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Dream Journals (37)

Recently, there have been several contact experiences that have transpired with the Shakani (Beings from Bashar’s home world of Essasani) which have inspired me to inform those who may be reading this, on a variety of multi-dimensional mechanics. As I have shared before, on a very regular basis I have interactions with a wide variety of extraterrestrial/extradimensional forms of intelligence, within meditation, dreams, and everyday life. Over many years now, my ability to understand and recall these experiences has increased at a very exponential rate. From my observation, this seems to be a rare gift amongst humans, as most are not vibrationally acclimated enough to consciously interface with the very high and refined frequencies that most extraterrestrials/extradimensionals are operating from. The primary reason that I have extrapolated for having such lucid experiences such as these, is because it is absolutely integral for my purpose here on this planet. So, with that being said, I take a lot of pride in sharing this information with you all and will only ever share from my heart and my direct experiences. Granted, for some this information may not be understood for a number of years to come but nonetheless, I recommend you read this if you are interested.
Often times, to the human perception, these types of multi-dimensional experiences can be rather confusing. This stems from several primary reasons, the first being the inability for the linear mind to comprehend thought forms that exist outside of space/time. The moment that you are interacting within a reality that is outside the dimension that we currently call “Our reality”, we are dealing with realms that utilize time in a much different way. You can consider these non-linear realities to utilize the experience of time as points on a map, rather than a series of continuous events. When you are operating outside of time in a multi-dimensional based reality, you understand that all time is happening HERE and NOW. From this understanding, you can then shift the frequency of your consciousness to your desired location as long as you know the coordinates on the “multidimensional map”, so to speak. To the extraterrestrials who are currently working with humanity at this time, this is how their reality functions. So, upon interacting with these beings, many things are happening within your consciousness all at once. This is why, when you go to recall your experiences, they make absolutely no sense to the physical mind. If you have had these experiences, then you most likely know what is it like to attempt to explain your contact experience, yet not having the slightest idea how to. We say things like “First I was here, then I was there, then I was here again, what the heck?” or maybe, “I seem to remember being in my bedroom, then I was on the ceiling and theeeeennnn things got REALLY weird when there was a little grey being standing next to my high school gym teacher” Sound familiar? Overtime, you start to begin to develop a type of awareness that views non-linear reality through a lens of linearity. The best way that I can describe it, is it’s as if you are looking at a series of sporadic images that are being projected onto a screen. As you are looking at this screen there are many moving components, but the one who is observing the images is perfectly still and not moving at all. The one who is observing, is in a state of total neutrality and from this state of neutrality, there is no need to attach oneself to the moving images that are appearing on the screen. It’s in developing this type of awareness, that non linear reality can be understood through the lens of linearity. A very large part of developing this type of awareness is surrendering the need for it to make sense to your human mind. Paradoxically, when you allow it to not make sense, then what is meant for you to understand can naturally present itself to you.
Another main reason, why these experiences are difficult for us to understand has to do with instantaneous thought manifestation. Within these various multi-dimensional realities, the vibrational frequency, or quality of energy that governs these realities, is so high and refined, that there is virtually no separation between the inner and outer worlds. Some of us, understand that thought creates reality. However, sometimes it can be more challenging to observe this as thought manifests into the outer world, rather slow for most. For these extraterrestrials/extradimensionals that are working with us, this process happens INSTANTANEOUSLY. There is absolutely no latency between when a thought is derived and when it appears in ones external environment. When your consciousness is downloaded into one of realities and you are interacting with these beings, if you are not totally shifted into neutral, so to speak, then you will start to color these experiences through a distorted lens. In other words, there is very little room for having thoughts that are generated by an imbalanced “monkey mind”. For example, if you are on a Shakani or Yahyel craft and you begin to think about pizza, you will start to physically manifest those thought forms. You may say to yourself “Well, how can instantaneously manifesting pizza be a bad thing?” It’s certainly not a bad thing, but the more validity you give to the thought forms that arise from randomly generated metal chatter, the more you attract other physical manifestations that correlate to the vibration of that thought and before you know it, you will not be able to retain the clarity that is necessary for translating these experiences back into this reality.
One of the reasons why people seem to have experiences with “Negative Entities” actually stem from the very thing I explained above. Most of us, are NOT interacting with beings who are empirically negative. In many cases, it’s the fear that we bring into our contact experiences that color these experiences as negative. And of course the more vaility we give to fear, the more our reality gives us reasons to fear.
Navigating these multidimensional realities require a great deal of refinement in the development of one's consciousness. It takes time and practice to accurately translate these interactions with our brothers and sisters from the stars. It has taken many experiences and many years for me to begin to experience contact in a way where I can navigate these realms freely, fluently and with the ability to see clearly.
Over the course of your journey you will be given many opportunities to acclimate to these contact scenarios. Most of you already have, it’s just a matter of integrating the light into the physical vessel more and more, in order to remember what has already occurred. Which by the way, is the fundamental answer to why you aren’t able to remember your experiences. It’s because there is some more growth that needs to occur within THIS REALITY. In this case, I will say that as below, so above. What you have yet to transform here, translates into what you experience “Up there” NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND.
The more you devote every moment of your precious existence to becoming the embodiment of the living light, the more you will become ready to handle these experiences with more ease. So, go forth with love and gratitude for absolutely everything and anything as best as you possibly can! And yes speaking from my experience, it is 100% possible for each and every one of us to begin to embody this, as we ARE this. So, please remember, that It is simply a matter of how far you are willing to go. Thank you for reading, have a wonderful day!

