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(Dunnellon, Florida)

Well, it was unique. No one showed up, save myself and my house mate. That certainly will not dismay me from moving forward. In fact, I experienced it as perfect, but then that's just how I roll, even if it takes me sometimes a bit to allow that perception.

I didn't expect a big turn out, but a few people in the neighborhood did show interest and joined the Facebook Group I created and planned to attend. It sure was an interesting and curious week of stirred energies, chaos, and upheaval in my neighborhood, expressed both in social media and in the monthly neighborhood advisory meeting, which I felt inspired to go. It was my first time attending that. And I sense that was some how energetically related. Nevertheless, I focused and forged on ahead to have our first community meeting.

We also had a beautiful, clear skies and unusually warm and sunny week leading through Saturday. Well, right up until the day of Shift meetup on Sunday. Haha, have to laugh. It was very cloudy and windy all day with a forecast for a severe storm. And it had the feel of the Wizard of Ozness, and that something was brewing up!  I kept checking within to feel if I felt guided to cancel it, and I didn't. So I didn't. I even posted the event,"Rain or Shine." And, I had said that I'd hang my Smiley Face PLaY FLaGs up in the pavilion at the park that we were to meet up at. Well, when we got there I wasn't so sure of that either. It was quite blustery (reminds me of Winnie the Pooh). But, by then I was totally free of all expectations and resolved, allowed, that what was to be would be.

And what was was great fun! First thing we noticed walking into the park was that some one had left one of those small Razor scooters. I've always wanted to ride one of them. And we did! The park was perfect for such a thing, as it has a wonderful smooth paved walk way that has a gradual decline and some awesome curves! That was fun. Then, we also found some Play Dough in under the Pavilion. Two colors, orange and a small amount of pink. I
made a smiley face. Go figure, haha. Then, well we had about a two minute spiritual-type focused chat, but then that just didn't seem to fit the vibe. We do that naturally, spontaneously at home anyways, lol. We were at the park and the energy of the wind facilitated, activated are own silliness and playfulness. We hung up those flags, and when no one showed, we played. Swings, and imaginary basketball on the court, and I did cartwheels, a few exercises, then remained on my back on the court and enjoyed the show in the sky. I even played with moving the clouds with my energy and hands. And when we felt like it was time to wrap this up, my house mate said he thought it was gonna pour. We took down the flags, grabbed our stuff and pour it did! When we got home my son informed me that there was a tornado warning out in our area! haha. It was a Wizard of Oz, feel to the whole day. Anyways, onward! Next week, same time, same place. :) I'll be there.

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My name is Rachel, a 22 year old shifter girl from México and I'm going to tell how I started to play this game and how I found Brendon, this amazing human being and leader. 

First of all, I want to share this with everyone and since I speak two languages I would really like to write this in spanish too, so I'll post 2 stories here, for anyone who speaks it and may wanna read them.

Okay, the story begins with me almost a year ago, feeling stressed and confused about my life and what I really wanted . I'm still studying my career (Programming and Digital Animation) to 2 years left for me to finish, I started feeling like nothing in my life was right, like everything I was doing had no sense at all. I felt my days were simple daily routine and asked myself if what I just chose was ''the right thing''(yeah, obviously!). I have to say that I've always been related with meditation and spiritual stuff because of my mother. She's reiki master so she pretty knows a lot of that. She kinda transmitted me and my brother all her knowledge. But I was awaken in a 20% (I had been so lost!). Since I was a teenage everything went really difficult for me. I wasn't aware of anything surrounding me (obviously!) so suffering was constantly present in my life (obviously! haha). 

One day my cousin Yonatan, which I don't really see often, came by from Quebec, Canada (where he actually lives) for some personal reason and my uncles offered a small dinner for him so we could catch up, but more than catching up I personally felt like we were practically knowing each other! It was like meeting a new member of my family. He is such an incredible person and has been in some many places. He is really awaken, enlightened and knows plenty of spiritual stuff. So we kinda made immediately a strong connection. We tried the whole dinner to talk about this awesome stuff but it was kinda difficult cause our family isn't really into this kind of things, so we had to wait and hanged out the next day to talk for hours about so many things. I must admit, that day was amazing for me, he made a great impact on my life and things started to change since that.

