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How to Stay Centered in the Sea of Life

We all live pretty crazy busy lives. In this new world that we are moving into there are an immense amount of stressors that bring us away from our inner light and take our focus outward. Relationships, bills, work, school. It is incredibly important to do things that will take that outward perspective and shift it inward. By doing that we will be able to touch peace no matter where we are or what were doing.
Taking even a minute to close our eyes and just connect with our breathing dramatically shifts our attention away from our outward conditions and brings us into contact with the present. This is especially helpful in stressful situations. When we feel ourselves becoming overwhelmed it is immensely helpful to take that step back and meet with the life purely as it is and not through the lens of our mind. When we do this on a regular basis and begin to develop the habit we will find that we are much less stressed, less reactive, approach life with a clearer head, and are more aware of the vibrant magic that pervades our world.
It is also very important to make time during the day to shut down. Sitting quietly with our eyes closed and delving into a bit of meditation and introspection can really bring about a shift in how we view the world and ourselves. Meditation shows us all the things we would normally miss. Especially when it comes to our own behaviors.
Personally there have been many times when I have been struggling with with anxiety or sadness that sitting and meditating brings about a shift in attention and shows what is really the root cause of these feelings and emotions. Once we see what's really causing us to feel the way we feel, we can make an informed choice to change the problem.
Now in my experience there will come a time where everything in you will resist going to sit down and meditate. You will have no draw to yoga or to even just connecting with your breath. This is your ego resisting the change you have been making. The ego loves nothing more than to keep you in suffering.That suffering is what gives it its identity. It is so important that you push past this. Because once you do you will see a whole new life open before you. One where everything falls into place and where, even though you might not be in a good situation or may be dealing with stress, you still will find yourself peaceful and centered. Your emotions will be in control and you will be able to stay connected with life as it truly is.
So go, find your truth, connect with this moment, and begin your shift into the divine being that you are.
Namaste shifters.

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Chris Noel is an ever shifting sea nymph who resides in Palm Beach County Florida.

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