- Gabe

Art by Louis Dyer


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I just saw another UFO (in my dream)!
Bridget Nielsen's dad was there and he saw it too. It was a hexagram shaped, kinda grey transparent with a faint white glow. It was moving in a circle. Then shrunk in scale to the point where it appeared to disappear. While looking at it I remember a visceral sensation through my body of both awe, shock, and excitement. Verbally paralyzed in the moment.

In that dream I also had a message and a speech that I'm carrying that moved me to tears related to the Shift. I know I have so much to give to the ongoing story still, and I am feeling very anxious and excited about being able to be more actively involved in the future by sharing my voice and the messages I am here to help be a bridge for too. But for the time being I must complete my soul contract of finishing this other military documentary movie I am working on with my father. Once I have done so I will be ready to switch back into gear with the team and really help activate some amazing collective potential. I am here to serve.

This is an image I made in photoshop as I write this at 4am shortly upon waking up. State the obvious, it is worth noting the shape and design of this craft / craft entity. Anything to do with hexagrams is relating back to sacred geometrical proportions and divine sacred technology found within all of us. Even though in my dream the craft appeared flat-ish, it is safe to assume that it only looked that way from my perspective. Realistically if we are assuming what I saw was legit, then its safe to assume that it was actually more of a three dimensional (or more) shape, that would be commonly recognized as a Merkaba. Again, the Merkaba refers to the field matrix that is around all beings, planets, and particles, throughout this infinity that not only allows things to travel through space time - but can also scale itself through various relative perspectives. More or less - the behaviour of the craft matched my best guesses as to the dynamics and science of how most UFOs would naturally operate - as light vehicles that can change shape, size, and visibility while traveling through the multi-space. 


When I first posted this to facebook, one of my friends Erik mentioned - "dood you're prolly part of the hybrid children program and not even know it...". To which I replied "Who says I don't know it Erik? Maybe I'm just not someone who has to regularly openly identify myself as one. After all, I'm a ninja first." Because yes, honestly, at this point in the game I think it is becoming more self evident that as 'soul' many of us have intentionally chosen to come here to the planet Earth portal at this specific time to be able to bring with us the knowledge and wisdom and compassion of the stars, so to speak. But at the same time, I do not think we need to always openly present ourselves as being out of the ordinary. I think for me the extra ordinary actually is ordinary. And so as much as I know in my heart that I am more then just the one story of this incarnation - I know it is also part of my bigger story to help bridge higher concept ideas into this main stream culture. Because regardless as to whether or not I openly consider myself as a "Starseed" or something like that - first and foremost I am an Earthseed. And so are you. 

