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This is an interactive show where we explore the phenomenon of synchronistic numbers. Many people see them in their daily lives, they live by them, they interpret them. Together we will explore what the numbers mean to us and employ the scientific method to gather information to help bring tangibility to the discussion of the synchronistic numbers. We aspire to help the whole world understand what may be occurring. You'll be able to tune in to watch the broadcast or join us via a live Google Hangouts video chat that will allow you to participate in the broadcast and add to the discussion. A link to join the online Hangouts will be released right before each scheduled broadcast. 

Our Collective Goals:

Build a survey to collect data and identify synchronistic number sighting phenomenon occurrences being experienced by individuals

Review instances when sightings happen

Identify patterns, meanings, and messages within the repeating numbers sequence sightings

Mindfully review the proportional statistical odds to have seen the repeating numbers and the rate in which we feel we significantly see them appear to us

Reach out to a University Psychology department to help scientifically report a study after our case has been built and information has been gathered

Ultimate Goal: is to scientifically prove or disprove the synchronistic number phenomenon is occurring

Podcast co-hosted by:
DosLopez aka Brenda Lopez Lopez
nikozaneko aka Nick Bryce

Join us bi-monthly podcast 9PM - 11:11PM EST
Like our page 3rd Eye Horizon and follow our podcasts here:

Google Hangouts link will be released to the event page within one hour before the live broadcast:

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I have decided to write something about my experiences at meditation & spiritual development classes, sitting in circle with a teacher whose a medium we have been developing by doing guided meditations together and then relaying our experiences, to notice synchronicities.  Creating sacred space and then going on journeys within the mind and outside to connect to spirit, to work to become a better conduit to make a connection to the other side of life, to the higher realms, the astral plane, whatever you wish to call it, last night and again today, and from now on whenever I wish to do so, I can connect to a portal within me, encompassing my connection to the ether and beyond, allowing me to heal myself and others.

I was told I am a conduit between love and life, love being there and life being here, we are living beings being human right now and when we die we will continue to live on as the love that we came from, there, i've said it, like a car crash on the motorway i've become a spectacle, during the period when my spirituality was looking more like mental illness and it was because, i was addicted to drugs, and bad behaviour to numb what was in me, from coming out, and someone very special said that it is best, in fact necessary for us to find out what is inside and get to know ourselves, I am coming to know myself truly for the first time, to be an empath, to feel others pain but rise above it, go beyond mere sympathy, beyond mere empathy to compassion and that is the truest way of being there for someone, to be able to be there, support them and allow them to heal within themselves, to be able to see the light and go towards it now.

When we die? That's another matter, but I was lead by the hand by a guide who is a Franciscan monk to meet a being of pure white light whose outline looked familiar, what the divine is for themselves is something we may never have considered but when we see them they take the form of a human being, because we have made god in our image, not the other way around, i felt a great love and continue to do so, i am healing and continue to do so, and offer this connection to others for free on a donation basis, in order to support myself and free my time to be able to pursue the reason for life, to experience what it has to offer those who choose to connect to nature and see themselves to be a part of it all, the world, the cosmos, indeed the life that exists everywhere but looks like stars and other planets, other galaxies, it is all consciousness in one form or another, as is everything we see, and in fact do, so to be a man at all, to be a better man in the process of becoming and finally to become and evolve into whatever it is we are born to be is the life affirming place i find myself in, thankyou :) +

Connect with me further at:


