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I learned this year, the exquisite beauty that exists in the Divine Masculine. His vastness and availability is akin to the image of Shu, the Egyptian God of the Air holding up Nuit, Goddess of the night sky.

He holds her great star body outstretched above him, exalting her form, her beauty, her power. He is the space between the cosmos and the Earth, separating the lovers so that life can be lived. In his service, he is fulfilled. And through this service, exalted in his own right, fulfilling his beautiful role in service to the All. Being the element of Air, only he can provide this service, which makes him unique, as well as part of the greater body of the universe. Fulfilling his role, playing his part.

We are only satisfied with life, our exquisite life, if we are letting Life live through us.

When we align with a Higher Will and allow the force of God, nature, and All to move through us, there is so much space, and the path is easy and effortless. But if we use our personal will to manifest a desire that is seeded from the ego, it’s an uphill battle, full of suffering and very exhausting.

We are very powerful beings, and therefore we can use our will to achieve things we feel we deserve or would make us seem grander, as ego desires are often overcompensating for insecurity. Or, we can surrender to what is easy and allow ourselves to be moved through, to be breathed by the forces of life. This gentle, Taoist Way will always be easier because it aligns with the forces of nature and what it is to embody pure being.

As we surrender and let the universe move through us we acknowledge that we are part of it. We are in service to the greater whole and therefore happier to take our place in the divine dance of life.

In Evolutionary Astrology, it is said that the soul has two opposing intentions upon incarnating: one is to merge with God and the other is to separate from it.

This is represented by the journey of the zodiac with the beginning and end signs of Aries and Pisces. Aries is a Cardinal Fire sign; it initiates the zodiac cycle, and is the archetype of the pioneer and leader. The lessons here are ego differentiation in service to personal discovery and learning to use the personal will, to follow one’s instincts and animal nature. Here we learn to follow our guts and our noses to go out and hunt to eat our prey. This is a necessary part of survival in our material existence.

However, as we mature and evolve through the zodiac, we move beyond the personal will, the ‘I’ (and solely satiating the desires of this ‘I’) to dissolve into the greater Will – the will of the group, of the whole.

We learn, as we evolve through the lessons of each sign of the zodiac, that only through serving the collective, true power (akin to humility and service) can be attuned to. It is by surrendering the needs of the personal will and attuning to the needs of the collective, that true inner harmony and peace can be achieved.

By being in service to a greater purpose, we are a part of this great masterpiece of life and finally feel complete. Enter Pisces, the fantastic recognition of the force of merging and unification, with the holy satisfaction of melding with the Cosmic One. Spiritual practices like yoga and chanting mantra lead us to taste this space. There is no fear of engulfment, only a deep inner knowing and a harmony of rightness, of reverence, with this merging and tuning to wisdom. The soul feels what it is to be a part of some grand purpose, and even though we may play just a small part in it all– it is just enough. It is perfect, as it is.

Life in its spiritual simplicity. Zen.

This Piscean merging with infinite consciousness intrinsically has faith in the great mystery of life. This archetype rides the waves of the highs and lows without manipulation. There is surrender here and therefore a sense of being carried by Divine Will with a belief that will of the Divine is also in the accordance with the will of the Self as well.

It is only by surrendering to the greater Will, do we ever feel fully at peace. This is by design.

It is important that we have an intrinsic Vertical Alignment and a reciprocal connection and communication with our inner spirit. We must build a continued conversation with our inner self and through that connection (strengthened by our spiritual practices and deepest soul companions) we are able to merge with our inner world, and completely thread ourselves to it. We become tethered to our inner knowing. Inseparable within.

As we develop our inner stability, we have resolve and are not thwarted when the tests of separation come. We remain in our integrity even we are tempted by grasping for ego gratification.

It is challenging when we are tested by our ego desires. We are so hungry for something we think will bring us to God, to Love, to wholeness. That is all we are looking for, through all outer worldly accomplishments.

In our modern collective we are challenged by the ego’s arrogance and aggrandizement. Even those of us with the best intentions to serve the All are still human and have competitive, primal triggers, wounds, and animal instincts that are based on survival consciousness. This war-like competition for resources is the consciousness we are evolving from.

We can choose connection instead of the game of power over or power under. We don’t have to live in these false, ego-identified selves. We can choose to be more present and surrendered in each moment of our lives. We can choose to quiet down, to tune inward and follow our hearts and develop a sacred relationship with life. Though in society’s noise and busyness this can be very challenging to do.

We understand what the truth of abundance is. In this space of compassion we understand another’s success is not a threat to our own. Women exalt women as men do as well, fearlessly. We commit to love fully and completely and we learn to see everyone as another brother or sister.

May we learn to balance these polarities in ourselves in service to Love.

May we be fearless with our hearts and surrender to the All.

Aho. Namaste. And so it is.
In love, light, and warrior spirit,

Happy Winter Solstice!

Michelle Infinity



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Star Wars movies have always been more than just movies. With each one that comes out it continues to tell another chapter with the unfolding journey of our collective shift in consciousness. 

Now with the release of The Last Jedi we are entering into a pivotal arch within our journey about being able to dissolve previous notions, shift paradigms, and birth new realities. 

I suspect many of the secrets revealed within this video are ones many of us already feel within our hearts. 

Watch the video and learn more...

For more Star Wars video check out this playlist I have created of previous videos and the guided Jedi Activation meditation we have done. 

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Thank you for finding your own connection to balance and embodying your truths. 

0N3 L0V3 

- Brendon 


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Activate the Superhero Within. 

Mystic Spiderman is a real life super hero helping assist with the shift in consciousness through intentional acts of compassion and inspiration. 

Watch and be a part of the ongoing story. 


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Rick and Morty is one of those shows that has caught the attention of millions world-wide for being so entertaining, weird, and undeniably captivating. In episode 5 of seasons 3 titled the Whirly Dirly Conspiracy, the characters of Rick and Jerry traveled through a wormwhole, and in the process of doing so experienced a transcendental trip of cosmic awareness. Though the scene is less than 90 seconds in length, it is rich in esoteric and psychedelic symbolism. 

Due to popular demand, here is a breakdown of the scene to be able to provide the community with more insight and context for this hyperdelic download. 


