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Breezy SpreadLove's Posts (17)

We all strive to be HIGH VIBE HUMANS. We strive to walk with love, bringing positivity into the spaces we live. Sometimes we need help doing that.

J. Lauryn's voice and down to earth lyrics helped me maintain a high vibe.

I first heard "Live Aloha" on Bring Me 2 Life Radio. She has won a Songwriter Grammy in 2017, co-writing a song with Ziggy Marley. Her Album "Golden Year" is nominated for Album of the Year at the Crystal Chalice Awards sponsored by Bring Me 2 Life Radio.

You can vote for her album >> Here 

I have listened to this album so many times I swear my disinterested roommate could begrudgingly quote it. I have listed my favorite songs below with a brief description to give you an idea of how good this album is.

#1 song "Live Aloha" : this is an energetic melody that reaches the soul in an instant. The upbeat instruments invite us to relax into the moment, while J. Lauryn's voice awakens feelings of love and gratitude. As I continue to listen, I'm transported to an island shore, no longer feeling restrained, my mind is being swept away by the music. The rhythm sways my body like palm trees in the breeze during a sunset. The lyrics strike deep at my heart strings, ringing out truth and love for all creation. And when the song is over a strong urge rises up to push the repeat button. Like a wave on the ocean destined to crash upon the beach; it is my fingers destiny to replay the song.

#2 song "Vibes & hiGHS": is a reggae inspired beat that continues to raise the vibes. I would say this song is dope, and would be right! There are many references to Weed and easy living. This is a song I would blast to chase away the winter blues, or a bad hair day. The lyrics drop down to earth reminders about not letting negativity get to you.

#3 Don't Touch: is a sexy empowerment song that reinforces the importance of consent. "You can look you can watch, but please don't touch" is the chorus. This warning is rightly given because the beats in this song will have your booty bouncing. This party song is sure to please at your pals.

J. Lauryn pours her heart & soul into her music. She has stated that she is speaking her truth and spreading love through her lyrics. This album, and other singles, are helping to raise the vibration in the music industry. She is helping to promote awareness of Mother Earth, and the inter-connectedness of all humans and animals. Take a moment to listen to her songs. If you agree with her lyrics, then take some time to vote for her. You can vote for her album >> Here 

I wanted to share this High Vibe Human's music with you, because it is important to support, promote, and lift up positive things. Often it is easy to dwell on the negative or remember bad things over the good. This music is one way to break the cycle of negativity.

That's all I have for you this week. Until next time...


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Summer Energy Recap 2017

Hey High Vibe Humans! 

I hope that all is well with you. The energy of 2017 has definitely shown us how much we have changed since 2012. The great paradigm shift sweeping humanity is working its magic. Many industries and Governments see how interconnected humans are and have been evolving with Humanitarian principles in mind. The world is beautiful because it is a diverse place- many people are awakening to this truth. In my last article, Eclipse Portal, I discuss the challenges that arise from the stars' energy. The energy of the galaxy is urging us to make rapid, truthful change. Our guides are helping us every step of the way. 

August 21st -25th contained a transformational message from the angels. The message is clear "change has manifested, exercise patience". On August 21st, Archangel Michael accompanied the energy of the Eclipse. He strongly stated, "you are safe". As the Eclipse touched our psyche, our guides want to reassure us of our safety. Archangel Michael's energy has been with us the entire month of August. And will be giving us reminders of his presence until the end of the year. 

On August 22nd, the angels urged us to make changes that would align us with a Healthy Lifestyle. The eclipse energy inspired us to make changes, and Archangel Raphael is here to support those changes. Healing takes place when the energy of the angels mixes with your personal resolve.

August 23rd revealed Archangel Jophiel's kind reminder to practice patience. While we are making personal changes to our career, relationships, and routine- results are going to take time. Patience is needed because "your dreams are blooming more rapidly than you realize".

The 24th repeated the message of patience by saying "All is well". Archangel Jeremiel whispered, "Everything happened exactly as it is supposed to." To which, Archangel Raguel chimed in on the 25th, "Everything is how it needs to be right now. Look past the illusion, and see the underlying order."

There is a plan at work. We must tune in and connect with our higher selves. We are here, We are ready, We are open, we are guided! We are the ones we've been waiting for. It's time to activate "FLASH MEDITATION". Mass groups will go into crowds and meditate. This will be an act of balance. A reminder that we can energetically impact space when we take a moment to BE. "Flash meditation" it's just an idea... a very powerful idea. 

That's all High Vibe Humans! Post your thoughts below. What energy have you been sensing? Do you think we are ready? And will FLASH MEDITATION have any impact? I'd love to hear from you. Remember to spreadlove, and subscribe.
Until next time. 

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Energy Update: Eclipse Portal

Hey All you High Vibe Humans!