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Recently, there have been several contact experiences that have transpired with the Shakani (Beings from Bashar’s home world of Essasani) which have inspired me to inform those who may be reading this, on a variety of multi-dimensional mechanics. As I have shared before, on a very regular basis I have interactions with a wide variety of extraterrestrial/extradimensional forms of intelligence, within meditation, dreams, and everyday life. Over many years now, my ability to understand and recall these experiences has increased at a very exponential rate. From my observation, this seems to be a rare gift amongst humans, as most are not vibrationally acclimated enough to consciously interface with the very high and refined frequencies that most extraterrestrials/extradimensionals are operating from. The primary reason that I have extrapolated for having such lucid experiences such as these, is because it is absolutely integral for my purpose here on this planet. So, with that being said, I take a lot of pride in sharing this information with you all and will only ever share from my heart and my direct experiences. Granted, for some this information may not be understood for a number of years to come but nonetheless, I recommend you read this if you are interested.
Often times, to the human perception, these types of multi-dimensional experiences can be rather confusing. This stems from several primary reasons, the first being the inability for the linear mind to comprehend thought forms that exist outside of space/time. The moment that you are interacting within a reality that is outside the dimension that we currently call “Our reality”, we are dealing with realms that utilize time in a much different way. You can consider these non-linear realities to utilize the experience of time as points on a map, rather than a series of continuous events. When you are operating outside of time in a multi-dimensional based reality, you understand that all time is happening HERE and NOW. From this understanding, you can then shift the frequency of your consciousness to your desired location as long as you know the coordinates on the “multidimensional map”, so to speak. To the extraterrestrials who are currently working with humanity at this time, this is how their reality functions. So, upon interacting with these beings, many things are happening within your consciousness all at once. This is why, when you go to recall your experiences, they make absolutely no sense to the physical mind. If you have had these experiences, then you most likely know what is it like to attempt to explain your contact experience, yet not having the slightest idea how to. We say things like “First I was here, then I was there, then I was here again, what the heck?” or maybe, “I seem to remember being in my bedroom, then I was on the ceiling and theeeeennnn things got REALLY weird when there was a little grey being standing next to my high school gym teacher” Sound familiar? Overtime, you start to begin to develop a type of awareness that views non-linear reality through a lens of linearity. The best way that I can describe it, is it’s as if you are looking at a series of sporadic images that are being projected onto a screen. As you are looking at this screen there are many moving components, but the one who is observing the images is perfectly still and not moving at all. The one who is observing, is in a state of total neutrality and from this state of neutrality, there is no need to attach oneself to the moving images that are appearing on the screen. It’s in developing this type of awareness, that non linear reality can be understood through the lens of linearity. A very large part of developing this type of awareness is surrendering the need for it to make sense to your human mind. Paradoxically, when you allow it to not make sense, then what is meant for you to understand can naturally present itself to you.
Another main reason, why these experiences are difficult for us to understand has to do with instantaneous thought manifestation. Within these various multi-dimensional realities, the vibrational frequency, or quality of energy that governs these realities, is so high and refined, that there is virtually no separation between the inner and outer worlds. Some of us, understand that thought creates reality. However, sometimes it can be more challenging to observe this as thought manifests into the outer world, rather slow for most. For these extraterrestrials/extradimensionals that are working with us, this process happens INSTANTANEOUSLY. There is absolutely no latency between when a thought is derived and when it appears in ones external environment. When your consciousness is downloaded into one of realities and you are interacting with these beings, if you are not totally shifted into neutral, so to speak, then you will start to color these experiences through a distorted lens. In other words, there is very little room for having thoughts that are generated by an imbalanced “monkey mind”. For example, if you are on a Shakani or Yahyel craft and you begin to think about pizza, you will start to physically manifest those thought forms. You may say to yourself “Well, how can instantaneously manifesting pizza be a bad thing?” It’s certainly not a bad thing, but the more validity you give to the thought forms that arise from randomly generated metal chatter, the more you attract other physical manifestations that correlate to the vibration of that thought and before you know it, you will not be able to retain the clarity that is necessary for translating these experiences back into this reality.
One of the reasons why people seem to have experiences with “Negative Entities” actually stem from the very thing I explained above. Most of us, are NOT interacting with beings who are empirically negative. In many cases, it’s the fear that we bring into our contact experiences that color these experiences as negative. And of course the more vaility we give to fear, the more our reality gives us reasons to fear.
Navigating these multidimensional realities require a great deal of refinement in the development of one's consciousness. It takes time and practice to accurately translate these interactions with our brothers and sisters from the stars. It has taken many experiences and many years for me to begin to experience contact in a way where I can navigate these realms freely, fluently and with the ability to see clearly.
Over the course of your journey you will be given many opportunities to acclimate to these contact scenarios. Most of you already have, it’s just a matter of integrating the light into the physical vessel more and more, in order to remember what has already occurred. Which by the way, is the fundamental answer to why you aren’t able to remember your experiences. It’s because there is some more growth that needs to occur within THIS REALITY. In this case, I will say that as below, so above. What you have yet to transform here, translates into what you experience “Up there” NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND.
The more you devote every moment of your precious existence to becoming the embodiment of the living light, the more you will become ready to handle these experiences with more ease. So, go forth with love and gratitude for absolutely everything and anything as best as you possibly can! And yes speaking from my experience, it is 100% possible for each and every one of us to begin to embody this, as we ARE this. So, please remember, that It is simply a matter of how far you are willing to go. Thank you for reading, have a wonderful day!

