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On Venus Retrograde and this 6 week cycle…

We just had a full moon in Virgo and this year we are having a Venus Retrograde cycle that lines up exactly with Lent, which is traditionally a time of purification. We also just had two very extreme eclipses in February, where everything in our lives that was in a stale, imbalanced energy over the last four month window was reevaluated, reassessed and is now being purified and restructured. As we are going through this purification process, everything falls apart and is then brought back together again as we are being realigned and brought into balance, harmony, and equilibrium with the coming shift in the seasons that is the Equinox. Whether it be Fall or Spring wherever you are we are coming into an equal balance of dark and light. Within ourselves and within the collective world.

During the last cycle of eclipses I was shown an aspect of the universe that helps our awakening process if we get refined enough to allow them. I was shown the possibility of going through portals, or Dharma Gates, as I heard them recently called. These Dharma Gates are astral doorways to another level of consciousness. Once we move through them, the impossible becomes possible, and we expand.

If you’ve ever played the original Mario Brothers game, I can best akin them to the invisible bridge you have to run across in Level 8. The rift is too wide to make the jump, but if you run across the invisible bridge you are able to clear it. Remember how Neo had to ‘Free his mind’ in the Matrix? You can run and jump off the building, but you are only able to make it across if you believe that you can fly. The same is with these doorways. It is believing in the possibilities that the universe is showing you, that as you believe in your own invincibility, strength, and endurance, if your reaction time is quick and your will is strong, and if you surrender, trust, and have faith, only then you will be able to just go.

It all comes down to the power of self belief. When we have a concept in our mind, and we hold to that concept, although we may see a doorway to a higher road, we won’t be able to move through it. The Karma of our mind will keep us stuck like glue in repeated patterns and we will travel these familiar roads that are painful to move through, especially when the consciousness of your soul is ready for the next level. You see, the Dharma Gates are portals and gateways to Grace that lifts our souls into its highest truth. They are doorways of divine timing and divine intervention.

We must listen and have the courage and faith to walk through these cosmic gateways.

It’s a journey to learn how to do so. And I want to hear from you. Have you learned how to maneuver these gateways, have you seen these portals open for you? Did you go through them? Have you missed them? What has your journey been like? You can leave me your wisdom in the comments below, this has been a huge topic for me wondering how the universe works, and I’m just beginning to see a clearer picture.

Also I am available for intuitive readings and energy work sessions, and for more information on that please visit my website -

• Gate Gate Paragate Parasamgate Bodhi Svaha •

I hope this video has served you.

In love, light, and warrior spirit,

Michelle Infinity.

Aho ∞

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New Moon in Cancer – July 2016

Committing to one’s Dharma 

I’ve been reading the Bhagavad Gita with a soul friend of mine, and in that book Arjuna is a warrior but he is having difficulty coming to terms with the fact he must kill people he respects and feels a kinship to. Krishna speaks a lot about detachment and doing your dharma, or sacred duty, from an alignment and inner knowing that we must do our work in devotional service to God, making offerings with a deep reverence, but also dispassionately removing ourselves from attachments to the fruits of our actions, or letting go of the outcome. 

I struggle, as many do, with the concept of living without passion. That is the opposite of a Tantric way of life where you live out your passions consciously with full awareness. And I, like many of us, am integrating these two disciplines. 

Though I fully understand what it is to act with the intention of serving others, serving the greater good, and taking action because that is what feels right with your heart from an inner knowing.. an awareness of, ‘This is my next right act. This is what I must do, for me, and if others are not understanding of it, then that’s ok.. because my Vertical Alignment is intact. I understand what I must do and my heart, my relationship with myself, God, and the Earth, are all in alignment. I feel free as I do this.’

At this time, July 2016, this New Moon is in Cancer, a water sign. And Oh My Goddess my Rainbow Warriors.. we have Mars moving direct – finally – after all year of a retrograde cycle. 

It is like the heavens are sparkling at us again.. sending us signs of what is to come.. and I believe we are being called, and shown, and supported (thank god) into what our Dharma is in this life. What is our sacred duty as guardians of the light? What are we claiming as we are stepping into our new roles? What are we continuing to let go of? I saw a lizard take skin from his leg that he was shedding and eat it. What are we transmuting and can that fuel our new beginning? Are we able to allow any mud around us to nourish the lotus we are? 