I think part of our ongoing story as multi-dimensional beings is remembering who we are and how our potential within this shared dream is the evolving experiences and often unspoken communication occurring between ourselves here and our team who is probably anxiously keeping an eye on us from the sidelines so to speak, while checking in now and then and cheering us on. In some ways it almost feels like when many of us committed to this journey we also committed to the fact that we might not be returning to the home of the stars for quite awhile (in the physical sense). That is why in many ways being on Earth feels like being on a very real mission / quest. Or even like going away for a bit to some kinda psychedelic summer camp. And when we arrived we forgot that we came from somewhere else, and so now half the journey is simply remembering, And every now and then our family back home sends us a letter that we will often receive through extra-ordinary experiences such as UFO sightings either within the sleeping dream space or the waking dream space. I feel a part of our journey is often just simply to talk about these experiences. To help usher them into culture and our every day life. To remember that every night when we dream we are re-accessing the hyperdelic dream nexus in which we are often more readily able to receive letters from our family back home so to speak. And as we become aware that this is not only a possibility, but also an expected and common method of communication - then we can begin increasing not just the frequency of these events, but also the potency of them and the information they cary by intentionally showing up within our dream spaces. 

Because you see, when I saw the UFO in my dream, there was more going on then just looking at it. It was a full body and spirit experience. There was a conversation taking place beyond words. A download occurring so to speak. The download is both that of unspoken wisdom and inspiration. Of excitement and yet mystery.  I know that my dreams yield experiences based on both me being an intentional projector, and a receiver. And I know that when I intentionally put my focus towards them my dreams become more then just fantastical entertainment - but also practical means to a bigger ongoing and 'real' conversation taking place between those of us logged into the matrix on the ground and those of us cheering us on from the sidelines. 

This dream for me was a nice treat. Another addition to the ongoing collection of UFO dreams that I can add to my shelf of memories and experiences. In total I have so far had 1 waking dream ufo encounter and at least a 13+ sleeping dream ufo encounters. I believe that the effectiveness of these encounters is in the subtlety of them. I believe they are not there to speak our story for us - but rather to serve as a catalyst for us to write the story ourselves. There are many worlds within this world, and I feel for many of us it is our mission to help bring forth the magic of all of them into a common space. To hold up a mirror for us to see and remember who we are through the power of creative expression and community story telling. Thus expanding into our potential as frequency carries and emitters who are actively contributing to the ongoing co-creation of this bigger shared dream for the intentional remembrance and celebration of all. 

And so with that said... I say to all of us... be the bridge my friends.

0N3 L0V3 

- Brendon 


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Every now and then I seem to have a really potent dream featuring UFOs...

The other night was one of those dreams... and more. 

My story of the dream is featured in the video below, but long story short the dream led from a UFO sighting to an eventual face to face contact with the inhabitants of the craft. The part that was really interesting was that the "aliens" were something similar to Reptilian Humanoids. Now of course alot of the story people hear about the Reptilians places them in the role of the "bad guys", but in this dream they introduced themselves in a very casual and benevolent way. I think this in itself was important because I feel that part of what is essential to making contact with these other beings within the dream space or otherwise is to be able to check in with prejudices we may knowingly or unknowingly have towards different alien beings. As we begin to see other aliens as further extensions of ourselves then we can begin to meet them on a mutual plane where we see each other as one in the same, oppose to the common narrative of us vs "the others". 

So long story short, even as a dream, I was honoured to be able to have this experience and in some ways be a kind of ambassador within the dream space for these beings and others. 

Perhaps this was just the first introduction of more interactions to occur. 

Stand by for updates as the dreams continue to unfold! 

What about you? Have you had many dreams with UFOs or other beings?

Check out the full story and more in the video! 

Thanks for watching! Please continue to help document the shift by putting focus towards your own dream exploration process and Dream Log documentation!

