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Brendon Culliton / Skull Babylon's Posts (106)

Community Admin
He's more than just my dad. He's a fellow warrior on the path...

Today has been a very special Father's Day for me once again. The reason why I am publishing this post close to midnight on the day is because I just got done finishing a primary draft edit for another full length documentary that my father and I are making together as a hobby, a passion, and a promise. You see, this is the second documentary that we have done since 2010 that provides an intimate look into real stories of Canadians during the Afghan War, and their experiences. We do not seek to glorify war. But rather help share the stories of those effected by it. The recent movie that we have been working super diligently on for the past months and years is called Clearing the Way, which is about the Canadian Combat Engineer Regiment, and the pivotal role they played in 06-07. A story that even many Canadians are unfamiliar with.

But you see, from a soul level I am learning more and more about why I agreed to make these movies within my life contract. I feel that both my dad and I have shared past lives together as 'brothers' in war. And through it we were transformed in ways only war can. And not just in negative ways either. War is a brutal yet real part of the spiritual experience here on earth. And I believe that if we wish to end it, then we must seek to understand it. 

And so, this time around both my father and I agreed that our role would be different. Rather then being on the front lines ourselves, we instead made a promise to be the story tellers for others. And to create a lense for us as a collective to see more of our nature, our love, our bonds, our flaws, and all the shades of ourselves that war brings to the surface. And in turn, heal and change through these stories. To expand our hearts and our minds. 

And so, as the clock approaches midnight as I write this, I reflect on the gratitude and pride I have for my father and for the many selfless things he has done in his life and the projects and journeys he has allowed me to be play part in. My father and I's bond was forged in war many many moons ago. Yet through this we have both brought forth deep wisdom and understanding of life, death, leadership, courage, and compassion. The inspiration to act and sacrifice to help others. Much of which of course I now catalize towards my efforts of Paradigm Shift Central and my ongoing mission within the Shift in consciousness and the mental, physical, spiritual, and metaphysical wars being waged here of earth. Here within our hearts.... And so as I dive deep into the experiences of making these movies with my father, I reflect deeply on the gift of them. Tonight as I saved the file upon reaching the end of the edit, I looked down at the time and it was 1111. All is synch. And so it is...

So dad, father, brother, thank you again for the bond we share. A bond deeper than we may even know...and a mission bigger than we can even fathom.

Happy Father's Energy Day to all the amazing creators we are. 

0N3 L0V3 

- Brendon 
For those interested the first movie is available online at and the second movie has a Facebook page at 


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Community Admin

I just saw another UFO (in my dream)!
Bridget Nielsen's dad was there and he saw it too. It was a hexagram shaped, kinda grey transparent with a faint white glow. It was moving in a circle. Then shrunk in scale to the point where it appeared to disappear. While looking at it I remember a visceral sensation through my body of both awe, shock, and excitement. Verbally paralyzed in the moment.

In that dream I also had a message and a speech that I'm carrying that moved me to tears related to the Shift. I know I have so much to give to the ongoing story still, and I am feeling very anxious and excited about being able to be more actively involved in the future by sharing my voice and the messages I am here to help be a bridge for too. But for the time being I must complete my soul contract of finishing this other military documentary movie I am working on with my father. Once I have done so I will be ready to switch back into gear with the team and really help activate some amazing collective potential. I am here to serve.

This is an image I made in photoshop as I write this at 4am shortly upon waking up. State the obvious, it is worth noting the shape and design of this craft / craft entity. Anything to do with hexagrams is relating back to sacred geometrical proportions and divine sacred technology found within all of us. Even though in my dream the craft appeared flat-ish, it is safe to assume that it only looked that way from my perspective. Realistically if we are assuming what I saw was legit, then its safe to assume that it was actually more of a three dimensional (or more) shape, that would be commonly recognized as a Merkaba. Again, the Merkaba refers to the field matrix that is around all beings, planets, and particles, throughout this infinity that not only allows things to travel through space time - but can also scale itself through various relative perspectives. More or less - the behaviour of the craft matched my best guesses as to the dynamics and science of how most UFOs would naturally operate - as light vehicles that can change shape, size, and visibility while traveling through the multi-space. 


When I first posted this to facebook, one of my friends Erik mentioned - "dood you're prolly part of the hybrid children program and not even know it...". To which I replied "Who says I don't know it Erik? Maybe I'm just not someone who has to regularly openly identify myself as one. After all, I'm a ninja first." Because yes, honestly, at this point in the game I think it is becoming more self evident that as 'soul' many of us have intentionally chosen to come here to the planet Earth portal at this specific time to be able to bring with us the knowledge and wisdom and compassion of the stars, so to speak. But at the same time, I do not think we need to always openly present ourselves as being out of the ordinary. I think for me the extra ordinary actually is ordinary. And so as much as I know in my heart that I am more then just the one story of this incarnation - I know it is also part of my bigger story to help bridge higher concept ideas into this main stream culture. Because regardless as to whether or not I openly consider myself as a "Starseed" or something like that - first and foremost I am an Earthseed. And so are you. 

I think part of our ongoing story as multi-dimensional beings is remembering who we are and how our potential within this shared dream is the evolving experiences and often unspoken communication occurring between ourselves here and our team who is probably anxiously keeping an eye on us from the sidelines so to speak, while checking in now and then and cheering us on. In some ways it almost feels like when many of us committed to this journey we also committed to the fact that we might not be returning to the home of the stars for quite awhile (in the physical sense). That is why in many ways being on Earth feels like being on a very real mission / quest. Or even like going away for a bit to some kinda psychedelic summer camp. And when we arrived we forgot that we came from somewhere else, and so now half the journey is simply remembering, And every now and then our family back home sends us a letter that we will often receive through extra-ordinary experiences such as UFO sightings either within the sleeping dream space or the waking dream space. I feel a part of our journey is often just simply to talk about these experiences. To help usher them into culture and our every day life. To remember that every night when we dream we are re-accessing the hyperdelic dream nexus in which we are often more readily able to receive letters from our family back home so to speak. And as we become aware that this is not only a possibility, but also an expected and common method of communication - then we can begin increasing not just the frequency of these events, but also the potency of them and the information they cary by intentionally showing up within our dream spaces. 

