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Michelle Infinity's Posts (14)

I learned this year, the exquisite beauty that exists in the Divine Masculine. His vastness and availability is akin to the image of Shu, the Egyptian God of the Air holding up Nuit, Goddess of the night sky.

He holds her great star body outstretched above him, exalting her form, her beauty, her power. He is the space between the cosmos and the Earth, separating the lovers so that life can be lived. In his service, he is fulfilled. And through this service, exalted in his own right, fulfilling his beautiful role in service to the All. Being the element of Air, only he can provide this service, which makes him unique, as well as part of the greater body of the universe. Fulfilling his role, playing his part.

We are only satisfied with life, our exquisite life, if we are letting Life live through us.

When we align with a Higher Will and allow the force of God, nature, and All to move through us, there is so much space, and the path is easy and effortless. But if we use our personal will to manifest a desire that is seeded from the ego, it’s an uphill battle, full of suffering and very exhausting.

We are very powerful beings, and therefore we can use our will to achieve things we feel we deserve or would make us seem grander, as ego desires are often overcompensating for insecurity. Or, we can surrender to what is easy and allow ourselves to be moved through, to be breathed by the forces of life. This gentle, Taoist Way will always be easier because it aligns with the forces of nature and what it is to embody pure being.

As we surrender and let the universe move through us we acknowledge that we are part of it. We are in service to the greater whole and therefore happier to take our place in the divine dance of life.

In Evolutionary Astrology, it is said that the soul has two opposing intentions upon incarnating: one is to merge with God and the other is to separate from it.

This is represented by the journey of the zodiac with the beginning and end signs of Aries and Pisces. Aries is a Cardinal Fire sign; it initiates the zodiac cycle, and is the archetype of the pioneer and leader. The lessons here are ego differentiation in service to personal discovery and learning to use the personal will, to follow one’s instincts and animal nature. Here we learn to follow our guts and our noses to go out and hunt to eat our prey. This is a necessary part of survival in our material existence.

However, as we mature and evolve through the zodiac, we move beyond the personal will, the ‘I’ (and solely satiating the desires of this ‘I’) to dissolve into the greater Will – the will of the group, of the whole.

We learn, as we evolve through the lessons of each sign of the zodiac, that only through serving the collective, true power (akin to humility and service) can be attuned to. It is by surrendering the needs of the personal will and attuning to the needs of the collective, that true inner harmony and peace can be achieved.

By being in service to a greater purpose, we are a part of this great masterpiece of life and finally feel complete. Enter Pisces, the fantastic recognition of the force of merging and unification, with the holy satisfaction of melding with the Cosmic One. Spiritual practices like yoga and chanting mantra lead us to taste this space. There is no fear of engulfment, only a deep inner knowing and a harmony of rightness, of reverence, with this merging and tuning to wisdom. The soul feels what it is to be a part of some grand purpose, and even though we may play just a small part in it all– it is just enough. It is perfect, as it is.

Life in its spiritual simplicity. Zen.

This Piscean merging with infinite consciousness intrinsically has faith in the great mystery of life. This archetype rides the waves of the highs and lows without manipulation. There is surrender here and therefore a sense of being carried by Divine Will with a belief that will of the Divine is also in the accordance with the will of the Self as well.

It is only by surrendering to the greater Will, do we ever feel fully at peace. This is by design.

It is important that we have an intrinsic Vertical Alignment and a reciprocal connection and communication with our inner spirit. We must build a continued conversation with our inner self and through that connection (strengthened by our spiritual practices and deepest soul companions) we are able to merge with our inner world, and completely thread ourselves to it. We become tethered to our inner knowing. Inseparable within.

As we develop our inner stability, we have resolve and are not thwarted when the tests of separation come. We remain in our integrity even we are tempted by grasping for ego gratification.

It is challenging when we are tested by our ego desires. We are so hungry for something we think will bring us to God, to Love, to wholeness. That is all we are looking for, through all outer worldly accomplishments.

In our modern collective we are challenged by the ego’s arrogance and aggrandizement. Even those of us with the best intentions to serve the All are still human and have competitive, primal triggers, wounds, and animal instincts that are based on survival consciousness. This war-like competition for resources is the consciousness we are evolving from.

We can choose connection instead of the game of power over or power under. We don’t have to live in these false, ego-identified selves. We can choose to be more present and surrendered in each moment of our lives. We can choose to quiet down, to tune inward and follow our hearts and develop a sacred relationship with life. Though in society’s noise and busyness this can be very challenging to do.

We understand what the truth of abundance is. In this space of compassion we understand another’s success is not a threat to our own. Women exalt women as men do as well, fearlessly. We commit to love fully and completely and we learn to see everyone as another brother or sister.

May we learn to balance these polarities in ourselves in service to Love.

May we be fearless with our hearts and surrender to the All.

Aho. Namaste. And so it is.
In love, light, and warrior spirit,

Happy Winter Solstice!

Michelle Infinity



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Here are 12 valuable conscious lessons I synthesized from my experience at the Oregon Eclipse Gathering 2017 that can be a guide for any future festival goers. These lessons can also be applied to life in general and may, on a grander scheme, be the laws of the universe! Enjoy :)

1. Be the Flow 
In one of her inspirational lectures, Oprah said, “There is a flow with your name on it, find it, and it will carry you.” This truth is greatly amplified at conscious festival and gatherings. When cloistered environments are built with deep intention behind them, such as Black Rock City of Burning Man, or when people with open hearts who are ripe for awakening gather together, then this flow is really amplified.Your flow will be guided through synchronicity, set up from your spirit guides and angels, as well as the spirit guides of others directing you and the others you engage with, towards each other at the right and perfect moment.

Always say yes to the flow — it will take you through portals and invisible doorways. Say yes to these moments of truth as they present themselves. Hop from one experience to the next like your path is a train and each person is a station or a stopping point. Each experience you have will lead you to the next one.

As an aside, here is a parable to demonstrate this truth. When I lived on the beach, there was a family of peacocks I used to gather feathers from. On my walks, I would pick up each feather I saw with the knowing that each feather I collected would lead me to the next one. Even if the feather wasn’t in great shape, I would still collect it, with the understanding that doing so would direct my vision to another opportunity, another feather. Following the trail of the flow allows life to be much easier, and allows you to coast on your journey.

Let yourself embody the flow and be carried.

2. Be Present
If we come to a gathering like this an agenda, be it with another person, or seeing a particular show at a certain time, we will go out of our way to make sure we are at a stage or spend our entire night searching for who we want to see. When we do this we are missing out on what is actually in front of us. Searching takes us out of the present moment, where we have the opportunity to engage with and enjoy whomever is in front of us and allow the flow to take us to the next phase of our journey.

3. Listen to the Subtly of Feelings
Our intuition speaks to us in the still small voice within. Follow your subtle feelings to move when it’s time to move, speak to a new person who is glowing at you, sit wherever you feel called, and be open to the magic. This also works when it’s time to leave a situation you’re supposed to. Sometimes holding on to a particular person or experience too long can obstruct a fresh, new experience that could have taken place. Have the courage to follow your instincts to leave whoever you are with to venture out on your own for a bit and see what magic awaits you.

