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Conscious Articles

Greetings fellow Rainbow Warriors and Light Guardians! How are you? It’s July and the Full Moon is in Capricorn and what I’m seeing is it’s all about WORK and the energy of work and DISCIPLINE. “What are we going to do?” What are the necessary steps to take to complete our Sacred Actions?

I spoke about the concept of Sacred Action in the last video where the New Moon was in Cancer, but it feels like that was more the dream of Sacred Action, the vision of our Sacred Actions. But now that I know what my sacred action is, and I know what I want to achieve, what duties do I have to perform in order to make it happen? What are the small tasks? The taskmaster planet, Saturn, rules Capricorn. And so it is in the small, fine-tuned details that we have to take and the daily actions step by step that help us to create our dream reality on this earth.

Sometimes working with that energy is annoying! It can be seen as a downer or it can be heavy or daunting to do these duties (and make real) these sacred acts. It’s definitely not as fun to us poetic artistic types as the dream of creating the vision and sometimes that is what prohibits us, makes us lazy, or procrastinate because we don’t want to have to do the mundane work in order to have to make the dream a reality! So for a lot of visionaries, leaders, healers, teachers and guides, (myself included) it’s difficult for us to embody these spirits, and meet these challenges in the world.

So how do we bring in that Neptunian energy, that beautiful energy of infinite love and light into this daily routine, into this daily ritual, into our daily lives? 

How do we in each small action that we undertake bring the magic and bring the love and allow love to be our guide and lead us into building this new reality that we know is possible, creating this new consciousness, creating this new world together?

So, Saturn and Capricorn energy it can be heavy but also there are fruits. If we do the planting, if we do the weed pulling and create the garden, then we can have plants and crops, food and fruition. We can use this time as a time of planting seeds and labor. I feel like these next two weeks are about taking the right steps, taking the right actions (though they can be daunting) as we enter this cycle of energy that we are preparing for which leads us to harvest time in the fall. Right now actually (and through August) that is literally what we are doing, so we have to think of how are we preparing for harvest and what do we want to create what do we want to reap? And whatever we want to reap we have to sow those seeds right now.

So it’s a time of sowing seeds, planting and cultivating our gifts, and paying attention to life

I’ll use myself as an example. For a long time I was a yoga teacher, and then for a while I stopped teaching because there were aspects of my environment that weren’t helping my growth. So I had to realign myself to my truth, and find my inner integrity as a teacher of yoga. And now the universe is reflecting to me in many ways that the language of Yoga is a method I can use to bring healing to many. So being a yoga teacher has presented itself in my life again. And it’s very healing and very empowering to be a yoga teacher for many reasons, and those of you who teach yoga or anything, know what I’m talking about. So life is presenting me with symbols that are telling me to craft this gift that I have. I have a gift for teaching yoga, (as well as doing readings, which I mention in the video) and it’s important that I recognize it, that I honor it, and that I continue to cultivate that gift.

So what gifts do you have in your life that you are being shown from the universe that you get to cultivate in order to empower yourself? And feel good to you to cultivate? Maybe it’s daunting, maybe there are parts of that gift that are more linear - like for example in order to teach yoga you have to build a sequence, you have to commit to certain dates, and market your classes. There are aspects of every job and every sacred duty and each sacred action that you have to perform that are more.. managerial.. and those tasks are not as fun as the liberating effects of just intuitively teaching the class. But you have to do the prep work in order to have (and allow for) the intuition.

This duality, this yang and yin (or yab and yum as I study more and more of Tantra) is the masculine and feminine – the duty and the inspiration that go hand and hand with each other. Good and bad are mixed. All polarities are one in unison. And that is why you can look at the world and God as duality and oneness simultaneously.

So I wish you all blessings on your journey. May you experience life as you know it to be rich and full, complex and beautiful, kind and wise and giving. May you plant your seeds over this next month’s cycle till the next full moon, or for the next two weeks till the new moon in Leo August 2nd where Mars really picks up speed and moves into Sagittarius again. Remember to think in a bigger picture of what you want to consciously sow now that you’d like to reap in the coming year that you get to practice throughout December.

Aho. Namaste. And so it is.

In love, light, and warrior spirit,

Michelle Infinity

An astrological note: Use this time to take small tasks – do your duty, do it well, do it with a humble and giving heart. And really allow yourself to be surprised by the universe. The last thing I’ll say is all the astrologers are saying how Uranus is squaring the Sun and Uranus acts as the great awakener – one of his symbols is lightning.. So take your time to notice what is new around you.  Allow any shocks, surprises, or electricity, and use that energy to fuel you, to fuel you and the gifts that lie ahead.

Oh, my beloved Rainbow Warriors. May you be blessed.

:* Aho

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My mission is to walk in beauty, to live in tune with the cosmic rhythms of the earth and sky and provide healing tools for others to do the same. I restore harmony by helping people attune and connect to their own inner wisdom through my ritualistic healing work. Through prayer, song, my intuitive counseling practice, sharing conscious writings, media, and visual art, I am here to awaken others to the Infinite in Everything.

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