He opened my eyes and mind more than I thought they could be so I started looking up for ''answers'' about being awaken. And there's where Brendon <3 came up with his amazing "FREE HUGS" videos!. I was on facebook and honestly I can't remember well how I found it but I watched it and got in love with what I was looking! A guy hugging random people just to spread love and help expanding consciousness. I was so amazed that I wanted to do the same. Then I realized those hugs were more than that and that there were more "random" people doing the same shift all around the world, which it's amazing!

It has been more than 6 months since I decided to play this game too and expand my vision, my mind, everything and I feel really different from back then when I was a teenage, even from a year ago to now. This last semester at school I was able to make a video for my class and explained almost everything I've learned to not only my classmates, also to other teachers and more students. I also made shift stickers and some "FREE HUGS" signs for them and they were really receptive, I've never felt so good and in my element. That opportunity was amazing for me, even tho not everyone is so receptive or respectful, I gave many hugs and plenty of those stickers and didn't really care of "what they would say or think". That's how it has been since that (really positive results). I created this facebook page -> Paradigm Shift México - <-  to be in touch with people surrounding me and there's where I show everything I've done and share all the amazing content that I find everyday. I'm still figuring out how to create a club or meeting, I could say is still in progress cause it has been quite challenging for me to find more open minded people, but I trust and I know they'll show up and they will like to join this journey with me.

I'm playing this game in "Single Player" mode right know, but I will soon change it to "Multiplayer". I know this is why I am here and it's part of my mission. I want to be the change I'm desperate to see in my country! Cause I care about it, and I know the only way is LOVE and TRUSTing the universe and yourself, not anyone else. Yonatan taught me to keep looking, searching and to fully open my mind, and Brendon taught me to create, to change, to take actions and being an inspiration for others. They still teach me and inspire me in so many ways that I'm so grateful that they crossed into my life and that they helped me STARTING THE GAME.
I won't stop playing, I won't give up till the end. I'm a rebel, a divine being, one with the force and one with the universe, I love what I am and the most important... I trust.
I hope this story helps someone to feel part of this life shift and to reaffirm the truth about everything. To make you know you are not alone and there are many "random" people there outside that, who knows they'll may help you out too, you just got to trust, you'll find them.
Thank you so much for taking your time to read this, you are amazing!

Please feel free to connect with me on my facebook at
You can message me if you are in Mexico too and would like to help out!

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I made a video about my first "meditation class" in Gothenburg and a connection I made there.
This was the first time I mentioned about Paradigm Shift to others and it felt really good!
I think in Jan or Feb I'm going to have a Paradigm shift meeting in Gothenburg.

Slowly but steady I´m going there ;)

Subscribe to my channel for more shifty videos at !!!!

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Aloha Shifters! 

This is a video documenting a huge milestone in the evolution of the Paradigm Shift Central project! Since November of 2015 I began the team patreon as a way to be able to help slowly build a foundation to support the ongoing evolution of the project for the community into the future. One year later- and we are continuing to succeed at that objective thanks to the support of our collective community micro donations! Every person who signed up receives as Shifter Booster Kit, and following hundreds of hours of work - we are now at the stage where I am sending out a huge wave of Shifter Booster Kits that will get us fully caught up!
Meaning everyone who has yet to receive their kit will be receiving it with this next wave. For those in North America your kits will be there the week of Dec 4th.

Shifter Booster Kits contain a potent assortment of tools, including the Shift Buttons - real world quest items for Shifters to use to help connect with others where they are and invite them to be a part of the ongoing game to accelerate the shift in consciousness. 
Thank you again to everyone for making this possible. Creating the foundation for the project allows us to continue doing ongoing inspirational and educational broadcasts, co-creating media, evolving the website, supporting the creation of Paradigm Shift Communities, helping plant seeds in our local community, and hacking the matrix with love in some very exciting ways.

If you have not yet - you can sign up at the team patreon and get your Shifter Booster Kit for the asking monthly micro donation of just 3-5 at

Stay tuned for more updates in the coming weeks as we evolve into new chapters of the project!
To order the Light Guardian Crystal Pendants please just send me a personal message, either on facebook ( ) or at Ordering them helps cover the cost for shipping out the kits. Total cost for this wave of kits will be over 900.
Thank you again everyone. I am excited to share with you what the future has in store.