Thanks for checking out the video! 

Connect with me further for ongoing inspirational content. 

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- Brendon


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Aloha Team!

I am excited to share with you this new Shiftivism Free Hugs video that took place at the recent Holi Festival in London, Ontario, Canada!

It was amazing being able to help amplify the already vibrant love in the moment through an intended Free Hugs portal activation!

Watch the video to experience the celebration of Colourful Love for yourself!

Thank you again to everyone for being a part of this exciting ongoing documentation of the Shift in consciousness.

0N3 L0V3

- Brendon

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What are you willing to stand for?

Simply put, the Women's March means many different things to many different people. That in itself is why it is so important. Though many will look at it through the polarizing lens of politics and social-media rhetoric - the condescending and insensitive opinions of others does not devalue the subjective importance of what it represents to each and every person within their own heart. 

As a gonzo journalist, I intentionally make it my purpose to help use the magic of the camera lens to amplify the stories and inspiration of specific events and messages to help share and ripple the importance of them with local, and global community.

Now it's true - some people will actually be mad at me for creating this video and helping tell this story. But for me, that just comes with the territory of taking a stand for what you believe in when it comes to a subject such as this. I for one believe in helping share the voices of those whose messages of love will inspire many more. And if some people on the internet are going to direct hate at me for it, then so be it. But that will not stop me from doing what I know is important for the bigger story.

This is that story…

(Open in Youtube:

For me, the Women's March is an INCREDIBLY meaningful event to help share for many reasons. Most of which I choose to see as being independent from the political scenarios of the time. 

For me, an event like this is about creating our own stories with intentions. It is about developing sovereignty for the chapters still ahead. It is about reminding the women who have been put down by circumstance and society of their own strength to rise through any challenge, and in turn become stronger. To me this is about planting the seeds for future generations of both male and female who will grow up with respect for all beings. And perhaps, most importantly - it is about holding space for our own healing. As individuals and a collective. 

We are living in the midst of deep wounds. Yet we are also rising through the darkness with great love. Because it is within the darkness that we learn how to shine a brighter light. Our healing as a collective comes from many higher angles of empathy, forgiveness, and deep compassion. For ourselves, and even in time for those who we deem the perpetrators of things like misogyny, racism, bigotry, homophobia, sexism, arrogance, xenophobia, and much more. 

From my own personal perspective, this is about social alchemy. Transformation through intention. I feel that an often overlooked key in being able to transcend through the complexity of our healing is when we can really really meditate and empathize with the roots of the issues. In this case, I feel that we must not overlook that many of the perpetrators of disrespect for others in this society comes from the likelihood that they themselves were probably never given the opportunity to learn how to open their own hearts and live with compassion. Many became a bi-product of their environment. And social programming that was engrained into them by the time they were 20 continued unquestioned into their 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, and beyond. So with that said, do you think it is reasonable to hold space for empathy for those who have simply not learned how to properly love themselves and others? Is it their fault? Yes they are still responsible for their actions - but what happens if we empathize with often forgotten parts of their stories? Does that shift how we see them and the energy we choose to project to them? 

You see, others have said that in order to "win" we must let go of the "us vs them" mentality. We must step back to a higher perspective and truly understand that there is only us. And in turn to then take responsibility for our own healing as individuals and a collective. Yes things take time, but things can also happen in a flash of light. It's okay to acknowledge anger inside of us. It's okay to recognize frustration. Those are all very powerful guidance tools to navigate our reality. But be aware as to how much power we choose to give them and our relationship with these emotions. For overtime they will undeniably cloud or vision. For after all, what does our scenario look like when seen with eyes unclouded by hate?

The problems we recognize point us towards the solutions we seek. So the solution - to live by example. For men and women to invite others into discussion, to ripple the inspiration, and to create space for healing through enacting empathy, compassion, patience, and responsibility for ourselves and others. The solutions will happen week to week as more women and men shift the relationships within themselves, and in turn create the patterns that will define the future for generations to come. 

At the end of the day the king and the pawn go back in the same box. We are all humans having this spiritual experience together for the time being. When we see beyond the illusions (of society and our own programming) we can see each other for who we are. Dynamic, beautiful, chaotic, vulnerable, strong, compassionate, artistic, and loving beings. 

I am because we are. 

0N3 L0V3 

- Brendon 


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What if we saw Disney movies as something more than just a quick fix that a parent can put on to keep the kids occupied on a Saturday afternoon?  What if some Disney movies were actually intentionally created with powerful codes to help spark consciousness and inspire the viewer (child or adult alike) to step into the magic of their own journey through excitement and love?

In the case of the most recent Disney movie, Moana, I feel that this is perhaps the most potent and intentionally conscious Disney movie made to date! 

Jump right into watching the video review and find out more! 

(Youtube link:

I admit - going into this movie I was not entirely sure as to what to expect. It had been awhile since I had really sat down and enjoyed a recent Disney movie. Prior to seeing this one I intentionally skipped out on actually watching Frozen - so my opinion on Disney was a relatively blank slate. Though I admit this one had caught my attention... and I was curious. The trailers in themselves don't really get into the level of consciousness that the movie represents. Often focusing more on the jokes and cuteness, but still representing the overall themes of adventure. Yet within the trailers I did catch glimpses of some blatant fibonacci spirals that peaked my interest. Though I was unsure of the whole story - I was undeniably drawn to see what was at hand. 

Needless to say this movie had my heart twanging within the first minutes of the film! Right at the beginning, as explained in the review, we see a beautiful representation of the Mother Goddess archetype on screen as part of the back story. The abundance of Fibonacci spirals, the beautiful greens, the art style, the music. It was all there - and to me it said that "Hey, the people who are working on this movie... they know a thing or two, and they are making it with conscious intent." 

Movies are such an incredible opportunity to share powerful information and messages with an audience. In today's day and age it would seem that attention is the most sought after commodity by businesses and corporations. And so how much of a treat is it when you as a creator can be given the privilege of being granted someones attention for 90+ minutes.  What an amazing opportunity to speak to a person. What would you say to them? What would you show them? What would you reveal to them?

