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Conscious Articles

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is a great movie - but was it intentionally created to actually help awaken our connection to the real life Force and assist with the collective evolution of consciousness? 
Let's take a look back at the movie and find out.

Since the release of the movie there has been a global resurgence of attention and interest related to the themes and stories within the Star Wars universe. More and more people who are on their own personal journey of awakening will openly agree that the concept of the Force is pointing to a very real aspect of our interconnectedness within this hyperdelic light matrix of a reality. In addition, the concept of Jedi, which translates to Pillar of Light, is taking new form through those who hear the call to be modern day Light Guardians to help assist in the shift.

(I explain more about this in a previous video I did which you can also watch - The Secret Reason People Love Star Wars: ) 

But in addition to these concepts, are there perhaps other conscious themes that we may have overlooked within the movie that are subtly teaching the audience about some important ideas related to our metaphysical awareness and our collective awakening? 

Here are some themes that I think are worth taking note of, and may even give you a reason to go back and watch the movie again.

Did you notice them all?

Keep reading below and / or watch the video to download the information. 

1. Synchronicity

To me, synchronicity is a word we use to point to the idea that by nature we exist beyond the present moment. Instead of thinking that the universe is blindly unfolding into the unknown, we can think about how future realities already exist and that time and causality actually folds back in on itself like a self feeding infinity loop in which the present creates the future and the future also creates the present. 

Now naturally that can be a peculiar concept for our minds to wrap itself around, but to put it as simply as possible; synchronicity is the universe's ability to help ensure that people are at the right place at the right time in ways that will unfold into a bigger story that they themselves may be unaware of from their perspective within the present. 

Synchronicities can appear in various forms. Sometimes it's people meeting people, sometimes it's people seeing signs/symbols and receiving important messages. Essentially though, it is the universe communicating to itself from a nonlinear perspective. Within the movie we see it happen in numerous ways. How Rey and Finn happen to connect along side with BB8. How they happen to steal the Millennium Falcon and meet Han, who then leads them to the resistance army, and much more. Overall within the movie it is pointing to the idea that synchronicity is a part of the nature of Force and our real life interconnectedness. Though synchronicity at times may be unseen, it is always subtly working at helping weave things together within the cosmic tapestry in order to align with futures that will serve our highest good.

Simply be being aware that the universe naturally unfolds this way can allow us as creators within our day to day lives to intentionally meet the universe half way and potentially evoke more potent synchronistic moments. You can go out on your adventures with anticipation and a knowing that you will connect with people, places, or things where ever you go simply by putting yourself out there. By opening ourselves up to these potentials we can consciously make the most of the opportunities as they arise. All you have to do is keep an open eye, heart, and mind. 

A simple and great way to experience synchronicity in action for yourself is to go out and do Free Hugs. You will be able to observe the ability for you to connect with certain people at the right place at the right time. 

2. Han's Awakening

Throughout the Star Wars saga we have been able to witness Han's personal shift from a rough, tough, conniving smuggler who often saw the concept of the Force through a lens of scrutiny and doubt, to a softer, wiser, open hearted father who acknowledges the presence of the Force through his own personal experiences. 

Han's transformation is in many ways a reflection of the transformation happening within mass culture as we speak. It is a shift from the mind to the heart. More and more people, like Han, are changing the way they look at life following personal events which have helped them become more aware of the fact that this reality is not as cut and dry as it appears to be. 

By seeing that Han is able to awaken and shift, that to me is a sign of hope for the bigger story that we are all a part of. 

3. Rise of the Divine Feminine 

For many years in different ways we have seen the suppression of the feminine energy within culture. It is common for us to acknowledge women as being caring, nurturing, and intuitive - but in addition, we are also beginning to recognize and acknowledge the incredible strength and power they wield too.

The rise of the divine feminine refers to the natural process of more and more people (men and women) who are aligning with an authentic connection to the feminine qualities within them and are empowering themselves and others through self-expression and embodiment of these qualities. 

The story of Rey is a very important one to pay attention to and a direct reflection and catalyst for what our future holds. Every time we see something through the magic of the silver screen, we can think of it as a spell being casted back into society via the attention of the people who see it. So in this case, simply through Rey being her bad-ass empowered Jedi-like self, it is giving permission to other females (and males) to be like Rey in their own way. Rey is inviting the audience to activate the individualized bad-ass warrior / guardian Jedi archetype code that is within us in a new way. 

I look forward to the fact that more and more female guardians, young girls and adult women alike, are emerging as leaders within our communities. I feel that Rey's story is not only reflecting this, but also helping bring it into existence. 

Now of course, the real goal is to be aware and synergize the rise of both the divine masculine and divine feminine energies in order to enable a harmonized convergence into a sacred marriage which I believe is an essential step towards our collective evolution and ability to co-create the dream with clearer shared intention. 

