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Fort Lauderdale, FL


November 14

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Cosmic Healer, Visionary Seer, Heroic Leader, Elven Kin, Wise Hierophant, Transdimensional Messenger, Love Ranger

I am passionate about...

infinite everything!!

Some of my skills and gifts are...

being rare - gratitude - transcendence - magical - exquisite - radiant - healing - truth

I would like to learn more about...

zen - stillness - angels - the deepest realms of my own heart

Inspirational Saying:

Wisdom is knowing I am nothing, love is knowing I am everything.. and between the two, my life moves. — Nisargadatta Maharaj Love encompasses all <3 In love, light, and warrior spirit ∞

Additional Website:

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Michelle Infinity posted a blog post
I learned this year, the exquisite beauty that exists in the Divine Masculine. His vastness and availability is akin to the image of Shu, the Egyptian God of the Air holding up Nuit, Goddess of the night sky.
He holds her great star body outstretche…
Dec 20, 2017
Michelle Infinity posted a blog post
Here are 12 valuable conscious lessons I synthesized from my experience at the Oregon Eclipse Gathering 2017 that can be a guide for any future festival goers. These lessons can also be applied to life in general and may, on a grander scheme, be the…
Sep 4, 2017
Michelle Infinity posted a blog post
On the edge of myself
I see a cliff
That only I can
Start again
In an echo of surrender
So much faith and trust in
Just me and God
Allowing in
As the journey asks
One step
Bit by bit
Remarkable I take it
Expand my wings
Don't asks what gifts
Have br…
Jul 11, 2017
Michelle Infinity posted a blog post
Capricorn Full Moon - July 2017 | Commitment to our Dharma, In Sickness and In Health
Letting go of our idealism when committing to one’s path…

Welcome to the Capricorn Full Moon!
Today I want to speak of how those of us who identify as Rainbow Wa…
Jul 10, 2017
Michelle Infinity posted a blog post
Full Moon in Sagittarius - June 9th
Greetings Rainbow Warriors! 
Today I feel like starting the report with the planetary aspects.. Here is a little astrology for you all to consider. See how it aligns with and correlates to the collective energies,…
Jun 9, 2017
Michelle Infinity posted a blog post
 Integrating Our Upgrades 
Full Moon in Scorpio - May 2017 - Integrating Our Upgrades - or - How to not lose your shit when you go through an ascension process
(and why it’s ok if you do)

We had a major transformational shift during this past weeke…
May 9, 2017
Michelle Infinity and Beth Fehrensen are now friends
May 9, 2017
Michelle Infinity posted a blog post
On Venus Retrograde and this 6 week cycle…We just had a full moon in Virgo and this year we are having a Venus Retrograde cycle that lines up exactly with Lent, which is traditionally a time of purification. We also just had two very extreme eclipse…
Mar 17, 2017
Michelle Infinity and Paul "Sifu Boggie" Brighton are now friends
Mar 17, 2017
Michelle Infinity published an article
This is about getting in touch with the fire element. Inner conviction. Attuning to your passion, your purpose, your willfulness.. and the power of self-belief.
Yesterday morning my iPhone was stolen. At dawn. In Cape Canaveral. On my sacred private…
Jul 19, 2016
Michelle Infinity published an article
Greetings fellow Rainbow Warriors and Light Guardians! How are you? It’s July and the Full Moon is in Capricorn and what I’m seeing is it’s all about WORK and the energy of work and DISCIPLINE. “What are we going to do?” What are the necessary steps…
Jul 16, 2016
Michelle Infinity posted a blog post
I recently experienced a huge shift that put into perspective every relationship I’ve ever had.
One that allows me to see each being I care for as a whole person, one who is on their own path of growth and journey to God. But in order to honor and l…
May 3, 2016
Michelle Infinity and Jessica Schwinn are now friends
Apr 29, 2016
Michelle Infinity published an article
It’s 2016, let go of control.
It seems the spirit guides and earthy guardians that help direct our lives, for those of us who are tuned in, tapped in, turned on (as Abraham-Hicks would say) to the more subtle dimensions of consciousness we…
Jan 30, 2016
Michelle Infinity is now friends with Brendon Culliton / Skull Babylon and Tony MacKeand
Jan 30, 2016

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