going within and making it all about just me and existence, and choosing what I want, what resonates. Then, I knew I got this. I can do that "disappear them, or the location, the board game," any time, any place, any where,  any now. And realizing how ever else any one else plays their game, that's their choice, even if we are sitting face to face at a table together.

I have given myself so much inner and outer support for this adventure both prior to connecting with you all here, and since! One very synchronous experience of such I'd like to share here as a way to kick off my first Journey Quest post:

It is very synchronous to me, in that yesterday afternoon I went to the neighborhood park that I will be having my first Paradigm Shift, Rainbow Lakes Estates meetup at. I felt to just walk the path there and sit a the picnic table under the pavillion and have an energetic focused talk with myself about what I want, what I feel, and receive guidance on it. And I did. Namely, be clear on what I want and trust myself.  And know I can do this. And that it is a collective adventure. And I will be supported. And others will come to support each other. And we are all our own "leader." And  I'm free to have fun.

And just about an hour ago, I went to my Facebook feed. The first post there was one of my "On this Day" posts from January 16th, 2015. It's one of my many favorite images and channeled messages that I had alchemized together. It screams FUN and PLaY.  And when I got towards the end while re-reading, I realized how very perfectly synched it is. It speaks of sitting around a table with maybe serious people, but still having fun yourself and that all is your playground. So that spoke not only directly spot-on to my yesterdays resistance, my powerful now focus, but also an big powerful dynamic aspect of the equation of me, fun, playground, Richannfree (personality construct in the game). :D

Anyways, here it is and Namaste' yo! ~Richannfree

“You are welcome to play. You are invited. You are in this for play. This is a playtime activity. You are forgetting at times that you are here to play. You are here to have fun and to enjoy.

And we see how serious you all take your lives, yourselves, your world, and your spiritual journey. If you are to awaken to anything, awaken to the playground that is all around you. You may have a job, and you may be going to that job. And you may not see it as play. You may not bring a playful energy to your job. But that is not your job’s fault. You can be playful. You can have fun.

Or you can decide that work is hard, that life is a struggle, and you can play that game. But we don’t see very many of you having fun when you look at life in that way. Having fun is as easy as deciding that you are fun. You are fun, because you are everything, and fun is certainly a part of everything.

And being fun, you want to play, you want to frolic, you want to let loose. But as children you were told not to play, that life is not a game, that you must buckle down. Do your homework, do your chores. You were told that your play was upsetting to others, and you had the fun conditioned out of you.

We are here to remind you that you can have fun, because you are the adult now. And as the adult, you get to make the rules. You get to decide when it is appropriate for you to have fun and when it is time for you to be more focused. But even that can be fun. Even if you are sitting in a meeting with very serious people, you can be having fun with yourself. That is up to you.

We support you in whatever you decide, but we’re here to remind you that you can decide to have fun. You can decide to make everything fun. You can decide to be fun. And you can see the playground expanding as you do."

Blessings to you from The Unicorn Collective.”
as channeled via Daniel Scranton

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Greetings, fellow hyperdimensional forms of the Interactive holographic vibrational construct that we refer to as the Universe. My name is Gabe, and what an honor it is to transmit to you from this vantage point within the infinite now moment. I am writing this to introduce you to my highly unusual, highly undefinable versatile and exciting world.

The first and most important idea that I wish to express, is the fact that I am here in this form at this time to assist in Earth’s spiritual awakening of consciousness. Therefore, the content that you will inevitably find me creating, is designed to provide insights and metaphysical formula’s to guide people in the direction of accessing their highest creative potential.

It seems that the primary gift that I have come to share with the world, is demonstrated in my ability to clearly convey the hyperdimensionality of existence through creative expression. Some of these forms of express in which I utilize include (but are not limited to) Composing and producing music and sound design of all kinds, creating conscious media, organizing and hosting events such as my transformational festival “The Cosmic Grove”, Giving public lectures, teaching interactive music workshops through my organization that I created called Musical Chordination, and of course astrally translocating throughout the cosmos with my hyperdimensional best friend Zylok.

It is my absolute highest joy and passion to share my creativity with you all in the playful and heart centered way that I do. I say this, because as you  traversing through my videos and other content that I share, I encourage you all to have a sense of humor about it. Relax, enjoy, take from my creations what works for you, and apply it in your life in your own unique way.