The story of Maona is an incredibly potent and well told one. The characters are rich, real, and inspiring. Moana as an individual is a bold mirror for a part of ourselves that many of us can relate to. The part of us that feels a longing sense of duty to help the world and the people we love - and also the part of us that seeks adventure and the mystery of the unknown. Often times we as individuals seek adventure not just purely for the sake of how it makes us feel or the dopamine it releases - but because we seek to see who we will be in that moments of adventure. We seek to see the choices we will make, and in turn get to know more of who we are. Who we are in the face of adversity. Who we are when we must step forward with courage. Who we are when we feel a deep connection with our life path and our service for others and the strength we step into when doing so. Moana echos this. And for me, the story of Moana is the story of the Light Guardians, the Jedi, the Light Workers. All of us.... "Light the Torch". Illuminate your own spirit and live in such a way that others will see the light from within you as a reflection of their own, and in turn helping them step into their own light and "Find the Way".

In addition to Moana, it seems that some of the most conscious heart opening and inspiring movies around these days are animated movies. Now of course the animated movies are often promoted towards children, but it is obvious that they are made for anyone of all ages. Just off the top of my head, some of the recent animated movies that are incredibly moving include movies like The Little Prince, The Lego Movie, The Legend of the Guardians: Owls of Ga'hoole, Secret of the Kells, Princess Mononoke, and so much more. I feel that the reason for this is because as of only recently we have entered into a new realm of animated movies in which anything and everything is possible. Therefore there is nothing to hold back. The limit is the infinite expanse of our imagination. And as such, they are a powerful medium for consciousness as a collective to work through to help wake itself up. These movies can go as deep as they wish and by the time you finish watching them you feel as if you have witnessed the meaning of life, and in turn, you are now a slightly different person. 

The beauty of movies, art, and magic is that they in themselves are changing the world. To many it is in a way that is almost invisible - but for those with the eyes to see it is blatant. The movies plant seeds - and naturally so - those seeds grow over time. A young child who sees Moana today will likely feel the call to help create the world of tomorrow and stand for their intuitive knowing of our connection to the Mother Goddess. It is beautiful to think of the simplicity in knowing that the change that an individual experiences will in turn change the world. This has always been - and always will be.

Personally I would love the chance to sit down and talk to some of the film makers of Moana and ask them about their intentions while working on the movie. It is clear that this movie is one of the most spiritually fuelled Disney movies. The setting of the culture represented in the movie allows this to be so, as it roots into some of the traditional perceptions of our interconnection to all things. The movie brings in potent themes of intuition, listening to your heart, life beyond death, the power of the conscious mind, and perhaps one of the most important - the transformation of the princess / prince archetype into a role of humble duty in service to others. 

For you see - at the end of the day, the prince and the princess is something within each and every one of us. I personally believe that the realization of this is a key next step in the evolution of our consciousness. To see ourselves as such is to in turn see the potential as well as the duty, responsibility and honour we carry with us to be a prince and princess for consciousness itself. To open our own hearts, and in turn, bring more heart back in to the world. 

So be it Moana, or many other movies - I am excited that we live in a time when story telling has reached such amazing potential to reflect the limitlessness of our imagination, and the expression of the soul. I invite you to watch Moana as an experience for your spirit, and to allow it to Light your Torch and to help share more of that light where ever you may go on your voyages! 

The magic is, and always has been, very real. 


Thanks for reading! 

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0N3 L0V3 

- Brendon 

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With the new Doctor Strange movie being released, I wanted to make a video sharing in my excitement as to what this movie means as part of the bigger shift in consciousness. Through the story mainstream audience will be introduced to a variety of potent metaphysical ideas related to our multi-dimensional nature. 

This video is created as a tool for all of us to use to help share and invite others to see beyond the illusions of the world we are living in. 

Watch the video and jump through the portal!

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One of the most exciting aspects of documenting the ongoing shift in consciousness is being able to take part in the variety of community gatherings and celebrations which take place. It is through these moments that the tribe re-converges into a single place and time to be able to collective heal and inspire one another even further. I like to think of these gatherings as both soul family reunions and spiritual boost portals. Whether they be a weekend long transformational festival, a single conscious themed night at a local venue, or in this case - a 5 hour boat cruise out on the water - the impact they leave literally ripples through each and every person and back into culture in both subtle and palpable ways. 
While making a trip down to Toronto I was fortunate enough to be able to take part in a VERY unique conscious cruise boat party organized through the community group known as Soul Movement. Soul Movement: A Celebration of Awakening, was started by Sana Umair and Umair Nauma, and is dedicated to creating ongoing monthly consciousness shifting events for the community, which also double as fundraisers for charities. The events they host are focused on creating sacred space in a drug and alcohol free environment. The events bring together a variety of artists, healers, musicians, and light workers of many abilities who share the common focus of expanding their own consciousness and helping bring more light into the world as we continue to shift the paradigms. At the events people can experience the natural high of being around a so many loving individuals all in one place. The music, the food, the conversations, the hugs, the smiles, the guided meditations, the massages, and the art - it all adds together to create a potent transformational experience that each person integrates into themselves and brings out further into the world.
For some people at an event like this it may be their first time experiencing a gathering of so many conscious souls in one place. You see their eyes light up to the magic as they realize that this is a pivotal point of their quest to find their tribe. That is why at an event like this it can be such a huge catalyst of awakening for those who attend. They can very realistically be the start of a new chapter of their journey through the connections and friendships they make.
For me personally, I loved the idea of being able to be out on the water for an event like this and away from the concrete of the city. Being out there added another level of magic and connection to the element, and the spirit of Giai you could say.
Being able to peer onto the horizon of the lake and feel the air on your skin added a whole new level to the experience and the celebration.
Through events such as this, everyone is encouraged to bring their gifts to share. As such, I arrived with the intention of sharing my gifts as an archivist to be able to document the event and share the story through the magic of media for others to experience. To be able to talk with and provide an opportunity for some of the many inspirational spirits and soul leaders there to share their perceptions on the event, what it meant to them, and how it is helping change the world.