Archangel Michael is supporting you and creating a wonderful August with you! His energy was strong in the first two weeks. The angels have been giving us sweet messages this month, which you can check out on my Instagram. Today, the card is Archangel Michael “YOU ARE SAFE”.He is here to reassure us that this Eclipse you will be safe from the lower energies.
(Watch the Video >> HERE)

This week is the Solar ECLIPSE!

Ancient cultures around the world each have their own myths to explain the visual spectacle. The sun was everything to our indigenous brothers and sisters. Before science clarified and simplified the passing of the moon in front of the sun, many myths depicted a giant deity swallowing the sun. For instance, the Vikings described a pair of wolves chasing the sun and an eclipse would happen when they finally caught the dancing orb. In Vietnam, the deity was a frog or toad that eats the sun. According to a National Geographic article, cultures around the world made noise, such as banging on drums or chanting, in order to chase away the deity attempting to steal the sun. This was how humans prevented the kidnapping of their precious sun. One African myth states that some chants are to get the sun and the moon to stop fighting. The Eclipse is seen as a day to resolve feuds and come together. This energy has had a negative connotation.

The negative connotation in all these myths, I’m assuming, stems from a lack of understanding of the event. The sun was so integral to our human survival that its disappearance would mean the end of the world. Our ancestors had no way of knowing if this change would be permanent or temporary and thus it was seen as a negative event. However, one native American tradition states that this event is about balance. That it is a time to sit with family and reflect on the passing of time and the “cosmic order” of the universe. The Navajo state that this time should be spent singing, fasting, and spending time with family.

These connotations often lead to modern misunderstandings.

The most prevalent modern misunderstanding is that you cannot and should not look at the sun during a total eclipse because you might be possessed or your shadow self will be intensified. These ideas stem from a lack of understanding about an eclipse. Now, we know it's not demons devouring the sun, it's just the moon. Eclipse or no Eclipse, it’s common sense not to stare at the sun. I believe ancient cultures noticed that our vision was affected during an eclipse and in order to protect the people, it became a tradition to advise against looking at the eclipse.

To summarize, please use your discernment and common sense, not all superstitions are beneficial for humanity. In the past, myths and stories were used to describe events that we can now explain scientifically. Don’t let some past superstition prevent you from seeing a historic event. I also want to caution against the cultural appropriation of ancient traditions. Do not engage in an eclipse ritual if you are not fully educated on its history or cultural origins.

Create your own eclipse rituals and traditions, or research your heritage for their eclipse folklore.

How did you spend your eclipse?Post in the comments below.

That's all for this week. (WATCH full video >> HERE)

If you would like your question answered by the angels, post in my YouTube Comments OR tweet me @breezyspreadlove



Truthday Tuesday is a day you the high vibe humans get to ask me questions and I answer them based on my truth- my perception of the world.

~*To Submit your questions post in the YouTube comments or Tweet me @breezyspreadlov *~

If your question didn’t get answered → Stay tuned for Breezy’s Live Stream of Consciousness LIVE! ON THE 17th of each month.


Stay Healthy Stay Light, and Don’t give up the Fight.

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May Angel Channeling

Hey high vibe humans!
It’s great to meet another sexy shifter who is into raising consciousness.
I wanted to share this special message with you because of my dedication to the Paradigm Shift Community. I share a connection with the angels and channel messages each month. This is a sample of what I do and who I am.

Welcome to May!
This month Archangel Jeremiel says it’s time to “Overcome Difficulties”! The worst is now behind you. You have surmounted your previous challenges. As a community, We’ve faced tough times like political changes, climate changes, and personal changes. From these dark moments, we learn lovely lessons. We forgive ourselves and embrace our weaknesses, making us stronger. We are then filled with compassion for others in similar situations. Our past makes us stronger.

May is an impactful month. It feels like a weight has been lifted and because of that we feel so light we could blast off! Do it! Unleash your wings and soar above those previous difficulties! Know you are supported by the wind, by the universal energy that is within all of us. The angels have spoken.

The fact that we have overcome our difficulties means we have leveled up. The Angels are saying “yes, you’ve completed that boss level. Here is your upgrade.” Those difficulties have nuggets of golden knowledge, don’t forget to store them in your inventory ;) Review your life and all the lessons you have learned. This will prepare you for the next challenge.

The suggestion for this month
The Angels are urging people to drink water with lemon. The most important time to drink water is first thing in the morning. The body has been working hard overnight, repairing, and restoring. Reward all that unconscious effort with some spiritual charged H2O.
How does water get charged with spiritual energy? Archangel Jeremiel is suggesting Amethyst. Write an intention on a piece of paper and place an amethyst next to the glass. Charge the water overnight for best results. Also, Eggplant is full of vitamins that the body needs to integrate incoming energies. Eat plenty of veggies, including eggplant this month.