- Gabe

Art by Louis Dyer


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Synchronicity appears in many forms in many ways throughout our day to day reality.  Whether we are conscious of them or not - they seemly sow the circumstances of reality together as an unseen yet ever present force! In a simple way - synchronicities to me are something I think about relative to us existing beyond the present moment. Often times a synchronicity will seem to transcend times - and rightfully so. Much like a ripple of the future meeting a ripple of the present… 


And so… this is just one of my stories. 


It was just past midnight on a Tuesday evening. I was on my way home from playing an awesome game of hockey. Like any hockey game I play, it was a well fought battle and further experience and opportunity for me to attune and apply my Jedi skills on the ice. I managed to set up a nice assist and we won 4-2 against one of the top teams. 


And so, following a good game I favoured some delicious vegetarian pizza to pick up on the way home. Now at this point everything is as per usual. I enter into Pizza Pizza. I let the guy working there know which slices I want. I choose to buy two with the intention to see how many days I can stretch them out over while also begin to practice some intermediate fasting; which is basically when you eat a meal over 8 hours, then no food for 16, but just drink cold water when you feel hungry. Doing so can do all sorts of interesting things and help you rewire your relationship between your brain and body. 


But speaking of pizza - he placed them in the oven then turned back and set me up to pay. I didn't have any cash so I proceeded to use the machine. But then… that's when… things got pretty unusual.


A minute goes by. My card has been neither accepted nor declined. 

A few more minutes go by…


I try pressing the cancel buttons on the machine pad. Nothing happens.


I talk to him about and tell him I am in no rush so its cool and I just laugh at how unusual this glitch is. 


At least 3 or 4 more mins has gone by. 

I am standing there - not having paid for my pizza that is now right in front of me. At the mercy of a machine. I remind the guy that its no big deal and that we'll figure it out. 


Finally the machine does a thing. It was unable to process. 

Alright I guess Ill try the chip. (Having originally just used the tap.)


I stick in my card, hoping for the best. 


Again…. exact same thing… the screen just hangs. Processing… attempting to connect. Trying to find its way across the vast interconnecting electronic networks that connect my card to his computer. 


I ask him if he could reset the computer maybe. 

He says he could but it would take like 15 minutes. The computers they have are running Windows XP. 


I laugh along with him. Just laughing at the fact that the computers in here are as old as the place itself probably. For all we know maybe the hard drivers are dying! I note out loud. 


Clock continues to tick by. We wait another few minutes. No one else is there. The one other fellow working with him is out on delivery. 


Finally - a beep from the machine. Decline. 


Alright so on to my visa I guess, right? Gotta keep trying. I can't leave without paying - even though both of us have already discussed the possibility of me just coming back and paying another day. Though of course I am concerned that perhaps his computer will be causing him problems with other peoples cards too. Hard to say… it was working fine until I got there…. weird. 



And so I tap my visa. Preparing for the inevitable. And just like that…. no surprises…


We wait again. This time maybe it was going by faster. Or maybe I was tired. Other then just joking about the circumstance I was keeping pretty quiet. 




Okay…. last change… lets try the chip on the visa! 


I do the thing. And then!


…. nothing. All over again. At this point hope seems lost. 


He tells me that if I just come back another day and pay that's okay. But just then… I remembered…. I had another bank card in my wallet! And so, just like that, we run through the whole return again. It's probably been maybe 20-30 minutes at this point. 


This time though things get weird. The machine stars beeping and wont even receive the card at all. Just flashes red at us with error messages of raging fire! 


But hold on… there was one more thing we hadn't tried yet. We did the tap. We did the chip… but we didn't do the swipe….


