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Conscious Articles

Is it possible for us as humans to transform this tragedy into catalyst for love?
I made a video to share my thoughts. 


As a voice within the conscious community, some of you may be curious as to what I think of the situation, or what I have to say…

And so I will remind us this…In the tests and trials of darkness, we are called to shine a brighter light. 

"Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that." - Martin Luther King, Jr. 

What happens when we look at this from a top down perspective in theme with the concept that THIS TOO is consciousness doing this to itself (for a purpose of its greater growth)? Even in the acts of chaos and randomness, there is still reason…one might say.  But what reason could there possibly be in this? How can the universal love of reality disguise itself as such turmoil? From one perspective, it is an effective way to remind us that we are all one when reality smashes someone elses hand with a hammer and YOU feel it.

The impact IS felt. And now WE CHOOSE on how we respond. 

Let us reflect and acknowledge our experience of this. There is grief, there is sadness - why? Because we fucking love each other so fucking much. As humans to humans, we really do. Regardless of the noise we hide behind in our daily nuisances, behind that we really do see each other as a global family. Before race, before nationality, we are all human (hue of mana)…and before human, we are all consciousness. We care about each other. 

And so in this self-created now, let us transform our sorrow into courages intentions of love. Sometimes it takes bravery to be love. So be brave. Knowing that we are going through this together, and knowing that we are testing ourselves. Honour all that you feel in this moment, experience it - you hurt because you are connected. This too is a global and internal opportunity to practice alchemy. Transform this situation inside you, transcend above being a slave to our anger, and let it be fuel to shine your lanterns even brighter. 

There are already people in Paris gathering in meditation. Upon reading this I invite us to meditate together towards intentions of healing, bravery, and continued transformation.

We are 0N3. I am love with you.

- Brendon 

#peaceforparis #love 

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