0N3 L0V3

- Brendon

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Aloha Shifters! Here is the NEW Raw Quest Journal of my Shift Mission Downtown in my city of London Ontario Canada from yesterday of my adventures, synchronicity, journalism and shiftiivsm to help ripple the inspiration. Documenting the thoughts of those who I meet and helping promote the messages of mindfulness, compassion, and love.

Add your support to the team patreon at and help support me in continuing to manifest my ongoing abilities to spend more time downtown on the regular being a Light Guardian for my community and helping rebirth Babylon from within.

Drop an 1111 in the comments if you watch this and leave a comment as to what this type of documentation means to you!

*Side note - I filmed and edited this purely off my phone.

0N3 L0V3

- Brendon 


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Aloha Shifters :D

Here is a quick post sharing the most recent Q&A broadcast that we did live over facebook while I was simultaneously making more Shift Buttons.
The broadcast is 2.5 hours long. 

In addition to more free style conscious flowetry, some of the prime discussion topics we got into were related to:

- Understanding how the law of attraction works and other aspects of manifestation

- Alternative perceptions on Mercury retrograde

 - Being a "Hugs Hero"

- We are the blue people

- Inspirational grid activation global meditation

- And more    

Thanks again to the whole team for rocking it!


Here is an added link to the original broadcast on facebook that you can look at for all of the original video comments:


If you have not yet, you can sign up to add your support to the team patreon when you can for the asking amount of 3-5 a month and in return get your Shfiter Booster Kit too at
Help us reach our next team milestone of 800 <3 

As mentioned in the broadcast, in addition to the patreon sign ups we are also inviting people to help cover the costs of shipping for all the Shifter Booster Kits through added single donations. If you would like to help with this you can use this link here

Much love <3 Stay tuned for more live broadcasts through my facebook at

Regular team building hangouts will be resuming in the future as we get everything set up with the Kits and Buttons :) Thank you again for help create the dream. 

0N3 L0V3 

- Brendon  

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Aloha Team - fellow Shifters of the Paradigm!

Brendon here with a quick update in both video and text form. 

Main Points: 

My primary mission right now is on continuing to get the all the Shifter Booster Kits out as soon as possible, and then resuming regular team building broadcasts once we are ready to do so. 

We are asking for additional community donations to support the costs of shipping Shifter Booster Kits and to order more button making parts. 

For those who would like to make single donations to help the team - please use this link here <3

Thank you <3

As always we invite people to add their support to the Team Patreon when they can for the asking monthly amount of just 3-5. Sign up at - Help us reach our next team milestone of 800 as soon as possible.

Watch the live broadcasted video here:

It also includes some free style flowery and inspirational insight on the work we are all doing to help with the shift.

Thank you again team for being a part of something bigger than us. 

One step at a time. 

Patience, trust, and perseverance. 


0N3 L0V3 

- Brendon 

Connect to my facebok for more live broadcasts at
Subscribe to my youtube at

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A community is built one moment at a time…

Aloha Team! This is a quick update for everyone who maybe has not heard the latest on the team patreon updates. I just posted a new video that you can watch here aswell:

Also last night we did a 4 hour Metaphysical / Spirituality Q&A to help with team fund raising. It was super fun :D You can check it out here: 

Currently the primary focus is on getting out ALL of the Shifter Booster Kits sent to those signed up for the team patreon as soon as possible. We are inviting people to sign up for the asking amount of just 3-5 a month to support the ongoing evolution of the project for the whole community and in return to also receive the Shifter Booster Kit which includes the Shift Buttons, Love Wand, Crystal Wraps, and Free Hugs signs (plus bonuses on future kits and access to secret videos online.) These kits are made available as part of the real world game to help shift consciousness and created to help us accelerate the shift, evoke synchronicity, hack the matrix with love, build the tribe, and plant seeds where ever we are! And boy do they work…

Right now we are also managing some of the back end aspects of the team patreon while working up to our next team milestone of 800 as soon as possible to meet our August goal. New sign ups are of course super welcomed and people can sign up at 

***** A side note for those signed up already - take note that sometimes donations accidentally get declined at the top of the month because cards don't go through. This is why last night we were at 718 and now we are at 680. That just means that some people have to update their cards. When you are able to - please check your card info and update it as need be. Part of what I am doing today is also manually contact team members about this swell. ****  

If you have not yet - of course feel free to make your profile on the main website at and begin using the Quest Journals to document and share your journey.  