Check out other Dream Log videos I have posted over the years at

0N3 L0V3 

- Brendon 

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I’m starting to be able to use the label of crystal child for myself in that it helps me to recognize that I’ve already been slightly more integrated into the human experience because I’m in one of these bodies. The label of rainbow children helps…
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Reconnecting with ET Lineage

Had a very interesting dreamtime experience last night... I found myself with a group of people in what appeared to have been a Mayan temple. There was a large pool in the middle of the temple site, and we were situated around its perimeter. On the walls around us, these small blue beings were depicted with masks that looked almost like skulls, but they were actually quite cute and not grotesque or dark or anything... This race of beings were quite short, almost like pygmies. They had what I understand to have been tall ears or horns. I was explaining to an older man and a younger woman, who were related to one another (I believe the older man was the father of the younger woman) that they were descended of this race of beings and could trace their lineage back to this ancient race of beings with extraterrestrial ties to what I feel to have been a race originating from Pleiades. Both the man and the woman were very short, bearing a clear resemblance to the "pygmy" stature of the blue beings in question. They were both so grateful for me having assisted them in (re)establishing an awareness of their connection to these beings... It was so beautiful, moving, and humbling. :}

I also remember exploring the famous tomb inscription of K'inich Janaab Paka... It almost appears as if he is operating the controls of some sort of craft. I remember making mention of this during the experience. Very interesting stuff--make what you will of that one. :}

I feel that there is a good chance that this experience took place at Palenque, a well-known Mayan site. Apparently there were many bath houses and such at the palace, and that seems to align very much with the environment in which we found ourselves during the experience. Been having a lot of Mayan-themed synchronicities and dreamtime experiences lately, so I'd say it's definitely not out of the question.

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In this dream I was in a highland area looking out onto a lake, the moon was reflecting in the lake. In the middle of this hidden lake was a massive vertical rock face with an opening towards the top. There were stones that you had to jump onto to get across to this cave. I was with my bf in this dream. So we jump across and then we were magically at the opening at the top. When I looked into it at first it looked like outer space with a bunch of stars inside. We went in and then we were in a place that had a bunch of floating chairs and table and a red rug, I even remember seeing my friend Amanda from high school. I felt like I was in Ireland or Scotland.

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White Dragon Dream

This is a dream I had a couple of years ago. I was on a floating island in the sky but it was dark out and I could only see black sky and the green of the grass and a Rhino looking creature was chasing me. I got to a bridge that looked really unsafe that was going to be my only option to get away. Then out of no where a white dragon that looked like Falcore  from the Never Ending Story was there and was telepathically telling me everything is going to be okay.

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So I wanted to write a collection of dreams I have had in the distant past, maybe someone has had similar dreams that has been drawn to this article. 

When I was about 5 I remember this dream I had while staying with my dad. I even remember the bed I was sleeping in and the colour of the blankets. In this dream I am with my daycare teachers and friends and we are on a big snowmobile on arctic ice. The  ice on the tundra was cracking and a huge portion of ice was being pushed up towards the sky, then as if it was in slow motion a giant Dolphin jumps out of the ice with this anger in its eyes wanting to drown us. Pretty sure I peed the bed that night too considering dolphins have always been one of my favourite animals. 

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When I woke in the morning I remember seeing a mini horse in my dream and that was it. Later on in waking life, I watched the latest episode of Ancient Aliens called The Returned. While watching the show I had a flash of my dream last night and I remember looking at myself in the mirror and above my left eyebrow I saw a thumb sized indent that looked like the indent vaccination people from the 70s got for tuberculosis. When the flash back happened and I continued my show they went on talking about ETs leaving a sub dermal mark on abductees bodies. That was a really interesting experience.

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This morning I woke up from one of the most intense 'nightmares' I have ever had....

Now to be honest, it can barely even remember the last time I had a nightmare, let alone one of this intensity. As a quick overview - there was some really trippy Silent Hill type vibes to it that I explain a bit more in the video. (Silent Hill is a really spooky horror video game.) As I woke up I could still feel the aftershock in my body. And as much as I wanted to just jump out of bed and shake it off and forget it - instead I chose to stay in bed, reach over for my iphone, and record a video dream log of my experience to document for myself and others what happened and more importantly - what my response was to it. 