Because you see, when I saw the UFO in my dream, there was more going on then just looking at it. It was a full body and spirit experience. There was a conversation taking place beyond words. A download occurring so to speak. The download is both that of unspoken wisdom and inspiration. Of excitement and yet mystery.  I know that my dreams yield experiences based on both me being an intentional projector, and a receiver. And I know that when I intentionally put my focus towards them my dreams become more then just fantastical entertainment - but also practical means to a bigger ongoing and 'real' conversation taking place between those of us logged into the matrix on the ground and those of us cheering us on from the sidelines. 

This dream for me was a nice treat. Another addition to the ongoing collection of UFO dreams that I can add to my shelf of memories and experiences. In total I have so far had 1 waking dream ufo encounter and at least a 13+ sleeping dream ufo encounters. I believe that the effectiveness of these encounters is in the subtlety of them. I believe they are not there to speak our story for us - but rather to serve as a catalyst for us to write the story ourselves. There are many worlds within this world, and I feel for many of us it is our mission to help bring forth the magic of all of them into a common space. To hold up a mirror for us to see and remember who we are through the power of creative expression and community story telling. Thus expanding into our potential as frequency carries and emitters who are actively contributing to the ongoing co-creation of this bigger shared dream for the intentional remembrance and celebration of all. 

And so with that said... I say to all of us... be the bridge my friends.

0N3 L0V3 

- Brendon 


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Community Admin

~ A Mother's Poem ~
Before we were born,
There was a voice we first heard.
A soft spoken sound,
A warm spoken word.
Dear child, so precious,
Let me share with you my love.
Let me keep you warm,
Keep you safe from thereof.
For there is a bright big world out there,
That beckons your presence.
Your gifts and your being,
Blessings and moments so pleasant.
Though you enter through me,
Your journey is your own.
To shine your light into the world,
As we all walk our way home.
May my warmth keep you safe,
May my coolness keep you calm.
As a friend and a guardian,
May I remind you just how strong.
Of how strong you truly are,
Through the beating of your heart.
Through the hugs that you share,
Through the creation of your art.
My child, my child,
I carry you with pride.
For no matter how far apart,
We are always connected inside.
And outside, and above,
And below, and all around.
You will see me in the trees,
And in the flowers on the ground.
I will always be with you,
In ways subtle yet strong.
Through the sound of my voice,
Through the rhyme of our songs.
So may you always find your way,
Because the true path is inside.
The one I walk with you,
As you open your eye.
My child, my child,
I am with you through and through.
Because in all that you are,
I will always love you…
And so this voice whispers softly,
A song heard in our soul.
The song of the mother,
Reminding us we are whole.
Reminding us we are brave,
In the infinity of our love.
So thank you to you mothers,
For all that you are, and thereof.
Happy Mothers Day, 2017
Love Always,
(Art by The Official Josephine Wall)
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Community Admin

Aloha Team!

I am excited to share with you this new Shiftivism Free Hugs video that took place at the recent Holi Festival in London, Ontario, Canada!

It was amazing being able to help amplify the already vibrant love in the moment through an intended Free Hugs portal activation!

Watch the video to experience the celebration of Colourful Love for yourself!

Thank you again to everyone for being a part of this exciting ongoing documentation of the Shift in consciousness.

0N3 L0V3

- Brendon

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Community Admin
Aloha Team!
This is a quick post to a casual live broadcasted video we did while I was working out in which I share some details about new updates related to the project, and how you can be involved!
Some key topics include
- What new videos I am working on
- Team Patreon 900 Goal Revealed
- New Paradigm Shift Team Squads
- New Quest Journal Community Competition Voting and Reward Incentives
- Future plans for team building hangouts
I look forward to sharing new content with you this week! Also - bonus shoutout to those who are newly connected to the team. Welcome! 

Stay tuned for crystalized updates related to these topics as we continue to move forward!

Add your support to the team patreon to help us reach our team goal of 900 before the end of the month at

Connect with me on facebook for future live broadcasts at
0N3 L0V3
- Brendon


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Community Admin

Every now and then I seem to have a really potent dream featuring UFOs...

The other night was one of those dreams... and more. 

My story of the dream is featured in the video below, but long story short the dream led from a UFO sighting to an eventual face to face contact with the inhabitants of the craft. The part that was really interesting was that the "aliens" were something similar to Reptilian Humanoids. Now of course alot of the story people hear about the Reptilians places them in the role of the "bad guys", but in this dream they introduced themselves in a very casual and benevolent way. I think this in itself was important because I feel that part of what is essential to making contact with these other beings within the dream space or otherwise is to be able to check in with prejudices we may knowingly or unknowingly have towards different alien beings. As we begin to see other aliens as further extensions of ourselves then we can begin to meet them on a mutual plane where we see each other as one in the same, oppose to the common narrative of us vs "the others". 

So long story short, even as a dream, I was honoured to be able to have this experience and in some ways be a kind of ambassador within the dream space for these beings and others. 

Perhaps this was just the first introduction of more interactions to occur. 

Stand by for updates as the dreams continue to unfold! 

What about you? Have you had many dreams with UFOs or other beings?

Check out the full story and more in the video! 

Thanks for watching! Please continue to help document the shift by putting focus towards your own dream exploration process and Dream Log documentation!

Check out other Dream Log videos I have posted over the years at

0N3 L0V3 

- Brendon 

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Community Admin

Aloha Team,

Here is a video I edited together using footage gathered over the past month and a bit of some of the ongoing Jedi training I have been doing leading up to the creating of Journey to Lucidity 5: Return of the Light Guardians. 

For me, doing this style of training has been very important over the years to my spiritual path. So much of the training is about evolving the relationship between the body, mind, and spirit. It has helped teach me in many ways how to let go of fear and to be able to notice the differences in my practice when I intentionally generated internal energy to follow through with certain moves. Often times it is our self-doubt that leads to failure. Through this practice it allows me to develop increasing degrees of confidence as I find my centre relative to my commitments through time. Once I have become familiar with certain techniques I find that I am most effective at executing them when I think less and feel more. I connect with the vision in which I have already completed the move and then simply follow through and allow myself to arrive at this completion. This same concept is something that I apply within my life outside of the gym aswell. 

Have fun watching the video! I hope it inspires more and more of us to explore and connect with our own flow. 