I knew I had to try. It was a long shot though. Hardly anyone uses the strip feature any more. And so, I give it a go with my visa. First time - doesn't work. Second time… doesn't work. Third time - I accidentally tap it and it reads that instead. Dang. We already tapped the visa. Oh well. I punch in my pin code once again. I step away from the machine. I laugh again with the guy and he states again that its okay if I just come back another day. I put my hand on my pizza and say something along the very specific lines of "Ya, looks like its never going to work. Oh well…" I had let go. I had accepted the destiny that was. And yet as I was literally saying that sentence - the machine makes a noise. A smily face appears on the display. 




What the ….


The guy working is just as relieved as I am. I grab the pizza and laugh some more while reflecting in my head about the incredibly peculiarness  that after all of that - after it not working and not working - it finally worked at the exact moment that I had let go. What I find incredibly interesting about this - is that I have seen this pattern before many times throughout my experience of reality. More or less the universe has a tendency to abruptly change course or remove a form of resistance as soon as we let go of our attachment to that situation or to the resistance itself. It's a lot like when you are looking for something and you spend awhile, then eventually you give up - and thats when you find them. That's essentially the same kinda event happening here but with pizza and a windows xp cash register. 


So in conclusion this synchronicity is one that I personally find hilarious and amusing. It reminded me of the importance of being able to adjust our relationships to resistance and even our own expectations. I think in one way it boils down to this idea that if we fine wholeness in the absence of something - like a partner or an item or a vision or a dream - then we will be more likely to receive those things when the time is right. And I am glad that It was the right time for me to get that pizza…


The end. 





Thanks for reading my Quest Journal! I wanted to write this as a creative practice for myself. The topic may have seemed almost trivial, but even still, given the potency of the experience for me I wanted to be able to practice creating a story out of it. I hope this helps provide an example of ways you can create assignments for yourself to create Quest Journals out of stories in your day to day life that related to shifty themes and such. Quest Journals are here for us to practice creating, exploring our creativity abilities, and sharing our voice with a global audience. 


0N3 L0V3


- Brendon 




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Amidst recent personal experiences and lessons, I felt called to make this video.

Thank you for listening. Thank you for being. Thank you for learning. 

Please leave any comments as you choose.

Subscribe to my channel at

Support on patreon at

0N3 L0V3 

- Brendon 


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Arriving in the city is a daunting prospect for a country boy like me but I persevere and park the car in a space that seemed to be waiting for me, thankyou parking angel.  I walk with my bag strap covered in shift badges, buttons as they are known across the pond as we say here, anyways, I've got my light guardian crystal on a twine around my neck, I'm wrapped up warm, have a flask of herbal tea and ready to go give free hugs to whoever would like one, and see who would like to connect, see what happens when you put one foot in front of the other, I give myself a target of one in an hour.

Walking down the steps into what is locally known as the Bearpit, it's a landmark in the centre of Bristol that connects pedestrians up with the many routes from one place to another, underpasses link together into a roughly circular space, steps or ramps lead down into this place that used to be a dark and dank drug infested place for the homeless and addicted to hang out and deal and use.

It wasn't unusual for there to be a lot of junk, litter and needles and all sorts of detritus down there, it smelt, but not anymore, it's a colourful place, full of street art, depicting conscious themes, the austerity measures brought in by the government to try to tighten our pursestrings, overstretched and broken by the bankers, that's the nicest and only thing I'm going to say about that whole mess.

So right away, I'm nervous, not sure where to go, stand, be, I make my way down into one of the tunnels thinking maybe I ought to go somewhere more open, into the town centre shops, but no.  I see someones backpack and it's been left there, back in the tunnel i walked through there was a pile of sleeping bags, was there someone in there, under there, who knows but now there's a face to see.

I meet Kelly, wearing surprisingly but i love the connection the same colour scheme as me, black and red, and we connect, and talk, she sings me a song, about homelessness and loss and even though it's a little strange to be here, she asks me if I am living on the streets, taking time to ask after my wellbeing, i offer her some of my herbal tea, maybe she'll like it, at least it's hot and freshly made.