Nightmares are teachers too. They are teaching us that we do not always have to run away and hide from that which scares us. Nightmares are some of the most epic ways to help us step into our potential, both as dream creators, and both as holders of courage. 

Will you run away from it? Or will you face it - learn from it - and meet it with love?

Let us face our fears. Let us see them as teachers. Let us see them as a unique catalyst to help us awaken the potential that we carry as dreamers within this reality - capable of alchemizing nightmares on multiple levels of the dream....

Here is the video of my Dream Log, recorded as soon as I woke up. 

As always, I invite and encourage others to practice recording and making their own video dream logs to share as Quest Journals through the website so that we can continue to learn and grow along side one another. 

Remember you are dreaming. 

0N3 L0V3 

- Brendon

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Goood morning my fellow Shifters!

I hope everyone had a wonderful night last night, and I hope you're having a better today! Last night was a pretty great night for me. My girlfriend spent the night with me, which isn't anything new. But she's been working a whole lot so I haven't seen her in a few days. Needless to say, I missed her because I love her very much. So it was a pretty damn good night, while I was awake.We went to sleep pretty late, up watching scary movies and listening to Creepy Pastas on youtube. It's getting to be near Halloween and it's our favorite time of the year. So I went to sleep with scary stories in my ear about monsters and ghosts, not something most people like to fall asleep to. It definitely effected my dreams!I dreamed that my lady and I were at a cabin together. We sat outside on the back porch watching nature, as we tend to do anyway. I looked down and saw a squirrel heading toward me. It didn't look very happy. In fact, it came up to me pretty quickly and as I put my hand out to greet it, it started to bite my fingers.My first thought in the dream was "this animal has rabies!" And I kind of started to freak out a little bit. But still, for some reason I proceeded to pick up the squirrel. It was biting profusely as I picked it up. Gnawing on my neck and arms. My girlfriend was next to me screaming at me. Telling me to drop the animal, but I didn't. I thought "maybe the little guy is just scared".

So I changed my demenor. Instead of holding it like a wild animal, I started to hold it closer to my chest, like something I've loved for a long time. I started to pet it and speak very gentle and soft to the squirrel. Its attitude immediately changed. It went from this feral creature, to something like a house cat. It started snuggling closer for love, as if it had never felt a warm embrace before.I woke up not long after that and pondered what the dream meant. I've been dealing with a lot of stressful situations in my life recently. Not bad situations, just stressful and scary. I've been toying with the idea of going back to school, my lady and I are getting a place together soon, I've been working on producing my own comedy shows here in town. Which can all be scary by themselves. I've been concerned about people not showing up to my shows, which I've put a lot of time and money into producing. It's also coming up on the anniversary of the passing of my mother. So around this time of year, I always get a little sad and scared.

But I realized, it's all about how you see and treat the situations! I first looked at the squirrel like a wild animal. Full of disease and germs. When I saw it like that, it attacked me and tried to bite me. But when I saw it in a different light. When I saw it as a creature that was just scared and needed love, its demenor changed completely! I can relate that to all situations in life. If I look at something with fear, that's what I will feel. Thay certain something may attack me because it feels the fear I'm putting off. Many things that seem threatening in the dark, become welcoming when we shine light on them!I've always believed that dreams mean something. It's our subconscious telling us something through symbolism. It's testing us, seeing how we handle certain situations. It's like a beta test of things to come, or even things that are already happening. No doubt I've been a little stressed. Worried about this and that. But worrying gets me nowhere, it only hurts myself. I believe that is what the squirrel was trying to show me. Instead of being fearful towards situations, I should embrace them and take them in stride. Look at the good side and treat it with compassion. I've always been really good at taking things in stride. But when you're spinning a lot of plates, sometimes you're afraid you might drop one. But you can't focus on what MIGHT happen.

