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Newcastle, NSW


December 13

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Lucid Dreamer, Heroic Leader, Wise Hierophant, Disciplined Hermit, Transdimensional Messenger, Love Ranger

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My name is Jessica Elizabeth Regan. 9 years ago I started seeing the number 11:11. At first I didn't think anything of it, until it would happen more often than could be explained by coincidence. It wasn't just 11:11 on the clock, I would see it everywhere, like car license plates, shopping receipts, road signs, emails, text messages, everywhere. I started looking into this number. At first, there wasn't really any definitive explanations, but the more research I did, the more I found it related to many aspects of my life and of the world itself. This was synchronicity. It would be the beginning of my journey, to discovering and accepting myself for who I was, Me. I had struggled with depression and anxiety a lot in life, and never felt like I was worth much at all. My friends and family struggled to understand Me, which looking back now, how could they understand me? When I didn't even understand myself. This journey has been epic. Full of ups and downs, lefts and rights, inside outs and upside downs. It showed me every aspect of myself which I didn't like, and helped me to work through my issues and face my demons, and realise that I was here for a reason. That reason would slowly reveal itself over time, and once revealed, it is the driving force behind every decision I make. During my Awakening I would finish my research for the night and I would always go outside and sit under the stars. I was sitting outside one night, looking at the stars like I always do, but one night, something happened. I was drawn to a very bright star. I was fascinated by it's brightness and colour. I stared and I wondered what star it actually was, as I had never seen it before. That was when it happened. The star moved and began to move towards me. I couldn't believe what I was seeing and as I sat there in awe, it slowly made it's way over to me and hovered above me for what felt like an eternity. This star was brilliant and bright and then it began to change colours. White, then purple, then yellow, then green, then pink, then blue. Pulsating and changing constantly. I couldn't move. My mind told me to run, but my Heart told me to stay. I looked at this star and felt such a peaceful, loving feeling from it. Then in an instant it took off faster than I have seen anything move before. This would be the moment that I realised this 11:11 thing wasn't just about numbers. This 11:11 thing was the key to the biggest mysteries in the World. This is when my research took on a whole new level and meaning. The 11:11 journey has been exactly that, a journey into my own Heart. I know my life is beautiful. I know my life is going to get better and better everyday. 11:11 has shown me my Heart, and I love my Heart. My Heart is strong and my Heart is beautiful and I want to show the World how once You Love yourself for the beautiful being you are, your life will in fact become beautiful too. Things happen for a reason and the reason I follow this number is to show the World that it is not just Me seeing 11:11. There is an estimated 100 million other Souls also receiving this time prompt, and many are feeling lost, alone and insane. Each of Us can say with absolute conviction that this isn't just a mere coincidence that we are seeing this number, someone is showing us this number, for a reason. This is a global phenomenon, The 11:11 Phenomenon. My research journey has covered aspects of Pi, Phi, The Golden ratio, Sacred Geometry, The Fibonacci Sequence, Numerology, Astrology, The Universe, Dark Matter, Leonardo da Vinci, Nostradamus, Ancient Egypt, The Lost City of Atlantis, The illuminati, Aliens, Religion, The Bible, The Holy Grail, Music, Frequencies, Vibrations and every topic in between. Our World is changing for the better and each person on Earth has a role to play in this. 11:11 I believe, is a wake up code, a DNA activation code. For Us to work through our own personal issues, face our demons, and finally accept ourselves for who we are, which leads to self love. Once you achieve self love then you can love and accept others without any form of judgement. This emits a certain frequency into the World and raises the vibration of every living thing. Once we realise this we realise this has a very positive impact in our own lives and it changes the lives of others around Us. It has a flow on effect, a ripple effect that is clear to see. The world will never be the same again. My goal is this. To wake up the sleeping masses of people, to enlighten them and give them the scientific evidence that my spiritual awakening has given me. It was very scientific in nature and the conclusion I have reached is that One person really can make a difference in this World. For when One makes a difference in their own personal World, One makes a significant difference in the entire World. I am connecting with thousands and thousands of people from around the World in My Facebook Group The 11:11 Movement and I am hearing the same thing. Jessica what does 11:11 mean for Me? I can not give them the answers, I can only show them how I found my own answers. Each person is different so each journey will be different and each answer will be different. United together we can share our answers and come up with a collective conclusion. I hope to explain as much as I can and inspire all to find their own answers. 11:11 is my true calling. Contact here:, The 11:11 Movement, Jessica Regan Facebook.

Some of my skills and gifts are...

Connecting to every Soul I meet.

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Hey baby, this is what We came for.


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Jessica Elizabeth Regan is now a member of Paradigm Shift Central
Jul 1, 2017

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