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Julia Vinai's Posts (3)

We are currently being reminded that connecting with our hearts, with ourselves, and with our intuition, gives us the most potent and staying form of knowledge. We are evolving back into our true essence - the essence of pure feeling and experiencing. Our abilities to understand consciousness are evolving and we are experiencing some disharmony as we adjust, but rest assured, this is all part of the process.

In order to heal it is important to fully understand what it is we are experiencing.
This video intuitively dives into where judgmental thoughts stem from and how we can release them.

Happy releasing, fellow creative beings! sending you all many many blessings of love!


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We are being guided to remember our true divine connection to everything around us, to realize that WE ARE THAT WHICH WE SEEK! sometimes I flow too much and forget to make important clarifications (I'm new to this!)\*** when I refer to "eating" as one of our distractions, I mean "over eating", I DO eat, and it is VERY important for us to nourish ourselves, especially in order to keep us balanced and grounded with this planet! Additionally, connecting with our guides is by no means equivalent to numbing ourselves out with drugs and alcohol, I used the comparison to demonstrate how we tend to get distracted and addicted to things that draw us outside of ourselves. **As always I am sending you ALL so much love!This is an experiment for me! Just posting what I experience in a video format! I am new to this! Sooo sometimes my stream of consciousness takes over.... ;)

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how do we inspire wide spread shift?


What does it really mean to "be the change"? 
We hear this proverb so often, it seems so simple, almost too simple, yet within these three little words lies a powerful message with some pretty potent effects. 
In order to inspire true paradigm shift, each individual must change independently yet in harmony with those around them. These types of explanations never cut it for me, being highly intuitive and empathic - I FEEL things, I can sense energetic shifts, I communicate with inter dimensional beings (and in essence, my higher self) who help me access deeper and more universal explanations for many things we experience in this reality. 

In university I studied environmental science, bio conservation, and anthropology. In many of these courses I came to the realization that as each one of us individually makes change, we have the ability to inspire change in those close with us, and the process will continue. An example would be, you start eating organic and producing less waste, at first those that live with you have resistance to this (we often resist what is best for us because of the indoctrination from the old paradigm which perpetuates self sabotage for profit and gain...), but as they witness you change and grow they realize "hm maybe they are onto something", and they start making small changes themselves. So, we can just leave this here, just look at common socialization based on the perspective of a psychologist, sociologist, anthropologist but as I said earlier, I do not experience reality in this way. 

What is actually happening is 1. we are energetic beings, we all have our own unique energetic constitution that vibrates at it's own rate which can be influenced (that's why we talk about raising our vibrations). 2. energy is everything, everywhere, literally everything affects everything, affects everything ad so on infinitely 3. our thoughts and emotions move in wave forms and these wave forms can effect the vibration of a system 4. we are made of ~ 90% water and we are highly effected by these wave forms. In astrology they associate the sign of cancer with emotions, this sign is associated with the element of water. When we cry we are having a release of excess emotions (the energetic makeup of that specific emotional wave is being released much like a wave moves through the ocean). 5. our emotional and thought patterns don't just travel through water, they are all around us, effecting us and those around us. 
SO, when we begin to vibrate at a different rate and when our frequency changes and we give off different thought and emotional wave forms they can affect those around us. We are in a constant sharing with everyone around us. When we begin to work on ourselves and stay grounded (literally energetically to the earth) and aligned with our Truth we create a new momentum around us. This momentum unconsciously changes those around us because those wave forms are not stagnant, they are in constant motion...everything is in constant motion. 

BE THE CHANGE. on an energetic level (which is the true level of all things) means

BE = stay aligned and grounded in your Truth, take the time to shift your energy, love yourself unconditionally, connect with mother earth... I know it's very attractive to reach up high to the spirit world, but spirit cannot communicate with you if you don't vibrate on that level, so forget about everything outside of you and look within, in doing this you realize everything that is outside of you is also in essence - you!, so just let yourself BE yourself and begin to reconnect with the energetic makeup of our earthly reality. 

THE CHANGE = allow this momentum to flourish, stay true to this new momentum, as you ground yourself you believe more and more in yourself and you are able to stay true to the universal truth of oneness. On a more 3D level, make room for healthy shifts in your life, start producing less waste, start paying attention to what you consume/buy and where it comes from, learn how to garden, meditate, tell yourself " I LOVE YOU" (do it right now.. I ... LOVE....YOU) everyday, allow yourself to reach balance in your own time, no pressure, just true radical unconditional self (and therefore universal) love (the more you let yourself "BE" the more you will naturally shift into "CHANGE"). 

This is truly how change happens. it cannot be forced. you must surrender and flow with the cosmic wave of existence - of consciousness. This does not mean letting go and giving up into what is happening on this planet currently, this means staying true to the universal laws and remembering our divine connection to this planet. In doing this we help more and more people remember. There is no stopping a wave in an ocean - much the same as this new paradigm wave of consciousness! 

I am so grateful to be here! 
thank you soooo much for "BEING THE CHANGE" 

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