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TRUMP-et SoundS

Hello High Vibe Humans!

The climate in the community is mixed. The political establishment has many worried about the future and fearful for their human rights.

After all is said and done, Donald Trump calls us to represent our Higher self. We must embody the best of who we are at this time. We need to unify as one human family. This is something we can use to come together, especially when we extend the hand of understanding.

It is time to sound the trumpet and come together as a holy chorus as one voice.


Do not react out of fear, breath and open the heart space. This is not a time to fight among our sisters and our brothers. It is a time to flex our spiritual muscles and heal the human race.

Consciousness is elevated. We are at a Tipping Point! I can't be the first one to have made this connection. I'm definitely not the first person to make this point. We rally around our idea of a free and just world because we feel a TRUMPET has sounded.

It is true that the angels have been activated, and that we are being called to a higher purpose. All restrictions and regulations have been removed and we can now access archives from the collective unconscious, or the collective consciousness, whichever you prefer to call it.

Currently, I feel two forces in the world. I feel called to honor and reference the Native American folk tale of two wolves to describe the current climate. Humans are of two minds at this time. They are afraid of each other and yet they love each other. It is most noticeable in America because it is where I live. We have people who say they stand for justice equality freedom and yet they will harass and harm those who voted for Trump. I want to change the world just as much as anyone else does. I want to know how we can align all of our visions. I want to know which wolf humans choose to feed.

Violence towards humans can only end with more violence. Standing in resistance with prayer and peace is powerful. When you achieve something through respect, true persistence, and courage, there is more honor in that.

This is the sound of humans crying for change. Calling in a life aligned with abundance peace and unconditional love. Crying out for a life more lined with a higher consciousness.  Thus the trumpet was sounded.

The United States welcomes the 45th President, one who will force change to happen.

"Stay Healthy, Stay Light, and Don't Give Up the Fight"

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We have now entered the TRUMP ERA.

Is that scary sounding? What kinds of emotions come up for you as you read?
To me, this is a period of deep reflection. The political climate has brought up a lot of fears for many people. Our backgrounds may be different, but we are all being affected by this transfer of power.
Keep faith! We were STILL moving in a positive direction. Even more than before, I believe consciousness is being raised and amplified because of this political climate. Many of you High Vibe Humans have been asking, “what will the world be like now?”

I say we create our own realities. Therefore, I would respond with a question of my own, “How would you like Earth to be? Now, how will you work towards that?”

(Electric Forest)

This week, I would like to share my truth on music festivals in the Trump era.

Andrew Asks “Do you think music festivals will be or feel different in the Trump era, and if so, how? “

Music festivals are my favorite activity. It combines outdoor camping with music and meditation. I attend mostly consciousness festivals that are small and focus on workshops like organic farming, and yoga. These festivals also have music, usually conscious EDM, and psychedelic jam bands. I also go to Electric Forest because I live in Michigan. In my opinion, if you live in Michigan you should go to Electric Forest at least once. Music festivals are magical in the way they can impact people. Humans are exposed to bright colors, creative and flashy costumes, as well as the constant stream of new friends. Festivals can be a transformational experience.

I believe a few things will happen at festivals because of our new president.

The first thing to be affected are the workshops. More festivals will promote social justice issues and invite speakers who teach about these issues because of the executive orders Trump has signed. For instance, Native American History might be taught as a workshop at Electric Forest.

The second impact might be with vendors and merch booths. Under the current political climate, many human rights organizations are fighting for marginalized individuals, like the LGBTQ, Black, Hispanic, and Native American communities. Festivals, under the Trump administration, will become a place you can advocate for causes like clean water and alternative energy. Vendors and merch booths will collaborate with humanitarian causes to raise money and awareness. If you go to festivals, you may notice this is already an emerging theme. I’ve seen attendees riding stationary bikes to charge their smartphones. In the future, every festival’s Merchant’s Alley, Shakedown Street, or Vendors’ Grove would be full of organizations raising awareness, and soliciting for volunteers.

The third influence will be on Totems and Rage sticks. We all love totems for their creativity and humor. What is a totem or rage stick? It is a sign, image, or stuffed animal on a decorated stick that a group uses to keep track of each other. It serves as a symbol and rallying point for the group in a sea of festival goers. It is usually brightly colored with a meme, phrase, or another cultural reference. I can only imagine the images of Trump I will see this year. Already I can see a photoshopped image of him tripping on acid, or rolling on molly with stars in his eyes.

Do you have a favorite Donald Trump meme you would like to see on a rage stick? If so, post in the comments below and share it with your fellow High Vibe Humans!

These rage sticks will be a source of humor! Humor is considered a defense mechanism in Psychology.

Freshly Popped Psychology:

I would like to share with you some ‘freshly popped psychology’. This section is where psychology topics are discussed briefly.