4. Adventure Alone
Don’t be afraid to venture off solo for a little while, and allow people to come up to you and speak to you. Richer experiences take place when you are open to wherever the winds will take you. Being more accessible means you are able to connect with different people or have a beautiful conversation with others who are also on a solo mission. There is a more potent chance for deep conversation when you are not enmeshed with the flow of an entire group of people. But you have to relax, find your flow, and dance with the new people you meet. Smile and engage and you may meet a new friend or beloved.

5. Remember, Everyone is Your Friend
In groups of festival dancing, it’s really wonderful to celebrate with the collective energy of the entire group as a whole. See if you can feel the vibration of the crowd as you walk your way through them. Tuning into the oneness energy really invites great experiences. In my experience this resonance manifests as strangers complimenting your attire, telling you that they recognize you from somewhere, and inviting you to other workshops or seeing things you weren’t even aware of. This vibration opens doors and lets the universe fill you with new experiences that are beyond what you can think of. This is where the magic is.

6. Also Remember, Not Everyone is Your Friend
And still, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on your backpack and remember that everyone is on varying levels of consciousness and substances. The individuals on hard drugs at these gatherings will engage with you very differently than those who are not. Also you will see some people are who are emotionally and mentally imbalanced and have high levels of aggression. Energetic and physical boundaries are very important. If you are a highly sensitive empath, learning to clear your energy and ground yourself is a super important practice to do consistently. Make sure to create you own rituals that bring yourself back to center. (One of my self care rituals is shifting my energy by changing my clothing.) Make sure you are practicing self care through shielding and protecting yourself vibrationally as well as honoring yourself by securely maintaining your space.

7. Open Yourself to Transcendence, but Please Stay in Your Body
The ritual practices and workshops at these consciousness festivals are amazing. The intentional community gathers together to create a really beautiful container that allows a more potent activation than is achieved while working alone (mostly). But at these half-conscious festivals, where there is a heavy influence from the electronic music scene, this invites a whole symphony of different vibrations.So, as we open ourselves through the rituals of breathwork and yoga (which are ancient practices that are pathways to God) we are also opening up the energetic gateways within our own magnetic fields to access a higher dimensional energy. And, we are clearing and releasing energy from our fields, such as grief and even past life emotions. This allows healing to occur, which is beautiful. This is transcendence, and why we engage in these practices in the first place. However, through opening up these channels and energetic gateways in our own being, other dimensional energies, including beings on the lower astral plane, can infuse themselves with our own essence when we are open and vulnerable to it.

It would be impossible for the workshop facilitators of these practices to babysit each one of us and make sure at the end of their class we were all back in our bodies, completely centered and grounded. So we need to make sure we are all self responsible. The same is true when we ingest entheogens. We can blow ourselves wide open to the cosmos, which is great, but we also need to make sure we are maintaining our balance.

For those on the ascension path, the higher we raise our vibration, the more subtle and refined we are. This also means that denser energies become less tolerable. If you feel flooded with other people’s energies or off-center for a prolonged period of time, ask for help from one of the healers to energetically hold space for you. This is especially true if you’ve experienced a deep healing through a series of events or during a workshop. Alternatively, ask for help from someone you trust to support you. Highly sensitive people tend to leave their bodies in order to escape the emotions of what may be coming up for us. It could be healing an ancestral trauma, a collective pattern of energy, or a personal one. If our essence has astral traveled out of our body we will need reenter it, as well as ground. Once we have cleared ourselves from any external energies, we will feel safe to reenter our bodies and embody our souls within them. Then, we will realign our energetic bodies with our physical one and start to feel centered again. But in order to go through that process and regain clarity, we may need someone else to help hold space for us to do this work.

8. The Playa Provides
If you lose all the friends you came with, you will find new ones. Sometimes the people you are already friends with before the festival are on their own journeys and you will be most vibrationally compatible with those you meet along the way. Be open to this, and don’t hold it against anyone you love if you’re not flowing the same way. You will still be friends after the gathering, and experience it as an opportunity to be in your own flow and on your own path.But if you are experiencing a break up of a partnership during a festival, allow the old to leave and just be open. Conscious gatherings are designed to be revelationary truth tellers from the universe, so listen to what they are offering you.

You may break up with people and old energy patterns in order to evolve and meet new found friends. For example, if your ride happens to leave without you, chances are someone camping near you will be going to the same place and you can hitch a ride back home with them. If you run out of food, equipment, need duck tape or something along those lines, your neighbor will most likely have extra. The Playa provides. ‘The Playa’ is the name of the dry lake bed that is home to the festival site of Burning Man. Gatherings like these are wonderful places to set intentions and instantaneously manifest whatever you may need.

9. What you Think Will Happen, Will Never Happen
Again, don’t go into this with an agenda!! It’s a great idea to set some intentions or even ask for answers to some questions in your life, but try your best not to have a set expectation of something playing out a certain way.. such as a relationship, workshop, performance, or anything like that. You will experience disappointment as you attempt to achieve certain results or outcomes. These gatherings are a great place to practice letting go of outcomes. Festivals are a living breathing organism, and much like the universe, it knows what it’s doing. Let it work you.Let go of expectations, let go of agendas, and have faith in what gifts the universe is willing to share with you. The more you trust in the space of letting the unknown flood in and share the infinite with you, the more open to magic and transformation you will be… and, the more joy you will receive.

10. Enjoy the Ride
Every festival and gathering will have it’s own rhythm. You may notice how the weather mirrors the collective energies of the group, such as it becomes cloudy, rainy, and dreary out when it’s time to leave. Sometimes you will notice a wave throughout these events. Like a collective struggle in the beginning along with a build up of tension and energy, followed by a peak of a great release in the middle with a quiet euphoria at the end. At other times, it’s a rocky ride the whole way through, or up, down, and up again, like a roller coster.No matter what, practice non attachment and just enjoy the ride. Ride the waves with your witness mentality. Try not to think of the money you spent getting here or what you’re receiving out of the experience. Just ride the waves and come back to the flow when you lose it. Keep centered, and bring yourself back to your heart, and the present.

11. Everything that Falls Apart, Comes Back Together Again
This is one of my favorite reoccurring lessons from the universe. We forget again and again, only to remember. Great Spirit will break us down to build us back up again. And for many, this is how transformation occurs.Even when every expectation we have falls flat and all of our dreams are crushed… when we lose our friends, our ride, our love.. we may end up with a beautiful reunion, a healing apology from our beloved, and be offered another way home with a beautiful exciting person. The  totality of our experiences will coalesce.

This arc describes the healing journey, and an experience of crisis is sometimes the process of breaking down in order to break through. This is what allows us to feel fully transformed with renewed faith in life as a whole, with a greater connection to ourselves and who we truly are.

This is the journey of the phoenix, to first become ash but then to rise. This is how we are able to shape shift into something new. The phoenix archetype is the apex of the transformational journey.

