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Conscious Articles

Welcome to SHINING STARS, a new inspirational series presented by Paradigm Shift Central. The series will feature ongoing interviews with metaphysical conscious creators in the community!
Here is our debut episode with our friend Bridget Nielsen - Starseed Ambassador.
Bridget is an avid conscious media creator who does an excellent job of bringing intelligent perspectives and conversations to some of the bigger questions in life related to aliens and the Starseed phenomena. Are there people here on earth right now who have direct linage to extra terrestrial races? Are they here for a reason? What lessons are aliens trying to teach us about ourselves and this multi-dimensional reality? 

Beyond the Starseed topic she is not shy to explore further into any question people may have, be it about ancient giants, elusive reptilians, parallel dimensions, direct contact experience, the overall shift in consciousness, and much more. 

In addition to focusing on creating a community for those naturally drawn to these topics, she is also avid about promoting overall conscious health and well being. She loves traveling and has been to many sacred sites across the world. 

She is a brave, well spoken, and inspirational leader within this community and we are happy to introduce her story to more people!

Key Topics: The Starseed activation, role of Starseeds, Aliens, Ufos, Crop Circles, The Elf Zone, and more. <3

Enjoy the interview!


As an added BONUS VIDEO, here is the extra interview Bridget and I did in which she interviewed me about the Paradigm Shift project and we got into more topics related to Starseeds and my personal perspectives on it and how we can bring it back down to earth. 

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Thank you again and 0N3 L0V3

- Brendon 


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A shadow in the dark, a voice in the void, a ripple, a wave, a moment...

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