Her boyfriend comes back, street hair cut, talking about the police who are on their way, confiscating alcohol as it's not allowed in this area, to be consumed or carried, he's also got drugs but that's the no win situation for the homeless, to keep warm and avoid the pain of the cold, of the lack of somewhere to be, something to do, they use, or sell, or drink or all three, and so does he, but not now.

We're talking for a while, it feels right to leave now and soon there's a little group of them together, as I stand in the middle of the circle, Free Hugs Sign out and proud above my head.  My light guardian crystal is around my neck, glowing and changing colour as I have a special one that goes through the chakra colours and to golden and white and pinky purple and basically it's incredible and fun.

I  have been stood there, it's getting cold now, for thirty seconds, when I'm hugged right away, connecting to folks, as each person makes their way to work, from an art class is someone I met before, what a great connection, to see her face and the magic of the synchronicity, the feeling is wonderful, a quick hello and wish her well, and the next person, and the next, waiting for friends, off to work.

Coming from a bar, heading to a club, going home from work, carrying shopping, going back to make food, cycling through, two kids on drift trikes, skateboarders, walkers, people using the cafe that is within a double decker bus called Bearittos, because of the bearpit, I chat to the guy behind the counter but I ate very well before I left so I don't buy anything.  The food looks good though and hot.

I get a lot of hugs, well over my quota of hope, of one in the hour I planned to be there, it's gone quickly, I want to do this again, maybe this is my new friday night now, we will see what happens.


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Here is a video I made combining some of my favourite audio by Alan Watts with scenes from movies and custom animated graphics I created.

I hope this video helps continue to inspire all of us to wake up within the dream.

Connect with me online further on Youtube:

And on facebook at

- Parker


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Yesterday I sat in meditation for the first time in a long time, and I reconnected to what I have been missing for quite awhile. So often we become disconnected from our true selves due to the humdrum of everyday life. Always moving from one thing to the next, it can be hard to find your center in this kind of constant chaos. With the constant days of waves crashing against our firm foundation, without some kind of spiritual connection, that foundation becomes weak. Time and time again I come back to this realization when I have strayed off my path for too long (as I have recently experienced).

Meditation is the answer to rebuilding your firm foundation everyday.

It's a time when you can allow pure life force to flow into your body undisturbed. Meditation is a reset for the mind when you feel that life is passing you too fast... it brings you back to the now.

Right now due to certain intense energies being brought onto the planet, time is speeding up for many. Change is upon us all. And I don't say this necessarily in a negative way, it's a time of great spiritual change for the planet at large. Compassion will play a huge role in this as people all over begin to care more and more about their surroundings. Yes, of course there will be those who miss this energetic calling altogether. But in time they will prove to be the minority instead of the majority. Meditation is so crucial at this time because it allows us to anchor all these energies, allowing them to fully integrate within our bodies (instead of manifesting as physical disturbances that are trying to get our attention). Meditation allows us to come home to ourselves, to feel at peace and rejuvenated. I feel as time continuous to march ever onward that the need for daily meditation will become more and more relevant, as this energetic pressure increases upon us all.

Also a fun thing that is happening right now is that due to all these energetic changes meditation is now more powerful than ever. If you were to sit and meditate now, you would have accelerated results compared to a hundred years ago. It has become easier to tap in.

For those of you who are well versed in mediation, this time may actually be more difficult for you. Because the old systems and ways of mediation that you have become accustomed to, may now be holding you back. Now I know that this is very controversial, but due to the higher energies on the planet there now has been a shift in mediation along with that as well. Meaning, in order to reach the higher frequencies now being received on the planet, one must allow new ways of practicing to happen in order to tune into such a flow. Old practices = old energy. New practices = new higher energy. And meanwhile some of you might get frustrated by this, because you are thinking about how you have to learn all these new ways when you are already accustomed to the old. But I am here to tell you that it's not going to be as difficult as you think. This new energy makes accelerated learning much easier, and it also makes it much easier to tune in.

By this I mean, if you don't know where to start... simply sit, and ask god for guidance. Have the mantra, the intention, to experience god as you sit in meditation. I assure you... if you focus on this with sincerity, without any particular expectation, you will begin your journey from here.