So, If you wish to know more about myself and what I do can go to my website There you will find the latest updates and upcoming events. Similarly, if you wish to know more about my organization “Musical Chordination” you can go to www., there you will find an in depth description to how our workshops function and what to expect if you feel called to participate in one. Please feel free to add me on facebook ( Every Friday I host a live Stream Q&A via facebook live, so please come and hangout and ask your questions.

The last thing I wish to share is that I provide private one on one sessions for those who may be interested. Each sessions is intuitively designed specifically for the individual that I am working with and is for the purpose of accelerating one’s spiritual progress, by showing how to master one’s alignment with higher consciousness. These sessions are highly affordable, beneficial and don’t require anything other than you to show up and allow the energy to do all the work. You may book one through my website.

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Playing hockey is like Jedi ninja training for my soul... Tonight was my first game back after getting picked up by a team mid way through the season. Epic game! We tied 2-2 as a comeback. I got the first in the final minutes and was on to assist the second. Sports and other cognitive training opportunities are for me to be and even practise living beyond the present moment in time and synch into intuition and conscious energy distribution so that you can still be ninja in the final minutes if the game! Woot woot! Oh and also - the guys on the team have taken to calling me Brendon Babylon. So that's what it will be on the standings. Lawls. 0N3 L0V3
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I am

I am

I am beautiful
I am smart
My mind is
A cosmic art

I am the earth
Radiating with life
Dancing with the moon
Harmonizing with the sunlight

I am the ocean
Open to flow
There is no where
I cannot go

I am a ripple
Starting off small
Growing and flowing
To conquer it all

I am the stars
Reflecting in my eyes
And in the daylight
Blue like the sky

I am the universe
Infinite and proud
For I am what
I say aloud

I am a song
A beautiful sound
A call to the wind
And beings all around

I am the call
Do you hear it now?
Feel it inside
And just allow

I am me
And I am you
Close your eyes
Feel the truth

I am love
Down and above
I am light
Through the darkness, I write

I am that, I am.

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Shamanic Medicine Journey #4 (Santo Daime)

This one may be a little scary but remember she gives us what we need, not necessarily what we want. I definitely needed this to get over my fear. Like a parent opening the closet to show their child that there is nothing to fear in the dark closet.

I have been taking her medicine every month since. It is a calling and I have definitely been called. This was close to a year ago. I stopped counting after 10 ceremonies. It is now a very important part of my life and spiritual journey. I will be slowly posting more ceremonies as I feel guided to do so. Please read with an opened mind and enjoy.

Shamanic Medicine Journey #4 (Santo Daime)