Thank you again for helping co-create the dream! Add your support for the movie and more by joining the team patreon and getting awesome rewards

0N3 L0V3 

- Brendon 

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Community Admin

What are you willing to stand for?

Simply put, the Women's March means many different things to many different people. That in itself is why it is so important. Though many will look at it through the polarizing lens of politics and social-media rhetoric - the condescending and insensitive opinions of others does not devalue the subjective importance of what it represents to each and every person within their own heart. 

As a gonzo journalist, I intentionally make it my purpose to help use the magic of the camera lens to amplify the stories and inspiration of specific events and messages to help share and ripple the importance of them with local, and global community.

Now it's true - some people will actually be mad at me for creating this video and helping tell this story. But for me, that just comes with the territory of taking a stand for what you believe in when it comes to a subject such as this. I for one believe in helping share the voices of those whose messages of love will inspire many more. And if some people on the internet are going to direct hate at me for it, then so be it. But that will not stop me from doing what I know is important for the bigger story.

This is that story…

(Open in Youtube:

For me, the Women's March is an INCREDIBLY meaningful event to help share for many reasons. Most of which I choose to see as being independent from the political scenarios of the time. 

For me, an event like this is about creating our own stories with intentions. It is about developing sovereignty for the chapters still ahead. It is about reminding the women who have been put down by circumstance and society of their own strength to rise through any challenge, and in turn become stronger. To me this is about planting the seeds for future generations of both male and female who will grow up with respect for all beings. And perhaps, most importantly - it is about holding space for our own healing. As individuals and a collective. 

We are living in the midst of deep wounds. Yet we are also rising through the darkness with great love. Because it is within the darkness that we learn how to shine a brighter light. Our healing as a collective comes from many higher angles of empathy, forgiveness, and deep compassion. For ourselves, and even in time for those who we deem the perpetrators of things like misogyny, racism, bigotry, homophobia, sexism, arrogance, xenophobia, and much more. 

From my own personal perspective, this is about social alchemy. Transformation through intention. I feel that an often overlooked key in being able to transcend through the complexity of our healing is when we can really really meditate and empathize with the roots of the issues. In this case, I feel that we must not overlook that many of the perpetrators of disrespect for others in this society comes from the likelihood that they themselves were probably never given the opportunity to learn how to open their own hearts and live with compassion. Many became a bi-product of their environment. And social programming that was engrained into them by the time they were 20 continued unquestioned into their 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, and beyond. So with that said, do you think it is reasonable to hold space for empathy for those who have simply not learned how to properly love themselves and others? Is it their fault? Yes they are still responsible for their actions - but what happens if we empathize with often forgotten parts of their stories? Does that shift how we see them and the energy we choose to project to them? 

You see, others have said that in order to "win" we must let go of the "us vs them" mentality. We must step back to a higher perspective and truly understand that there is only us. And in turn to then take responsibility for our own healing as individuals and a collective. Yes things take time, but things can also happen in a flash of light. It's okay to acknowledge anger inside of us. It's okay to recognize frustration. Those are all very powerful guidance tools to navigate our reality. But be aware as to how much power we choose to give them and our relationship with these emotions. For overtime they will undeniably cloud or vision. For after all, what does our scenario look like when seen with eyes unclouded by hate?

The problems we recognize point us towards the solutions we seek. So the solution - to live by example. For men and women to invite others into discussion, to ripple the inspiration, and to create space for healing through enacting empathy, compassion, patience, and responsibility for ourselves and others. The solutions will happen week to week as more women and men shift the relationships within themselves, and in turn create the patterns that will define the future for generations to come. 

At the end of the day the king and the pawn go back in the same box. We are all humans having this spiritual experience together for the time being. When we see beyond the illusions (of society and our own programming) we can see each other for who we are. Dynamic, beautiful, chaotic, vulnerable, strong, compassionate, artistic, and loving beings. 

I am because we are. 

0N3 L0V3 

- Brendon 


Support more inspiring conscious media like this video by adding your support to the team patreon at

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Community Admin

Aloha Team! Here is a link to a special live 44 min broadcast I did this morning as part of my morning routine of making magic Fruit / Veggie smoothies! My intention is that by doing a simple video like this it will help inspire more and more of us to bring in more effective eating habits into our routines! Using this techniques has changed my life and as a team I value being able to share those benefits with others as we all continue to step into our potential within this real world game to help shift consciousness.

Watch on youtube at

Watch it at 


As a side note for those curious - right now I am busy focusing on editing for the Journey to Lucidity 3 movie. Stay tuned for updates about future team building hangouts. Ideally we will do one next week. Looking forward to sharing more of the progress with you in the future. Thanks for helping make it possible. 

Add your support to the team patreon to assist in the ongoing production of the movie at

Connect with me on facebook for future live broadcasts at

0N3 L0V3

- Brendon 

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Community Admin

Recently I had the honour and privilege of being able to do a presentation talk at a local conscious community meet up group known as London Seekers (London, Ontario, Canada. London Seekers is actually something that I began going to back in probably 2008ish and was actually a key source of inspiration during the genesis of the Paradigm Shift Central project. Over the years I have given several presentations at London Seekers so it is always exciting to be able to go back and help document and share the story of the ongoing shift. 

Overall the presentation is a pretty concise download of ideas and insights related to the shift.  I go over a basic introduction of what the Paradigm Shift Central project is. While not getting into all of the details (and accidentally leaving out a few key ones) it helps explain the intention of the project. From there I go into talking about what the Shift is from my perspective while incorporating and sharing some core and more recent ideas and points of view related to our multi-dimensional nature to help tie things all together and map out the bigger collective narrative of our awakening. 

Enjoy the presentation and use it as another portal for further inspiration! I have also created an mp3 version of it which is available for download to take on the go. 

Click Here to Download and listen as an Mp3:


As an additional bonus I have included the recordings of two previous talks I gave at London Seekers in 2014 and 2012.

Thank you again for be a part of the bigger story! 

0N3 L0V3 


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The thing I love about doing the group tarot card broadcasts is that it opens up a channel for very very potent messages to come through that are for more than just myself, but are for all of us. And often times what they help reveal are the common lessons that we are going through as a collective that perhaps otherwise we may have been unaware of. For the card we drew today I was very pleasantly surprised with the timeliness of it. In so many ways it is the exact card I was seeking to discuss in them with the ongoing journey of stepping into more responsibility within our journey as we activate into our potential.... The Chariot is all about stepping into the driver seat of our lives with mindfulness. 

