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Conscious Articles

About Conscious Articles

Conscious Articles are pieces of media (written & video) created with extra particular attention and intentions to help shift consciousness. Community members are encouraged to share these articles as resources and mediums for inspirational, educational, and entertaining ideas.

Full Moon in Sagittarius - June 9th

Greetings Rainbow Warriors! 

Today I feel like starting the report with the planetary aspects.. Here is a little astrology for you all to consider. See how it aligns with and correlates to the collective energies, and what you have been processing on your own spiritual journeys. 

The same day of this full moon in Sag, Jupiter the ruler of Sag goes Direct! Also, Neptune starts  a retrograde cycle on June 16th. Jupiter was retrograde since February 9th and now goes direct at the time of the full moon. And Neptune was direct since the 19th of November, so from now until this coming November, we are able to process everything since that last cycle began.

Life and energy is a spiral. We evolve through these cycles upon cycles upon cycles. We are always shifting from birth to death, and from dying to being reborn. 

So there are two key cycles here that are shifting here in June and over the next two weeks. So you’ll see there are patterns that are coming to a close. One is the phase that began in February (represented by Jupiter in Libra) and now all that we’ve learned and integrated through those eclipses has been (finally) digested. And with the changes that have taken place from last November up until now (represented by Neptune in Pisces) we now have the opportunity to integrate those shifts, from now till this coming November. 

Chapter close. 

And since, right now, all of the personal planets are going direct, Mars, Venus, Mercury, there is a bit of a feeling of a new beginning. Venus did an epic retrograde the first half of the year in Aries and Pisces and we were all taught lessons of self love. Now as of June 6th Venus moved out of Aries and into Taurus which is a slow sensuous energy that Venusian beings would much more prefer to be in. The archetype shifts into surrendering to beauty, love, food, slowing down, relaxing and enjoying the pleasures and sensuality of life instead of battling for them. She’s only there for a month until the 5th of July. 

Now with these shifts in energy and these cycles that are completing there is a rebirthing happening from the integration. We are taking all of that information we’ve been working with since last fall and starting our personal spiritual journey of entrepreneurship (if you will) either back down the rabbit hole into our subconscious or full swing pioneering with our gifts into the world again, but either way we are beginning next cycle of our lives.

So now on a more personal level, some of you know that I’ve just come back from a two week retreat in Bolivia. Going on retreat is so personal and so inwardly transformative, that what I share in detail will be shared moderately and with discernment to keep it sacred. However, what I see that we share most with people by doing inner work like this is how we become an entirely different person through these experiences. It’s like shedding a skin. Aspects of our being are released, and we are connected more to our true nature (Soul Self) by letting go of emotional toxicity and purging out energies that need no longer be connected with our walk. 

Journeys like these are incredible. And I know there is a lot of spiritual glamour connected with being a retreat leader, but I hope one day, I can help lead and guide others through these kinds of transformations. I would like this kind of work to be a deep part of my life. 

Connected to spiritual glamour is the current lesson I am working with, and the transmission that came to share for this full moon report. Our moon lesson is: Disidentification with the Ego.

In my Baron Baptiste style yoga training, there are the ‘do’s and do not’s’ of yoga teaching. One of the do not’s of teaching yoga is, ‘Concern for looking good’. Teachers limit their freedom, their choices, and voices if we are self conscious and concerned with being right instead of just being. 

Being of service to Spirit and surrendering to Spirit’s higher plan means maybe something grand that we don't even know about yet is coming to us. But we tend to focus on what we can see, saying, ‘I want to create this specific outcome’ or ‘I want to manifest this.’ or ‘I want this as a status symbol.’ or ‘This please, universe! This.. this will make me feel complete.’

Let’s attempt disidentification with our egos, especially during this time of ambition and new phase of energy while the planets are moving forward and so are we. Remembering to notice the choice points that began in November and February and witness how everything is shifting and wrapping up. 

During our new beginning, in this time of ambition, this time of manifestation for all of our dreams and desires.. we are being asked, (or I am being shown and I share it with you) to disidentify from our egos and not pigeonhole our lives to a certain conglomeration but rather be open to a higher frequency to take over and direct us. Allow for a Higher Learning to occur. 

This is how to be. 

Really surrendering is trusting that everything is taken care of, as opposed to obsessing over outcomes, status, and outer, worldly results. Know that Spirit is working with us unconditionally and through the unconditional love of through the teams of our Guides, Angels, and Ancestors that we call it now… and all of the Bird Tribes and Rainbow Warriors and all of our assistance in our divine connection to God. Let us be channels that are open to serve love and be in service to it. 

To the extent that we are, we will then be supported and there are no limits. We will be protected, we will be supported, and we will be guided. And it is so.  

We are surrendered in service to the good of the whole and what wants to be done through us.. rather than focused narrowly on what we are wanting with our small minded egos that need to believe it is separate and everything must be in service to it.

So to the extent we identify with our egos we separate ourselves from being in this exquisite soup of creation together..  or, this Divine Orchestra. How well do we resonate with others in our ensemble and sing ceremoniously together? How do we merge our vibrations in harmony as instruments of the good, beautiful, and the true? 

The ego, though necessary, perpetuates separation and duality. But the higher consciousness of love, universally, understands oneness. 

I have yet to embody this, but I am heading this way. I am learning. Inch by inch. Step by step. 

Watch the corresponding video related to this entry for more of this download. 

Aho, Namaste and So It Is. 

In Love, Light, and Rainbow Warrior Spirit, 

Michelle Infinity




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My mission is to walk in beauty, to live in tune with the cosmic rhythms of the earth and sky and provide healing tools for others to do the same. I restore harmony by helping people attune and connect to their own inner wisdom through my ritualistic healing work. Through prayer, song, my intuitive counseling practice, sharing conscious writings, media, and visual art, I am here to awaken others to the Infinite in Everything.

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  • As a Sun in Sagittarius Specialist and Purposeful Astrology Psychologist, I approve this Informatively Engaging Post.

    Keep up your #PurposefulHustle Sister ~~
    #PurposefulSources #DivineFriendship | 777ADVENTURES
  • Beautiful!
  • Thank you for this beautiful expression and transmission Michelle. I totally resonate and look forward to more of your art :) Namaste Sister <3
This reply was deleted.

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