12. Everything Will Come Together, and Everything Will Unravel Again…
At the end of the festival or gathering, things will bridge together in this harmonious way, teaching you lessons that find you loving yourself. You will see glimpses of potential opportunities, portals and doorways that you could cross over into, and things that you will want to manifest in the future.However, in order to put everything harmonically back into its place and allow you to enroll yourself back into your life, things will also slowly start to lose their flavor. Conversations with magical people will start to wane in their effect and you will feel as though the universe is gently unwinding again, putting you back in your place, giving you back to yourself, and allowing you to once again be headed on your own journey.

The beautiful healing experiences you’ve cherished, people that you’ve talked to, wonderful insights, and the things you’ve surrendered to will start to integrate and take their rightful place within in your heart.

You feel balanced and renewed, yet at the same time ready to go back into your life with new inspiration. You have a renewed sense of clarity of your own purpose, who you are, and an inner strength and conviction that you did not have before you embarked on this journey. As well as a clarity of the next steps to take in your own life.

This unwinding happens, I believe, so we do not attach to these heightened experiences. As everything comes back down into harmonic order, we take with us the answers and the insights we need, only to take our place, once again, in the Great Wheel of Life — in the great Matrix and in the mechanism of Life — in order to be channels and transmit the energies we receive from these intentional festivals and gatherings to, and on behalf of, the rest of the world.


By going off grid and getting out of the matrix, we are throwing ourselves into the hands of the universe to break us apart and put us back together. This kind of outing is a spiritual pilgrimage and the reason why we spend great amounts of money to get dirty, dehydrated, and galavant in the woods with one another.  

It takes the faith of remembering that as we are being tested (and really, we are always just testing ourselves) to go through these energetic doorways of transformation, we are being shape shifted from the beginning to the end of our time together. And, we will be going back into the world with a set of new beliefs that are strengthened by the energies guiding our journeys, our truths, and our hearts.

Aho Mitakuye Oyasin – For all of my relations.

Dedicated to the Rainbow Warrior tribe that is continually integrating these Waves of Ascension, and especially those integrating the shifts we experienced together during the Oregon Eclipse, bringing those truths back into the marketplace, back into the matrix, and radiating Babylon with the love, clarity, and the peace we found in ourselves in support of our journeys by honoring the eclipse, these rituals, ourselves, and the cycles of time.

As we come together as a family, this rainbow warrior tribe, all connecting on different levels of awakening, we are being the call to create our New Paradigm.

We are on a mission in service to heart centered consciousness, to passionately wake up this world and honor the deep and infinite Love that lives in All.

Aho. Namaste. And so it is.
In love, light, and warrior spirit,

Michelle Infinity
<3 ∞

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Full Moon in Sagittarius - June 9th

Greetings Rainbow Warriors! 

Today I feel like starting the report with the planetary aspects.. Here is a little astrology for you all to consider. See how it aligns with and correlates to the collective energies, and what you have been processing on your own spiritual journeys. 

The same day of this full moon in Sag, Jupiter the ruler of Sag goes Direct! Also, Neptune starts  a retrograde cycle on June 16th. Jupiter was retrograde since February 9th and now goes direct at the time of the full moon. And Neptune was direct since the 19th of November, so from now until this coming November, we are able to process everything since that last cycle began.

Life and energy is a spiral. We evolve through these cycles upon cycles upon cycles. We are always shifting from birth to death, and from dying to being reborn. 

So there are two key cycles here that are shifting here in June and over the next two weeks. So you’ll see there are patterns that are coming to a close. One is the phase that began in February (represented by Jupiter in Libra) and now all that we’ve learned and integrated through those eclipses has been (finally) digested. And with the changes that have taken place from last November up until now (represented by Neptune in Pisces) we now have the opportunity to integrate those shifts, from now till this coming November. 

Chapter close. 

And since, right now, all of the personal planets are going direct, Mars, Venus, Mercury, there is a bit of a feeling of a new beginning. Venus did an epic retrograde the first half of the year in Aries and Pisces and we were all taught lessons of self love. Now as of June 6th Venus moved out of Aries and into Taurus which is a slow sensuous energy that Venusian beings would much more prefer to be in. The archetype shifts into surrendering to beauty, love, food, slowing down, relaxing and enjoying the pleasures and sensuality of life instead of battling for them. She’s only there for a month until the 5th of July. 

Now with these shifts in energy and these cycles that are completing there is a rebirthing happening from the integration. We are taking all of that information we’ve been working with since last fall and starting our personal spiritual journey of entrepreneurship (if you will) either back down the rabbit hole into our subconscious or full swing pioneering with our gifts into the world again, but either way we are beginning next cycle of our lives.

So now on a more personal level, some of you know that I’ve just come back from a two week retreat in Bolivia. Going on retreat is so personal and so inwardly transformative, that what I share in detail will be shared moderately and with discernment to keep it sacred. However, what I see that we share most with people by doing inner work like this is how we become an entirely different person through these experiences. It’s like shedding a skin. Aspects of our being are released, and we are connected more to our true nature (Soul Self) by letting go of emotional toxicity and purging out energies that need no longer be connected with our walk. 

Journeys like these are incredible. And I know there is a lot of spiritual glamour connected with being a retreat leader, but I hope one day, I can help lead and guide others through these kinds of transformations. I would like this kind of work to be a deep part of my life. 

Connected to spiritual glamour is the current lesson I am working with, and the transmission that came to share for this full moon report. Our moon lesson is: Disidentification with the Ego.

In my Baron Baptiste style yoga training, there are the ‘do’s and do not’s’ of yoga teaching. One of the do not’s of teaching yoga is, ‘Concern for looking good’. Teachers limit their freedom, their choices, and voices if we are self conscious and concerned with being right instead of just being. 

Being of service to Spirit and surrendering to Spirit’s higher plan means maybe something grand that we don't even know about yet is coming to us. But we tend to focus on what we can see, saying, ‘I want to create this specific outcome’ or ‘I want to manifest this.’ or ‘I want this as a status symbol.’ or ‘This please, universe! This.. this will make me feel complete.’

Let’s attempt disidentification with our egos, especially during this time of ambition and new phase of energy while the planets are moving forward and so are we. Remembering to notice the choice points that began in November and February and witness how everything is shifting and wrapping up. 

During our new beginning, in this time of ambition, this time of manifestation for all of our dreams and desires.. we are being asked, (or I am being shown and I share it with you) to disidentify from our egos and not pigeonhole our lives to a certain conglomeration but rather be open to a higher frequency to take over and direct us. Allow for a Higher Learning to occur. 

This is how to be. 

Really surrendering is trusting that everything is taken care of, as opposed to obsessing over outcomes, status, and outer, worldly results. Know that Spirit is working with us unconditionally and through the unconditional love of through the teams of our Guides, Angels, and Ancestors that we call it now… and all of the Bird Tribes and Rainbow Warriors and all of our assistance in our divine connection to God. Let us be channels that are open to serve love and be in service to it. 

To the extent that we are, we will then be supported and there are no limits. We will be protected, we will be supported, and we will be guided. And it is so.  

We are surrendered in service to the good of the whole and what wants to be done through us.. rather than focused narrowly on what we are wanting with our small minded egos that need to believe it is separate and everything must be in service to it.

