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'Through the magic of the silver screen, we see the reflection of our spiritual journey unfold before us, once again.'


Gods of Egypt is the Hollywood movie that literally every single mainstream critic is bashing and claiming to be "the epitome of everything wrong with big-budget movie making today." Critics and movie goers alike are literally loathing and fuming about just how much they HATE this movie. They will tell you that there is not one redeemable quality to it and that people should only watch it to laugh at how horrible it is. 

And yet…. in the chaos of all the hate, I for one choose to take a stand. As an act of rebellion and courage in the face of those who will stare me down with raised eyebrows and throw direct insults my way - I for one choose to be a voice for the deeper conscious story that this movie is actually about, why I enjoyed it, the potent ideas it brings to my attention, and why I think more people should see it too. 

I personally believe that movies are consciously and unconsciously being used as vehicles for consciousness to do what it can to help wake itself up to bigger metaphysical ideas. To remind us more about this reality and our potential within it. 

Watch my Conscious Movie Review and / or keep reading below to find out why I think this movie is worth paying attention.

As a brief overview - this movie is a reflection of our collective hero's journey told through the story of Horus and his path of personal transformation and alchemy from the reluctant hero into a man of nobility and virtue. 

Plot wise - Horus's journey begins on the day he is to be crowned the new king of Egypt by his father Osiris. But just before this can happen, Osiris's envious brother Set intervenes. He kills Osiris, defeats Horus, rips out his eyes and banishes Horus from the kingdom. Years pass, and Egypt falls into a state of despair under Set's rule. Horus hides away hopelessly, until a young mortal named Bek steals back one of his eyes and encourages Horus to rise up and reclaim his place as king in order to restore order in the wake of chaos. 

Through this journey we see a reflection of our own collective spiritual path about awakening our internal and eternal strength and stepping into our destiny while simultaneously being in service to others. Along the way there are many more conscious themes and lessons that one can see and recognize as meaningful spiritual medicine that we will discus later on.  

Now of course, if you have only seen the trailers or posters or even seen the movie yourself - you may be amongst some of the many people saying and asking "Brendon, what about the white-washing of the cast!? THE WHITE-WASHING!!!" We'll, I do have a response to that - and it may seem quite radical to some. But in order to properly explain it, first we must explain some things about the movie that the trailers and posters were simply unable to fully convey. 

So let's talk about the white-washing, shall we?

People know that Egyptians of the day were obviously not a bunch of white guys - especially the kings and queens. Yet, within the context of this movie's story is it possible for the characters of the gods to be portrayed as white people? To a degree - yes. Now of course I understand why people are upset about the main gods being white, even though there are actually gods of many colour within the movie, including Thoth.

(Thoth - God of Wisdom)

Naturally so, the majority of the mainstream opinion about this representation has been narrowed primarily through anger and sensitivity of the issue. In order to explain more properly, we have to look at the whole picture of the movie - not just what our anger is focusing on.  

You see, the Egypt we see in this movie is NOT the Egypt we know about from our text books. The director intentionally aimed to tell a different story - one few talk about - especially within the mainstream. This movie is not suppose to be about the Egypt we know - but rather - it is about the Egypt we have forgotten…theoretically. This Egypt is something much more similar to the lost civilization of Atlantis and exists in a period that predates told records of our human history. It is in ways technologically more advanced and magical. (Pyramid power anyone?)

And so why does this matter? Allow me to explain further. 

In the same way that this is not the Egypt we know - these are not even the gods we know (depending on who you talk to). As to who the Egyptian gods were within actual known historical context is still a bit of a mystery. Were they actually people? Were they myths? OR were they more consciously evolved humanoids from another part of the universe who existed for eons prior and then decided to come to earth for the sake of creation and unique experience while living amongst the kingdoms they created and allied mortals of their time? If you are a fan of door number three - then you are probably going to like this movie. 

( Take note that I am intentionally using lower case 'g' gods as to not confuse them with the 'God' that we might associate with the all encompassing hyperdelic oversoul conscious awareness of this light matrix. )

The gods we see in this movie are much more similar to 'aliens', even though they obviously look like humans (except they are taller, and can transform using the will of their mind). Because yes - as a side note - my best guess is that the humanoid form is a common form found throughout the universe that has existed long before and after the humans of Earth. Within this context, we can assume safely that these gods are not OF Egypt, but rather IN Egypt. Meaning that they could easily have existed elsewhere in the universe on another planet in a different climate and in which case the colour of their skin is not logically going to be determined by the geography of Earth. 

So therefore, in the context of this movie - we ultimately see gods/alien humanoids of many colours. <3 

(IMPORTANT SIDE NOTE: The Atlantis type Egypt we see in the movie begins as lush and green - not the desert climate we know Egypt for today. Which is historically part of the reason for peoples dark skin colour as a result of intelligent biologically reaction to protect them from ultraviolet rays over time. Since this Egypt is different, one can assume that this explains why there are white people within the Egypt we see in the movie. )

Now with all this said… there is one more key thing worth thinking about that brings this all together, and is part of my main motivation for writing this whole article. But in order to do that - we need to get a little bit more multi-dimensional. 