The important thing is to focus on what IS happening.Meaning of the squirrel: When a squirrel enters your dreams, it's either a sign to have more fun in your life. Or, it's a sign that you need to plan better for things to come. I feel like I have a lot of fun in my lifellow anyway, but putting together this show has definitely felt like work. But it's no surprise that I need to start planning better for things because I am TERRIBLE at planning haha! I just normally go with the flow.
I hope personally my reflection of the dream taught everybody a little something something!

Until next time....I love you all!

-John O'Neill

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Dream Journal: Dolphin Eco Hotel

Last night I made a special effort before bed to ask for higher guidance/assistance in remembering my dreams. Several hours before bed I also took some Calea zacatechichi (dream explorer herb). This is the main dream I remembered: 

I'm in this magical tropical place by the ocean. It  seems like its a huge eco-hotel of the highest order. Open spaces - no windows - breathtaking views all around - beautiful modern flowing curvy architecture. Near the shore, dolphins are swimming everywhere - hundreds of them. Some seem to be swimming up this nearby ramp into and through the hotel. I start to make dolphin noises hoping to attract one. Sure enough, one comes up and starts to nuzzle me. The interaction feels amazing.

'Not sure what to make of the dream other than feeling gratitude for the experience. Also, during a time when I was actively involved with shamanism, dolphin was my power animal. Maybe this dream is a reminder or nudge to re-establish and nurture that dolphin connection...

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For a large span of our lives we have considered dreams to be nothing more than uncontrollable and often forgotten experiences that are shaped depending on things like: our current mood, what we ate prior to sleeping, and other real world experiences. While to an extent this is true, we may also achieve lucidity in our dreams by sheer willpower alone; and with the achievement of lucidity within our dreams, we are able to remember and control our dreams at will. If we do not possess the ability to lucidly dream, our dreams will often be forgotten, and completely uncontrollable. The challenge therein is of course: achieving lucidity. Over the course of several weeks, I will attempt to achieve lucidity by keeping a constantly updated dream journal, and by performing several techniques that are known to hasten the achievement of lucidity.

By using techniques that have been documented and developed over time, we may dramatically reduce the amount of energy required to achieve lucidity within our dreams. One of the most basic techniques being this: keep a dream journal. A dream journal is simply a log of what we experience within our dreams. If we're just beginning, it will most likely be counter-intuitive for us to think about a dream, since we've spent the whole night focusing on it subconsciously. Something that I had to keep in mind was that by doing something as simple as moving after waking up, our brains have already begun to stray away from wanting to focus on a recent dream and have instead shifted focus to figuring out what needs to be done to get the day started; to counteract this, we need only to stay motionless after we wake. By successfully keeping a dream journal we begin to remember more of our dreams; and as we remember more of our dreams, we are able to identify any distinctions from reality that may occur within our dreams.

Certain things in the dream world are slightly, or even drastically different than what they are like in real life; some common differences are: sprouting additional fingers or additional toes, looking into a mirror and seeing a reflection based on our mood rather than our physical being, and being able to breathe even while we hold our breath. When we're able to identify reoccurring distinctions from reality that occur within our dreams, we gain access to a new technique: reality checks. Reality checks are real world actions that are performed multiple times a day in order to condition the mind to automatically perform them while dreaming. A reality check may be something as simple as counting our fingers, counting our toes, looking at our reflection, or holding our breath. Though they are very customizable, the function of a reality check goes beyond the simple action of repeating them; in order to fully utilize a reality check, we need to question that we might be within a dream at the moment it's performed; that way, while dreaming, we begin to use them as frequently as we do in real life. If a reality check succeeds while in a dream, we immediately achieve lucidity within that dream. Before I had begun to write down any of my dreams, the only way I had remembered them was to see an object, or scene involved in the dream. For instance, if I dreamt about walking alongside a lake on a rainy night while the full moon pierced through a distant parting in the clouds, I would begin to recall small parts of the dream if I saw the full moon in real life. Reality checks have not helped me in achieving full blown lucidity yet, however, they have helped me to achieve a kind of in-between state; it's a state where I'm aware that I'm dreaming, yet unable to control my actions without waking up.