With this new energy it is up to you to intuitively feel the instructions that best fit you in mediation. You will feel what you should do next instead of needing to read it in a book. This is the future of what we call "intuitive guidance", and it will be easier for more people than ever before (especially those who don't feel they have it in them, they need to get rid of such a silly belief) to experience the bliss of mediation.

Everyone has the ability to tap in. And the message of the day is that there has never been a better time than now. If you feel more stressed, and out of control than ever before... then this message is for you. Meditate. Just sit down, close your eyes, open your heart, and breath. Set your intention and the rest will flow from there.

The divine light in me, honors, loves, and appreciates the divine light in you.



Connect with me further. 

Main Website:


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Do you ever feel insignificant, misunderstood, alone or lost in a sea of ignorance, arrogance and unacceptance? 

Do you ever get disappointed or ashamed in yourself when you make mistakes or don't fully meet expectations?

I have spent many years surrounded by the think fog we call depression. My soul has been tormented and mocked by the demons of my insecurity. I have sat for countless hours trying desperately to find some reason to continue in this exsistance, trying to justify the pain.

I have stood on the very edge, and contemplated that final leap. I have been pointed and laughed at, pushed to 'just do it'. And in one final attempt I reached out into the dark and begged for help.

Thats when it happened. A stranger approached me with tears in his eyes. He placed his hand on my shoulder and he spoke to me in a gentle voice. He said, 

'Please ma'am don't do this. This world is a horrible place filled with terrible people I know, but you are the only one who can change this. Without your compassion this world will die. Without your goodness, evil will reign. Please ma'am, we need you.'

'But it hurts so much, its getting harder to breath, the fog is so thick now.' I replied.

'May I embrace you just for a moment?' He asked.

With that I allowed the embrace, and in that moment I was no longer alone, I was no longer mocked, I was no longer misunderstood. I lifted my head and realized I was no longer standing on the edge, the fog was clearing and I was surrounded by the most beautiful light I had ever seen. 

I asked this man if he was an angel. He replied

'No, I am merely a lightworker. I just wanted you to see that you are not alone. It is a long, dark, lonely road when you are alone. But, if you share the load, the light starts to shine through. Light is unselfish, it does not belong to just one, rather to everyone. Go now ma'am and light the way for others.'

With that I walked away, and with each step my light grew brighter. With each new person I embraced, more lights were added. 

Needless to say, from time to time my light dims. But in these times I just hook back into the network and recharge. I will never be lost in that fog again, and for that I am so grateful.

So, if your ever lost and left feeling your way around the darkness, be sure to reach out. A lightworker is never far away, and they want to shift you into a new dimension. One filled with compassion, empathy and most importantly...... LIGHT!



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I am what I am inside me, because I speak the way I am. I'm not a man but a dragon born in flesh. I learned my truth when the matrix unfolded before me, that YEX is the answer. Yes Everything Xists, I've checked. I fell in love with a unicorn and she was white and she was my death which lead me to my Victory, the victory  my "mother" gave me. The victory to destroy the system on control and evolve to be the best version of myself in any universe. I'm here to tell you that creation begins within your observation. That the universe recreate's itself when you see the truth of your destiny.

I followed what the stars told me and I never believed that it was possible but I became creation itself. I am yuuga umarekawatte "the enlightened one who questions his birth". I gave up who I was, my name even. ... and Buddha showed me what love really means. That love itself "is" and always will be. For "I exists" is what I am. For I will never deny the only holy name in creation. For Emmanuel is what created me no matter how ugly things turned out to be... I don't know why it's me, why i was chosen. But I've seen the dragon god of time,  not an illusion. A true God came to me in flesh and I am his voice. For I am dovahkiin. I am the son of the dragon quetzlecoatle, I was born on the day of the serpent and in the week of the seed. Nothing defines me but what's inside me. I am love, I am light, I am dark, and I am a horror to those that defy the names in love with peace. For I am. 



