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Conscious Articles

Prior to going into the Super Bowl my primary interest was on the esoteric symbolism that would be used within the half-time show this year. Within the past decade the half-time shows have consistently been used as mega rituals due to their mass audience. Now most people will tell you about how they are used to program people further into unconsciousness, but this year... things were different.

I honestly did not really watch the game much, and thus missed the half-time show. But a short while later I noticed a very plesant surprise in the very top of my news feed. 

Oh snap. 
Plot Twist - The illuminutty used the Super Bowl to promote love and unity!

How did this happen!? Who was playing at the show this year? Well, Beyonce of course, but there was also Coldplay...
Now I think everyone can agree that Coldplay has touched their heart at some point over the years, but there was more to it than that. 

I havn't gotten around to listening to Coldplay's most recent album "Head Full of Dreams" BUT it did show up on my radar awhile back when a friend told me about it. The title alone sparks my interest relative to conscious themes of lucidity and dream exploration. But the obvious bridge is that the album cover itself is a rainbow shaded flower of life. Needless to say, I was excited to see just what had happened. 

The lead singer of Coldplay is Chris Martin. Whether or not he has allegedly worked with psychedelics  - it is pretty obvious that he, and the other band mates, have stepped into conscious awareness of concepts like sacred geometry and correlating themes related to spirituality, metaphysics, a realization of our inner-connectedness, our potential to co-create within THIS dream, and the power of love. 

So just what exactly went down. Three words: 

Mass sigil broadcast. 
A sigil is another word for a symbol with particular intention and ideas to it. You see, when it comes to reality, there is this concept that when people see symbols, their sub-conscious will automatically download universal information about it. It's like a deeper part of us opens up a message, regardless of whether we are aware of it or not. And so in this case, at this years Super Bowl everyone simultaneously saw a very potent - very ancient - and very meaningful symbol: the flower of life, or seed of life (depending on who you ask). Or just call it sacred geometry...or sacred g. 

This matters because that symbol is something we can see all throughout ancient cultures, and for good reason.  It is a symbol that the deeper universal part of our (s)elf knows quite well. As we see it, and as we begin noticing it showing up in our reality, and being getting curious about what it is, and begin learning about it - we begin to understand why it plays a very interesting process within a persons awakening, because of what it points to.

In retrospect, as consciousness, considering how potent of an opportunity this was to deliver a mass message - this is a pretty good reason for making the Super Bowl exist. Also, as an added bonus - all of this happened on the night of the New Moon - which many recognize as being a great metaphysical time to set new intentions. Be they personally, or globally.

Essentially we recognize the flower of life because it literally is us. It is a cosmic mirror and map in perhaps the most simplest sense. Oppose to just one circle - these multiple overlapping circles are a reflection of the fundamental pattern that is found all throughout this holographic matrix.  Though it can be hidden within the illusion of what the world appears to look like - essentially - is is everywhere. We know this because we can even see it within the initial stages of cell growth. One circle multiples itself upon its X, Y, and Z axis of space, and thus complexity evolves from simplicity. Out of one pattern can come many many patterns when additional variables are added to the equations. Reality uses this pattern and repeats it over and over again.

You see, the universe has no need to invent new patterns as it gets bigger or smaller. Instead it can continue to unfold using using this PLUS the universal spiral pattern that many know as the fibonacci spiral. WHICH also appeared animated over top of the flower of life that we saw on the stage in the gif above. Essentially this is where the phrase "as above, so below" gets its legitimacy. Infinity is the universes nature since shapes can fit inside other shapes. The spiral of our finger tip is the spiral of a galaxy. The veins in our arms, are the branches of a tree. We are not separate from the universe - you are a crystalized portion of it, choosing to experience itself as human so that it can learn and grow in unique and exciting ways.

You are not a drop in the ocean, you are the ocean in a drop.

There is obviously more to this, which is why I encourage all of us to continue to explore the topic of sacred geometry as an important dot to connect to within this bigger picture. It is a key for being able to practically wrap our minds around the concept of infinity, and eventually our nature as multi-dimensional beings. It is literally something you can study and meditate on and overtime it will continue to reveal more and more to you.

(Middle Image by Alex Grey

The key in thinking about sacred geometry is also in being able to realize that each of us is one of those circles, and thus each of us is very much the same thing. We were often raised in a society that tends to promote the idea that we are all seperate from one another. But, as one will realize for themselves, that is simply an illusion. And the flower of life helps us see beyond it, and brings us into a more holistic view of the world and of ourselves. Oneness. One in which we care about others because we see them as an extension of ourselves - as one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively.

Throughout the show, the flower of life was fairly present, appearing on both the clothing of the musicians, the graphics, and the choreography. So shoutout to Coldplay, all the artists out there, and everyone else, for helping make this happen - for intentionally helping shift consciousness through the magic of art. There are light workers everywhere - and if you have the eyes to see it, you will notice it emerging through many forms of mainstream media now - helping us collectively remember who we are as we continue to awaken within the dream. Rebirth from within.

In many ways, this happening great news for the whole team, and something we can all be pretty excited about. Wow... one of the most potent symbols of awakening has just been shown to millions...

**EDIT - Now some people will read this, and say "you are delusional if you think 'they' did this to help us." But in response to that I encourage us to step back and remove the idea of 'us vs them'. There is only us. Consciousness. Unfolding through this multi-dimensional reality not just with the intention to 'make itself happy', but rather to evolve its consciousness. And so, when it comes to growing a seed, it's important that you cover it with dirt. And over time that seed will mature, grow, and flower. As I said, maybe there is no 'them', there is only us. And within the 'us'ness of this half-time show - Coldplay, and other creative heart inspired minds, simply recognized it as the potent opportunity it was to send out a message - and so they did. 

Now as awesome as this all is, there was one final message that the show went out on. 
Thousands of audience members had signs under their seats, and when the time was right, they all held them up, coming together, and revealing a simple and beautiful message - "Believe in Love."

Love is more than just an idea - it is a path back home and an essential part of our divine remembrance and shift in consciousness.

The more that we bring it into ourselves and our own transformation, the more it continues to ripple its way into the world.

Compassion for ourselves, and others, is the key to the portal we are moving through. 

That and Free Hugs. Everyone loves Free Hugs. (Click for Videos)
(Bonus: the shirt I am wearing to hack the matrix is available until 11pm EST tonight (Feb 8) at

Believe in love, and believe in yourself. Because you are love...

Be Love.

And so... this is how the 2016 Super Bowl half-time show saved the world...

By reminding us of how we can.

Remember: this event may have been the ripple - but WE are the wave. 

Amidst all the chaos and distractions, there is indeed an awakening...

Do you feel it?

Choose to be the change you wish to see.

0N3 L0V3

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Here is a low quality video of the halftime show for now to see it for yourself.
(Update - Video replaced with another version, since the previous version was removed.)

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