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Conscious Articles

I am. We are. Love is…infinite.

( )

Love is spinning with us through the echoes of time.
Flowing on this rhyme divine. 
Reconnect our selves with that eternal shine.
Let go. Be here. Be present.
I am. We are. Love is…infinite.

Love is shifting the paradigm.
Unfolding your heart to meet the infinity of mine.
Circles coming together.
Overlapping through acts of compassion.
Free Hugs less shrugs.
Say hello with your heart.
Reembody the old art.
Of remembering who we are.
Of how far we have traveled.
To be here. Right now.
In this moment.
In this…opportunity…
I am. We are. Love is….infinite

Love is in the heart of Babylon
where we shall sing our song.
The joy of being,
hope form here until the eschaton,
And on, and on.

And so Seekers and Shifters of the world unite.
A call to action, as guardians of the light.
Treading new path up mountains of great height.
Spreading the wings of consciousness,
its time to take flight.
I am. We are. Love is….infinite

Love is stepping into the stream,
activating the new theme.
We are the dreamers within this shared dream.
Constantly creating…
Around corners before its even seen,

Oh the simplicity,
of taking responsibility
for everything that we say, do, and think…
Because it is the connection of the heart
that we will find the once forgotten link.

So let us reconnect with the purpose of the one beat.
Of the heart oh so neat.
That it can send out a pulse that is always seen.
Rippling and crystalizing within this shared dream
Ever unfolding…
I am. We are. Love is…infinite.

Love is light,
as much as it is both black and the white.
And it is through the eternal dance
that we awaken from our trance
Of forgetting and remembering
within this ancient romance. 

Who we are is more than we can see
through the illusions of society.
Because in our heart there lives a seed.
That will outlive,
both hate and greed.

As I say these words
from my heart to yours
Let us both be love together
as water for this thirsty world.

And so with sight beyond sight,
let us be beacons so bright
superheroes within the heart of our dark night
Called to shine a brighter light.
I am. We are. Love is….infinite.

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