Download more of the inspirational message by watching the video!

Connect to my facebook for future live broadcasts and more at
0N3 L0V3
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Community Admin

Who we wish to be tomorrow, begins with who we choose to be today…

As we enter our way through the Solar Eclipse portal on the New Moon of February 26, 2017 - let us take time to be reminded of our potential within this shared dream…  

Our lives revolve around ritual. Whether we consciously show up for them or not. Regardless of the rituals of our habits, we exist amidst the rituals of the stars. Yet with an awareness of both we can show up to meet these celestial moments to enact a conversation with the universe. To amplify our intentions moving forward for the betterment of ourselves and those around us. 

Amongst many interpretations, the Solar Eclipse is once again a potent opportunity to reflect on the aspects of rebirth. Rebirth through the transitions of winter to spring, and also rebirth within the habits and focus of our daily lives. And so let this moment now be thought of as a shared community ritual and opportunity to remember a commonly forgotten key and to tap into renewed vigilance for the journey ahead. 

Yet what is the key I speak of? 

Allow me to share it with you now. 


I'll be honest, as a fellow dreamer within the dream there is much on my mind. Reflecting on where I have been, who I am now, and who I intend to be tomorrow. The lessons I have experienced, the opportunities I have been gifted, and the responsibilities and visions I have of what is still to come. 

I know there is much for me to do, and there is so much more that I must step into (not just for myself but for others as well). But I also know that the futures I strive for are not something promised to me - but rather something that must be earned. Yet even in the midst of what can sometimes feel like daunting responsibility I feel an overwhelming sense of calmness and confidence in this moment.

My calmness to me comes from a deeper knowing one might say - of a key I hold and share with you. A remembrance of an often forgotten subtle dynamic and conversation between ourselves and the universe that happens every single moment, whether we are aware of it or not. For you see, I feel that far to often we step outside and forget our innerstanding of how this reality functions. But nonetheless, that is exactly why we are here as a team - to remind ourselves of how to optimize our efforts and step into our ability as better dreamers within the dream. Mirrors upon infinite mirrors. 

Far to often we fall into the illusion that much of what is coming into our reality (or lack there of) is a result of happenstances beyond our control. We often subconsciously choose to wait patiently for the universe to roll its own dice while we cross our fingers for the outcome we desire. So often we forget… and we slip into the belief that the actions we make in our daily routines are separate from the external opportunities which await before us on our paths. When in reality, from my own gnosis, we have far more impact on our future from the present moment than we realize. 

For example - say you are working on manifesting something like a new job that you desire, or you are intending to align with a new living situation, or make new connections with community, or an opportunity for a new creative endeavour, or it could even be something currently unknown to you yet still coming your way. Often times we put the intention out there like placing an order to the universe. "This is what I would like. Please give it to me." But what happens when things do not come to you within a timely manner as hoped for. Do you get impatient? Do you get frustrated? Do you get mad at the universe? Do you create the dialogue of "Oh well that sucks, but its beyond my control and all I can do is keep waiting or just give up…. sigh…" And if you do - that's totally human, and in many ways a story that is all to common. BUT what if we have it backwards…. what if we are not waiting on the universe. What if the universe is waiting on us?

What so many of us have forgotten is that in the subtle conversation with the universe, it (us) will not give us what we seek until we have proven that we are ready to receive and hold it.  

For you see, I innerstand (and invite you to remember), that this reality is holographic not simply for practical purposes, but also for our own favour when moving forward. What I mean by this is that if you have a vision, a wish, a desire, a yearning for a reality that you feel called to - then one of the best ways to meet that reality is by showing up for it today. And how do we show up for it? We show up for it by demonstrating our determination, tenacity, strength, and trust. We show up for it by showing up for ourselves through acts of self love such as intentional creative and artistic expression, shifting habits that no longer serve us, physical exercise for body and mind, mindful diet, honest communication, opening our hearts, and bravery to push our edges and go outside our comfort zones. 

By being more responsible and vigilant and dedicated and focused and persistent with our day to day actions we we step into the conversation we are having with the universe and put forth the message "Yes, I am serious (Sirius) about what I am here to create and ready to receive." Once we begin putting out this signal, the bigger parts of us that exist beyond this present moment acknowledge and honour it. And with further patience and trust we soon find that what we wish to receive is right before us…. but only if we are ready to earn it. Call this a part of law of attraction if you want, I think of it as just another part of the holographic dynamics of this reality that are there in our favour. 

And so the message of all this that I have for us is to "Earn it." And the key of this knowledge is what can give us the strength to do so. If you are one of many people who is in a rut, know that there is always hope. What's that? You're facing a challenge? Work on yourself. What's that? You have a big dream you want to manifest? Work on yourself. Be fully responsible for who you are and the subtle conversations you are having with the universe that takes place beyond this present moment. From where we are now we are constantly putting forth branches like tendrils into the future. Those branches reach for the light, connect to the realities we wish for, and establish a path that our soul can follow. If you are not working on yourself, then you are not sending out those branches with as much intention as you could, and thus they fail to utilize and make use of the purpose as to why they are there - to align yourselves with the realities you seek. 

You have everything you need within arms reach. 

Know, trust, and be. 

So yes, in conclusion - one of the best ways to change your external circumstances is by putting more intention towards the work you do on yourself (Your Elf). Just like a mirror, your outer world will begin reflecting back to you what you are ready for. Let us reclaim our power as masters of our own lives. I believe that we have the soulutions for any situation inside of us. And the idea of working on ourselves to change our external reality is an incredibly potent hack that I wish more and more of us were aware of. But as simple as it is to tell someone, the best way for them to know is by experiencing it themselves. 

As for myself, I have some big missions on the horizon. And in many ways they teeter on the edge of fate. Things could go one way or the other. But I know that though it may appear as if it is beyond my control, its actually not. For the way in which my fate swings will be a reflection of who I am when I show up for that moment. If I am lazy and expect the universe to give me what I wish just because I show up at that moment - then I am a fool. Rather I know that I must work on myself now and show up as best as I can to that moment, knowing that I have put forth an honest effort, and in turn the universe will grant me the wish I not only seek… but what I must earn. What we all must earn. 