So to the extent we identify with our egos we separate ourselves from being in this exquisite soup of creation together..  or, this Divine Orchestra. How well do we resonate with others in our ensemble and sing ceremoniously together? How do we merge our vibrations in harmony as instruments of the good, beautiful, and the true? 

The ego, though necessary, perpetuates separation and duality. But the higher consciousness of love, universally, understands oneness. 

I have yet to embody this, but I am heading this way. I am learning. Inch by inch. Step by step. 

Watch the corresponding video related to this entry for more of this download. 

Aho, Namaste and So It Is. 

In Love, Light, and Rainbow Warrior Spirit, 

Michelle Infinity


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 Integrating Our Upgrades 

Full Moon in Scorpio - May 2017 - Integrating Our Upgrades
- or -
How to not lose your shit when you go through an ascension process
(and why it’s ok if you do)

We had a major transformational shift during this past weekend of upgrades, and upgrades I’ve found, can make us feel like we’re losing our shit. So, I created this article and video about, "How not to lose your shit through a transformational upgrade." It's by remaining centered and remembering that everything eventually comes full circle and trusting that Spirit will realign us and bring us through. 

When things are falling apart internally, quietly know that you will be brought back together. 

But we don’t always feel like this as we are defragmenting. We feel chaotic, out of balance, and off center. We feel that something is happening ‘to us’ instead of ‘for our growth.’ A way out is through remembering that these cycles happen to us continuously… though I am not sure we consciously can during these phases. In order to be put back together again we need to come apart completely, and the decent into chaotic energy seems to be a part of this process. Though perhaps through mindfulness and surrender, the ride can be a little less painful. 

During these ascension phases we are being flooded with undercurrents of emotion which are really deep purification processes that come up to the surface for healing. Then the best thing we can do if we are able, is to get out in nature. Commune, relax, restore, and pray. Ask for clarity. 

Sometimes we won’t even know what’s going on, we will just feel off center. We won’t know what’s clearing and healing because it’s happening in layers and in pieces. We will just feel off, not in balance, not quite right in our own skin. These are signs of an energetic upgrade, or to put it another way, a cleansing and a purging of outmoded and limited belief systems from our psyches. 

One of my first spiritual teachers was a lovely intuitive reader named George, and he told me once that as we grow on our path our spirit guides will also change, new ones will come and old ones may step back, and we will feel a bit disoriented during those times of transition. I think this is what happens when we experience these cosmic upgrades and realignments. The shifting of our Spirit Guides also happens around our birthdays, when we travel, or have important life events. 

Another way to come back into balance when we’re feeling fuzzy, and not 100% in our bodies is a great acupuncture session. During an upgrade is a really beautiful time to receive energy work, reiki healing, massage, or a sound healing session. Go to someone you really trust and allow them to create a space where you can drop back into your body. Go see a powerful intuitive healer and use the time to clear and take care of yourself.  

Sometimes our normal practices, such as our daily yoga and meditation practice won’t work as they usually do when we’re going through a shift in frequency and we have to change our routine. And that’s the thing, we have to trust if every stable thing we’ve ever known feels like it’s falling away and our energy seems to be just pouring out of our being.. we have to remember that it is part of a realignment and the fragmentation we’re experiencing is a part of a greater process that will bring us back stronger into our center. 

I remember years ago having the realization that when I lose my center it’s alright because when I find it again I will be stronger and have leveled up another rung up the spiral. Constantly 'spiraling upwards' as I heard Allyson Grey describe it. It’s a gift when we remember this during the defragmentation process. 

I’d also like to bring up the concept of a Shamanic Death. For a new life to be born (within a soul’s evolution during one lifetime) old psychic constructs must die. As these awarenesses arise, we must surrender and allow this greater transformation. To the extent that we are identified with those constructs, relationships, and roles as a part of ourselves, we will feel as though we ourselves are dying. Grief then, is a large part of this process. And if we are blessed, we will allow ourselves to take space and time for these deeper emotions to cycle through us and run their course. 

Understandably, not all of us have the down time where we can take time out and relax (some of us have children ;) ) and sometimes these deeper processes arise and hit us out of nowhere, and yet we still collectively are tasked with moving through these ascension upgrades and not having downtime makes it very difficult. 

But it’s important to maintain our connections to ourselves through nature, and take some time to have healing work done and rest when we need it. Paying attention, deeply, to what is actually going on through us, because when we listen and surrender we understand the lessons, and that is what shifts our energy. When we tune into the deeper messages that our souls, angels, guides, and ancestors are sending to us, we will feel the transmutation take place. 

Then by releasing the old frequencies and transmuting them into new awarenesses we come back into alignment. We are reborn like the phoenix, into a new phase of growth. Constantly spiraling up. This is the ascension process. 

And each little shift we make is a part of a larger process, and each larger cycle creates our spiritual journey. So a large part of, "How not to lose our shit" while we go through each little shift is to remember that this is a process and to trust the process.

Trust the process of life, trust the process of realignment, and remember this message next time you’re feeling off center or like you’re not in your body. 

If you’re wondering what 'not being in your body' feels like, it feels like you’re subtly disconnected from yourself and it makes it hard to ground or do practical, everyday, 3D type things. You will feel fuzzy and off-center. When we learn to get into our bodies fully we are able to show up, be present, and really engage with each other. We are also much better at doing business and 3D practical stuff! 

Some of us who are beings of multidimensional consciousness leave our bodies very often and tend to float above ourselves. Grounding and rooting can be painstaking initially, but once we learn to embody ourselves fully we can truly be vessels for source energy to move through us and serve the world with love. We are empowered to stand up for ourselves and be present here on Earth and deliver our consciousness, gifts, and talents to the world. 

Rainbow Warriors are like The Star card in the Tarot. We are here to be bridges of beautiful, intergalactic dimensions of universal light, love, and higher consciousness and bring these frequencies to our survival based, instinctual, 3D world. We are here to be shining examples of spiraling up, Rainbow Warriors of the Light, and depict what it means to embody the higher realms and reach transcendent states. We are here to teach the integration of all things through universal consciousness, and deliver these truths in such a way the greater consensus reality will hear us... as we offer, in service, our gifts to an audience and a culture that is more and more ready to receive.

I hope this serves you. 

Aho. Namaste. And So it is. 

In love, light, and warrior spirit, 

Michelle Infinity


If you would like a reading, healing, or counseling session, please reach out to me at I’d love to hear from you and give you tips and tools on grounding, getting back into your body, and coming into greater vibrational wholeness. 


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In Love, Light, and Warrior Spirit,

Michelle Infinity
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On Venus Retrograde and this 6 week cycle…

We just had a full moon in Virgo and this year we are having a Venus Retrograde cycle that lines up exactly with Lent, which is traditionally a time of purification. We also just had two very extreme eclipses in February, where everything in our lives that was in a stale, imbalanced energy over the last four month window was reevaluated, reassessed and is now being purified and restructured. As we are going through this purification process, everything falls apart and is then brought back together again as we are being realigned and brought into balance, harmony, and equilibrium with the coming shift in the seasons that is the Equinox. Whether it be Fall or Spring wherever you are we are coming into an equal balance of dark and light. Within ourselves and within the collective world.