One of my personal favourite aspects of the cruise was the guided meditations we did together on the ship. Though not included in the video due to tradition - the cruise also included a native drumming ceremony vision meditation in which we connected deep with our roots. 
While attending I also took note of the very symbolic meaning of celebrating on a ship together. For me it goes back to the ideas that this bigger story is about each of us learning to become more sovereign captains of our own ships - our vessels - our bodies - the ships which we carry our consciousness upon through these many dimensions and experiences. Captains amongst Captains is a huge theme of the ongoing shift. So it was very interesting for each of us to have our intentions be reflected through the symbolism of the event itself - thus adding to the subconscious and ultraconscious potency of it.
Events these synchronicity celebration portal events, whether they be on water or otherwise, will continue to happen. Through them people will connect to connect. Family will continue to grow. Ideas and inspiration will continue to blossom, and most importantly - the story will continue to unfold.
Those who hear the call to help shift the paradigms do not always cross paths with each other every day - so when we do in a moment such as this - it is a very potent synchronistic experience with a lot of intention in which souls catch up with one another, share their appreciation, gratitude, projects, ideas, and love with one another. By the time we leave the party we are no longer just us - instead we carry with us the collective inspiration of the team, and continue to bring that inspiration further into the heart of our cities and communities - to transform culture from within.
So with that said, please enjoy the experience of this mini conscious documentary created to bring you into the experience of the Soul Movement Conscious Boat Cruise.

We are the ripples, awakening on the waters of love...
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Amidst all of the movies of the summer, this was one in particular that I was really looking forward to. 

Is this heart opening adventure helping us awaken to more of the real world magic?

Watch the Conscious Movie Review to find out. 

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Much love!

- Brendon 

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It doesn't matter who you love. Just love. 

As a way to help bring more love into the world, here is a video I made documenting the ongoing Shift in consciousness by attending the local Pride Parade with the mission of collecting peoples thoughts on what Pride means to them. 

Please share with friends and family of the LGBT community. 

0N3 L0V3

- Brendon 

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Welcome to SHINING STARS, a new inspirational series presented by Paradigm Shift Central. The series will feature ongoing interviews with metaphysical conscious creators in the community!
Here is our debut episode with our friend Bridget Nielsen - Starseed Ambassador.
Bridget is an avid conscious media creator who does an excellent job of bringing intelligent perspectives and conversations to some of the bigger questions in life related to aliens and the Starseed phenomena. Are there people here on earth right now who have direct linage to extra terrestrial races? Are they here for a reason? What lessons are aliens trying to teach us about ourselves and this multi-dimensional reality? 

Beyond the Starseed topic she is not shy to explore further into any question people may have, be it about ancient giants, elusive reptilians, parallel dimensions, direct contact experience, the overall shift in consciousness, and much more. 

In addition to focusing on creating a community for those naturally drawn to these topics, she is also avid about promoting overall conscious health and well being. She loves traveling and has been to many sacred sites across the world. 

She is a brave, well spoken, and inspirational leader within this community and we are happy to introduce her story to more people!

Key Topics: The Starseed activation, role of Starseeds, Aliens, Ufos, Crop Circles, The Elf Zone, and more. <3

Enjoy the interview!


As an added BONUS VIDEO, here is the extra interview Bridget and I did in which she interviewed me about the Paradigm Shift project and we got into more topics related to Starseeds and my personal perspectives on it and how we can bring it back down to earth. 

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Thank you again and 0N3 L0V3

- Brendon 


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Greetings fellow Rainbow Warriors and Light Guardians! How are you? It’s July and the Full Moon is in Capricorn and what I’m seeing is it’s all about WORK and the energy of work and DISCIPLINE. “What are we going to do?” What are the necessary steps to take to complete our Sacred Actions?

I spoke about the concept of Sacred Action in the last video where the New Moon was in Cancer, but it feels like that was more the dream of Sacred Action, the vision of our Sacred Actions. But now that I know what my sacred action is, and I know what I want to achieve, what duties do I have to perform in order to make it happen? What are the small tasks? The taskmaster planet, Saturn, rules Capricorn. And so it is in the small, fine-tuned details that we have to take and the daily actions step by step that help us to create our dream reality on this earth.

Sometimes working with that energy is annoying! It can be seen as a downer or it can be heavy or daunting to do these duties (and make real) these sacred acts. It’s definitely not as fun to us poetic artistic types as the dream of creating the vision and sometimes that is what prohibits us, makes us lazy, or procrastinate because we don’t want to have to do the mundane work in order to have to make the dream a reality! So for a lot of visionaries, leaders, healers, teachers and guides, (myself included) it’s difficult for us to embody these spirits, and meet these challenges in the world.

So how do we bring in that Neptunian energy, that beautiful energy of infinite love and light into this daily routine, into this daily ritual, into our daily lives? 

How do we in each small action that we undertake bring the magic and bring the love and allow love to be our guide and lead us into building this new reality that we know is possible, creating this new consciousness, creating this new world together?

So, Saturn and Capricorn energy it can be heavy but also there are fruits. If we do the planting, if we do the weed pulling and create the garden, then we can have plants and crops, food and fruition. We can use this time as a time of planting seeds and labor. I feel like these next two weeks are about taking the right steps, taking the right actions (though they can be daunting) as we enter this cycle of energy that we are preparing for which leads us to harvest time in the fall. Right now actually (and through August) that is literally what we are doing, so we have to think of how are we preparing for harvest and what do we want to create what do we want to reap? And whatever we want to reap we have to sow those seeds right now.

So it’s a time of sowing seeds, planting and cultivating our gifts, and paying attention to life

I’ll use myself as an example. For a long time I was a yoga teacher, and then for a while I stopped teaching because there were aspects of my environment that weren’t helping my growth. So I had to realign myself to my truth, and find my inner integrity as a teacher of yoga. And now the universe is reflecting to me in many ways that the language of Yoga is a method I can use to bring healing to many. So being a yoga teacher has presented itself in my life again. And it’s very healing and very empowering to be a yoga teacher for many reasons, and those of you who teach yoga or anything, know what I’m talking about. So life is presenting me with symbols that are telling me to craft this gift that I have. I have a gift for teaching yoga, (as well as doing readings, which I mention in the video) and it’s important that I recognize it, that I honor it, and that I continue to cultivate that gift.

