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Everything has a balance, an opposite.  But these balances don’t cancel each other out.  In fact, without their counter, they cease to exist or have meaning.  Towards the end of the movie Doctor Strange, the ancient one says “Death is what gives life its meaning.” In the Sword of Truth series by Terry Goodkind it is stated throughout the series that everything in magic, in life, has a balance.  Life and death, dark and light, day and night, prophecy/destiny and free will.  These things are always in constant competition with each other and yet they are interdependent on each other.

There is another interdependent balance I have become aware of.  That is the collective and the individual.  In history it always seems that either the individual is celebrated at the expense of the collective or that the individual is crushed in order for there to be a collective.  People look for equality through sameness.  But the collective does not exist, has no meaning, without the individual.  If everyone is the same than what can they contribute to the collective?  The same exact thing as everyone else.  The individual is crucial to the collective and the collective supports the individual.

As tensions rise and divisions between people increase, remember this: You have a powerful gift of LIFE!  You have the gift of being the particular person that YOU are!

It is very clear to many of us that there is a collective struggle coming.  A r-evolution we are all being called to participate in.  A revolution that is already happening.  It is happening at Standing Rock with the water protectors.  It is happening in Lesvos, Greece with the people helping the Syrian Refugees.

Not everyone has the capacity to physically go to these types of places or to participate in big protests.  THIS IS NOT A FAILING!!!!  The collective and the individual are interdependent on each other.  Yes there is a collective struggle/awakening happening.  But the collective is a puzzle and we are all unique pieces that fit in a unique spot.  We all have individual personalities, belief/value systems and skill sets that give us the unique ability to do what only we have the ability to do.

For some, that is going to Standing Rock or Lesvos.  For some it is going to protests.  For some it is healing people.  For some it is bringing a global community of unique people together to answer the call of collective awakening.  For some it is living and breathing through stories to see connections between stories and reality to help share that wisdom.  For some it is sharing wisdom through religion.  For some it is sharing wisdom online or through one on one combinations.

There are endless ways to participate in the collective evolution because there are endless individuals in the world.  So don’t feel like there is nothing you can do, or that you have failed because you don’t feel you can do something someone else has done.

There is something only YOU can do!  We all have our place, we all have our abilities.  What is your place?  What makes you unique and therefore absolutely crucial and priceless to the collective?  Are you a healer?  Are you a leader?  Are you an artist?  Are you a lover?  Are you a rock?  Are you a wizard?  Are you a hugger?  Are you a writer?  The list goes on…

YOU are valid!  YOU are priceless!  YOU have a place in the collective and we all look forward to discovering what it is so that we, in our places, with our abilities, can support you.  The collective doesn’t exist without the individuals that make it up.  But none of us can do it alone.  The collective exists to support the individuals it is made up of.  I, Kaya Jemila Marie Lieberman - Fearless Lover, known in other worlds as Lolana Sarina Anianita Senthorthia - Enchantress of Lamoralin, have joined the collective.

“I’m offering you a life of mystery and misery, loneliness and adventure.  But more than that I’m offering you the opportunity to make a difference and save the world every week, twice before Friday.  Are you in?” ~ The Librarians

I, a beautiful unique individual, have joined the collective.  My beautiful soul friend, are you in? Will you join me?  Will you join us?


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