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Kenosha, WI


November 18

Game Name:

John O'Neill (TOASTradahmus)

Estimated Shift Missions Completed:


Astrological Sign:

Scorpio/ Sagittarius

Primary Element Type:


Current Archetype Patterns (Pick 7 Max Based on Current Focus):

Cosmic Healer, Visionary Seer, Lucid Dreamer, Heroic Leader, Love Ranger

I am passionate about...

Spreading love and kindness through my actions. A simple smile can brighten someone's day. "Smile like you mean it, and it will be returned"

Some of my skills and gifts are...

Being an open person for others to come to. Making people smile and see the bright side of things. Making people laugh through my stand-up comedy, or through normal conversation.

I would like to learn more about...

How we can all spread the message of love. Better ways to reach people, even if they don't know they want to be reached.

Inspirational Saying:

"Most things take their toll. Whatever your perception, whatever your rolln ? Most things make your soul. Take it or leave it, it happened that way. Weather you need it or not, a part of it is with you wherever you go."

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  • Woot! Welcome to the team John! Fellow Free Hugger! I look forward to seeing what you have to share through your Quest Journals and interacting through future live broadcasts. If you have any questions just let me know. Much Love!

This reply was deleted.


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John O'Neill posted a blog post
Goood morning my fellow Shifters!

I hope everyone had a wonderful night last night, and I hope you're having a better today! Last night was a pretty great night for me. My girlfriend spent the night with me, which isn't anything new. But she's been…
Sep 14, 2016
John O'Neill commented on John O'Neill's blog post Achieving Inspiration Through My FIRST Free Hugs Adventure!
"Thank you so much brother! Keeping it shifty AND schwifty!"
Sep 13, 2016
John O'Neill and Brendon Culliton / Skull Babylon are now friends
Sep 12, 2016
John O'Neill posted a blog post
Good afternoon fellow shifters! I'm very new to this site, yet not new to the concept. For a long time I've tried to lead by example and spread love through simple means such as a smile or a random compliment. In fact, every once in a while on my Fa…
Sep 12, 2016
John O'Neill is now a member of Paradigm Shift Central
Sep 12, 2016

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