During the last cycle of eclipses I was shown an aspect of the universe that helps our awakening process if we get refined enough to allow them. I was shown the possibility of going through portals, or Dharma Gates, as I heard them recently called. These Dharma Gates are astral doorways to another level of consciousness. Once we move through them, the impossible becomes possible, and we expand.

If you’ve ever played the original Mario Brothers game, I can best akin them to the invisible bridge you have to run across in Level 8. The rift is too wide to make the jump, but if you run across the invisible bridge you are able to clear it. Remember how Neo had to ‘Free his mind’ in the Matrix? You can run and jump off the building, but you are only able to make it across if you believe that you can fly. The same is with these doorways. It is believing in the possibilities that the universe is showing you, that as you believe in your own invincibility, strength, and endurance, if your reaction time is quick and your will is strong, and if you surrender, trust, and have faith, only then you will be able to just go.

It all comes down to the power of self belief. When we have a concept in our mind, and we hold to that concept, although we may see a doorway to a higher road, we won’t be able to move through it. The Karma of our mind will keep us stuck like glue in repeated patterns and we will travel these familiar roads that are painful to move through, especially when the consciousness of your soul is ready for the next level. You see, the Dharma Gates are portals and gateways to Grace that lifts our souls into its highest truth. They are doorways of divine timing and divine intervention.

We must listen and have the courage and faith to walk through these cosmic gateways.

It’s a journey to learn how to do so. And I want to hear from you. Have you learned how to maneuver these gateways, have you seen these portals open for you? Did you go through them? Have you missed them? What has your journey been like? You can leave me your wisdom in the comments below, this has been a huge topic for me wondering how the universe works, and I’m just beginning to see a clearer picture.

Also I am available for intuitive readings and energy work sessions, and for more information on that please visit my website -

• Gate Gate Paragate Parasamgate Bodhi Svaha •

I hope this video has served you.

In love, light, and warrior spirit,

Michelle Infinity.

Aho ∞

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This is about getting in touch with the fire element. Inner conviction. Attuning to your passion, your purpose, your willfulness.. and the power of self-belief.

Yesterday morning my iPhone was stolen. At dawn. In Cape Canaveral. On my sacred private beach filled with, at the most, 50 retirees at one time jogging up and down the coast.

For two years I’ve had a daily ritual of seeing the sunrise, as well as leaving my belongings wherever I felt, within reason. I wouldn’t leave my laptop out, but I’d definitely walk away from my phone and my keys, which now I know better. So I was shocked and surprised when it happened. Surprised.. and pissed.. which is rare.

Anger wasn’t an emotion I allowed into my sphere. My natural inclination has always been to get sad or depressed about things instead of getting mad at them. I couldn’t touch my anger.. it felt like there was a wall blocking my ability to access that emotion within. Earlier this year at a workshop in Guatemala I did an emotional release exercise that allowed the expression of anger. I think that shifted things.. I remember feeling like a doorway had opened.

I felt my anger for the first time in my life and allowed it to be there. Well, actually, I tried to calm myself and recenter. My anger was vivid. It was fiery and inside my heart. The fire spoke, “I am going to change this.”

This is the other side of the coin from accepting what life presents us at all times, which I have been learning. Go slow, be mindful, wait for serendipity and move with the flow. But the reverse is also true. Where there is a will there’s a way.

I forget how badass I can be since I live a quiet hippie life and I am not often pushed into expressing my warrior’s courage. That, and in the new age community we often suppress these emotions. I’ve learned to not express that part of myself because of the terror I’ve seen in people’s eyes when I embody my Kali aspect. She may kill you with her gaze. And yes, that too is me. I am beginning to embrace this.

So the thief shut the phone off for the first few hours and I couldn’t track it. During which I took a shower, screamed (which was interesting), shared the news with a friend, did some yoga and cardio, and decided to get ready for my day. I had to do some grading and had planned to be super productive and prepare for my future excursion.

At the local café around 10am, I intuit to check Find my iPhone again. It’s on. OMG. I become a huntress. My focus gets sharp. It’s 20 min away in a run-down neighborhood by the bus station. Fair enough.

I call the Sherriff’s Office of Brevard County. I do this for a few reasons. One, I am on the hunt and I want to go in with muscle. Two, I’d briefly read an article, “What to do if your iPhone gets stolen” and it said, “Don’t go knocking on the person’s door without a police escort, that’s very dangerous.” Noted.

I have to be honest, though. I knew when I was calling it wasn’t going to amount to anything. The hippie aspect of my parents always told me, ‘Never trust the police.’ and that cops were useless. I have only needed them less than a handful of times in my life, thank God, but my sentiments are the same. They never seem to help.

Just as an aside, I do respect the integrity of people who want to right wrongs, bring justice, and save people from negative and harmful situations. I have deep respect for the souls who do this work. I have respect for the military and the men and women who serve. I’ve just never been helped by the police.

As the cop comes to the café, the phone is on the move, heading south. He tells me he can’t take me in his car, can’t chase down my phone, can’t go online to track it for me because he can’t even go on Pandora. He’s the only officer on duty in my city and he can’t leave the area. Other cities don’t have anything to do with it, so it’s no one’s problem.

Fine. Bye.

Meanwhile, the phone makes its way back north on the same route. Is the phone riding the bus? Excellent. Come home to mama.

The cute couple from Alabama seated across from me are cheering me on. They are about to get on a cruise to the Bahamas.

I am fueled, at this point, with passion. The obstacle of calling the police and having nothing happen actually inspires more rage and determination. That, and the fact that the phone is heading back towards me.

This passion is the antithesis of what non-attachment is and the essence of what Buddha’s four noble truths dictate. But there is power here. This kind of passion needs to be respected and not, in every case, transcended.

All I can see is getting my freaken phone back. It’s right there. It’s mine. Give it. Hunt.

Though I am alone, I am non-negotiably going after it. I hit obstacle after obstacle along the way. Usually, when that happens I freak out and go home to re-center thinking if synchronicities aren’t happening and life isn’t opening door after door for me I am doing something wrong. Because I wasn’t yet in touch with my will. I wasn’t comfortable claiming something that was mine. Not in this case.

I try and get some friends to come with me, but no one has time. I ask for directions and a hotspot nearby and didn’t get help. My perspective shifts and I see our world in a new light. In what we call the ‘real world’ or consensus reality, everyone is out for themselves. Your problem is not their problem. No one puts themselves out to be of service. Now, I believe in self-responsibility and self-reliance, but in the world myself and other compassionate, conscious individuals are creating we connect from our hearts and we help each other. In Lak’ech. I am another you. And since you are me, we figure things out together. It’s a good awakening for the diversity I am going to meet on the road ahead.

So I find the bus station. No parking. I connect to Wi-Fi from my laptop in my car, (thank God it’s is everywhere). My phone seems to be walking down the street I am on.. but a bit behind me. I look, go too far, and make a U-turn. I park on the right side of the street.

Directly to my right, there’s a park bench with 5 or 6 middle-aged, African-American men who are now staring at me. I also see 3 women a few yards to their left, who are (ironically) passing a phone back and forth (not mine). My heart knows.