This circle was a little different than the previous circle. This was a Brazilian ceremony. I was in a land far away at a place called “The Church of Santo Daime”. The sacrament they used was the same shamanic brew I’ve had before. This church invited Jesus, Mary, Joseph, Pachamama, Wakan Tanka, all our most benevolent and loving ancestors, plant spirits, animal spirits and the ascended masters to journey together with all the participants.
There was a traditionally initiated shaman and a monk serving the Daime to the participants after saying the Lord’s Prayer. They were assisted by other healers called “guardians”. There were about 60 participants.
As I drank the Daime, It tasted just as disgusting as the previous brew but exactly the same. I felt like vomiting right away but I knew I needed to let it settle so I willed it in. After everyone was served, we all sat down and shared our intention for the ceremony. When it was my turn to share, I said that I would like to know who I really am. I was barely about to share that little because at this point I felt very nauseous.
I heard a man behind me purging and this made me feel like vomiting more. The circle had barely finished sharing every participant’s intentions when I could not hold in my vomit any longer. I grabbed a bucket and purged all that I thought I had to vomit.
I then heard the singing of what I now know as “hymnos” which are traditional songs of the Santo Daime Church. My monkey mind took over and I felt that these people were trying to hypnotize me to go back to “Christianity” (I couldn’t have been more wrong.”) I called out to my loving ancestors and helpful animal spirits for help. I called out to the Great Eagle Spirit in particular.
By this time it sounded like everyone was purging. The shaman had started to sing his icaros which sounded horrifying. He played an accordion which opened a portal filled with squares. It looked kind of like a stretched out web. I pictured in my head exorcisms happening to people all around me. With my eyes closed I saw a kaleidoscope of evil faces, like ethereal bugs with sharp teeth. I got frightened and opened my eyes.
When I opened my eyes I saw 2 “guardians” that were standing near me. It seemed like when they saw that my eyes were open, disappointment filled their faces. I felt like I was about to score a goal but I didn’t kick the ball. The guardians slowly walked away.
I wanted to keep my eyes open but I couldn’t. My eyelids felt too heavy. The moment I closed my eyes I saw that the horrifying kaleidoscope was back. I could still hear possessions happening to participants all around me. My monkey mind came back and I thought about how if I went to sleep, I would wake up thinking my family and friends were all reptiles and that this world would be worse than before. That somehow I would be tricked into harming those I loved.
I heard the shaman going around to the struggling participants with feathers. I could hear him flapping his feathers vigorously around them, clearing out the negative energy. I could hear the healers praying both in English and other languages, some not of this world. I could also hear the shaman had a bird whistle. That when he flapped the feathers to clear the negative energy, he also blew a whistle which sounded like a bird. (or so I thought). The bird had a very high pitch chirp; almost like a laser. I assumed it was a whistle that the shaman was using.
I tried to “will” the visions into beauty but no success. I opened my eyes again and I saw that the same 2 guardians were there standing over me. This time they looked even more disappointed. I felt nauseous again and I tried to vomit but nothing came out. I drank water but still nothing was being purged.
I asked for more medicine but when the guardian tried to take my bucket away to give me another dose of the sacrament, I felt the purge come back up. The guardian told me that if I still needed to purge than I needed to hold off on the second dose for now. I knelt back down over my bucket and tried to purge again but nothing would come out. I drank all my water but still could not vomit. I still felt nauseous but laid down anyway and closed my eyes.
I could hear what sounded like bones snapping from a possessed participant. I heard the main healer ask everyone who was aware to call out to their spirit guides, spirit animals and loving ancestors to be present in the circle and to assist those possessed.
I could hear much more purging going on with other participants. The horrifying kaleidoscope was still presented in front of me but at this point I felt more comfortable staring into a horrifying kaleidoscope than to get up and try vomiting nothing. As I watch the kaleidoscope I saw a demons face pop out. I woke up and asked one of the guardians to take me outside to get some air. He walked me outside and I got to bring my bucket with me.
I thought that seeing some trees and getting some fresh air would help me, like it would “ground” me somehow. I was wrong, the trees had never felt so distant before and I could not hear any birds and the air felt stagnant. The sun was very hot and dry.
Others were outside as well. There was another man there thanking his ancestors for such an amazing journey. I sat there and stared at my bucket. I don’t remember for how long I stared but I remember a woman came out and stood in front of me. She was facing the sun with her hands open at her sides. Her eyes were rolled to the back of her head and it appeared that she was receiving the sun’s energy.
I was kind of freaked out but honestly that was the least terrifying thing that I thought was going on that day. If she was possessed it was with love and not fear like the others inside. I could feel a comfort with her being there somehow.