And so, in synch with the potency of the Eclipse and New Moon portal, I invite all of us to use this time of collective ritual and upgrades to put forth the intention of stepping into the ongoing narratives of our story with deeper knowing, trust, and intention. Intention to be fully responsible for who we are, motivated by the remembrance and trust of this key, and to have fun doing so. To put forth our honest efforts. To play with the dynamics of who we are - knowing that every act of self love is bringing us closer to the ongoing exciting aspects of our journey and the dream we are creating together. 

For you see, we are, and always have been the dream awakening to itself. 

Now let's go kick some cosmic butt!

Go Team Shift!

0N3 L0V3 

- Brendon 


Connect with me further at


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Community Admin

While in Toronto some fellow Shifters and I set out on a Shiftiivsm mission to do Free Hugs! While doing them we connected with lots of awesome people and shared plenty of Shift Buttons to connect them back to this main project and to the local Paradigm Shift Toronto community too so that they can join up and take part in future conscious meet-ups! (Connect to

I wanted to make this video as further documentation of our role as Shifters and as a reminder and example of how anyone can replicate these simple yet effective tactics where they are. 

Check out the video and enjoy!

Reminder that you can get your own Shift Buttons to use where you are when you join the team patreon monthly support as a micro donator for just $3-5. Sign up, add your support, and get your Shift Buttons at

0N3 L0V3

- Brendon

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Today on Intergalactic Love Day (Feb 14) we did a very potent team live Tarot Card Reading with a very inspirational message for all of us with lots of vibrant reminders. 

The card of The Sun is all about seeing the Sun within yourself, self love, self nurture, self care, playfulness, deep wisdom, and then rippling that love out to the world! 

So love the Sun, love yourself, and through doing so we continue to change the dream.

Download the full inspiration from this reading by watching the video bellow. 

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- Brendon
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Aloha friends! Here is a new video of a LIVE 906 Tarot Card Reading that we did today on facebook!

We have done these Tarot Card Reading broadcasts in the past, and it is something that I have always really enjoyed doing. Doing a tarot reading as a community is a very potent way for the universe to help intentionally deliver potent and relevant messages for us to hear at the time. Every time that we do it it is very synchronistic. 

So today, when we drew the The Hierophant card - it was once again a seemingly perfect card for the day. The reason being is that The Hierophant is all about exactly what doing the broadcasts and the bigger project are about - being the messenger and the bridge between higher conscious wisdom and material reality.

Learn more about The Hierophant and ways we can integrate the wisdom into our day to day lives. Watch the broadcast to download the inspiration.

What does The Hierophant mean to you?

Tune into future broadcast by connecting to my facebook
Broadcasts will take place here and there on weekdays at 906am EST.

Check out past Tarot Card Readings in this playlist - >> Click Here <<

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- Brendon

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What if we saw Disney movies as something more than just a quick fix that a parent can put on to keep the kids occupied on a Saturday afternoon?  What if some Disney movies were actually intentionally created with powerful codes to help spark consciousness and inspire the viewer (child or adult alike) to step into the magic of their own journey through excitement and love?

In the case of the most recent Disney movie, Moana, I feel that this is perhaps the most potent and intentionally conscious Disney movie made to date! 

Jump right into watching the video review and find out more! 

(Youtube link:

I admit - going into this movie I was not entirely sure as to what to expect. It had been awhile since I had really sat down and enjoyed a recent Disney movie. Prior to seeing this one I intentionally skipped out on actually watching Frozen - so my opinion on Disney was a relatively blank slate. Though I admit this one had caught my attention... and I was curious. The trailers in themselves don't really get into the level of consciousness that the movie represents. Often focusing more on the jokes and cuteness, but still representing the overall themes of adventure. Yet within the trailers I did catch glimpses of some blatant fibonacci spirals that peaked my interest. Though I was unsure of the whole story - I was undeniably drawn to see what was at hand. 

Needless to say this movie had my heart twanging within the first minutes of the film! Right at the beginning, as explained in the review, we see a beautiful representation of the Mother Goddess archetype on screen as part of the back story. The abundance of Fibonacci spirals, the beautiful greens, the art style, the music. It was all there - and to me it said that "Hey, the people who are working on this movie... they know a thing or two, and they are making it with conscious intent." 

Movies are such an incredible opportunity to share powerful information and messages with an audience. In today's day and age it would seem that attention is the most sought after commodity by businesses and corporations. And so how much of a treat is it when you as a creator can be given the privilege of being granted someones attention for 90+ minutes.  What an amazing opportunity to speak to a person. What would you say to them? What would you show them? What would you reveal to them?

The story of Maona is an incredibly potent and well told one. The characters are rich, real, and inspiring. Moana as an individual is a bold mirror for a part of ourselves that many of us can relate to. The part of us that feels a longing sense of duty to help the world and the people we love - and also the part of us that seeks adventure and the mystery of the unknown. Often times we as individuals seek adventure not just purely for the sake of how it makes us feel or the dopamine it releases - but because we seek to see who we will be in that moments of adventure. We seek to see the choices we will make, and in turn get to know more of who we are. Who we are in the face of adversity. Who we are when we must step forward with courage. Who we are when we feel a deep connection with our life path and our service for others and the strength we step into when doing so. Moana echos this. And for me, the story of Moana is the story of the Light Guardians, the Jedi, the Light Workers. All of us.... "Light the Torch". Illuminate your own spirit and live in such a way that others will see the light from within you as a reflection of their own, and in turn helping them step into their own light and "Find the Way".

In addition to Moana, it seems that some of the most conscious heart opening and inspiring movies around these days are animated movies. Now of course the animated movies are often promoted towards children, but it is obvious that they are made for anyone of all ages. Just off the top of my head, some of the recent animated movies that are incredibly moving include movies like The Little Prince, The Lego Movie, The Legend of the Guardians: Owls of Ga'hoole, Secret of the Kells, Princess Mononoke, and so much more. I feel that the reason for this is because as of only recently we have entered into a new realm of animated movies in which anything and everything is possible. Therefore there is nothing to hold back. The limit is the infinite expanse of our imagination. And as such, they are a powerful medium for consciousness as a collective to work through to help wake itself up. These movies can go as deep as they wish and by the time you finish watching them you feel as if you have witnessed the meaning of life, and in turn, you are now a slightly different person. 