Even though Rey is still early into her journey, I am very excited to see how the saga continues this theme. 

4. Maz Kanata's Shaman Wisdom

Everyone loves Yoda. Not just because is adorably cute/ugly, but because he plays the role of a Shaman type character who helps us see more of ourselves as cosmic beings. "Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter."  The wisdom Yoda shares has left a potent impression within culture. Therefore, within this new saga it is refreshing to see that this wisdom is still being carried and shared by another character - Maz Kanata. 

Throughout history, Shamans have been recognized as those who would help be the bridge between higher awareness and this dense earthly experience in which amnesia and awakening to our true connection to reality is a common part of the journey. 

The theme of the Force is always going to be prevalent throughout the Star Wars movies. Although for many, it will still continue to be thought of as a concept of science fiction fantasy entertainment. Yet the beauty in this is that it creates the opportunity for Maz to share some legit metaphysical Shaman insight about THIS reality right here and now.

The short scene in which Maz speaks to Rey and reminds her about how 'We are light. The light is everything. It is within us and around us' is an incredibly potent seed to be planted within the minds of the audience. Young kids who hear that idea for perhaps the first time in the movie, may look back on it in years from now and think "Holy shit, Star Wars wasn't just trying to entertain me - it was literally trying to help awaken me. It was helping me remember."

I look forward to seeing the role Maz will have in the future of the saga. I am hoping that we will even get to see more meditation spirit quest journey type aspects. 

5. Kylo Ren's Internal Alchemy 

When it comes to the metaphysical path of increasing self awareness, internal alchemy is the name of the game. 

Kylo is a hyperbole representation of ones personal quest to find balance within themselves. Like Kylo, we can all recognize that there are moments in our life where we will experience anger, frustration, fear, envy, greed, hatred, etc. But, through this process we will also learn how to master our emotions instead of them mastering us. It gives us the chance to shift our paradigm and understand that we are not our emotions - but rather we are just experiencing them. And as such, we have the ability to shift through them via personal will power. 

To me, even though the saga is still fresh, I anticipate that we will see Kylo portray an onscreen reflection of the idea that fear is transmutable through love. Leia herself alludes to this when she reminds Han that there is still light within him. It may not turn out to be a pretty story, and it may not be glorious, but through the trials of his journey we the viewer will be reminded of the fact that love is a vibration that can transform fear. From there, we will be inspired to apply this knowing not only to ourselves, but to our relationships, our communities, and to the world.

6. Poe's Awareness of the Force 

Another exciting part about the direction of the new Star Wars saga is that we are seeing how numerous other characters who are not self proclaimed Jedi are still able to incorporate the concept of the Force into their own lives and paths of self development. 

Poe is still a bit of a mystery at this point, but his exceptional demonstration as a fighter pilot can lead one to perceive that he is indeed aware and in tune with the Force.

Essentially an awareness of the Force relates to an awareness of ones self and their connection with their environment; aka mindfulness. Through examples of characters like Poe we are seeing reflections of the awakening happening within our culture of people who are naturally opening them selves up to cosmic awareness, heightened intuitive senses, increased cognitive abilities, psychic connections, self confidence, and more. 

Simply by opening up to a perception that the Force is a real thing and that you can develop your own relationship with it begins opening up some very exciting doors for our future as co-creators. Regardless of whether or not you consider yourself a Jedi - the Force is something anyone can develop a relationship with.

7. Luke's Heart-Opening Story

Luke is a character we have all grown along side with over these many years. We have seen him rise from curious young man into a stoic hero. But beyond the original trilogy there are still untold stories of Luke's journey. I suspect that given the mystery surrounding him in The Force Awakens that the saga will continue by revealing and showing more to us about the struggles and hardships that Luke has experienced. Yet in turn, I also feel that Rey and others will help him rise above these challenges and in turn discover more about himself, regardless of how old he may be at this point. 

Luke's story is a valuable reflection and reminder about or own stories. It is important for us to honour our struggles, to trust in the process, and to open our hearts to the lessons in the moment and potential for personal transformation. As a teacher Luke still has a potent role to play in the saga, and I believe that his story will be made even richer because of the challenges he has endured, the lessons he has learned, and the wisdom he can pass on. 

Look deep and you will see that every challenge is also a gift. 

We as spirit did not just come here to be happy - we came here to evolve our consciousness. We came here to experience a fruitful journey.

This is us being able to witness his personal evolution and to see our own in return. 


So there we go! These are some of the ways in which I think the magic of the newest Star Wars is actually helping assist in the real life awakening of the Force and consciousness. 

What other conscious themes did you notice that weren't mentioned here? 

Please leave your thoughts and comments to continue the conversation!

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And may the Force be with you. 


- Brendon


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