So what gifts do you have in your life that you are being shown from the universe that you get to cultivate in order to empower yourself? And feel good to you to cultivate? Maybe it’s daunting, maybe there are parts of that gift that are more linear - like for example in order to teach yoga you have to build a sequence, you have to commit to certain dates, and market your classes. There are aspects of every job and every sacred duty and each sacred action that you have to perform that are more.. managerial.. and those tasks are not as fun as the liberating effects of just intuitively teaching the class. But you have to do the prep work in order to have (and allow for) the intuition.

This duality, this yang and yin (or yab and yum as I study more and more of Tantra) is the masculine and feminine – the duty and the inspiration that go hand and hand with each other. Good and bad are mixed. All polarities are one in unison. And that is why you can look at the world and God as duality and oneness simultaneously.

So I wish you all blessings on your journey. May you experience life as you know it to be rich and full, complex and beautiful, kind and wise and giving. May you plant your seeds over this next month’s cycle till the next full moon, or for the next two weeks till the new moon in Leo August 2nd where Mars really picks up speed and moves into Sagittarius again. Remember to think in a bigger picture of what you want to consciously sow now that you’d like to reap in the coming year that you get to practice throughout December.

Aho. Namaste. And so it is.

In love, light, and warrior spirit,

Michelle Infinity

An astrological note: Use this time to take small tasks – do your duty, do it well, do it with a humble and giving heart. And really allow yourself to be surprised by the universe. The last thing I’ll say is all the astrologers are saying how Uranus is squaring the Sun and Uranus acts as the great awakener – one of his symbols is lightning.. So take your time to notice what is new around you.  Allow any shocks, surprises, or electricity, and use that energy to fuel you, to fuel you and the gifts that lie ahead.

Oh, my beloved Rainbow Warriors. May you be blessed.

:* Aho

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Is this psychedelic journey into the realms of the imagination helping teach us about this metaphysical reality?
What happens when more of us consciously step through the looking glass? 

Watch the video to learn more. 

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Is X-Men: Apocalypse a mirror for the actual awakening of consciousness? What happens when more of us remember our real super powers within?

Watch the video to learn more. 

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"Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food." 
- Hippocrates

People all across the globe take to the streets in love to March Against Monsanto and help create a brighter future for everyone...

The March Against Monsanto has been happening annually since 2013. Once again I attended to not only participate, but to help document and amplify the voices of the those there.

Watch the video


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Star Wars: The Force Awakens is a great movie - but was it intentionally created to actually help awaken our connection to the real life Force and assist with the collective evolution of consciousness? 
Let's take a look back at the movie and find out.

Since the release of the movie there has been a global resurgence of attention and interest related to the themes and stories within the Star Wars universe. More and more people who are on their own personal journey of awakening will openly agree that the concept of the Force is pointing to a very real aspect of our interconnectedness within this hyperdelic light matrix of a reality. In addition, the concept of Jedi, which translates to Pillar of Light, is taking new form through those who hear the call to be modern day Light Guardians to help assist in the shift.

(I explain more about this in a previous video I did which you can also watch - The Secret Reason People Love Star Wars: ) 

But in addition to these concepts, are there perhaps other conscious themes that we may have overlooked within the movie that are subtly teaching the audience about some important ideas related to our metaphysical awareness and our collective awakening? 

Here are some themes that I think are worth taking note of, and may even give you a reason to go back and watch the movie again.

Did you notice them all?

Keep reading below and / or watch the video to download the information. 

1. Synchronicity

To me, synchronicity is a word we use to point to the idea that by nature we exist beyond the present moment. Instead of thinking that the universe is blindly unfolding into the unknown, we can think about how future realities already exist and that time and causality actually folds back in on itself like a self feeding infinity loop in which the present creates the future and the future also creates the present. 

Now naturally that can be a peculiar concept for our minds to wrap itself around, but to put it as simply as possible; synchronicity is the universe's ability to help ensure that people are at the right place at the right time in ways that will unfold into a bigger story that they themselves may be unaware of from their perspective within the present. 

Synchronicities can appear in various forms. Sometimes it's people meeting people, sometimes it's people seeing signs/symbols and receiving important messages. Essentially though, it is the universe communicating to itself from a nonlinear perspective. Within the movie we see it happen in numerous ways. How Rey and Finn happen to connect along side with BB8. How they happen to steal the Millennium Falcon and meet Han, who then leads them to the resistance army, and much more. Overall within the movie it is pointing to the idea that synchronicity is a part of the nature of Force and our real life interconnectedness. Though synchronicity at times may be unseen, it is always subtly working at helping weave things together within the cosmic tapestry in order to align with futures that will serve our highest good.

Simply be being aware that the universe naturally unfolds this way can allow us as creators within our day to day lives to intentionally meet the universe half way and potentially evoke more potent synchronistic moments. You can go out on your adventures with anticipation and a knowing that you will connect with people, places, or things where ever you go simply by putting yourself out there. By opening ourselves up to these potentials we can consciously make the most of the opportunities as they arise. All you have to do is keep an open eye, heart, and mind. 

A simple and great way to experience synchronicity in action for yourself is to go out and do Free Hugs. You will be able to observe the ability for you to connect with certain people at the right place at the right time. 

2. Han's Awakening

Throughout the Star Wars saga we have been able to witness Han's personal shift from a rough, tough, conniving smuggler who often saw the concept of the Force through a lens of scrutiny and doubt, to a softer, wiser, open hearted father who acknowledges the presence of the Force through his own personal experiences. 

Han's transformation is in many ways a reflection of the transformation happening within mass culture as we speak. It is a shift from the mind to the heart. More and more people, like Han, are changing the way they look at life following personal events which have helped them become more aware of the fact that this reality is not as cut and dry as it appears to be. 

By seeing that Han is able to awaken and shift, that to me is a sign of hope for the bigger story that we are all a part of. 

3. Rise of the Divine Feminine 

For many years in different ways we have seen the suppression of the feminine energy within culture. It is common for us to acknowledge women as being caring, nurturing, and intuitive - but in addition, we are also beginning to recognize and acknowledge the incredible strength and power they wield too.

The rise of the divine feminine refers to the natural process of more and more people (men and women) who are aligning with an authentic connection to the feminine qualities within them and are empowering themselves and others through self-expression and embodiment of these qualities. 

