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Conscious Articles

Do you want to help change the world? You can. To help inspire our collective evolution, I have come up with a challenge that has the potential to radically change how we play this game.
Do you think you are ready for it? Will you accept it? Watch the video now to make the jump!

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So. Do you feel it? The potential. The call. The inspiration. 
For myself, and for all of us, we are at an incredibly rich opportunity to really make 2016 a year that will help set new patterns and habits for the years ahead, and I believe it is our feelings that will enable us to tap into, understand, and navigate our way within this opportunity more than ever as part of our ongoing shift. 

Connecting with feelings has always been an important part of my human experience. Being a Cancerian/Leo, I am naturally fairly in tune with my emotions, sensitivity, and feelings. There was a time when I thought that it made me soft, but now I understand that it enables me to be more psychic with my ability to be empathetic, understand my connection with other people, environments, and perhaps my favourite - being more in tune with my intuition which opens up more potential for synchronicity AND creativity. The softness that I once saw as a weakness is now something I recognize as a valuable tool to interacting with my reality, and it is something I am still learning. 

You will hear time and time again that the world we see with our waking base-line perception of reality is merely a fraction of all that is. A key part to this idea is understanding that the additional information is ALWAYS there. We are constantly in a pool of energy, and it is through our feelings that we can actually become more aware of the subtle sensations associated with this rarely perceived field of data. For example, simply holding your palms close together allows you to FEEL the energy between them in a real and visceral way - BUT - until you take the time to slow down, it will be hard to hear it through the noise you are creating between you and your feelings. 

If anything - our feelings are referring to the transmission of information between us, as a receiver, and the information around us (both physical and non physical). So sometimes, in order to get the signal of those feelings in the first place, we have to consciously direct our attention or attune our awareness to specific transmissions - something which can be experienced and developed through the practice of meditation. Feelings I think are also the same word we can use to point to how we receive ideas and creative inspirations. I love the idea that connecting with emotions opens us up to being able to hear more of the creative flow (the Awen) moving through us to express and share with the world. 

So with that said, yes, feelings are key for us to become more embodied, activated, and inspired cosmic citizens of this co-creation. Let us develop patterns and relationships with our feelings. Let us understand more about how to tap into them through practice of meditation, stillness, and movement. Let us begin with the breath. 

*Deep inhale......exhale.*

How are you feeling?

0N3 L0V3 

- Brendon 

PS - This video is also a call to action for those interested in joining up with the team here at Paradigm Shift Central to practice creating conscious media to share with a global audience and help assist in the shift. If you would like to join the team, contribute, and begin an epic new journey - Click Here

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