I went back to staring at my bucket for a while when I felt a warm hand touch my back. I heard a man’s voice say “you are not alone.” I looked to see a man sitting there; he had glasses and a smile on his face. I wasn’t sure if he was real or a spirit guide. I nodded silently to him went back to my bucket.
I then heard some slamming noises going on nearby and 2 men were arguing. It sounded like they were about to fight. I looked around but saw nobody. I then heard a motorcycle go by but at the time it sounded like a demon’s growl. I saw that the man with glasses was kneeling at an altar to honor his spirit guides and ancestors. He did not seem bothered by the demonic growling I heard. I got up and went back inside.
As soon as I got inside I laid down and closed my eyes. I could still hear much purging going on but I tried to mentally shield myself from those hideous noises because they were affecting my journey. The Kaleidoscope came back and the demons face popped out but I stared at it anyway. It went back into the kaleidoscope and the kaleidoscope turned into an image of an intestine with eyeballs being squeezed of some type of green liquid.
I then felt like I was in a dungeon, that all those who were spiritually advanced enough had gone up to the higher realms and that those of us that stayed were now casted into a dungeon. I could hear all the men and women around me purging along with some horrifying sounds coming from their vocal cords. I heard one woman get up and lock herself in the bathroom. I could hear the guardians trying to force the door open to get her out. I heard the shaman chanting like he was in charge of torturing us spiritually. That we were all possessed and we now must wait our turn to have an exorcism.
Suddenly I heard a soft sounding guitar. It started out soft and gentle and it was the only thing pleasant in the dungeon I was in. I heard the guitar speed up and it somehow created a path. Like an ethereal “yellow brick road” I followed the road out of the dungeon and the road turned into a portal. I then felt the urge to vomit so I got up to purge but saw that everyone was dancing.
Here I was purging while everyone else was dancing. I was happy to finally vomit though. After I vomited I looked around and saw I was the only one still journeying. I thought to myself “where are all the others that I heard purging? Where are the ones that were possessed? I looked and saw nobody had locked themselves in the bathroom. I could hear the guitar that created the portal and it was the shaman playing while everyone was dancing. There were also drumming and clapping. I saw one man moving his body like liquid, I also so another man dancing like a monkey literally crouched down like a monkey. I saw the same woman from outside clapping and singing from across the room.
I could hear the healer calling out and encouraging us all to dance. I tried but I couldn’t stay standing for too long. Every time I tried to stand I would go back to my knees over the purge bucket vomiting. I just wanted it to be over. I wanted the medicine out. I even told the guardians that my body still needs to vomit up more medicine. That I needed to get the medicine out of my system. (I did not realize what I was saying.) I was moved to a private room where 2 healers worked with me.
I wanted to be out of my journey. I wanted to feel better so I could go home to be with my wife. I knew that if I came home any later, she would be worried. I chugged more water and vomited a little but it was still a struggle getting it out. A shaman worked with me by instructing me with breathing exercises. He then told me to keep breathing as he picked up a didgeridoo and placed it near my belly. He blew it loud and I could feel it’s vibration breaking up something inside of me. I finally purged up all the water I had drank. It seemed like a gallon of water. I was amazed to see that it was all clear, that no medicine was being purged from me.
I had the epiphany at that moment that the medicine stays in one’s body when they drink the sacrament. That what is being vomited is not the medicine but instead it is toxins and negative energies. The shamans are correct about the “purge”. I was purging water which no longer served me. I knew I needed to stop drinking because the medicine was not going to come out. I think the shaman knew this too because he told me I needed to rest and to release from my attachments.
I laid down and this time I allowed myself to go to sleep. I did think about how upset my wife would be when I didn’t come home that night but I realized that was something I would just have to accept. I had to accept that this was going to be an “overnight journey”. I had to face the fact that science has no idea what this divine plant medicine really is. The science may say that the journey lasts for 6 hours but in reality Pachamama (“Mother Earth”) decides when to end the journey. I finally accepted that in my heart and went to sleep regardless of the consequences I would face the next morning.
I slept for short while but I was awoken by the participants eating food and talking about their journeys. I felt much better so I got up and ate some food also. I felt a little nauseous but not nearly as much as before. It was more like a lingering memory of purging. I talked with some participants and hugged as many people as I could. I thanked all the guardians, healers and the shaman for helping me out and working with me personally. I especially thanked the 2 guardians that were there for me the entire journey. They were literally watching over me for hours. I am so grateful for these loving souls.