I think again about calling the police. Why? So they can do nothing and I can wait here? How do I know who has it? As I sit the iPhone on find my iPhone shuts off. No. I feel the anger again, the rage. I step out of the car, hopping over the wooden plank fence (wearing a sequenced Indian skirt) and walk over to the men. And you know what was interesting? I wasn’t scared. And I didn’t hate them. They were souls. I loved them. It was psychedelic.

I opened my mouth and spoke with love, “Someone stole my iPhone…” Immediately one of them said, “Is this it?” and held up my phone. I jumped for joy! OMG. I said, “Oh my God. I want to hug you but you stole my phone so..” They all started talking at once. “He didn’t steal it.”, “You should give me $10.”, “Someone else took it and he bought it from him.” Then two other men from outside the circle came up and vibrationally gave me the cue that my business was done. I followed that, thanked them and left.

I smiled, acknowledged the women respectfully as I passed, and got in my car with my phone. It was intact, had not been erased, and get this.. had a new screen protector! My old one was cracked. All they did was change the wallpaper and the screen protector on my phone. So all and all, I got an upgrade.

Talk about the cosmic giggle of the universe.

So now, I understand willfulness. I think this has been a long time coming. I understand rage and the beauty of anger. I see courage as rage of the heart. I value determination and a belief in one’s will. A character trait the universe has been urging me to embody.

Conviction can be just as powerful as miracles and waiting for divine synchronicity. Sometimes we have to decide what we want, have our own backs, and go after it. Trust within, and the world will acquiesce.

And I am a huntress.


Aho. Namaste. And so it is.

In love, light, and warrior spirit,

Michelle Infinity

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Greetings fellow Rainbow Warriors and Light Guardians! How are you? It’s July and the Full Moon is in Capricorn and what I’m seeing is it’s all about WORK and the energy of work and DISCIPLINE. “What are we going to do?” What are the necessary steps to take to complete our Sacred Actions?

I spoke about the concept of Sacred Action in the last video where the New Moon was in Cancer, but it feels like that was more the dream of Sacred Action, the vision of our Sacred Actions. But now that I know what my sacred action is, and I know what I want to achieve, what duties do I have to perform in order to make it happen? What are the small tasks? The taskmaster planet, Saturn, rules Capricorn. And so it is in the small, fine-tuned details that we have to take and the daily actions step by step that help us to create our dream reality on this earth.

Sometimes working with that energy is annoying! It can be seen as a downer or it can be heavy or daunting to do these duties (and make real) these sacred acts. It’s definitely not as fun to us poetic artistic types as the dream of creating the vision and sometimes that is what prohibits us, makes us lazy, or procrastinate because we don’t want to have to do the mundane work in order to have to make the dream a reality! So for a lot of visionaries, leaders, healers, teachers and guides, (myself included) it’s difficult for us to embody these spirits, and meet these challenges in the world.

So how do we bring in that Neptunian energy, that beautiful energy of infinite love and light into this daily routine, into this daily ritual, into our daily lives? 

How do we in each small action that we undertake bring the magic and bring the love and allow love to be our guide and lead us into building this new reality that we know is possible, creating this new consciousness, creating this new world together?

So, Saturn and Capricorn energy it can be heavy but also there are fruits. If we do the planting, if we do the weed pulling and create the garden, then we can have plants and crops, food and fruition. We can use this time as a time of planting seeds and labor. I feel like these next two weeks are about taking the right steps, taking the right actions (though they can be daunting) as we enter this cycle of energy that we are preparing for which leads us to harvest time in the fall. Right now actually (and through August) that is literally what we are doing, so we have to think of how are we preparing for harvest and what do we want to create what do we want to reap? And whatever we want to reap we have to sow those seeds right now.

So it’s a time of sowing seeds, planting and cultivating our gifts, and paying attention to life

I’ll use myself as an example. For a long time I was a yoga teacher, and then for a while I stopped teaching because there were aspects of my environment that weren’t helping my growth. So I had to realign myself to my truth, and find my inner integrity as a teacher of yoga. And now the universe is reflecting to me in many ways that the language of Yoga is a method I can use to bring healing to many. So being a yoga teacher has presented itself in my life again. And it’s very healing and very empowering to be a yoga teacher for many reasons, and those of you who teach yoga or anything, know what I’m talking about. So life is presenting me with symbols that are telling me to craft this gift that I have. I have a gift for teaching yoga, (as well as doing readings, which I mention in the video) and it’s important that I recognize it, that I honor it, and that I continue to cultivate that gift.

So what gifts do you have in your life that you are being shown from the universe that you get to cultivate in order to empower yourself? And feel good to you to cultivate? Maybe it’s daunting, maybe there are parts of that gift that are more linear - like for example in order to teach yoga you have to build a sequence, you have to commit to certain dates, and market your classes. There are aspects of every job and every sacred duty and each sacred action that you have to perform that are more.. managerial.. and those tasks are not as fun as the liberating effects of just intuitively teaching the class. But you have to do the prep work in order to have (and allow for) the intuition.

This duality, this yang and yin (or yab and yum as I study more and more of Tantra) is the masculine and feminine – the duty and the inspiration that go hand and hand with each other. Good and bad are mixed. All polarities are one in unison. And that is why you can look at the world and God as duality and oneness simultaneously.

So I wish you all blessings on your journey. May you experience life as you know it to be rich and full, complex and beautiful, kind and wise and giving. May you plant your seeds over this next month’s cycle till the next full moon, or for the next two weeks till the new moon in Leo August 2nd where Mars really picks up speed and moves into Sagittarius again. Remember to think in a bigger picture of what you want to consciously sow now that you’d like to reap in the coming year that you get to practice throughout December.

Aho. Namaste. And so it is.

In love, light, and warrior spirit,

Michelle Infinity

An astrological note: Use this time to take small tasks – do your duty, do it well, do it with a humble and giving heart. And really allow yourself to be surprised by the universe. The last thing I’ll say is all the astrologers are saying how Uranus is squaring the Sun and Uranus acts as the great awakener – one of his symbols is lightning.. So take your time to notice what is new around you.  Allow any shocks, surprises, or electricity, and use that energy to fuel you, to fuel you and the gifts that lie ahead.

Oh, my beloved Rainbow Warriors. May you be blessed.

:* Aho

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New Moon in Cancer – July 2016

Committing to one’s Dharma 

I’ve been reading the Bhagavad Gita with a soul friend of mine, and in that book Arjuna is a warrior but he is having difficulty coming to terms with the fact he must kill people he respects and feels a kinship to. Krishna speaks a lot about detachment and doing your dharma, or sacred duty, from an alignment and inner knowing that we must do our work in devotional service to God, making offerings with a deep reverence, but also dispassionately removing ourselves from attachments to the fruits of our actions, or letting go of the outcome. 

I struggle, as many do, with the concept of living without passion. That is the opposite of a Tantric way of life where you live out your passions consciously with full awareness. And I, like many of us, am integrating these two disciplines. 