The beauty of movies, art, and magic is that they in themselves are changing the world. To many it is in a way that is almost invisible - but for those with the eyes to see it is blatant. The movies plant seeds - and naturally so - those seeds grow over time. A young child who sees Moana today will likely feel the call to help create the world of tomorrow and stand for their intuitive knowing of our connection to the Mother Goddess. It is beautiful to think of the simplicity in knowing that the change that an individual experiences will in turn change the world. This has always been - and always will be.

Personally I would love the chance to sit down and talk to some of the film makers of Moana and ask them about their intentions while working on the movie. It is clear that this movie is one of the most spiritually fuelled Disney movies. The setting of the culture represented in the movie allows this to be so, as it roots into some of the traditional perceptions of our interconnection to all things. The movie brings in potent themes of intuition, listening to your heart, life beyond death, the power of the conscious mind, and perhaps one of the most important - the transformation of the princess / prince archetype into a role of humble duty in service to others. 

For you see - at the end of the day, the prince and the princess is something within each and every one of us. I personally believe that the realization of this is a key next step in the evolution of our consciousness. To see ourselves as such is to in turn see the potential as well as the duty, responsibility and honour we carry with us to be a prince and princess for consciousness itself. To open our own hearts, and in turn, bring more heart back in to the world. 

So be it Moana, or many other movies - I am excited that we live in a time when story telling has reached such amazing potential to reflect the limitlessness of our imagination, and the expression of the soul. I invite you to watch Moana as an experience for your spirit, and to allow it to Light your Torch and to help share more of that light where ever you may go on your voyages! 

The magic is, and always has been, very real. 


Thanks for reading! 

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- Brendon 

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The other day a friend of mine was sharing about their experiences as someone who is highly sensitive to energy and was asking for help. In response I turned to the community to collectively gather our insights and ideas related to this topic (shown below).

At times their sensations seems to overload when in active public places or even in one to one conversations. When they connect with someone through the eyes they explained how they would have a visceral sensation that would often times be a reflection of the other person's energy and intentions. This would happen both willingly and unwillingly. From what I understand, it seems that they have not always been like this. So since it is fairly newish to them, they have been struggling to try to understand just what is happening to them, and how to evolve their relationship with these experiences and in turn be able to find harmony within themselves so that they can still actively function on a day to day basis, and even be able to attune their gifts in ways to support themselves and others. 

Now for me personally, I think this topic is very interesting, very important, and something alot of people can relate to yet seldom get to talk about. These abilities are no longer something we can keep in the realms of science fiction. The concepts associated with things like Jedi and X-Men are more real than many realize.

I think simply put - A lot of these sensations people are experiencing are becoming more and more common as we continue to collectively move further along in the story of us awakening to our multi-dimensional reality. All of us are empaths by nature, and as such it is part of all of our journeys (as much as we consciously choose) to explore, understand, and experience our relationships with energies of this reality. When we do develop a harmonious relationship with our senses we also begin stepping into more of our potential, and these "abilities" become a normal part of our human spiritual experience. Things such as developing intuition. Foresight.  Actively tuning into inspiration and internal insights. Improvements in physical health. Intentional empathetic connection with others. Dream exploration. Intentional co-creation, and more. These are all ways that allows us to step back into a remembrance of our connection to all things and in turn gift us the abilities we can use to help continue to change the reality by being able to more intimately connect with our experiences as a part of it.

In the same way we communicate with our words, we also communicate energetically locally and non-locally (and beyond linear time) through both our heart and mind consciousness. Understanding that we are always communicating / broadcasting and creating the reality around us is a core concept in being able to help root more responsibility and sovereignty within our day to day lives. 

(Art by Cameron Grey)

From my own way of perceiving it, part of how I like to explain things and to be able to understand the root of why humans have the tendency to be highly sensitive to energies is to understand that we exist in an ocean of energy to begin with. When we are not noticing the energy around us - it does not mean it is not there. It just means that our "filters" are up or we are simply just not tuned into the frequency of those energies. Simply put, I understand that reality is very very hyperdelic by nature, and that consciousness has intentionally created these human bodies to help create an experience where we by default filter out alot of the data around us. Now it does not mean that we are not actually still receiving or interacting with it - but it just means that is is happening on a sub/hyper conscious level that may not be in our immediate perception. 

To me it is important to be able to understand that having extra sensory awareness or being 'psychic' is actually something quite normal to the human experience. And right now - a big part of our experience is understanding this and in turn being able to learn how to integrate this awareness and create harmony within ourselves. Through our own transformation we are then able to shift our relationship with these senses. 

It's amazing how each human experience is so unique. Some people WISH they could feel energy more. And some people WISH they could feel energy less. The fact is - both paths are important. Some people learn to be psychic by learning how to open their senses, where as others will learn by grounding themselves in the midst of overwhelming open-ness. 

Like anything in life, everything is a teacher. When people suddenly or gradually begin to notice they are more sensitive to the energy around them - it is not a curse - it is the universe's way of helping us learn, as challenging as it may feel at times. The trick to being able to learn is to be able to communicate and discuss the topic in a place of non-judgement where we can share our understandings and our personal tips and techniques as to how to work towards harmony, and then take the steps to integrate the knowledge into experience.

I believe that this scenario is becoming more and more common, and many people are also seeking guidance. Simply being able to understand how "normal" this is in the first place is a huge part of the process. This is why I forwarded this topic to the community through my facebook profile to help create a discussion and document some valuable insights for others to read about.

Below is the full conversation as it appeared on my wall. Thank you again to all of those who contributed to this important discussion. 

Much love. 



This is an honest and relatively serious question I am asking for a friend (and anyone who can relate).

What advice do you have for someone who is recently extra sensitive to energy and their environment (empathic, clairsentience etc) to the point where it can be challenging to go out in public places like malls and such?

Side notes - this person is also fairly new to the realms of Shifty stuff and is seeking guidance to learn 'what to do' with their 'gifts'.

Thanks in advance.
(Link to Original Facebook Post:


Cristina Mohr ·
The stone Labradorite helps keep others' energies from overwhelming you.