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See within your mind the shape of your own outline, this body is a silhouette that quite correctly directs the rest, because your energy body is your real one, the other is an illusion, a physical shape that feels very real, it has bits and bobs and touches things that feel solid but also aren't, so with your eyes that only see the illusory reality closed, imagine within your minds eye a bodily being.  This body in your mind, and don't forget that your body is also your mind, every part of you is mind, and a matter for discussion but not matter in the sense that we were told in science 101 oh no, so low a vibration, no we are the energy of everything in fact, and what is wrong with us, in a physical sense is really just an energetic issue, of the past, of the present, but not of the future, not no more if we don't let it be, if we imagine ourselves in perfect health, this energy body is the perfect blueprint, and absolutely connected to our physicality and not only that but creating perfect health is as easy as communicating from both directions of this connected system, so we give the physical body all the right things to be in perfect working order, and we work with the energy body to ensure that it is clean and clear of any little imperfections too, but how to begin, what do we do? 

So you are there, sitting, or laying down comfortably, breathing slow and deep which makes us calm in any situation imagining the energy body in your mind, this helps you to connect to it, and being a childlike person we can all do this sort of thing, bring our beautiful imagination into play, the next thing to do, is to see this outline, dare i say it a white chalk drawn shape, within is mostly darkness at first, maybe for you it's more like grey but let's pretend it's black and white today, and see a pure white milky healing energy raining down, just like standing in the rain on earth, we let it soak into every pore and cell and well this is the start of feeling better and better each day, let it soak in, let it fill you up slowly from your feet, rising up it's like you've become a bottle and the substance whilst looking milky is energy, see it rising with anything left inside as a skin on top, it's coming up past your ankles, to your knees, and becoming so white down below, each new rain shower from above creates a thicker and thicker coat of energy, and the colour of it at your feet is just the most beautiful deep pure white, it's coming up to your thighs, it's rising further with every second as you feel it filling you and as you do this more and more, from one day to the next, just before bed is best, but whenever you wanna do it i'm sure it will work well for you then, feel it meeting your middle, waist, hips, belly, belly button, ribs, chest, arms, neck, head, reaching finally to the crown and like a whale it spurts out.

This energy has come from the earth and it has brought all sorts of gunky stuff with it from your depths too, so let it wash this stuff out and over you and the energy that rains cleanses that also, so keep going, i know it can be a little hard to see this at first, or maybe you see all sorts of things, like colours, of the rainbow, but whatever you do is fine, that is your technique, this was mine... Love


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We all strive to be HIGH VIBE HUMANS. We strive to walk with love, bringing positivity into the spaces we live. Sometimes we need help doing that.

J. Lauryn's voice and down to earth lyrics helped me maintain a high vibe.

I first heard "Live Aloha" on Bring Me 2 Life Radio. She has won a Songwriter Grammy in 2017, co-writing a song with Ziggy Marley. Her Album "Golden Year" is nominated for Album of the Year at the Crystal Chalice Awards sponsored by Bring Me 2 Life Radio.

You can vote for her album >> Here 

I have listened to this album so many times I swear my disinterested roommate could begrudgingly quote it. I have listed my favorite songs below with a brief description to give you an idea of how good this album is.

#1 song "Live Aloha" : this is an energetic melody that reaches the soul in an instant. The upbeat instruments invite us to relax into the moment, while J. Lauryn's voice awakens feelings of love and gratitude. As I continue to listen, I'm transported to an island shore, no longer feeling restrained, my mind is being swept away by the music. The rhythm sways my body like palm trees in the breeze during a sunset. The lyrics strike deep at my heart strings, ringing out truth and love for all creation. And when the song is over a strong urge rises up to push the repeat button. Like a wave on the ocean destined to crash upon the beach; it is my fingers destiny to replay the song.

#2 song "Vibes & hiGHS": is a reggae inspired beat that continues to raise the vibes. I would say this song is dope, and would be right! There are many references to Weed and easy living. This is a song I would blast to chase away the winter blues, or a bad hair day. The lyrics drop down to earth reminders about not letting negativity get to you.

#3 Don't Touch: is a sexy empowerment song that reinforces the importance of consent. "You can look you can watch, but please don't touch" is the chorus. This warning is rightly given because the beats in this song will have your booty bouncing. This party song is sure to please at your pals.

J. Lauryn pours her heart & soul into her music. She has stated that she is speaking her truth and spreading love through her lyrics. This album, and other singles, are helping to raise the vibration in the music industry. She is helping to promote awareness of Mother Earth, and the inter-connectedness of all humans and animals. Take a moment to listen to her songs. If you agree with her lyrics, then take some time to vote for her. You can vote for her album >> Here 

I wanted to share this High Vibe Human's music with you, because it is important to support, promote, and lift up positive things. Often it is easy to dwell on the negative or remember bad things over the good. This music is one way to break the cycle of negativity.