I finally did drive home and I felt fine doing so. I didn’t feel that my driving was affected as long as I stayed focused and my nausea was almost completely gone. However once I got home, my nausea kicked back in.
I arrived home an hour later than I said I would be and I expected my wife to be up waiting for me angrily but thankfully she was asleep. As I watched my wife and kids sleep for a minute I could feel my love for them expand to the point of tears of joy filling my eyes. I was so grateful for my family and I was so happy to be back with them at home.
I had a feeling, like an inner knowing that once I laid down and went to sleep that my nausea would fade. I thought about trying to vomit in the bathroom but decided to lay down instead. I wish I could say that I slept peacefully but I didn’t.
Every time I closed my eyes that horrific pattern would come back.  I would open my eyes and feel nauseated again. I rolled to my side in case I vomited in my sleep then I forced my eyes shut and told myself I would not open them no matter what I see.
So I closed my eyes and stared at the horrific kaleidoscope and eventually I did go to sleep. It seems that the journey can continue when in the “dream realm”. I’m starting to think they are the same realm but that is a whole other article in itself. Unfortunately I don’t remember what happened exactly but I do remember hearing a voice saying “welcome to hell!” followed by evil laughter.
I woke up and saw that the sun was rising through my curtains. I was so thankful to be alive and to be with my family. I spent the rest of the day drinking lime water and just allowing the medicine to work through my system. I did not try to vomit no matter how nauseous I felt. I also meditated a lot. The nausea finally diminished that evening.
When I went to bed that night I had the best sleep ever. I felt my energy body radiating. It felt like I was physically in another vibration, a higher vibration and I was floating. I could feel every cell in my body vibrating very intensely but very comfortably. Like a warm massage chair on the highest setting. I also remember having a conversation with a woman in a dream but I don’t remember what was said.
The next morning I felt wonderful. I had an abundance of energy that lasted throughout the day. I went to my garden, I could see that the colors were so vibrant and the flowers were glowing. I could hear so many birds chirping. It was like I was in a rainforest. I’ve never noticed so many birds visiting my garden. The birds would approach me much closer than before, it’s like they could sense that I was on a higher vibration. One bird in particular had the exact chirping sound that I heard during my ceremony. I noticed this bird would puff out it’s chest and ward off other birds and squirrels that would try approaching the garden fence. After some research, I later found this bird to be a “red robin”.
The thought occurred to me that maybe this was the bird spirit that was with me during the ceremony. That maybe it was communicating with me by showing me that it was warding off negative energy just like it was warding off other creatures in my garden.
As the bird flew overhead I heard it’s flapping sounded exactly like the flapping I heard during the ceremony. During the ceremony I thought it was the shaman with ceremonial feathers and a bird whistle but in my garden I heard the same noises and no shaman was present at the time. I either heard a bird from outside of the building with closed doors and windows and music playing and people purging. Or I heard a spirit. Whether it was the medicine enhancing my hearing so I could hear the bird outside or the medicine allowed me to hear a bird animal spirit is unknown to me. Either way it has drawn me closer to birds. I have a whole new love and respect for such amazing beings.
I meditated a lot on the events that happened over the weekend. I thought about how can one man play a guitar, sing icaros and use a bird whistle at the same time? It occurred to me that I did not see a whistle or anybody using a whistle, I only assumed there was one because it sounded like it was in the same room. It is quite possible that although I did not see any of my spirit guides, I heard them.
I meditated more on the horrifying kaleidoscope, why was I shown that? I asked a friend who is more experienced with the medicine. Integrating my journeys with others really helps me to re-live it. To walk them through it with as much detail as I can remember really helps me to re-live the journey. I realized that the kaleidoscope was what is known as the “river of sorrow”. I was advised to cross it next time, to stare it down until it changes to something else. It may be a suppressed memory I need to be aware of in order for healing to take place.
I came to the realization that the shaman’s icaros sounds frightening because they are meant for to help me face my fears. That is the only way I will truly have no fear and to become fearless. I was not in danger, I felt no pain. Next time I will stare into the river of sorrows, I will face my fears in order to realize I have nothing to fear. This after all is my journey to become “fearless”.
The following night I had a dream that I was meditating with a woman teacher, she was wearing a blue robe. I remembered during the meditation I opened my eyes and saw a blue crystal floating in front of me. I heard her voice say “this is yours” then I woke up. I now use this crystal as a visual tool when meditating. It has helped me to focus and to clean my aura and the auras of others during healing ceremony. I am so thankful for this spiritual gift of healing and I love to share it with others. A’ ho