There is still much much much more to happen within this project - much that has been accomplished - and much that is already online (past broadcasts, movies, classes, etc). Our ripples are creating waves and I am a firm believer in the power of community and team work. So thank you again to everyone for sharing in helping honour the higher vision of helping shift consciousness in all our unique ways. Light Guardians, unite. 


If you have any questions please just feel free to ask! Thank you again for your support. :)

0N3 L0V3 

- Brendon


Connect with me on facebook for future live broadcasts at

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Aloha Team!

Brendon here with some very exciting futuristic media to share! With some recent tech upgrades we have begun venturing into creating NEW 360 footage documenting the experience inside Paradigm Shift meetings! The purpose for this is to help share more of what the Paradigm Shift community circles can look like, the conversation that can occur, how the conversations unfold, and to help give further insight and inspiration for others to help create Paradigm Shift communities where they are. 

This new format of 360 footage is a first step into the future of interactive media. For those who have a mobile devices that supports it - you can see how you can explore the 360 footage in a more dynamic Virtual Reality format. If you have a VR headset - then you can really bring yourself into the meeting. 360 footage and virtual reality media is something that will evolve al throughout the project, and I am excited to be able to share it now. :D

If you are interested in creating a Paradigm Shift community be sure to check out the > Community Start Up Guide < 

Here are a couple videos for the time being with some cool Shifty discussion. 

Thanks again for watching! 

The story continues with you. 

- Brendon 


Connect with me further.

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Gooood morning Shifters. Here is your Paradigm Shift Central - Team Project Updates for June 7, 2016.

Key Notes:

- Next Live Broadcast is Paradigm Shift Destiny School: Health and Fitness. June 9, 8pm+ EST

- Access the 24/7 Hangout Circles at

- Enable automated notifications at + Enable desktop notifications by clicking the Red Bell Icon in the lower left of this window (not available on mobile)

- View the Team Map at

- Open Your Heart shirts crowd funding have been relaunched due to request at

- Team Patreon currently at 427. Sign up at

- Subscribe and explore my youtube at

Have an awesome day and keep it Shifty :)

