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The game of the Ocean and Me

The Sky Hunter "Keep Ringing the bell Playing the tamboura, calling for Him. For you Have touched something Holy inside With your spirit-body And now your eyes look broken Without His sacred presence near. The heart is like that: blessed and ruined Once it has known Divine Beauty, Then, It becomes a restless sky hunter. The lover keeps circling in their being Their sweetest moments With God Needing to kiss His face Again." ~Hafiz
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A poem

This is my first Quest Journal entry. I decided to share a poem of mine that I'm quite proud of. Please enjoy my word-game <3 

"You have known her depths 
You have heard her song 
You've drunk from the river of her soul and
You have rode the waves of her heart
Sitting under the blanket of her sky,
The vibrations of your form have soaked in her stillness 
Gently she comforts you
So deeply lost in this human form 
Reminding you of your home
Your own depths 
Your own song
Your rivers, trees and waves...
A deep remembrance, a flicker of knowing
You are the same
I am the same"

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