Michaela Zanghi-Brown 
This 100 percent speaks to me as well! Would love to know it can be very hard for me to socialize as well, extremely much so !

Andrew Lund 
Have them envision a bright white light all around them. Any energies that flow into that light will instantly neutralize and it will be easier to be in public . I'm the same way. It's hard for me to even be in a parking lot full of people walking around.

Kris Ev 
Sounds like me...

Dorie Raven 
Hematite is a big help. Get a small piece you can hold and play with.

Adam Stepp 
Physical exercise.

Barbara Santora 
 I would recommend reading information on Empaths and the Highly Sensitive Person HSP...I am like that as well and have become quite reclusive..i have learned a clearing technique from James Gililand that I do several times a day..We are sponges and must clear several times a day sometimes..whenever we feel unbalanced or uncomfortable or anxious..Ii could share that.. Also Orgonite helps with EMFs which we are extremely sensitive..i still struggle with this daily. I will be moving to a less populated area which is more rural and quiet..being in nature is very clearing and healingand is also a great healer for HSPs/Empaths. Using your intuition/Discernment and avoid toxins and toxic areas and people. This person can friend me if wanted. 

Ruh Giri 
It was also challanging for me to go in a public places.this happen because of lack of due to meditation it can be changed.. And always be positive..

Kristy Russell 
Ask the question of yourself "is this mine?" The more you practice separating yours and others it is much easier to allow energy to pass you than carry it or take it on as your own your friend can message me if they need 

Monika Wójtowicz 
This is what I do as well, I find that it at least allows me to move forward and not be caught up in feeling.

Monika Wójtowicz 
I honestly could have check myself into a hospital as my mood swings were out of this world until I realised they weren't actually mine 

Monika Wójtowicz 
Yeah, it still amazes me how easily I pick up on other's energies. Especially feelings of anxiety. And it does take a good sense of self and insight to be like.. Yeah wait a second who's the source of this.

Brittany Ann 
Following this post because I still struggle with this more times than not. If I think of some things that help me I'll come back and post them <3

Gurpreet Singh Cheema 
The only thing that really helped me when I first started to see/feel more was meditation. That and learning how to ground myself. It definitely made it easier to distinguish the feelings of others from my own, which made it easier to let it go and flow with the feelings of those around me.

Eileen Gormley 
Meditation has helped me immensely. I love kundalini yoga.

Gurpreet Singh Cheema 
Kundalini Yoga is great for grounding, and the expansion of consciousness!

Áine NicLuirg 
Introspection is perhaps best place to begin. But also having something with them at all times which helps ground their security and ability to stay centered. Stone, crystal, trinket or gadget or something sentimental / personal to remind them of the strength of spirit..

Nathaniel Solace 
Assure them that they can hone those skills and gifts and ultimately align their energy, identity and resilience to their choosing. <3

Gurpreet Singh Cheema 
If they're up in or near BC get them to come check-out a meditation class. I teach mindfulness based meditation classes, and spend some time talking about empathy and other aspects that awaken with meditation.

Here's our website:


Justin Bardawill 
step 1: don't go to a mall.

Kara Behnke 
Create energy shields (by daydreaming or using your imagination / mind's eye) around you that only allow positive, nurturing energy (with your best-intentions-at-heart) into your personal bubble -- and filter out any energy or beings or emotions that don't serve you. You can think of the energy as a guardian / barrier -- no judgement. 

When feeling a strong emotion, you can sit with it and ask yourself, "is this feeling mine?" Allow it to express itself -- thank it for expressing itself -- and then release it back to Source once it has done so.

Eve L. Baddenrongh I'm another one who could use some help with that. Chanting Sanskrit healing mantras usually helps on the worst days. I learned most of my mantras here: 
I strongly recommend getting both the book and the CD; the CD is not an audio version of the book, it is a concentrated pronunciation guide for the most frequently requested and useful mantras. The book has additional mantras, and a wealth of additional information about meanings, uses, how to practice, and much more.

Healing Mantras: Using Sound Affirmations for Personal Power,…


Barbara Santora 
I do chanting to helps me also

Brendon Culliton 
Thanks again team. Awesome to see another solid collection of perspectives.

Eleanor Bailey 
Sounds like me, thanks for posting

Isis Citlalmina 

Personally this is something that I've dealt with for a very long time I don't really have an answer for that because it's something that comes and goes not really sure the reason maybe the moon phases but I do wear crystals maybe that helps are not 100% on that basically just have to do a lot of affirmations and keep positive thinking a lot of willpower. Being in large crowds is especially challenging for me it's something I still haven't gotten over I prefer to be in very small groups or just alone altogether at home I feel more comfortable that way.
I've also found that asking for signs by my guides or angels and seeing them appear in front of me helps me feel like I'm protected even when I'm paranoid or having a panic attack

Abigail Thomas ·

Assert your energy and stay around people who are most compatible energetically as much as possible. there is a rebound fear and anxiety that comes along with this so try your best to be mentally centered, know you are not crazy, weak, or abnormal.. but you have a gift which you must learn to wield instead of being overcome by it. and ill say it again, often times you will suffer more from the anticipation, but once you can override that it gives you a greater advantage to being more in control of the your own energy as well as the ones you absorb around you. as a person with this kind of gift it usually means your energy field is more expanded and you dont hold many protective barriers but definitely BUILD those energetic boundaries by being conscious in every moment what you are being receptive to. therefore you can use your gifts on a needed basis. it takes time and practice but you will catch on soon enough. (written from personal 

Eileen Gormley 
Practice psychic shielding techniques. They can envision being enclosed in a bubble which has layers of positive energy if desired, such that it lets in only energy the person can comfortably handle and keeps one's own energy inside. They can add that there is an outer layer that repels negativity. Always being mindful of one's own personal emotions can help an empath identify what is theirs and what is another person's or the group energy. And always keep mindful of positive affirmations and love. (tips from a Wiccan priestess)

Scott Gillies 
Simply accepting the situation will lead to transformations. While denying information may lead to complications.

Scott Gillies 
Woot!! I just came up with ^that for this now!

Raini Ostler Pachak 
Eat fruits and vegetables, spend time in nature, write books, make music, play in the water, sleep in the shade, climb trees, grow gardens, follow your intuition.