0N3 L0V3 

- Brendon 

Connect with me on facebook at

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By the power of the cosmos, that was one Shifty week...
I'll be honest, leading into this last week I knew it was going to be a test - but it was one I knew I was ready for. You see, since returning from California at the end of April and initiating the relaunch of Paradigm Shift Central as my full time focus, things have been consistently active in terms of the ongoing production involved with directing the project and helping run the show. Last week was no exception, and a great example of the vision coming to fruition...
From my end production wise this last week consisted of managing THREE live broadcasted events: Dream Class, Admin Hangout, Full Moon Meditation, which was AWESOME, plus the release of the Be the Change March Against Monsanto mini documentary (Link in comments), and the facilitation of the regular Paradigm Shift London meeting on Friday. All of which flowed successfully :) I admit it, it was challenging, there was alot of time and energy put into making it all happen, but I also know that it was great training for what is still ahead...
You see, we are at the point in the project where this next month will help us really plant the seeds for a potent future. As an entrepreneur I have put alot of creative thought into how to manage this project in a way that it will be both successful and sustainable.
A huge key to this has been the ongoing progress we are making with the team crowd funding. We have almost reached our current team milestone of 500 a month, and from there we will be aiming for our next milestone of 600. Our individual micro donations make this dream a reality - not just in this present moment, but for the bigger and more potent moments for the larger community still ahead of us. Through the method of micro donations, nothing is lost - and yet everything is gained. Abundance for all. (I am sending out the Shifter Booster Kits soon).
Seeing the support of the community really inspires me. It reminds me that people believe in what we are doing, see value in it, and synchs me into my promise of why I came here and to do what I need to do to honour this relationship. For example - me doing the most recent Be the Change video. The community support was a big part of what gave me that extra boost by reminding myself that I was doing it in service for the team. It helped aligned me into my sense of duty to make the video - and make it well...
I am glad that we have created a form of sacred commerce that allows our community project to function without the dependency of things like third party website advertising and needing to use website traffic and click baity articles just to stay afloat. I am also glad that we don't need to set up any exclusive access to media where people have to pay to see things. Instead we can do what we have always been doing - focus on providing ongoing free educational, entertaining, and inspirational quality conscious media and valuable events and interactive experiences for the community.
So what happens next? Well this week we only have one broadcast - the Team Building Hangout on Thursday. But nevertheless, it will be an equally busy week. With less broadcasts it means I have the space to shift focus into other key aspects of the project and meditate on the strategic steps involved. One of which will be posting less on my facebook profile in order to feed into more successful post algorithms so that the important content is seen (be sure to subscribe to my profile - - by clicking 'friends/following' then adding to See First). Needless to say there is still alot planned. Including shifting back into completing the production of Journey to Lucidity 3: Quest of Quests, our next full length movie that I still intend to release this summer - which also includes a yet to be revealed key aspect to this real cosmic story. But for now - step one - meditate.
Now if you are reading this, first of all - thank you. Whether you are new, or whether you have been witnessing this tree grow from its genesis over 6 years ago... thank you. And also its important that you know this - the only way people see our community content is when we share it, like, and comment so it shows up for others. So whether it be one to one conversations or using social media, passing on links for past broadcasts, new videos, and community content is such an important part of this project. As mentioned earlier, facebook and email lists only reach a small percentage of our shared audience. (Be sure to also like and See First the Paradigm Shift Central page - ) But... these obstacles are also a blessing because they call into action the direct practice of our cooperation.
The Paradigm Shift community is still evolving as we speak. I am honoured to be able to help captain this ship amongst other great captains within our community. We are still growing, we are still crystallizing, and we still have much more to do as part of the bigger story. For those able to, those who see what we are creating, and those who feel it in their heart, please sign up for the team patreon when you can (, continue to stay tuned for updates, go back and enjoy and be inspired by past broadcasts and the content we are creating together, and let's collectively celebrate where we as a team have been, where we are now, and where we are going.
Please leave a comment about what the Paradigm Shift project means and represents to you to generate more morale amongst the team. Do you make time to listen to the recordings of the broadcasts? What do you like about them and other content? Remember - morale is a resource that helps fuel the ship into the future.
Aloha. I am because we are.
Victory is a shared success.
0N3 L0V3
- Brendon 'Wolf-Shield' Culliton

Featured Links:

I am also including the Paradigm Shift Destiny School: Meditation & Mindfulness episode just because. 
*Reminder, mp3s for broadcasts are available to download through the Podcast feed at the top of the page.*

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I wrote and posted this to instagram / facebook today. But reading it back as a story and record of some key ideas, I will leave it here too. 



It takes a team to help shift the paradigms.

Aloha Team, Brendon here.
Here is a quick story.
Back in 2009 the Paradigm Shift Central project began as a single club in my college while I was studying media theory and production. I was called to create the project in response to my own question - How can I help change the world? How can I help assist and accelerate the shift in consciousness?

At the time it was still just a seed, but even then I had the foresight and vision of the future and what the project would become. While still evolving as we speak, the project is a digital media portal for a global team of Shifters and Paradigm Shift communities; actively working together to help choose to be the change we wish to see in the world while also creating conscious media and documenting the shift. It is more than just a website, it is a real world game to help shift consciousness.

The project can also be thought of as a ship, or a kingdom - a literal place we can occupy and share, and use to travel through time and space.

Together this is a space to collectively learn and expand our consciousness while helping inspire one another to be leaders in our physical communities. To hold space for ongoing events and to help build the tribe where we are. To hack the matrix with love and to rebirth Babylon from within.

My mission, as father/mother/captain/director of the project is to nurture it, to foster, facilitate, and carry it. Not just for myself, but for those who we have still yet to connect with. To do what needs to be done in order to align with the future realities still ahead.

As those timelines approach it is one of my many duties to ensure that we continue to cultivate the energy to fuel the ship through the ongoing success of the team fund raising.
Our next milestone is 500. These funds are vital for not only supporting the basic needs of the project, but to allow it to thrive as we continue to reach into the future.

