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A real world interactive game to help shift consciousness.
Creating conscious media and a global team of Shifters and Paradigm Shift Communities.
-- Hacking the Matrix with Love --

Shifters earn Shift Points in exchange for
successfully creating Quest Journals and Conscious Articles,
along with other game related tasks.
Shift Points can be exchanged for Shift Buttons
once the Team Patreon reaches the 1111 milestone.


How to Play Paradigm Shift Central

How to Play Paradigm Shift Central

(Visit the About section to learn about the project origins.)

 Key Points:

- By being part of a global team of Shifters / Light Guardians. People intentionally helping assist with the shift in consciousness. 

- By learning to create conscious media and documenting the shift in consciousness. Creating things such as journals, dream logs, Shiftivism adventures, videos, audio, images, poetry, and much more.

- By sharing your documentation through Quest Journals and Conscious Articles that are shared and broadcasted through the network to a global audience. 

 - By participating online through Live Chat, the Global Team Map, Team Building Video Hangouts, Dream ClassParadigm Shift Destiny School, Community Admin Meetings, and other broadcasted events. 

- By creating and growing a Paradigm Shift Community where you are, which at its core is about regular open-minded discussion and meditation circles. Help find the others, build the tribe, and accelerate your personal growth as a leader / facilitator as well as the collective community.
 (Community Start Up Guide - Click Here)

- By acquiring Shift Buttons to use as tools/quest items within the game to evoke synchronicity, find other Shifters, start conscious conversations, plant seeds, and build conscious community where you are. (Shifter Booster Kit available for Monthly Support Squad at $3.)

- By engaging in acts of Shiftivism - intentional acts of love to help assist in the shift in consciousness, such as Free Hugs and strategically sharing Shift Buttons, etc. 

- By working towards self improvement, finding new courage within yourself, becoming more of who you are, sharing your story/adventure, gaining new experiences, leveling up, inspiring others, helping change the world, and choosing to be the change you wish to see. 

- By continuing to wake up to our potential within the dream.


Watch this tutorial video for more insight on Hacking the Matrix with Love through acts of Shiftiivsm and how to play. 

Additional Inspirational Poetry & Free Hugs video for further inspiration and crystallization. 

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Welcome to the Team.

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