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Brendon Culliton / Skull Babylon published an article
Who we wish to be tomorrow, begins with who we choose to be today…
As we enter our way through the Solar Eclipse portal on the New Moon of February 26, 2017 - let us take time to be reminded of our potential within this shared dream…  

Our lives revolve around ritual. Whether we consciously show up for them or not. Regardless of the rituals of our habits, we exist amidst the rituals of the stars. Yet with an awareness of both we can show up to meet these celestial moments to enact a conversati…
Beth Fehrensen posted a blog post
So here’s the deal folks, some of my earliest positive memories are hanging out in the in between with children spirits. My earliest recollection of sharing space and time with these beings started around age seven or eight. Around 24 I started to truly name and understand these folks when my therapist said “You do realize you have an orphanage of children around you all the time right?”. I did know this but I couldn’t comprehend the depth and breadth of that reality until someone else recogniz…
Brendon Culliton / Skull Babylon posted a blog post
While in Toronto some fellow Shifters and I set out on a Shiftiivsm mission to do Free Hugs! While doing them we connected with lots of awesome people and shared plenty of Shift Buttons to connect them back to this main project and to the local Paradigm Shift Toronto community too so that they can join up and take part in future conscious meet-ups! (Connect to

I wanted to make this video as further documentation of our role as Shifters and as a reminder a…
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Julia Vinai commented on Michaela Brown's blog post My ET Epiphany / No Need To Fear!
"yes! so glad to hear this Richann :) It feels so much better for us humans when we can connect along parallel experiences! much love and light to you star friend! "
Richann Haxton commented on Michaela Brown's blog post My ET Epiphany / No Need To Fear!
"Wow, thank you for sharing, both Michaela and Julia. While I myself do not recall any beings or experiences like yours, I still find your understanding and wisdom resonant and applicable to myself and my journey. And when Julia expressed, "additionally, because we are constantly told it isn't real, we attach even more fear because we aren't able to give ourselves the chance to understand what is going on, we keep repressing it, and it keeps coming on stronger, we keep feeling like we don't know…"
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Brendon Culliton / Skull Babylon published an article
- Interactive Conscious Community - 
Paradigm Shift Dream Class
Broadcasted Thurs, Feb 23, 2017
(Participant arrival time is 9pm EST. Live broadcast begins once the class is ready.)

'Paradigm Shift Central is a real world game to help bring together a global team of Shifters; conscious media creators and people helping build conscious community across the globe to help assist in the shift.'

Paradigm Shift Dream Class is an ongoing interactive team hangout where we collectively study and disc…
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Jeremy Moauro left a comment for Jeremy Moauro
"GUIDED MEDITATION MIND SILENCE Remove Negative Blocks Automatically Quiet The Mind Paul Santisi

"HEADPHONES REQUIRED! Brand New guided meditation. MIND SPACE (stepping into stillness) Remove negative blocks automatically and quieting the mind and enter a state of bliss and awareness. Many will try to copy this but nobody will ever match the INTENTION that I created this with. This meditation takes you all the way, so you can see further than ever before. You will be positively charged and al…"
Feb 20
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Feb 19
Jeremy Moauro left a comment for Jessica Pitawanakwat
"It's a pleasure to meet you, Jessica! Much Love, Your Brother, Jeremy <3"
Feb 17
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Feb 16
Julia Vinai commented on Zoe Richardson's blog post The Importance of Energetic Maintenance
"I am having the same transmissions right now!  I was called to make a video about maintaining our virbrational state! Which I will be doing tomorrow!  so wonderful!  many blessings! "
Feb 16
Brendon Culliton / Skull Babylon posted a blog post
Today on Intergalactic Love Day (Feb 14) we did a very potent team live Tarot Card Reading with a very inspirational message for all of us with lots of vibrant reminders. 

The card of The Sun is all about seeing the Sun within yourself, self love, self nurture, self care, playfulness, deep wisdom, and then rippling that love out to the world! 

So love the Sun, love yourself, and through doing so we continue to change the dream.

Download the full inspiration from this reading by watching th…
Feb 14

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