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Dark Night Of The Soul

My spiritual journey REALLY took a leap forward, a breakthrough if you will, on 4/21/2016. This day changed my life for what seemed like the worst, but now I know this is the most amazing path I have ever gone down. Shortly after that day I started to spiral downward, many truths and fears appeared. REALITY set in. I am here for something bigger than me. But in order for me to connect to that realization I had to lose the entire foundation of lies my life had been built on, which as you may know is not an easy thing to go through. This was my "Dark Night Of The Soul". I am glad to say that this part of the journey is almost over for me, and I know that good things are coming my way. This poem I wrote on 9/25/2016 was in the midst of my breakdown, when I started writing I had all intentions of darkness but the words almost flowed through me and by the end I realized that I do not need to live with fear forever and eventually all will be set right. 

What is love, what is hate?

How am I to differentiate 
When half the world is angry and crying,
And the other half must be lying?

I want to be full, free and loving
I see beauty in life... but who doesn't?

Surrounded by people and I still feel alone
Strangely I'm comforted by this though
Because deep down inside, I know
I cannot be more than one.

I am like the ocean except my waves aren't water,
They are tears and these tears fall 
When I realize - there's cruelty in us all.

And that makes me alone but I love who I am 
And I love how I feel that makes me whole.
It all boils down to your soul.

When you open your heart things will start to fall apart,
The waves rush in, crash and burn right from the start.
Your demons, your fears, the things that cause you fright,
They show their faces in the dark of the night.

​What do you do? Do you cry? Do you run? Do you hide?
Do you fight?
Do you push through the night?

And I know this might seem like a lot, But fear not.
No matter the size or how loud the roar,
The wave will break and calmness is restored. 

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I made a video about my first "meditation class" in Gothenburg and a connection I made there.
This was the first time I mentioned about Paradigm Shift to others and it felt really good!
I think in Jan or Feb I'm going to have a Paradigm shift meeting in Gothenburg.

Slowly but steady I´m going there ;)

Subscribe to my channel for more shifty videos at !!!!

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You and Me

I wrote this poem the day I joined the Paradigm Shift Community on 11/11/16. I was feeling confused about my world as I witnessed all the hate, the separation, and everything that transpired with the U.S. election. It was all over the television and social media, constantly in your face. Instead of hating them back, I had to see myself inside of all of them so I could find a way to love them unconditionally. That day, at 11:11 am, I just concentrated on Bob Marley's song, "One Love" <3

(11/11/16) 11:55 am

You and Me

I must look deep
Inside of me
To find out who
I want to be.

I must look within
Instead of around
Stop floating away
And feel my feet on the ground.

I must face my fears
For I know they aren’t true
I must see the me
In every one of you.

I must love myself
Before I can love them
For the hate outside
Comes from within.

I must know how
To let go of fear
For that is how
I ended up here.

I can see now
I must fight
For you, for me
For the love and the light.

And who I see
Was always meant to be –
I see the you
Inside of me.

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Aloha Shifters! 

This is a video documenting a huge milestone in the evolution of the Paradigm Shift Central project! Since November of 2015 I began the team patreon as a way to be able to help slowly build a foundation to support the ongoing evolution of the project for the community into the future. One year later- and we are continuing to succeed at that objective thanks to the support of our collective community micro donations! Every person who signed up receives as Shifter Booster Kit, and following hundreds of hours of work - we are now at the stage where I am sending out a huge wave of Shifter Booster Kits that will get us fully caught up!
Meaning everyone who has yet to receive their kit will be receiving it with this next wave. For those in North America your kits will be there the week of Dec 4th.

Shifter Booster Kits contain a potent assortment of tools, including the Shift Buttons - real world quest items for Shifters to use to help connect with others where they are and invite them to be a part of the ongoing game to accelerate the shift in consciousness. 
Thank you again to everyone for making this possible. Creating the foundation for the project allows us to continue doing ongoing inspirational and educational broadcasts, co-creating media, evolving the website, supporting the creation of Paradigm Shift Communities, helping plant seeds in our local community, and hacking the matrix with love in some very exciting ways.

If you have not yet - you can sign up at the team patreon and get your Shifter Booster Kit for the asking monthly micro donation of just 3-5 at

Stay tuned for more updates in the coming weeks as we evolve into new chapters of the project!
To order the Light Guardian Crystal Pendants please just send me a personal message, either on facebook ( ) or at Ordering them helps cover the cost for shipping out the kits. Total cost for this wave of kits will be over 900.
Thank you again everyone. I am excited to share with you what the future has in store.

0N3 L0V3

- Brendon

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