Though I fully understand what it is to act with the intention of serving others, serving the greater good, and taking action because that is what feels right with your heart from an inner knowing.. an awareness of, ‘This is my next right act. This is what I must do, for me, and if others are not understanding of it, then that’s ok.. because my Vertical Alignment is intact. I understand what I must do and my heart, my relationship with myself, God, and the Earth, are all in alignment. I feel free as I do this.’

At this time, July 2016, this New Moon is in Cancer, a water sign. And Oh My Goddess my Rainbow Warriors.. we have Mars moving direct – finally – after all year of a retrograde cycle. 

It is like the heavens are sparkling at us again.. sending us signs of what is to come.. and I believe we are being called, and shown, and supported (thank god) into what our Dharma is in this life. What is our sacred duty as guardians of the light? What are we claiming as we are stepping into our new roles? What are we continuing to let go of? I saw a lizard take skin from his leg that he was shedding and eat it. What are we transmuting and can that fuel our new beginning? Are we able to allow any mud around us to nourish the lotus we are? 

So, it is time to begin 2016. For reals. This is the dawn of what is to come. This year has been a transition year, a year of purification, a year of transformation. The solstice was a huge wake up call to really commit to this new self.. and now we get to practice for the next 6 months.. and then the next 3 years.. be in that new identity. 

Experiment with how to play our parts. 

We must commit to ourselves, listen to our souls and trust our intuition. We must practice our arts, hone our medicine, and find ways to serve the earth and bring our medicine to the people. 

And so I have a bit of an announcement to make.. I am going on a quest. I am traveling west to connect with members of my soul tribe, to lead circles, to share healing arts, and practice teaching. I plan to head initially towards the Southwest, maybe over through California, and end up in the mountains. I have a strong pull toward Utah and I want to see Colorado... I want to visit sacred sites, temples, holy places, and do ritual at these locations. I want to meet with others on a similar vibration as mine.. to teach.. to learn.. to sing.. and to share our gifts and medicine with each other. 

So Rainbow Warrior family, if you’re in the states, and you want me to come see you.. to visit and share space, perhaps lead a circle of like-minded individuals for healing work.. I would be honored to create that with you. Right now I am open to receiving where I will be going, and allowing that to take form day by day based on the feedback the universe is sending me. 

Practicing surrender, trust, and commitment to my Dharma, my spiritual teaching work, my shamanic medicine woman path, and being of service to the planet. 

Aho. Namaste. And so it is. 

In love, light, and warrior spirit, 

Michelle Infinity

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Whole Unto Myself

I recently experienced a huge shift that put into perspective every relationship I’ve ever had.

One that allows me to see each being I care for as a whole person, one who is on their own path of growth and journey to God. But in order to honor and love them in their fullness, I must first recognize it within. This allows me to give and receive love in a new way than ever before.. from wholeness.

Being able to love without the fear of lack, the feeling that the other is my source for opening to God.. or that I need to reach out to them for anything to connect with my own sense of wholeness.

Instead I am able to remember that I am love, that I am fine whether they come or whether they go, that I can let love flow through me.. to remember the truth that I am love.. and love comes from everywhere and everything. That is my eternal nature, and that is the source of my fullness. To remember that I am good.. And, as people continue to pass in and out of my life, this belief allows me to love them freely in a healthy way, with lots of space around it, lots of allowing whatever is to be, to be. Also allowing change and growth and shifting, basically allowing the nature of transformation.. and knowing all is perfect within.

I am embodying this now more then ever before. I am able to consciously remember, as I connect with beings I love with my entire soul, to allow them to be separate from me.. to not need anything from them, but to welcome the receiving of love as our dances and vibrations merge and come into alignment. This is a gift I am growing to accept more and more. I am expanding into it, and it has transmuted me from a place of co-dependency to a place of self-sufficiency. Now, I am grateful to feel more expanded and connected to the All with another person than I do when I am alone, but there is no craving because I am certain and aware of all the little packages Great Spirit brings love through. And beyond all this, because I am committed to my eternal source of connection within. This is how we fully access love. It is through listening to the songs of own souls, tuning to the wisdom of our own hearts, and trusting ourselves to guide our way on…

I also have faith that no matter what happens I will have my own back. Whatever falls apart, or takes place between individuals, I will be able to reconfigure myself if I am disappointed. I will stand by my own side. No longer will I guilt, shame, or abandon my true nature which is love.. an expression of the divine. No longer will I forget, but stand with courage and conviction knowing that I am a part of the circle of life and of this world. Knowing that I can ask for help from the Angels, my Guides and Ancestors, and that I will be listened to and brought into the flow.

The magical ingredient for knowing in my soul that I have this connection is the belief I am worthy of it. The belief that I am part of it all. That I choose to believe and tune to the wisdom that I have dharma, a role to play that is sacred, that serves creation. But what’s more is I am beyond these roles. I am a spark of light. I am worthy because of my existence. I have value, not because of my creations, but because of my willingness to show up and offer them. Through the giving, I am full. Through the service, I know I am alive, and that commitment to walk in True Alignment keeps me congruent, allows me to show up and walk with the confidence my Soul, Angels, and Higher Self have been urging me into bringing to this world during these cycles of transformation.

Because of the grace of the heavens, awareness of my energy, and choosing love by being open and vulnerable, I have shaken off apart of my defensive nature that protected my fragility. Only by letting go of the belief that we must be protected, that we are fragile.. and by releasing any mistrust of ourselves to handle heartbreak, can we find our strength and courageous warrior nature to let love flow through us and transform the world we live in into a much bigger picture than anyone we were could fathom ..before we let go of the old beliefs and let love through the door of our hearts to redecorate and feng shui the place.. ;)

Through my remembrance that change is constant, and my acceptance of this, I can be present for the sacred moments I share with another person. I am free to let them be free and this is the ingredient to experience love in a way that expands those it touches. It strengthens us. Love is a healing force that way. When we add control, or worry about outcomes, or any finite factors.. we are shifting away from the limitlessness that can be experienced through the timeless and eternal nature of cosmic love, which is expressive and able to be experienced through our connection to God, nature, and each other.

When we love another person, we are feeling that connection in our own hearts. When we feel connected to God that is experienced within us as well. Remember that our primary relationship is with the divine, but our experience of that is based on our relationship to ourselves. Once we are here in right remembrance and feel good about our value and connection to who we are, then we wear our external world much more loosely. We feel the expansive quality of love within. When I remember this I am free to love you and you feel free to love me right back. This chemistry fosters security and oneness in our connection. We are balanced in the duality between us being separate beings, but connected through the life force of Spirit that lives inside us. The love that exists between us and runs through us is eternal. It is a gift of our life force, our electricity, like blood coursing through our veins. This is our heart chakra when it is open and expanded to the love and joy it is purely able to experience. This is possible when grief has been cleared and forgiveness been given. The journey from grief to joy has been a great part of my experience…

When I am in right alignment, I worship and trust the universe. This brings me into connection with everything. I experience synchronicity, I hear my guides and angels clearly, I trust my decisions, my intuition. I listen to my soul, I make choices that expand rather than contract, and I feel the love of Mother Earth and God. 