The story of Rey is a very important one to pay attention to and a direct reflection and catalyst for what our future holds. Every time we see something through the magic of the silver screen, we can think of it as a spell being casted back into society via the attention of the people who see it. So in this case, simply through Rey being her bad-ass empowered Jedi-like self, it is giving permission to other females (and males) to be like Rey in their own way. Rey is inviting the audience to activate the individualized bad-ass warrior / guardian Jedi archetype code that is within us in a new way. 

I look forward to the fact that more and more female guardians, young girls and adult women alike, are emerging as leaders within our communities. I feel that Rey's story is not only reflecting this, but also helping bring it into existence. 

Now of course, the real goal is to be aware and synergize the rise of both the divine masculine and divine feminine energies in order to enable a harmonized convergence into a sacred marriage which I believe is an essential step towards our collective evolution and ability to co-create the dream with clearer shared intention. 

Even though Rey is still early into her journey, I am very excited to see how the saga continues this theme. 

4. Maz Kanata's Shaman Wisdom

Everyone loves Yoda. Not just because is adorably cute/ugly, but because he plays the role of a Shaman type character who helps us see more of ourselves as cosmic beings. "Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter."  The wisdom Yoda shares has left a potent impression within culture. Therefore, within this new saga it is refreshing to see that this wisdom is still being carried and shared by another character - Maz Kanata. 

Throughout history, Shamans have been recognized as those who would help be the bridge between higher awareness and this dense earthly experience in which amnesia and awakening to our true connection to reality is a common part of the journey. 

The theme of the Force is always going to be prevalent throughout the Star Wars movies. Although for many, it will still continue to be thought of as a concept of science fiction fantasy entertainment. Yet the beauty in this is that it creates the opportunity for Maz to share some legit metaphysical Shaman insight about THIS reality right here and now.

The short scene in which Maz speaks to Rey and reminds her about how 'We are light. The light is everything. It is within us and around us' is an incredibly potent seed to be planted within the minds of the audience. Young kids who hear that idea for perhaps the first time in the movie, may look back on it in years from now and think "Holy shit, Star Wars wasn't just trying to entertain me - it was literally trying to help awaken me. It was helping me remember."

I look forward to seeing the role Maz will have in the future of the saga. I am hoping that we will even get to see more meditation spirit quest journey type aspects. 

5. Kylo Ren's Internal Alchemy 

When it comes to the metaphysical path of increasing self awareness, internal alchemy is the name of the game. 

Kylo is a hyperbole representation of ones personal quest to find balance within themselves. Like Kylo, we can all recognize that there are moments in our life where we will experience anger, frustration, fear, envy, greed, hatred, etc. But, through this process we will also learn how to master our emotions instead of them mastering us. It gives us the chance to shift our paradigm and understand that we are not our emotions - but rather we are just experiencing them. And as such, we have the ability to shift through them via personal will power. 

To me, even though the saga is still fresh, I anticipate that we will see Kylo portray an onscreen reflection of the idea that fear is transmutable through love. Leia herself alludes to this when she reminds Han that there is still light within him. It may not turn out to be a pretty story, and it may not be glorious, but through the trials of his journey we the viewer will be reminded of the fact that love is a vibration that can transform fear. From there, we will be inspired to apply this knowing not only to ourselves, but to our relationships, our communities, and to the world.

6. Poe's Awareness of the Force 

Another exciting part about the direction of the new Star Wars saga is that we are seeing how numerous other characters who are not self proclaimed Jedi are still able to incorporate the concept of the Force into their own lives and paths of self development. 

Poe is still a bit of a mystery at this point, but his exceptional demonstration as a fighter pilot can lead one to perceive that he is indeed aware and in tune with the Force.

Essentially an awareness of the Force relates to an awareness of ones self and their connection with their environment; aka mindfulness. Through examples of characters like Poe we are seeing reflections of the awakening happening within our culture of people who are naturally opening them selves up to cosmic awareness, heightened intuitive senses, increased cognitive abilities, psychic connections, self confidence, and more. 

Simply by opening up to a perception that the Force is a real thing and that you can develop your own relationship with it begins opening up some very exciting doors for our future as co-creators. Regardless of whether or not you consider yourself a Jedi - the Force is something anyone can develop a relationship with.

7. Luke's Heart-Opening Story

Luke is a character we have all grown along side with over these many years. We have seen him rise from curious young man into a stoic hero. But beyond the original trilogy there are still untold stories of Luke's journey. I suspect that given the mystery surrounding him in The Force Awakens that the saga will continue by revealing and showing more to us about the struggles and hardships that Luke has experienced. Yet in turn, I also feel that Rey and others will help him rise above these challenges and in turn discover more about himself, regardless of how old he may be at this point. 

Luke's story is a valuable reflection and reminder about or own stories. It is important for us to honour our struggles, to trust in the process, and to open our hearts to the lessons in the moment and potential for personal transformation. As a teacher Luke still has a potent role to play in the saga, and I believe that his story will be made even richer because of the challenges he has endured, the lessons he has learned, and the wisdom he can pass on. 

Look deep and you will see that every challenge is also a gift. 

We as spirit did not just come here to be happy - we came here to evolve our consciousness. We came here to experience a fruitful journey.

This is us being able to witness his personal evolution and to see our own in return. 


So there we go! These are some of the ways in which I think the magic of the newest Star Wars is actually helping assist in the real life awakening of the Force and consciousness. 

What other conscious themes did you notice that weren't mentioned here? 

Please leave your thoughts and comments to continue the conversation!

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Thank for reading! Please share this article with others to help get more people thinking differently about Star Wars. 

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And may the Force be with you. 


- Brendon


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'Through the magic of the silver screen, we see the reflection of our spiritual journey unfold before us, once again.'


Gods of Egypt is the Hollywood movie that literally every single mainstream critic is bashing and claiming to be "the epitome of everything wrong with big-budget movie making today." Critics and movie goers alike are literally loathing and fuming about just how much they HATE this movie. They will tell you that there is not one redeemable quality to it and that people should only watch it to laugh at how horrible it is. 

