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Central News

The Shift Begins from Within.

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Live broadcast begins at 9:36pm EST, Thurs, June 1st, 2017.


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Welcome Shifters!  Once again we are moving into a new form of team evolution within the Paradigm Shift Central game. The Game Relaunch is in recognition that the website is now operating as the newly upgraded virtual digital metaphysical spaceship that it is. From this moment onwards the game will be existing in a more dynamic, focused, creative, technologically intuitive, and team oriented way. Be sure to learn about how to use the website simply by intuitively clicking around. Be sure to also take a look at the Shift Teams and decide to join any now. More will be existing in the future too.  Moving forward from here the website will be activated as a 24/7 team creative portal. Team members are invited to hangout throughout the day to work on individual or team projects, or simply converse. Allowing people to explore and find their place within the ship, while practicing our roles as conscious media creators, and evolving into our potentials as Shifters / Light Guardians. 

This broadcast will exist as a celebration, introduction, and intention setting opportunity. Thank you again for choosing to be here in this now. The full now - existing as all that is between past present and future. 

We have arrived. Welcome to Paradigm Shift Central. May you find inspiration in this moment! 

0N3 L0V3

- Brendon
aka Skull Babylon
aka Wolf-Shield


Be Inspired. Be Involved. 
Be a Part of the Shift.

Paradigm Shift Central is a global team of Shifters. People actively helping assist with the shift in consciousness through intentional acts of compassion and creativity. An ancient futuristic team of Light Guardians. Jedi. 
As part of the real world game, Shifters are encouraged to interact through the various communication branches within the game website, including team building hangouts. 
Week to week the game continues to evolve through the real life stories of those involved. 

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Neo-gonzo Journalist of the Future. Director / Team Captain for Paradigm Shift Central.
A shadow in the dark, a voice in the void, a ripple, a wave, a moment...

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About Central News

Central News features Game Updates and primary Live Broadcasts that players are encouraged to take part in. Including Team Building Broadcasts, Dream Class, Destiny School, Admin Meetings, Global Meditations, and more.

Create conscious media, build conscious community, and help document and accelerate the shift in consciousness.

Be a part of the team and contribute to the unfolding real world story. 

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