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About Conscious Articles

Conscious Articles are pieces of media (written & video) created with extra particular attention and intentions to help shift consciousness. Community members are encouraged to share these articles as spiritual medicine and mediums for inspirational, educational, and entertaining ideas.

What if we saw Disney movies as something more than just a quick fix that a parent can put on to keep the kids occupied on a Saturday afternoon?  What if some Disney movies were actually intentionally created with powerful codes to help spark consciousness and inspire the viewer (child or adult alike) to step into the magic of their own journey through excitement and love?

In the case of the most recent Disney movie, Moana, I feel that this is perhaps the most potent and intentionally conscious Disney movie made to date! 

Jump right into watching the video review and find out more! 

(Youtube link:

I admit - going into this movie I was not entirely sure as to what to expect. It had been awhile since I had really sat down and enjoyed a recent Disney movie. Prior to seeing this one I intentionally skipped out on actually watching Frozen - so my opinion on Disney was a relatively blank slate. Though I admit this one had caught my attention... and I was curious. The trailers in themselves don't really get into the level of consciousness that the movie represents. Often focusing more on the jokes and cuteness, but still representing the overall themes of adventure. Yet within the trailers I did catch glimpses of some blatant fibonacci spirals that peaked my interest. Though I was unsure of the whole story - I was undeniably drawn to see what was at hand. 

Needless to say this movie had my heart twanging within the first minutes of the film! Right at the beginning, as explained in the review, we see a beautiful representation of the Mother Goddess archetype on screen as part of the back story. The abundance of Fibonacci spirals, the beautiful greens, the art style, the music. It was all there - and to me it said that "Hey, the people who are working on this movie... they know a thing or two, and they are making it with conscious intent." 

Movies are such an incredible opportunity to share powerful information and messages with an audience. In today's day and age it would seem that attention is the most sought after commodity by businesses and corporations. And so how much of a treat is it when you as a creator can be given the privilege of being granted someones attention for 90+ minutes.  What an amazing opportunity to speak to a person. What would you say to them? What would you show them? What would you reveal to them?

The story of Maona is an incredibly potent and well told one. The characters are rich, real, and inspiring. Moana as an individual is a bold mirror for a part of ourselves that many of us can relate to. The part of us that feels a longing sense of duty to help the world and the people we love - and also the part of us that seeks adventure and the mystery of the unknown. Often times we as individuals seek adventure not just purely for the sake of how it makes us feel or the dopamine it releases - but because we seek to see who we will be in that moments of adventure. We seek to see the choices we will make, and in turn get to know more of who we are. Who we are in the face of adversity. Who we are when we must step forward with courage. Who we are when we feel a deep connection with our life path and our service for others and the strength we step into when doing so. Moana echos this. And for me, the story of Moana is the story of the Light Guardians, the Jedi, the Light Workers. All of us.... "Light the Torch". Illuminate your own spirit and live in such a way that others will see the light from within you as a reflection of their own, and in turn helping them step into their own light and "Find the Way".

In addition to Moana, it seems that some of the most conscious heart opening and inspiring movies around these days are animated movies. Now of course the animated movies are often promoted towards children, but it is obvious that they are made for anyone of all ages. Just off the top of my head, some of the recent animated movies that are incredibly moving include movies like The Little Prince, The Lego Movie, The Legend of the Guardians: Owls of Ga'hoole, Secret of the Kells, Princess Mononoke, and so much more. I feel that the reason for this is because as of only recently we have entered into a new realm of animated movies in which anything and everything is possible. Therefore there is nothing to hold back. The limit is the infinite expanse of our imagination. And as such, they are a powerful medium for consciousness as a collective to work through to help wake itself up. These movies can go as deep as they wish and by the time you finish watching them you feel as if you have witnessed the meaning of life, and in turn, you are now a slightly different person. 

The beauty of movies, art, and magic is that they in themselves are changing the world. To many it is in a way that is almost invisible - but for those with the eyes to see it is blatant. The movies plant seeds - and naturally so - those seeds grow over time. A young child who sees Moana today will likely feel the call to help create the world of tomorrow and stand for their intuitive knowing of our connection to the Mother Goddess. It is beautiful to think of the simplicity in knowing that the change that an individual experiences will in turn change the world. This has always been - and always will be.

Personally I would love the chance to sit down and talk to some of the film makers of Moana and ask them about their intentions while working on the movie. It is clear that this movie is one of the most spiritually fuelled Disney movies. The setting of the culture represented in the movie allows this to be so, as it roots into some of the traditional perceptions of our interconnection to all things. The movie brings in potent themes of intuition, listening to your heart, life beyond death, the power of the conscious mind, and perhaps one of the most important - the transformation of the princess / prince archetype into a role of humble duty in service to others. 

For you see - at the end of the day, the prince and the princess is something within each and every one of us. I personally believe that the realization of this is a key next step in the evolution of our consciousness. To see ourselves as such is to in turn see the potential as well as the duty, responsibility and honour we carry with us to be a prince and princess for consciousness itself. To open our own hearts, and in turn, bring more heart back in to the world. 

So be it Moana, or many other movies - I am excited that we live in a time when story telling has reached such amazing potential to reflect the limitlessness of our imagination, and the expression of the soul. I invite you to watch Moana as an experience for your spirit, and to allow it to Light your Torch and to help share more of that light where ever you may go on your voyages! 

The magic is, and always has been, very real. 


Thanks for reading! 

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- Brendon 

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