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Conscious Articles

Who we wish to be tomorrow, begins with who we choose to be today…

As we enter our way through the Solar Eclipse portal on the New Moon of February 26, 2017 - let us take time to be reminded of our potential within this shared dream…  

Our lives revolve around ritual. Whether we consciously show up for them or not. Regardless of the rituals of our habits, we exist amidst the rituals of the stars. Yet with an awareness of both we can show up to meet these celestial moments to enact a conversation with the universe. To amplify our intentions moving forward for the betterment of ourselves and those around us. 

Amongst many interpretations, the Solar Eclipse is once again a potent opportunity to reflect on the aspects of rebirth. Rebirth through the transitions of winter to spring, and also rebirth within the habits and focus of our daily lives. And so let this moment now be thought of as a shared community ritual and opportunity to remember a commonly forgotten key and to tap into renewed vigilance for the journey ahead. 

Yet what is the key I speak of? 

Allow me to share it with you now. 


I'll be honest, as a fellow dreamer within the dream there is much on my mind. Reflecting on where I have been, who I am now, and who I intend to be tomorrow. The lessons I have experienced, the opportunities I have been gifted, and the responsibilities and visions I have of what is still to come. 

I know there is much for me to do, and there is so much more that I must step into (not just for myself but for others as well). But I also know that the futures I strive for are not something promised to me - but rather something that must be earned. Yet even in the midst of what can sometimes feel like daunting responsibility I feel an overwhelming sense of calmness and confidence in this moment.

My calmness to me comes from a deeper knowing one might say - of a key I hold and share with you. A remembrance of an often forgotten subtle dynamic and conversation between ourselves and the universe that happens every single moment, whether we are aware of it or not. For you see, I feel that far to often we step outside and forget our innerstanding of how this reality functions. But nonetheless, that is exactly why we are here as a team - to remind ourselves of how to optimize our efforts and step into our ability as better dreamers within the dream. Mirrors upon infinite mirrors. 

Far to often we fall into the illusion that much of what is coming into our reality (or lack there of) is a result of happenstances beyond our control. We often subconsciously choose to wait patiently for the universe to roll its own dice while we cross our fingers for the outcome we desire. So often we forget… and we slip into the belief that the actions we make in our daily routines are separate from the external opportunities which await before us on our paths. When in reality, from my own gnosis, we have far more impact on our future from the present moment than we realize. 

For example - say you are working on manifesting something like a new job that you desire, or you are intending to align with a new living situation, or make new connections with community, or an opportunity for a new creative endeavour, or it could even be something currently unknown to you yet still coming your way. Often times we put the intention out there like placing an order to the universe. "This is what I would like. Please give it to me." But what happens when things do not come to you within a timely manner as hoped for. Do you get impatient? Do you get frustrated? Do you get mad at the universe? Do you create the dialogue of "Oh well that sucks, but its beyond my control and all I can do is keep waiting or just give up…. sigh…" And if you do - that's totally human, and in many ways a story that is all to common. BUT what if we have it backwards…. what if we are not waiting on the universe. What if the universe is waiting on us?

What so many of us have forgotten is that in the subtle conversation with the universe, it (us) will not give us what we seek until we have proven that we are ready to receive and hold it.  

For you see, I innerstand (and invite you to remember), that this reality is holographic not simply for practical purposes, but also for our own favour when moving forward. What I mean by this is that if you have a vision, a wish, a desire, a yearning for a reality that you feel called to - then one of the best ways to meet that reality is by showing up for it today. And how do we show up for it? We show up for it by demonstrating our determination, tenacity, strength, and trust. We show up for it by showing up for ourselves through acts of self love such as intentional creative and artistic expression, shifting habits that no longer serve us, physical exercise for body and mind, mindful diet, honest communication, opening our hearts, and bravery to push our edges and go outside our comfort zones. 

By being more responsible and vigilant and dedicated and focused and persistent with our day to day actions we we step into the conversation we are having with the universe and put forth the message "Yes, I am serious (Sirius) about what I am here to create and ready to receive." Once we begin putting out this signal, the bigger parts of us that exist beyond this present moment acknowledge and honour it. And with further patience and trust we soon find that what we wish to receive is right before us…. but only if we are ready to earn it. Call this a part of law of attraction if you want, I think of it as just another part of the holographic dynamics of this reality that are there in our favour. 

And so the message of all this that I have for us is to "Earn it." And the key of this knowledge is what can give us the strength to do so. If you are one of many people who is in a rut, know that there is always hope. What's that? You're facing a challenge? Work on yourself. What's that? You have a big dream you want to manifest? Work on yourself. Be fully responsible for who you are and the subtle conversations you are having with the universe that takes place beyond this present moment. From where we are now we are constantly putting forth branches like tendrils into the future. Those branches reach for the light, connect to the realities we wish for, and establish a path that our soul can follow. If you are not working on yourself, then you are not sending out those branches with as much intention as you could, and thus they fail to utilize and make use of the purpose as to why they are there - to align yourselves with the realities you seek. 

You have everything you need within arms reach. 

Know, trust, and be. 

So yes, in conclusion - one of the best ways to change your external circumstances is by putting more intention towards the work you do on yourself (Your Elf). Just like a mirror, your outer world will begin reflecting back to you what you are ready for. Let us reclaim our power as masters of our own lives. I believe that we have the soulutions for any situation inside of us. And the idea of working on ourselves to change our external reality is an incredibly potent hack that I wish more and more of us were aware of. But as simple as it is to tell someone, the best way for them to know is by experiencing it themselves. 

As for myself, I have some big missions on the horizon. And in many ways they teeter on the edge of fate. Things could go one way or the other. But I know that though it may appear as if it is beyond my control, its actually not. For the way in which my fate swings will be a reflection of who I am when I show up for that moment. If I am lazy and expect the universe to give me what I wish just because I show up at that moment - then I am a fool. Rather I know that I must work on myself now and show up as best as I can to that moment, knowing that I have put forth an honest effort, and in turn the universe will grant me the wish I not only seek… but what I must earn. What we all must earn. 

And so, in synch with the potency of the Eclipse and New Moon portal, I invite all of us to use this time of collective ritual and upgrades to put forth the intention of stepping into the ongoing narratives of our story with deeper knowing, trust, and intention. Intention to be fully responsible for who we are, motivated by the remembrance and trust of this key, and to have fun doing so. To put forth our honest efforts. To play with the dynamics of who we are - knowing that every act of self love is bringing us closer to the ongoing exciting aspects of our journey and the dream we are creating together. 

For you see, we are, and always have been the dream awakening to itself. 

Now let's go kick some cosmic butt!

Go Team Shift!

0N3 L0V3 

- Brendon 


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