Add your support to the project, to the team, to the vision at 
Supporters receive the Shifter Booster Kit, which comes with as many Shift Button as they ask for.
Thank you.
0N3 L0V3


In addition to the original post - that is only as long as it is because of instagrams message size limit - I honestly just want to take another moment to express my gratitude for all those involved. I look forward to seeing how much we will accomplish over this month of May. 

Go team go!

REMINDER - Team Building Video Hangout TONIGHT, Thurs May 5, show up time 8pm+ EST


Love always.


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Good news everyone!

Facebook has recently activated the Live feature for my personal profile. This is a really cool feature that we will be able to play with, and I invite you to join in TONIGHT for a test run. 

Interactive broadcast will start at around 9pm EST. 

We will be doing a live Q/A about Metaphysics, Spirituality, Dreams, and also topics related to the Paradigm Shift community project and even a live tarot draw and probably some meditation. 

To tune in simply follow my profile on facebook at
Click "Following / Friends > Get Notifications". 

We will be doing more live broadcasts in the future, and each will be recorded. These will be an evolving tool that we will be able to use to help document the shift in consciousness. 


Shoutout once again to everyone in this project. I hope this message reaches you, as I know for some it will get lost in a spam folder

As it is right now, my primary focus is on the editing for Journey to Lucidity 3 to complete the movie as soon as possible. This is the reason why regular team building hangouts and classrooms are on hold, BUT in the meantime the project is always active. It is active through our collective everyday actions. A reminder to practice using the Quest Journals to practice documenting the shift from your perspective. This project is create as a platform to feature your content and to give you the space to practice creating. Things may be a bit slower at times, but that just means it is a perfect time to get in some valuable journalism practice in preparation for what is still ahead. 

Much love, if you have any questions you can reach me through facebook or the website live chat. 

Please leave an 1111 in the Live Chat to let me know you have received this message. 

Thanks again for being a part of something awesome. 

0N3 L0V3 

- Brendon 

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This is The Chad. First off, much love to everyone. I'm proud to announce the kick off of Paradigm Shift Central Tri-Cities. I'm new to making my voice heard and making videos. I will get into the Devine being that is me later. I'm so happy to find people that feel the way I feel and are totally open minded. Love conquers fear.
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WELCOME TO THE FUTURE!!!! I am happy to introduce to you the first 360 Video created for Paradigm Shift Central of a Paradigm Shift London meeting. (Video may not work properly on mobile.)

The video is a fairly lengthy 35mins. The format I help facilitate is the idea that it is practicing having conscious conversations. You can think of it like the say way as to how you would practice hockey or anything else. So its like running a drill. And in this case the drill was to pick a topic synchronistically out of a book just by opening it to a random page.

A key rule for to help facilitate the conversations is just the idea that when people have something to say, they simply put their hand out, palm up, as to offer something to the circle. Then from there myself as the facilitator will just keep track of who is next.

So with that said, feel free to jump in and experience the rawness of the video. You may need to manually pull up the volume at times, but overall it works. 
The intention is to film more of these here and there. I am sure somewhere down the road we will get decently HD 360 video. The neat thing too is that this can be watched with a VR headset - which are actually becoming more accessible through a simple plastic contraption and iphones.  So ya, lots of interesting stuff in terms of thinking about the future of how WE can interact with each other. The future of shared first person virtual space.

On a side note, ya, it's interesting to observe how these quest journals allow us to step back into an intuitive flow state of typing / writing / communicating with each other. 

Cool stuff :P

0N3 L0V3

- Brendon 


carpet cleaning palm beach

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“If we are trusting ourselves and each other, then we are treating the other person like they are divine, and we are holding ourselves like we are divine. And from that, we are in communion. We are in union, a unification of communication. And that creates authenticity, this vivification of energy.. where we are both turned on, enlivened, and raised up by the exchange.”

Please check out my New Moon Vlog for January! It starts with a great surprise where I reveal the temple space I created in my house for people to come receive healing.

My topic of the week is Authentic Communication. I welcome your thoughts about this topic, and let me know what you think of the space ;) 

In Love, Light, and Warrior Spirit, Michelle ∞


carpet cleaning palm beach

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