And yet…. in the chaos of all the hate, I for one choose to take a stand. As an act of rebellion and courage in the face of those who will stare me down with raised eyebrows and throw direct insults my way - I for one choose to be a voice for the deeper conscious story that this movie is actually about, why I enjoyed it, the potent ideas it brings to my attention, and why I think more people should see it too. 

I personally believe that movies are consciously and unconsciously being used as vehicles for consciousness to do what it can to help wake itself up to bigger metaphysical ideas. To remind us more about this reality and our potential within it. 

Watch my Conscious Movie Review and / or keep reading below to find out why I think this movie is worth paying attention.

As a brief overview - this movie is a reflection of our collective hero's journey told through the story of Horus and his path of personal transformation and alchemy from the reluctant hero into a man of nobility and virtue. 

Plot wise - Horus's journey begins on the day he is to be crowned the new king of Egypt by his father Osiris. But just before this can happen, Osiris's envious brother Set intervenes. He kills Osiris, defeats Horus, rips out his eyes and banishes Horus from the kingdom. Years pass, and Egypt falls into a state of despair under Set's rule. Horus hides away hopelessly, until a young mortal named Bek steals back one of his eyes and encourages Horus to rise up and reclaim his place as king in order to restore order in the wake of chaos. 

Through this journey we see a reflection of our own collective spiritual path about awakening our internal and eternal strength and stepping into our destiny while simultaneously being in service to others. Along the way there are many more conscious themes and lessons that one can see and recognize as meaningful spiritual medicine that we will discus later on.  

Now of course, if you have only seen the trailers or posters or even seen the movie yourself - you may be amongst some of the many people saying and asking "Brendon, what about the white-washing of the cast!? THE WHITE-WASHING!!!" We'll, I do have a response to that - and it may seem quite radical to some. But in order to properly explain it, first we must explain some things about the movie that the trailers and posters were simply unable to fully convey. 

So let's talk about the white-washing, shall we?

People know that Egyptians of the day were obviously not a bunch of white guys - especially the kings and queens. Yet, within the context of this movie's story is it possible for the characters of the gods to be portrayed as white people? To a degree - yes. Now of course I understand why people are upset about the main gods being white, even though there are actually gods of many colour within the movie, including Thoth.

(Thoth - God of Wisdom)

Naturally so, the majority of the mainstream opinion about this representation has been narrowed primarily through anger and sensitivity of the issue. In order to explain more properly, we have to look at the whole picture of the movie - not just what our anger is focusing on.  

You see, the Egypt we see in this movie is NOT the Egypt we know about from our text books. The director intentionally aimed to tell a different story - one few talk about - especially within the mainstream. This movie is not suppose to be about the Egypt we know - but rather - it is about the Egypt we have forgotten…theoretically. This Egypt is something much more similar to the lost civilization of Atlantis and exists in a period that predates told records of our human history. It is in ways technologically more advanced and magical. (Pyramid power anyone?)

And so why does this matter? Allow me to explain further. 

In the same way that this is not the Egypt we know - these are not even the gods we know (depending on who you talk to). As to who the Egyptian gods were within actual known historical context is still a bit of a mystery. Were they actually people? Were they myths? OR were they more consciously evolved humanoids from another part of the universe who existed for eons prior and then decided to come to earth for the sake of creation and unique experience while living amongst the kingdoms they created and allied mortals of their time? If you are a fan of door number three - then you are probably going to like this movie. 

( Take note that I am intentionally using lower case 'g' gods as to not confuse them with the 'God' that we might associate with the all encompassing hyperdelic oversoul conscious awareness of this light matrix. )

The gods we see in this movie are much more similar to 'aliens', even though they obviously look like humans (except they are taller, and can transform using the will of their mind). Because yes - as a side note - my best guess is that the humanoid form is a common form found throughout the universe that has existed long before and after the humans of Earth. Within this context, we can assume safely that these gods are not OF Egypt, but rather IN Egypt. Meaning that they could easily have existed elsewhere in the universe on another planet in a different climate and in which case the colour of their skin is not logically going to be determined by the geography of Earth. 

So therefore, in the context of this movie - we ultimately see gods/alien humanoids of many colours. <3 

(IMPORTANT SIDE NOTE: The Atlantis type Egypt we see in the movie begins as lush and green - not the desert climate we know Egypt for today. Which is historically part of the reason for peoples dark skin colour as a result of intelligent biologically reaction to protect them from ultraviolet rays over time. Since this Egypt is different, one can assume that this explains why there are white people within the Egypt we see in the movie. )

Now with all this said… there is one more key thing worth thinking about that brings this all together, and is part of my main motivation for writing this whole article. But in order to do that - we need to get a little bit more multi-dimensional. 

Whether peoples' skin is black, white, or anything in between, the truth is... that we are actually all blue people. 

< Take a moment to say 'what the funk…' if this is new to you. >

You see. Our perception of our base-line reality is constructed via a series of very intricately well placed filters and illusions in order for it to look the way it does as a part of our own path of living through our divine remembrance as multi-dimensional beings. Right now, everything you are seeing is actually the exact opposite colour of what things 'actually are' within the source of 'higher dimensions'. If you go into photoshop and invert an image you will see for yourself. What this means is that beyond the illusion of our filtered reality - as I already said - we are all blue/cyan people.

Now of course, many of us have already seen or heard about this idea before (whether we were conscious of it or not). In particular through depictions of Hindu gods. The reason for this is because often times the yogis and artist would literally see and communicate with an awareness of these gods within dimensions of deep meditation or dream like states where the filters were unapplied - and thus they saw them in their unfiltered all glorious blue form that they are - that we are.


This knowledge is actually quite prominent throughout culture, whether it has been conscious or unconscious. Think about the characters of Avatar (spiritually advanced race), Smurfs (multi-dimensional gnome beings), Dr. Manhattan (god-like entity), and many more. This is not an accident - this is consciousness doing what it can to help awake itself up.

(We are the blue people we have been waiting for.)

Personally I believe that this hidden knowledge is actually a primary key within our collective awakening towards awareness of unity and ultra-compassion. The sooner we stop labelling ourselves as 'white' and 'black' and instead realize that regardless of labels we are actually all the same - the sooner we can see past trivial notions of skin colour and enjoy and appreciate each other and the collective story of our human mythos. 