Whether peoples' skin is black, white, or anything in between, the truth is... that we are actually all blue people. 

< Take a moment to say 'what the funk…' if this is new to you. >

You see. Our perception of our base-line reality is constructed via a series of very intricately well placed filters and illusions in order for it to look the way it does as a part of our own path of living through our divine remembrance as multi-dimensional beings. Right now, everything you are seeing is actually the exact opposite colour of what things 'actually are' within the source of 'higher dimensions'. If you go into photoshop and invert an image you will see for yourself. What this means is that beyond the illusion of our filtered reality - as I already said - we are all blue/cyan people.

Now of course, many of us have already seen or heard about this idea before (whether we were conscious of it or not). In particular through depictions of Hindu gods. The reason for this is because often times the yogis and artist would literally see and communicate with an awareness of these gods within dimensions of deep meditation or dream like states where the filters were unapplied - and thus they saw them in their unfiltered all glorious blue form that they are - that we are.


This knowledge is actually quite prominent throughout culture, whether it has been conscious or unconscious. Think about the characters of Avatar (spiritually advanced race), Smurfs (multi-dimensional gnome beings), Dr. Manhattan (god-like entity), and many more. This is not an accident - this is consciousness doing what it can to help awake itself up.

(We are the blue people we have been waiting for.)

Personally I believe that this hidden knowledge is actually a primary key within our collective awakening towards awareness of unity and ultra-compassion. The sooner we stop labelling ourselves as 'white' and 'black' and instead realize that regardless of labels we are actually all the same - the sooner we can see past trivial notions of skin colour and enjoy and appreciate each other and the collective story of our human mythos. 

Humans = Hues of Mana (universal energy). We are the hues of many colour, and our unity extends beyond 'people' alone. If you really want to shift some paradigms - then technically animals are humans, insects are humans, plants are humans…. we're all freaking humans. So let's see beyond the barriers we create within our mind and see the shared spark that's within our souls. 

So if you really want to take a step back - you can look at this movie as a mirror test to show us more of ourselves based on our reactions to it. I doubt this was the intention of the studio behind the movie - but at least I got to use it as a catalyst to bring up these important points. 


So in conclusion……oh wait, right…. there's still all the other themes in the movie that I didn't even get to talking about yet :P 

Well, if you didn't watch the video above, check that out because that covers the topics too. But the short form of the conscious themes worth noting are:

- Horus = God of Air = Skywalker mythos = symbol of higher awareness being brought back down to earth to collectively share and embody within our physical existence. Within the movie Horus's journey is about stepping into his destiny by realizing that true power lies in our ability to give it away and help others through acts of compassion and unity.

- Eye of Ra / Horus = a potent symbol of awareness, awakening, and third eye knowledge. It's pretty cool that this symbol is being shown to the mainstream through the movie in association with Horus's journey, and over time more and more people are transmuting their perception of it into one of empowerment. 

- The gods in the movie have the ability to transform themselves with the will power of their thoughts, which reflects the idea that this reality is more dream-like and malleable then we have been lead to believe. As you think so shall you become. Your thoughts create reality concept.

- The human character of Bek is a reflection of how love can empower us to accomplish amazing feats

- The movie blatantly explains that death is not the end and reflects on our nature as eternal beings living through multiple dimensions with the gift of this mortal experience in order for us to learn, grown, and discover new strength within ourselves.

- The movie is pointing to the very interesting ideas that may there is more to our human history that we commonly think we know. 

- That maybe some aliens are actually humanoid beings like us and that there is more to our history and this universe that we have been lead to believe.

- Other cool stuff, but you got to go see the movie to know for yourself. (Know thyself.)

- The hero's journey is a cosmic reflection of our shift in consciousness and coming into our cosmic sovereignty.

SO IN CONCLUSION, now that we finally made it here, in my opinion this is a good movie. I challenge you (if you feel challenged) to challenge yourself to see beyond the illusion of the skin tones and enjoy the movie for the human journey it depicts as an opportunity to inspire the spark within you to shine even brighter within your own journey. 

Despite it's conscious themes, it is interesting to observe how the majority of culture reacted to this movie. Perhaps this is an accurate reflection of our time. Are some of us afraid of our own awakening? Is this the work of 'Agent Smith'?  

For those who see the light within this movie; do not fret the darkness. Instead let it inspire you to shine even brighter.

This movie is more than just a movie. It is an opportunity for us to see more of ourselves as we continue to become something more… 

Journey on fellow Hero.

0N3 L0V3

- Brendon Culliton
Neo-Gonzo Journalist of the Future


Please leave your thoughts and comments below! Do you agree? Disagree? 
Do you think you'll give it a chance and go see it now? Did I leave out some conscious themes that you saw?
Let's keep the conversation going!


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