With my achievement of pseudo lucidity, I felt better prepared to master a more advanced technique: WILD. W.I.L.D stands for Wake Induced Lucid Dream, and is a technique in which we seamlessly enter the lucid dream state from a waking state. In order to perform a WILD, we need to lay down, in a comfortable sleeping position, and close our eyes for as long as it takes our bodies to think we are asleep. There are two ways we can perform WILD, during the middle of the night(right after dreaming), or right before a nap. I chose to do the former. To WILD efficiently, I had to wake up just before my REM (Rapid eye movement) cycle occurred. In order to do that, I had to first find out when my REM cycles occurred.

Before I had begun to attempt to achieve lucidity I was very sleep deprived, at most getting 5 hours of sleep each night. People who are sleep deprived often enter the REM cycle of sleep quicker than those who aren’t, as the REM cycle of sleep is when our bodies are getting the most rest. REM cycles usually occur from one to three and a half hours after falling asleep if our sleep schedule is normal(8-9 hours~) so I set my first alarm clock to wake me up twenty minutes after I went to bed; that way it would wake me up just before my hastened REM cycle occurred. I lay down, and went to sleep immediately. Exactly twenty minutes later I was awoken by the shrill ringing of my alarm clock. I got up, turned off the alarm, and went back to bed. This time, with my eyes closed, I didn't move a single muscle in my body. After about thirty minutes of resisting the urge to move, I began to feel a very peculiar wave motion. It was a feeling comparable to flying through a nebula at a very high speed. My eyes also started moving extremely rapidly, as if I were painting a vivid image with them. I realized that I was entering the REM cycle sooner than I expected. I also realized that I could not move my body, and had entered sleep paralysis. I was transitioning, it was happening. I knew I could enter the lucid dream state if I wanted, but I also wanted to experience sleep paralysis.

I had heard about it on several forums while browsing how to efficiently WILD. For most people sleep paralysis is an incredible experience. Sleep paralysis naturally occurs when we are asleep. Our mind freezes our body in order to not incur bodily harm during sleep cycles. During this moment, our mind and body both believe that we are asleep, and vivid, dreamlike images begin to form in our mind's eye. Opening our eyes during sleep paralysis is often a horrifying ordeal, as reality will be distorted, and several hypnagogic hallucinations will be visual. I eagerly opened my eyes, and was displeased to discover my blanket was covering my eyes. Then I felt an extremely ominous presence just a few feet away from me. It shambled closer and closer to me, all with a disgustingly malevolent intent that grew and grew with each terrifying step. I tried to move, I tried to blink, I tried to do anything to leave my paralytic state. Nothing worked. Within eight seconds the towering psychic horror was right next to me, looming over my bed, taunting me with its presence. My eyes widened with the most primordial and colossal feeling of fear I have ever experienced. Then, when the horror was but mere inches from my face, I could move again. The state had ended. I removed the blanket from my face. There was nothing there. I smiled. I didn’t regret straying from my path at all. The next day I attempted WILD again, and although I was tempted to, did not open my eyes again. The feeling of drifting through a nebula intensified; I teetered on the edge of consciousness, and I struggled not to fall asleep. I focused deeply, and stabilized my mind. After what felt like hours of internal struggle, the feeling of drifting through a nebula coalesced, and I began my first lucid dream.

I appeared in the middle of a desert. And after wondering for ages how I got there, I remembered that I was inside of a dream. Then I realized that I was aware I was within a dream. I began to get excited at my success, and felt myself going back to reality. I recalled from my research that often times during our first lucid dream, excitement can cause the state to end prematurely; and a quick fix this issue, was to spin in circles. I began to twist clockwise, and the desert around me turned into a blob of colors. It was reminiscent of a splatter painting. Seconds later, the colors blended back together into an image my brain understood, and that image was of a massive field that seemed to span on forever. At the center of the field was a hill, and on top of that hill was an extraordinarily large tree. 

I recognized this scene. I ran to the tree, and after what felt like days, finally reached it. I looked to the branches of the gargantuan tree, and saw billions of infinitesimal, green eyes looking back at me. I flung my arms around the tree, and was enveloped in a cascade of shadows. Not long after, I woke up.