So, it is time to begin 2016. For reals. This is the dawn of what is to come. This year has been a transition year, a year of purification, a year of transformation. The solstice was a huge wake up call to really commit to this new self.. and now we get to practice for the next 6 months.. and then the next 3 years.. be in that new identity. 

Experiment with how to play our parts. 

We must commit to ourselves, listen to our souls and trust our intuition. We must practice our arts, hone our medicine, and find ways to serve the earth and bring our medicine to the people. 

And so I have a bit of an announcement to make.. I am going on a quest. I am traveling west to connect with members of my soul tribe, to lead circles, to share healing arts, and practice teaching. I plan to head initially towards the Southwest, maybe over through California, and end up in the mountains. I have a strong pull toward Utah and I want to see Colorado... I want to visit sacred sites, temples, holy places, and do ritual at these locations. I want to meet with others on a similar vibration as mine.. to teach.. to learn.. to sing.. and to share our gifts and medicine with each other. 

So Rainbow Warrior family, if you’re in the states, and you want me to come see you.. to visit and share space, perhaps lead a circle of like-minded individuals for healing work.. I would be honored to create that with you. Right now I am open to receiving where I will be going, and allowing that to take form day by day based on the feedback the universe is sending me. 

Practicing surrender, trust, and commitment to my Dharma, my spiritual teaching work, my shamanic medicine woman path, and being of service to the planet. 

Aho. Namaste. And so it is. 

In love, light, and warrior spirit, 

Michelle Infinity

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Whole Unto Myself

I recently experienced a huge shift that put into perspective every relationship I’ve ever had.

One that allows me to see each being I care for as a whole person, one who is on their own path of growth and journey to God. But in order to honor and love them in their fullness, I must first recognize it within. This allows me to give and receive love in a new way than ever before.. from wholeness.

Being able to love without the fear of lack, the feeling that the other is my source for opening to God.. or that I need to reach out to them for anything to connect with my own sense of wholeness.

Instead I am able to remember that I am love, that I am fine whether they come or whether they go, that I can let love flow through me.. to remember the truth that I am love.. and love comes from everywhere and everything. That is my eternal nature, and that is the source of my fullness. To remember that I am good.. And, as people continue to pass in and out of my life, this belief allows me to love them freely in a healthy way, with lots of space around it, lots of allowing whatever is to be, to be. Also allowing change and growth and shifting, basically allowing the nature of transformation.. and knowing all is perfect within.

I am embodying this now more then ever before. I am able to consciously remember, as I connect with beings I love with my entire soul, to allow them to be separate from me.. to not need anything from them, but to welcome the receiving of love as our dances and vibrations merge and come into alignment. This is a gift I am growing to accept more and more. I am expanding into it, and it has transmuted me from a place of co-dependency to a place of self-sufficiency. Now, I am grateful to feel more expanded and connected to the All with another person than I do when I am alone, but there is no craving because I am certain and aware of all the little packages Great Spirit brings love through. And beyond all this, because I am committed to my eternal source of connection within. This is how we fully access love. It is through listening to the songs of own souls, tuning to the wisdom of our own hearts, and trusting ourselves to guide our way on…

I also have faith that no matter what happens I will have my own back. Whatever falls apart, or takes place between individuals, I will be able to reconfigure myself if I am disappointed. I will stand by my own side. No longer will I guilt, shame, or abandon my true nature which is love.. an expression of the divine. No longer will I forget, but stand with courage and conviction knowing that I am a part of the circle of life and of this world. Knowing that I can ask for help from the Angels, my Guides and Ancestors, and that I will be listened to and brought into the flow.

The magical ingredient for knowing in my soul that I have this connection is the belief I am worthy of it. The belief that I am part of it all. That I choose to believe and tune to the wisdom that I have dharma, a role to play that is sacred, that serves creation. But what’s more is I am beyond these roles. I am a spark of light. I am worthy because of my existence. I have value, not because of my creations, but because of my willingness to show up and offer them. Through the giving, I am full. Through the service, I know I am alive, and that commitment to walk in True Alignment keeps me congruent, allows me to show up and walk with the confidence my Soul, Angels, and Higher Self have been urging me into bringing to this world during these cycles of transformation.