Eileen Gormley 
And, kundalini yoga! Any exercise which grounds the top 2 chakras to the root and gets the energy flowing up through all the chakras helps balance psychic energy.

Jon Eaton 
Acceptance of everything. Quit trying to add everything up, get out of the chatty mind. Focus on something light like the patterns in the floor. Play a little game with the cracks in the floor. It's all good up on the higher planes.

Misty Dawn Bertholf 
I struggle with this also. If it doesn't serve you and you don't need to do such activities, dont. If they are things that need to be done to further grow then don't hold yourself back. I recognized when I feel discomfort towards a situation or circumstance it was my body/soul telling me this doesn't serve me and I need to focus my energy else where!

Jon Eaton 
Oh and I understand why a lot of people talk about protection and shielding and whatnot, but I find that what that does is just affirms the belief system that something outside can actually have power over you. I find that if you treat all "negative" things as if they were just projected illusions, and neutral, they dissolve. If instead you walk around with your spiritual "fists up", its usually just amplifying any of that.


Barbara Kirk 
What Jon Eaton said is true. It's better to learn to let it flow through without resistance. Observing the energy objectively without absorbing or rejecting is something that must be done with conscious practice. Over time it gets easier. The fun stuff is sometimes in observation of the energy flowing you will notice sometimes that parts of your own light body will be vibrational match for whatever is going on. Then you can either enjoy it, deal with it, or ignore it for now or for ever as needed.

Christopher Cortez 
Teal Swan has spoken of this before. Her teachings might be helpful

Alfonzo 'Oni' Pierre Aliomar 
Take it slow and pay attention to your reactions; exposure builds strength.

Eddie Grace 
Meditation to practice becoming familiar with heightened thoughts and feelings. Crystals help me also I wear auralite and opal on a necklace.

David Almustafa 
orgonite, it has to have as much metal as possible to maximize the transmuting power... lots of fancy orgonite is all resin and crystals, but powerful orgonite is packed with metal and only requires one quartz crystal to focus the energy

Tanya Talisa Spence 
pray for the guidance of transmutation

Joyous Meraki ·

Grounding deffenitly. Hematite (for grounding), labradorite (for protectinf your energy field, it puts on a shield on you), fluorite (for protection), zoisite in roby (thats for high sensitive people. Really helped me a lot)

Michael Pratt 
I would say banish in a ritualistic manner all of the things that are making that difficult for the individual. The Lesser Banishing Ritual Of The Pentagram is great for this. Then, go to those places. "Kiss the dragon" It's better to kiss the dragon because otherwise you'll always be running from the dragon. The best way to defeat fear is to face it head on, this can be a gradual process but don't let a place like the mall or something lower your will power. Take your power back and kiss the dragon!

Sarah MacKenzie  
Is this person taking psychedelics on a regular/semi-regular basis?

How old is this person?

Is your friend getting enough nutrients?

I start with biological basics before moving on to the mystic 

Samuel Alder 
meditate, get centered, come back to living in the heart.

Brandie Kohl

Donna Eden's Daily Energy Routine [OFFICIAL VERSION]


Mane Sasa 
Study the environment and patterns of behavior. Interact and connect with people using a mind not heart. Explore ideas using conversation and power of speech.
Make the long term plans and place them in the heart. Peace

Tomahawk Tom
 Learn to get in touch with anger. Use it as a protective force. People who are extra sensitive may not have received the protection they needed when they felt sensitive so it may not feel safe to do or feel sensitive around the world.

Jesse Gaucher 
gotta stay focussed on projecting ones own energy at that stage. its very important to know what youre energy is like or, better yet, what you want it to be like! when you

Kyle David Nybakken 
Be comfortable with yourself. Know what you can do. But be confident enough to know that your power is in your control. - also don't confuse social anxiety with magical gifts. Social settings can be scary if your intro.
Kyle David Nybakken 
Meditate. Ground and shield yourself before going out - learn Magick. - silver Raven wolfs solitary witch - get the book. Read. Practice.


If you have more tips and insights please leave your comments!

0N3 L0V3

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Playing hockey is like Jedi ninja training for my soul... Tonight was my first game back after getting picked up by a team mid way through the season. Epic game! We tied 2-2 as a comeback. I got the first in the final minutes and was on to assist the second. Sports and other cognitive training opportunities are for me to be and even practise living beyond the present moment in time and synch into intuition and conscious energy distribution so that you can still be ninja in the final minutes if the game! Woot woot! Oh and also - the guys on the team have taken to calling me Brendon Babylon. So that's what it will be on the standings. Lawls. 0N3 L0V3
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Aloha Shifters! 

This is a video documenting a huge milestone in the evolution of the Paradigm Shift Central project! Since November of 2015 I began the team patreon as a way to be able to help slowly build a foundation to support the ongoing evolution of the project for the community into the future. One year later- and we are continuing to succeed at that objective thanks to the support of our collective community micro donations! Every person who signed up receives as Shifter Booster Kit, and following hundreds of hours of work - we are now at the stage where I am sending out a huge wave of Shifter Booster Kits that will get us fully caught up!
Meaning everyone who has yet to receive their kit will be receiving it with this next wave. For those in North America your kits will be there the week of Dec 4th.

Shifter Booster Kits contain a potent assortment of tools, including the Shift Buttons - real world quest items for Shifters to use to help connect with others where they are and invite them to be a part of the ongoing game to accelerate the shift in consciousness. 
Thank you again to everyone for making this possible. Creating the foundation for the project allows us to continue doing ongoing inspirational and educational broadcasts, co-creating media, evolving the website, supporting the creation of Paradigm Shift Communities, helping plant seeds in our local community, and hacking the matrix with love in some very exciting ways.

If you have not yet - you can sign up at the team patreon and get your Shifter Booster Kit for the asking monthly micro donation of just 3-5 at

Stay tuned for more updates in the coming weeks as we evolve into new chapters of the project!
To order the Light Guardian Crystal Pendants please just send me a personal message, either on facebook ( ) or at Ordering them helps cover the cost for shipping out the kits. Total cost for this wave of kits will be over 900.
Thank you again everyone. I am excited to share with you what the future has in store.

0N3 L0V3

- Brendon

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