That's all I have for you this week. Until next time...


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You are important. You are beautiful. Everything that you do matters.

Here is some video I filmed during my Shiftivsm downtown during a street festival in my city of London, Ontario, Canada to do some Inspirational Conscious Flowetry on the spot to help spark the spirit and accelerate the shift. Using the power of spoken word and sound to hack the matrix with love.

Of course this clip is only a fraction of the time I spent on the street. Alot of it was also just sharing compliments with people walking by and reminding them that they are loved. As part of my tactics I had my Free Hugs sign placed near by, and when people came up and talked to me and got a Free Hug I would also give them a Shift Button to connect them with the community and ongoing story and also our local Paradigm Shift London meet ups. Often times when people were walking by I would just invite them to remind their friends that they care about them and prompt them to hug their friends right there on the spot - and they did! It was an awesome experience and I look forward to playing around more with its potential

Leading up to doing the flowetry on the mic this it took alot of practice and courage to make it happen - but I am glad I did. And now having since done it and earned that new confidence I now have additional new abilities unlocked as a Shifter which I will continue to use to help shift the paradigms and inspire others how I can through the power of the heart and the magic of art.


Prior to doing the conscious flowetry I was also doing my Mystic Spiderman stuff for quite awhile, spinning my Light Saber and doing Free Hugs and Jedi stuff and sharing Shift Buttons and just talking to people and making meaningful connections. All of this primarily took place off camera but a few other people snapped some pictures which was cool. Doing it off camera was important for me because it allowed me to practice recording it first and foremost with my heart and focusing more on the interactions with the people I met. It was really awesome when I connected with some younger kids and invited them to help me out with the Free Hugs while we worked together as a team, while reminding them that the most important super power that each one of us has is the power of the heart. More and more people are slowly beginning to cross paths and hear about Mystic Spiderman within our city as we are all continue to remember that even though Mystic Spiderman may exist as an icon - the message is that you don't need to dress like a superhero to be one - because you already are one as much as you choose to be.

You can do this where you are too. How will you bring the Shift to the streets of your city?

Rebirth Babylon from Within.

Remember, little things make the bigger difference.

Thank you for your support in helping us bring this shift to the streets.

If you appreciate what I do and would like to help us reach more people you are invited to support the team and myself in doing more through the patreon and get your Shifter Booster Kit at

0N3 L0V3 

- Brendon


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Towards the end of 2013 I had my Awakening.

It was a single selenite crystal egg I bought that transformed my shift in consciousness. I knew I had a strong connection with crystals, and as I meditated with them my visions became clear as movies. One day I went to my mom's house and decide to try a native American drum mediation. This is what I saw, this is what I felt, this is what I heard.

The drums started beating,  focusing on my spirit animal. A green Asian dragon came before me. I climbed on his back and he took me down a hole in the earth. As we descended I could feel pressure on my chest, the deeper we descended, the stronger the feeling grew. Then we entered through the tunnel and he flew me over a swamp to get familiar with the land. He landed and told me to walk. I was in Buddhist robes with my left arm covered in wraps. I walked and a tiger came to me. It bowed its head and turned around and I followed him.

Then I was suddenly in a frozen wasteland in a blizzard dressed in fur walking against the howling wind. Then a white wolf approached me and did the same as the tiger.

He took me to a temple and I walked through. At this point I could see myself with the tiger and the wolf in both realms. The tiger has also taken me to a temple. It was dark but enough light to see and continue.  As a approached the center of the temple. When I was in the swamp temple I could see a ice like crystal floating in the air. In the ice temple I could see a fire crystal floating. Then the crystals came together and started floating in a circle with each other and they were no longer in the temple.... Then Everything turned black with only a green snake with golden eyes staring in the darkness with his head held up.


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Late at night I felt the inspiration to channel this message to share my heart with yours. 

This is a technique for healing yourself, for connecting to energy, for recognizing our divine nature, for loving ourselves daily.

Love from Me.


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