Because of the grace of the heavens, awareness of my energy, and choosing love by being open and vulnerable, I have shaken off apart of my defensive nature that protected my fragility. Only by letting go of the belief that we must be protected, that we are fragile.. and by releasing any mistrust of ourselves to handle heartbreak, can we find our strength and courageous warrior nature to let love flow through us and transform the world we live in into a much bigger picture than anyone we were could fathom ..before we let go of the old beliefs and let love through the door of our hearts to redecorate and feng shui the place.. ;)

Through my remembrance that change is constant, and my acceptance of this, I can be present for the sacred moments I share with another person. I am free to let them be free and this is the ingredient to experience love in a way that expands those it touches. It strengthens us. Love is a healing force that way. When we add control, or worry about outcomes, or any finite factors.. we are shifting away from the limitlessness that can be experienced through the timeless and eternal nature of cosmic love, which is expressive and able to be experienced through our connection to God, nature, and each other.

When we love another person, we are feeling that connection in our own hearts. When we feel connected to God that is experienced within us as well. Remember that our primary relationship is with the divine, but our experience of that is based on our relationship to ourselves. Once we are here in right remembrance and feel good about our value and connection to who we are, then we wear our external world much more loosely. We feel the expansive quality of love within. When I remember this I am free to love you and you feel free to love me right back. This chemistry fosters security and oneness in our connection. We are balanced in the duality between us being separate beings, but connected through the life force of Spirit that lives inside us. The love that exists between us and runs through us is eternal. It is a gift of our life force, our electricity, like blood coursing through our veins. This is our heart chakra when it is open and expanded to the love and joy it is purely able to experience. This is possible when grief has been cleared and forgiveness been given. The journey from grief to joy has been a great part of my experience…

When I am in right alignment, I worship and trust the universe. This brings me into connection with everything. I experience synchronicity, I hear my guides and angels clearly, I trust my decisions, my intuition. I listen to my soul, I make choices that expand rather than contract, and I feel the love of Mother Earth and God. 

Over time as I am unfolding, and my Higher Self reveals the beauty and great mystery of my ancient soul’s story, I am learning on a deeper and deeper level to love and approve of who I am as a being. As a fragment on Earth, a sparkle of light in the great cosmic web of souls that cross the globe. And this respect of self translates directly to the flow of gifts and miracles from the universe. The more pure my thoughts of my own being, the more light I see in the world around me. The more forgiveness, the more grace I experience.

I go through cycles of forgetting, and start to see myself as separate, but each time I am brought back to the remembrance of my own infinity, to the eternal nature of my being. I am deeply committed to keeping it my mantra, consciously running it through, fueling me like the blood in my veins.

We are all one, connected to each other. I am another you. I am sister, you are brother.. I will worship everything, and be connected through eternity. I am able to receive love willingly through surrender to believing that I am worthy and able just to be it. And through the giving.. I become it. I am embodied. 

Aho. Namaste. And so it is.

In love, light, and warrior spirit,

Michelle Infinity

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“If we are trusting ourselves and each other, then we are treating the other person like they are divine, and we are holding ourselves like we are divine. And from that, we are in communion. We are in union, a unification of communication. And that creates authenticity, this vivification of energy.. where we are both turned on, enlivened, and raised up by the exchange.”

Please check out my New Moon Vlog for January! It starts with a great surprise where I reveal the temple space I created in my house for people to come receive healing.

My topic of the week is Authentic Communication. I welcome your thoughts about this topic, and let me know what you think of the space ;) 

In Love, Light, and Warrior Spirit, Michelle ∞

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As a claircognizant, I often know things before they actually occur. What that super power needs to be tempered with is a spiritual trio of three other superpowers: Faith, Trust, and Surrender. We often sense or feel things before they occur, but sometimes this gets us lost in our own heads. Or, we try to take things into our own hands and make things happen. But when we have faith and allow more room for the magic of life the beauty of the Divine Orchestration of things can be astounding..

We have to release our need for control and really relax into life. Trusting that our needs will be met, and that the universe wants good things for us. Have Faith that there can be a magical solution to messy situations, and use prayer and intention to Surrender the outcome of the circumstances in our lives over to the Divine.

We work in partnership with spirit. We are co-creators of this life and universe. And (we have to hand it to them) Spirit, our Guides, are far more creative, and have much more wisdom and mastery than we do in our myopic view of the universe. So as we relax and learn to flow.. we are lead to more and more divine synchronicity and our lives can expand greater than we dream is possible.

May you relax and trust life!

I hope this serves you.

Aho. Namaste. And so it is.

In Love, Light, and Warrior Spirit,

Michelle ∞

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