- Lets us know what lucid dreaming is.

- A film about lucid dreaming.

- An in depth guide on how to lucid dream. Covers all techniques.

A deep explanation of lucid dreaming. Statistics on lucid dreams, multiple guides on how to prolong our dreams, 


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Recent MJ Shamanic Ceremony

Recently I had a shamanic ceremony with cannabis oil. I started out by smudging and creating sacred space with the blessing of Mother Earth, Father Sky, Universal Creator, my loving ancestors and all loving entities we removed all negative energy. I was the only human present but it was a team effort. After I felt at peace, I inhaled the medicine breathing it directly to my "sacral chakra" put on a blindfold and ear plugs and layed down.

I could feel my body getting lighter and lighter, I felt tingling on my forehead which spread out throughout my entire body. As I relaxed more and more I could feel my body going to sleep paralysis. I could see nothing but darkness however I felt many things. I felt something crawling up my leg like a bug. I've been fooled before with that feeling. I told my self even if it was a bug, waking up and startling it would make it bite me anyway so I just let it crawl up my leg and tried to ignore it. Eventually it disappeared or flew away. I felt a pressure pushing upward on my belly like as if I was going to purge. I have felt this way before with another journey but I woke up that time thinking that I caught a fever. This time I told my self to ride it out and see where it takes me. So I did.

I felt a very heavy presence, like a boulder being placed on top of me. I pictured myself being caught between 2 plates of Earth. I could feel the purge moving closer a up my chest. I was getting worried but I silently chanted "quiet your mind and look through the Veil." I chanted this over and over until I felt better. I willingly accepted the purge going past my chest and when it got to my throat the purge vanished. It was like I had to give off a huge belch but with no sound. My mouth opened and that was it.

Suddenly the heaviness turned off and my body started to feel like a balloon filled with helium that had it's string released. I was feeling higher and higher. I was convinced that I had left my body but I saw nothing. I focused more on the veil hoping to see my guides or someone but I saw nothing. All I could hear was my heartbeat so I focused on that. I knew that as long as I'm breathing and my heart is beating, I'm ok. My inhales and exhales were getting very long but my heart was steady. I tried to change up my breathing a little to see if my heartbeat would change also but it did not. I just reminded myself "you feel no pain and your breathing fine, your heart is beating steady, you are in no danger, do not fear." I just stayed there listening to my heart for a while. I felt like I was in :"The Void" because I could not see anything, no entities, no colors, nothing but darkness.

I then heard birds, the birds were very faint at first, I thought that they were just the usual birds in my garden but the birds got louder like they were in my sacred space. I could hear them flying by me flapping their wings. I realized their wings sounded like fast moving heartbeats. I heard my heart beating and I felt when my heart beat I had a pull in my back. I then thought. "Is this my heart I'm hearing or are these wings?" Could I possibly have wings in this dimension?" I then saw lights glowing off in a far distance and I could see them getting closer until they were right in front of my face. The lights were swirling with each-other like a dance of glowing faded paint. I watched for a while but I did feel the journey coming to an end. I felt my 3D body regaining control and the sleep paralysis wearing off. I was still aware of everything in both dimensions. I could hear the birds and the wind on Earth but I could still see the glowing lights behind my blindfold. I eventually got up and looked up at the blue sky and just stared for a while I felt like doing some tai chi so I did.

During my tai chi I closed my eyes and pictured a blue crystal that one of my guides gave me. It was charging with Earth's energy and it moved as I moved. I was flowing through the postures with the crystal hovering over my hands. After my tai chi session I walked through my garden massaging the plants with the crystal. I then stared at the blue sky some more and saw faces within the clouds. I could faintly see the veil and thousands of tiny light orbs flying around. I then saw one big orb slowly hover into view and stop above me. It stayed for what seemed like a couple minutes then slowly flew away. 

I was filled with gratitude and I thanked Mother Earth, Father Sky, Universal Creator, my loving ancestors and all loving entities for being with me on my journey then I closed the ceremony. -A,Ho

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