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Conscious Articles

It’s 2016, let go of control.


It seems the spirit guides and earthy guardians that help direct our lives, for those of us who are tuned in, tapped in, turned on (as Abraham-Hicks would say) to the more subtle dimensions of consciousness we are experiencing would like us to have more of a ‘hands off’ approach during the coming cycle of energy.

2016 is the year of the RED MONKEY. Tricky monkey, as I like to say when I meet people of that totem. It seems to me there will be lots of changes taking place. I see 2016 as a year of PRACTICE and TRANSITION before our next new phase solidifies.

And what I am receiving and being reminded of is that these changes are always for the best. The new life is always greater than the old. The next rung of the spiral is always a greater evolution than the previous one we were comfortable on.

But what the energetic and emotional truth is, is that change is scary.. and when one chapter ends.. when another door opens and a new life begins..

Stepping through that door can lead to panicky feelings arising in the body, resistance comes in the form of shadows, and issues from the past come up that we need to forgive, all so we can be ‘so fresh and so clean’ when we enter into the dawn of a new cycle of consciousness.

We all react in different tones of resistance. Some people are adventurous and optimistic. Others have anxiety and panicky emotions.

For me, there is always a deep grieving as I am processing the old. There’s this deep releasing, and a purging that needs to happen of shadow emotions. I mourn the missed opportunities I clearly see now in hindsight of the chapter that has just closed. I surrender to this process by taking inventory of all of my blind spots and adjusting to the new awareness I only see now because I have shifted frequency.

A lot of things come up to the surface when we are in these energetically shifting times.

Remember that every ending is also a cycle of rebirth. There is a new dawn upon us and we are starting our next new wave of energy in February, which catapults us forward with the new moon on the 8th. It will be a time of new life and new beginnings. A lot of us will be capitalizing during this cycle of growth through previous alignment to where we made more expansive choices, let go of fear, and surrendered to Great Spirit at the close of 2015.

And for those areas where we are still in the process of surrendering, we will be constantly reminded to take our hands off the steering wheel, to let go of control, and have faith that what is meant for us will come to us and our good will always arrive.

What is meant for us will come to us. What is yours will come to you.


I think that is a huge, poignant truth that we forget to embody in our lives. We forget so much to trust in the invisible hand that guides our way, every step, committed to our highest evolution and growth.

We forget to trust and have faith in the journey. We forget that nothing valuable is ever lost. That every lesson we learn, and every shift we go through is like peeling back the layers of an onion… going deeper and deeper to discover our root. And Spirit is guiding and directing us always to be just where we need to be. To become more of who we are fully.

Ram Dass says this beautiful quote, and as someone who has been very impatient, always wanting to be further along my path, this really speaks to me. He says, “This step, right here. This is the step I need.”

I think in surrendering to whatever step we are on and relaxing into our transitions, allows us to be more open hearted and leads to a beautiful, gentle, exquisite transformation.

A powerful question I have been recently guided to ask myself is, “What is my next right step?”

Imagine yourself in the Matrix movie. You are in a long hallway. It is full of doors...

I just read about woodpecker totem this morning. In it, it said, “To woodpecker, each tree is a door. One full of goodies and morsels hidden within it.” Every tree is a door. Imagine your life is full of doors and there are endless possibilities and potentials for you to enter into new awareness’s, new portals that will birth you into another way of being. By stepping through each doorway you become another version of yourself, more fully embodied, more comfortable on your journey, more respecting of yourself, and more grateful for life in all of its dimensions of mystery. Have faith. There will always be anxiety as we step through these portals, or right before we enter a new one.

Inside, we all have inner warriors but also inner children who want to know we are safe and cared for, comfortable and loved. Inside we are wild fire-eaters, along with aspects of ourselves that feel vulnerable to the shifting sands of transformation and change, especially when out of our hands.

It’s important to have faith, keep centered, and take your time as you are shifting frequencies. One of your forms is dying, shedding skin. During these processes of surrender there is sometimes grief. Letting go can cause anxiety, but if we are aware there is a bigger picture, a greater plan that is occurring, and also remember that the bigger the shift we feel, it is possible there will be equal measure of miracles soon to take place. Everything dances but is always in balance. This is the Tao, the Way of things. When we are able to soften to this and surrender to the journey, we remember to count our blessings. In relaxation and in gratitude, we find love through our community and in seeing our reflections in others we are guided from doorway to doorway.

Aho. Namaste. And so it is.

In Love, Light, and Warrior Spirit,

Michelle Infinity, Infinite Everything


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My mission is to walk in beauty, to live in tune with the cosmic rhythms of the earth and sky and provide healing tools for others to do the same. I restore harmony by helping people attune and connect to their own inner wisdom through my ritualistic healing work. Through prayer, song, my intuitive counseling practice, sharing conscious writings, media, and visual art, I am here to awaken others to the Infinite in Everything.

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