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  • Hi Brendon

    Thank you for the warm welcome to the group.

    Throw some love into the wind.


  • The plan this year is to get more active on this platform, help you with usability features/ beta-testing etc

    Your brother in #DivineFriendship

  • Thank you for the warm welcome. I hope we can connect and stuff~

  • Thank you for your welcome and friend request, and all that you do and be! :D
    I did just post my first Quest Journal, in response to your introductory welcome message.
    And I've already gotten started on the creating my local Paradigm Shift group.
    Boy it's exciting. This that you, along with all of the team here, is very amazing. I'm so glad to join the team.

  • Thank you for the greetings! Per your curiosity during a live chat session, you asked about my story, so I finally got around to starting a quest journal. My Intro Blog is in three parts (I couldn't sum up the story in just one blog). When you get a chance to enjoy a little reading, my "journey" awaits you! I'm happy to be apart of this shift!


  • Thanks for the welcome, Brendon. What a beautiful vision you're putting out there. 'Looking forward to hanging out, learning, and participating. This journey (at least in this lifetime)  started in earnest for me in 1968 when i was 18 with my first lsd experience. Since then, my main spiritual quest has been to find/know the truth about the world i'm experiencing. The journey continues. 'Happy to be part of this.


  • Hi Brendon,

    Thanks for you're welcome.

    My Journey started 5 months ago, thanks to a colleague at work who encouraged me (or planted the seed).

    Since then I started to read related books (The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life, The Celestine Prophecy,...)

    I also watched some youtube video's from Spirit Science, when I saw You're video pop up. (Awakening Within the Matrix in 5 mins.)

    And so I stumbled on Paradigm Shift Central project.

    I have to say I love you're project and I'm happy to take part in it as much as I can, so I can learn from other people and ofcourse help other people with they're journey as much a I can.

    Much love! <3

  • Hello Brendon,

    I did indeed discover this project after watching Bridget's interview with you today. I am excited to explore the site and connect with some awesome individuals!

    Much love, Zach
  • You're the one that's doing great Brendon. Your dedication and passion is inspiring :)
    Much love <3
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Shifter Profile




London, Ontario, Canada


July 18



Game Name:

Skull Babylon, Wolf-Shield, Big Skull

Featured Video (Add Youtube Embed Code)

Estimated Shift Missions Completed:


Astrological Sign:


Primary Element Type:


Current Archetype Patterns (Pick 7 Max Based on Current Focus):

Heroic Leader, Neo-gonzo Journalist, Techno Wizard, Love Ranger, Mindful Viking, Starfighter Pilot

I am passionate about...

Community building, conscious media creation, story telling, using synchronicity, and experiencing the mysteries of the universe. Lucid dreaming, mindfulness. The Future.

Some of my skills and gifts are...

Hacking the Matrix. Video editing. Story telling. Facilitating space. Athletics. Free Hugging.

I would like to learn more about...

Nutrition, growing food, building things from organic structure, living in nature.

Inspirational Saying:

We are from the future, here to change the present, and rewrite the past... Explore and Subscribe to my youtube Connect and follow me on facebook for more updates at Check out my instagram for additional posts at

Full Player Activity

Brendon Culliton / Skull Babylon left a comment on Mental Health Team
17 hours ago
Brendon Culliton / Skull Babylon left a comment on Dreams Team
"∞ Remember you are dreaming ∞"
18 hours ago
Woot. Primary website reconstruction updates are now complete!
Brendon Culliton / Skull Babylon posted a blog post
"Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food." 
- Hippocrates

People all across the globe take to the streets in love to March Against Monsanto and help create a brighter future for everyone...

Brendon Culliton / Skull Babylon replied to Beth Fehrensen's discussion Light Hearted Numbered Articles in Conscious Articles Team
"Awesome photos! Go ahead and start building a draft using the Quest Journal. I will transfer it to articles upon completion."
Brendon Culliton / Skull Babylon replied to Beth Fehrensen's discussion Light Hearted Numbered Articles in Conscious Articles Team
"Woot! Awesome initiatives Beth! Ya I feel that doing Light Hearted number articles is a key source for ideas and creative writing practice.

Another one I had way back that maybe someone wants to pick up would be something like "5 Reasons Being Veg…"
May 19
Brendon Culliton / Skull Babylon left a comment on Conscious Articles Team
"Hey Beth! As mentioned in the Team Chat, something Light hearted - Top 3 Reasons To Get Out in Nature or something :D"
May 19
Remember you are dreaming.
Brendon Culliton / Skull Babylon posted a blog post
~ A Mother's Poem ~


Before we were born,

There was a voice we first heard.


A soft spoken sound,

A warm spoken word.


Dear child, so precious,

Let me share with you my love.


Let me keep you warm,

Keep you safe from ther…
May 14
Brendon Culliton / Skull Babylon commented on Brendon Culliton / Skull Babylon's article Paradigm Shift Full Moon Team Building Hangout. May 11, 2017
May 12
Adriano Luna and Brendon Culliton / Skull Babylon are now friends
Community Admin
May 11
Brendon Culliton / Skull Babylon posted blog posts
May 11
Brendon Culliton / Skull Babylon posted an event
Interactive group discussion for a new era of conscious community leaders and media co-creators, as part of a real world interactive game to help shift consciousness.


Tune in and Participate Live or Afterwards:

May 10
Brendon Culliton / Skull Babylon published an article
Interactive conscious group discussion for a global team of Shifters; community leaders, and media co-creators.
Paradigm Shift Full Moon Team Building Hangout
 LIVE Thurs, May 11, 2017.
Team Arrival Time: 9pm EST.  Live broadcast begins once everyo…
May 10
Brendon Culliton / Skull Babylon commented on Brendon Culliton / Skull Babylon's article Paradigm Shift Team Building Hangout. May 4, 2017
May 5
Brendon Culliton / Skull Babylon commented on Brendon Culliton / Skull Babylon's event LIVE Paradigm Shift Team Building Hangout. Thurs, May 4, 9pm EST
"Feel free to leave a message here if this invitation reaches you!"
May 4

Quest Journals

Community Admin

Aloha Team!

I am excited to share with you this new Shiftivism Free Hugs video that took place at the recent Holi Festival in London, Ontario, Canada!

It was amazing being able to help amplify the already vibrant love in the moment through an intended Free Hugs portal activation!

Watch the video to experience the celebration of Colourful Love for…

Read more…

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