Humans = Hues of Mana (universal energy). We are the hues of many colour, and our unity extends beyond 'people' alone. If you really want to shift some paradigms - then technically animals are humans, insects are humans, plants are humans…. we're all freaking humans. So let's see beyond the barriers we create within our mind and see the shared spark that's within our souls. 

So if you really want to take a step back - you can look at this movie as a mirror test to show us more of ourselves based on our reactions to it. I doubt this was the intention of the studio behind the movie - but at least I got to use it as a catalyst to bring up these important points. 


So in conclusion……oh wait, right…. there's still all the other themes in the movie that I didn't even get to talking about yet :P 

Well, if you didn't watch the video above, check that out because that covers the topics too. But the short form of the conscious themes worth noting are:

- Horus = God of Air = Skywalker mythos = symbol of higher awareness being brought back down to earth to collectively share and embody within our physical existence. Within the movie Horus's journey is about stepping into his destiny by realizing that true power lies in our ability to give it away and help others through acts of compassion and unity.

- Eye of Ra / Horus = a potent symbol of awareness, awakening, and third eye knowledge. It's pretty cool that this symbol is being shown to the mainstream through the movie in association with Horus's journey, and over time more and more people are transmuting their perception of it into one of empowerment. 

- The gods in the movie have the ability to transform themselves with the will power of their thoughts, which reflects the idea that this reality is more dream-like and malleable then we have been lead to believe. As you think so shall you become. Your thoughts create reality concept.

- The human character of Bek is a reflection of how love can empower us to accomplish amazing feats

- The movie blatantly explains that death is not the end and reflects on our nature as eternal beings living through multiple dimensions with the gift of this mortal experience in order for us to learn, grown, and discover new strength within ourselves.

- The movie is pointing to the very interesting ideas that may there is more to our human history that we commonly think we know. 

- That maybe some aliens are actually humanoid beings like us and that there is more to our history and this universe that we have been lead to believe.

- Other cool stuff, but you got to go see the movie to know for yourself. (Know thyself.)

- The hero's journey is a cosmic reflection of our shift in consciousness and coming into our cosmic sovereignty.

SO IN CONCLUSION, now that we finally made it here, in my opinion this is a good movie. I challenge you (if you feel challenged) to challenge yourself to see beyond the illusion of the skin tones and enjoy the movie for the human journey it depicts as an opportunity to inspire the spark within you to shine even brighter within your own journey. 

Despite it's conscious themes, it is interesting to observe how the majority of culture reacted to this movie. Perhaps this is an accurate reflection of our time. Are some of us afraid of our own awakening? Is this the work of 'Agent Smith'?  

For those who see the light within this movie; do not fret the darkness. Instead let it inspire you to shine even brighter.

This movie is more than just a movie. It is an opportunity for us to see more of ourselves as we continue to become something more… 

Journey on fellow Hero.

0N3 L0V3

- Brendon Culliton
Neo-Gonzo Journalist of the Future


Please leave your thoughts and comments below! Do you agree? Disagree? 
Do you think you'll give it a chance and go see it now? Did I leave out some conscious themes that you saw?
Let's keep the conversation going!


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I am. We are. Love is…infinite.

( )

Love is spinning with us through the echoes of time.
Flowing on this rhyme divine. 
Reconnect our selves with that eternal shine.
Let go. Be here. Be present.
I am. We are. Love is…infinite.

Love is shifting the paradigm.
Unfolding your heart to meet the infinity of mine.
Circles coming together.
Overlapping through acts of compassion.
Free Hugs less shrugs.
Say hello with your heart.
Reembody the old art.
Of remembering who we are.
Of how far we have traveled.
To be here. Right now.
In this moment.
In this…opportunity…
I am. We are. Love is….infinite

Love is in the heart of Babylon
where we shall sing our song.
The joy of being,
hope form here until the eschaton,
And on, and on.

And so Seekers and Shifters of the world unite.
A call to action, as guardians of the light.
Treading new path up mountains of great height.
Spreading the wings of consciousness,
its time to take flight.
I am. We are. Love is….infinite

Love is stepping into the stream,
activating the new theme.
We are the dreamers within this shared dream.
Constantly creating…
Around corners before its even seen,

Oh the simplicity,
of taking responsibility
for everything that we say, do, and think…
Because it is the connection of the heart
that we will find the once forgotten link.

So let us reconnect with the purpose of the one beat.
Of the heart oh so neat.
That it can send out a pulse that is always seen.
Rippling and crystalizing within this shared dream
Ever unfolding…
I am. We are. Love is…infinite.

Love is light,
as much as it is both black and the white.
And it is through the eternal dance
that we awaken from our trance
Of forgetting and remembering
within this ancient romance. 

Who we are is more than we can see
through the illusions of society.
Because in our heart there lives a seed.
That will outlive,
both hate and greed.

As I say these words
from my heart to yours
Let us both be love together
as water for this thirsty world.

And so with sight beyond sight,
let us be beacons so bright
superheroes within the heart of our dark night
Called to shine a brighter light.
I am. We are. Love is….infinite.

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Amazing music thanks to Kalya Scintilla

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One of the most beautiful aspects of this reality is the idea of how throughout all of our unique perspectives there is a bigger interwoven story that we are all telling. 

As a journalist, I had the opportunity to attend the London Spirituality Expo 2016 (Canada), and decided that this would be a perfect place to help bring this idea into a tangibly perspective through an experiment in media. Keeping the concept simple and in theme, I approached people there with a single question - "What is spirituality to you?" The question itself is undoubtedly a rich and ever present one, and something I encourage the reader to ponder for themselves.

Ultimately what unfolded was nothing short of magic. A myriad of answers from a diverse group of people speaking from their own 'points of you' (points of view). As the editor, I think had the honour of helping intuitively weave together their answers in as a flow that would compliment one response to the next in a way that reveals a single voice, a single song, the one verse (universe), that is coming through all of us. 

It is my intention that this video encourages you the reader to continue to seek, ask questions, explore, and experience what spirituality is to you - as we all continue to add our voice to the one verse. Enjoy. 

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