Over time as I am unfolding, and my Higher Self reveals the beauty and great mystery of my ancient soul’s story, I am learning on a deeper and deeper level to love and approve of who I am as a being. As a fragment on Earth, a sparkle of light in the great cosmic web of souls that cross the globe. And this respect of self translates directly to the flow of gifts and miracles from the universe. The more pure my thoughts of my own being, the more light I see in the world around me. The more forgiveness, the more grace I experience.

I go through cycles of forgetting, and start to see myself as separate, but each time I am brought back to the remembrance of my own infinity, to the eternal nature of my being. I am deeply committed to keeping it my mantra, consciously running it through, fueling me like the blood in my veins.

We are all one, connected to each other. I am another you. I am sister, you are brother.. I will worship everything, and be connected through eternity. I am able to receive love willingly through surrender to believing that I am worthy and able just to be it. And through the giving.. I become it. I am embodied. 

Aho. Namaste. And so it is.

In love, light, and warrior spirit,

Michelle Infinity

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It’s 2016, let go of control.


It seems the spirit guides and earthy guardians that help direct our lives, for those of us who are tuned in, tapped in, turned on (as Abraham-Hicks would say) to the more subtle dimensions of consciousness we are experiencing would like us to have more of a ‘hands off’ approach during the coming cycle of energy.

2016 is the year of the RED MONKEY. Tricky monkey, as I like to say when I meet people of that totem. It seems to me there will be lots of changes taking place. I see 2016 as a year of PRACTICE and TRANSITION before our next new phase solidifies.

And what I am receiving and being reminded of is that these changes are always for the best. The new life is always greater than the old. The next rung of the spiral is always a greater evolution than the previous one we were comfortable on.

But what the energetic and emotional truth is, is that change is scary.. and when one chapter ends.. when another door opens and a new life begins..

Stepping through that door can lead to panicky feelings arising in the body, resistance comes in the form of shadows, and issues from the past come up that we need to forgive, all so we can be ‘so fresh and so clean’ when we enter into the dawn of a new cycle of consciousness.

We all react in different tones of resistance. Some people are adventurous and optimistic. Others have anxiety and panicky emotions.

For me, there is always a deep grieving as I am processing the old. There’s this deep releasing, and a purging that needs to happen of shadow emotions. I mourn the missed opportunities I clearly see now in hindsight of the chapter that has just closed. I surrender to this process by taking inventory of all of my blind spots and adjusting to the new awareness I only see now because I have shifted frequency.

A lot of things come up to the surface when we are in these energetically shifting times.

Remember that every ending is also a cycle of rebirth. There is a new dawn upon us and we are starting our next new wave of energy in February, which catapults us forward with the new moon on the 8th. It will be a time of new life and new beginnings. A lot of us will be capitalizing during this cycle of growth through previous alignment to where we made more expansive choices, let go of fear, and surrendered to Great Spirit at the close of 2015.

And for those areas where we are still in the process of surrendering, we will be constantly reminded to take our hands off the steering wheel, to let go of control, and have faith that what is meant for us will come to us and our good will always arrive.

What is meant for us will come to us. What is yours will come to you.


I think that is a huge, poignant truth that we forget to embody in our lives. We forget so much to trust in the invisible hand that guides our way, every step, committed to our highest evolution and growth.

We forget to trust and have faith in the journey. We forget that nothing valuable is ever lost. That every lesson we learn, and every shift we go through is like peeling back the layers of an onion… going deeper and deeper to discover our root. And Spirit is guiding and directing us always to be just where we need to be. To become more of who we are fully.

Ram Dass says this beautiful quote, and as someone who has been very impatient, always wanting to be further along my path, this really speaks to me. He says, “This step, right here. This is the step I need.”

I think in surrendering to whatever step we are on and relaxing into our transitions, allows us to be more open hearted and leads to a beautiful, gentle, exquisite transformation.

A powerful question I have been recently guided to ask myself is, “What is my next right step?”

Imagine yourself in the Matrix movie. You are in a long hallway. It is full of doors...

I just read about woodpecker totem this morning. In it, it said, “To woodpecker, each tree is a door. One full of goodies and morsels hidden within it.” Every tree is a door. Imagine your life is full of doors and there are endless possibilities and potentials for you to enter into new awareness’s, new portals that will birth you into another way of being. By stepping through each doorway you become another version of yourself, more fully embodied, more comfortable on your journey, more respecting of yourself, and more grateful for life in all of its dimensions of mystery. Have faith. There will always be anxiety as we step through these portals, or right before we enter a new one.

Inside, we all have inner warriors but also inner children who want to know we are safe and cared for, comfortable and loved. Inside we are wild fire-eaters, along with aspects of ourselves that feel vulnerable to the shifting sands of transformation and change, especially when out of our hands.

It’s important to have faith, keep centered, and take your time as you are shifting frequencies. One of your forms is dying, shedding skin. During these processes of surrender there is sometimes grief. Letting go can cause anxiety, but if we are aware there is a bigger picture, a greater plan that is occurring, and also remember that the bigger the shift we feel, it is possible there will be equal measure of miracles soon to take place. Everything dances but is always in balance. This is the Tao, the Way of things. When we are able to soften to this and surrender to the journey, we remember to count our blessings. In relaxation and in gratitude, we find love through our community and in seeing our reflections in others we are guided from doorway to doorway.

Aho. Namaste. And so it is.

In Love, Light, and Warrior Spirit,

Michelle Infinity, Infinite Everything


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“If we are trusting ourselves and each other, then we are treating the other person like they are divine, and we are holding ourselves like we are divine. And from that, we are in communion. We are in union, a unification of communication. And that creates authenticity, this vivification of energy.. where we are both turned on, enlivened, and raised up by the exchange.”

Please check out my New Moon Vlog for January! It starts with a great surprise where I reveal the temple space I created in my house for people to come receive healing.

My topic of the week is Authentic Communication. I welcome your thoughts about this topic, and let me know what you think of the space ;) 

In Love, Light, and Warrior Spirit, Michelle ∞


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As a claircognizant, I often know things before they actually occur. What that super power needs to be tempered with is a spiritual trio of three other superpowers: Faith, Trust, and Surrender. We often sense or feel things before they occur, but sometimes this gets us lost in our own heads. Or, we try to take things into our own hands and make things happen. But when we have faith and allow more room for the magic of life the beauty of the Divine Orchestration of things can be astounding..

We have to release our need for control and really relax into life. Trusting that our needs will be met, and that the universe wants good things for us. Have Faith that there can be a magical solution to messy situations, and use prayer and intention to Surrender the outcome of the circumstances in our lives over to the Divine.

We work in partnership with spirit. We are co-creators of this life and universe. And (we have to hand it to them) Spirit, our Guides, are far more creative, and have much more wisdom and mastery than we do in our myopic view of the universe. So as we relax and learn to flow.. we are lead to more and more divine synchronicity and our lives can expand greater than we dream is possible.

May you relax and trust life!

I hope this serves you.

Aho. Namaste. And so it is.

In Love, Light, and Warrior Spirit,

Michelle ∞


carpet cleaning palm beach

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