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Chandler, AZ


April 4

Game Name:

Paradigm Shift Athenaeum

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Astrological Sign:


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Current Archetype Patterns (Pick 7 Max Based on Current Focus):

Visionary Seer, Heroic Leader, Benevolent Mage, Modern Ninja, Transdimensional Messenger

I am passionate about...

Knowledge, Martial Arts, Research, philosophy.

Some of my skills and gifts are...

Martial Arts, delivering the message, fighting for truth, freedom, and Love.

I would like to learn more about...

Everything, macro, micro, The All, history, future.

Inspirational Saying:

The World is my country, all are my brethen, and my religion, to do good.

Additional Website:

Additional Website:


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Hey, that's pretty good. Welcome to the site Megan
Roman Garza posted a blog post
Greetings one and all, if you haven't already please read go to my profile on the website and read the previous articles of this series.As stated in the third entry I will explain the masculine and feminine aspects of the Se…
Sep 29, 2016
Roman Garza posted a blog post
VERY HUMBLE GREETINGS SHIFTERS! Also folks who may catch this who may or may not be in know or just here for a good, educational read THANK YOU but this is third part of an article series I'll be working on. So please click (Here for Part 1)  and (H…
Aug 20, 2016
Roman Garza commented on Alexa Österlindh's blog post A Symbol of Integration
"Great work! I wanted to leave a comment because this really reminded me of how Atlantis' is described to be laid out, in circles like this, weird connection right.."
Aug 15, 2016
Roman Garza posted a blog post
Hello fellow Shifters and those who choose to self-educate, I thank you for taking time to take insight within this article and of course this is the second edition (Click here for Part 1) into presenting importance of psychology and understanding i…
Jul 28, 2016
Roman Garza promoted Ron's blog post My Shamanic Medicine Journey with Ayahuasca. #3
Jul 19, 2016
Roman Garza promoted Roman Garza's blog post Psychology and How It Relates to the Conscious Awakening and Understanding Wisdom
Jul 17, 2016
Roman Garza posted a blog post
Roman Garza, Admin of Arizona here and today I choose to discuss psychology as far as I know it and it's tendencies to help fellow Shifters understand certain way themselves or other people may perceive reality. I make this point because taking in k…
Jul 17, 2016
Roman Garza is now a member of Paradigm Shift Central
Jun 17, 2016

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