If a stressful event happens, we have mental defense mechanisms that we respond with unconsciously. Humor is considered a mature defense mechanism. In a sense, it is considered a healthy response; remember balance is key.

We can utilize humor to lighten a situation and relieve stress. Trump Rage sticks will invite laughter. It may also spark deep conversations. When deep feelings bubble up inside us, we have the desire to express those feelings to that person. This festival season, try to remember that open and understanding communication is powerful. This means that listening with the intent to understand is more productive than listening with the intent to overpower the other human.

Pay attention to body language and conversation patterns. What does my posture say? Are my arms crossed? Or am I making eye contact with an open body posture? Communicating with our bodies is just as important as communicating with our words. When expressing ideas and opinions in a conflict, it is best to use “I feel” statements. These statements will be less accusatory and inflammatory and more conducive to respectful conversation.

Conscious Connection (take away):

Festivals are places to make friends and to build community. A place to practice values like PLUR (Peace, Love, Unity, Respect), and express our creative selves. We can use music festivals to practice these shared values and bring them back into “the real world”.

I look forward to this festival season. Let’s hold space for positive experiences this summer.

Thank you, and I am you.

To watch the full Truthday Tuesday video click >> Here

That's all for this week. If you would like your question answered, post in my YouTube Comments OR tweet me @breezyspreadlove


Truthday Tuesday is a day you the high vibe humans get to ask me questions and I answer them based on my truth- my perception of the world.


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Being Unique: The Truth

Hey Sexy shifters~

I would like to share another truth with you. 

The world is a vast and diverse place. The population on our dear mother Gaia is surpassing seven (7) billion high vibe humans! That is variation at its finest. We are not alone on our journeys. We are actively co-creating reality together.
Our society has a lot to say about “being different”. Capitalism sometimes glorifies ‘difference’, puts it on a temporary pedestal and parades it around.

We are the generation that truly embraces difference, lifting it up spiritually. We are creating a community of people who share their gifts- their “difference”- without fear.

Today, I wanted to share my truth on “being unique”.  …

Mike asks! “ Why do you feel it's important to be unique and/or true to yourself?”
(Full Video click >>here)

I am unique person.
MANY people have told me how weird I am. If you are reading my blog, perhaps you have been called weird too.
I believe we are all special. I also understand we are the same as everyone else. I am a human being like all other humans. Its basic science really. In nature, variation is key. We know birds exist, and we also know there are many types of birds that all have their own role in nature. Humans are the same way. Many humans have different skills and abilities, but we are all part of the human species.

Take the cells of the body as an example.
You have millions of different cells. ALL of them have the basic building blocks of a cell: Nucleus, membranes and organelles. However, each cell is also unique, performing a different important function.

The Skin cells to protect your body,

The Microglial cells make up your central nervous system

The Osteoclast is a bone cell.

I believe humans are like cells of the body. We all perform different functions to survive. It is important to understand why you are the same as other humans.

It is equally important to find out how you are unique. You must be true to yourself in order to find out what kind of cell you are. Don’t try to be someone you are not.

If a skin cell became jealous of a bone cell, we’d have a problem. Say bye bye to soft skin. There would be a whole new meaning to the phrase “feel it in my bones.”

#dadjokes aside. I see “being true to myself”, or staying true to my uniqueness as imperative to my survival.

There is this phrase that I heard, and if you have the source please let me know. The phrase goes something like this:

“They can steal your crops,repossess your house, take the clothes of your back, but at the end of the day, THEY CANNOT TAKE YOUR MIND”

It is the essence of who you are.

>LET me break it down with some Freshly popped Psychology

I am a supporter of Erik Erikson's self actualization.

I believe we are constantly seeking to become our best self.

In the words of Alfred Adler, I believe we are moving in a “Unifying directional Tendency toward self mastery and self overcoming in the service of social interest”.

We want to be better for ourselves and those we care about.

I believe we are also shaped by the things that happen to us and HOW we react to them/ learn from these events it what matters.

That is a unique process in itself because everyone experiences things differently.

I believe we ascribe meaning to things and place value on things. Making the individual both the picture and the artist. Macro and micro. As above, so below.

What’s the Takeaway? It is important to be unique because you never know when your uniqueness will be needed, so stay true to yourself!

Each human has a lesson to teach, and a lesson to learn. We are navigating reality together. You never know when something you do positively impacts someone else. Perhaps it is your smile, or the way you dance to music. You can make someone's day just by being you.

Thank you for your question. 

That’s all for this week. If you would like your question answered post in my YouTube comments

OR tweet me @breezyspreadlov

Thanks for Tuning in, Stay Healthy Stay Light Don’t give up the Fight Breezy Out!

“SEE you on the Flipside Support the Adventure Spread love and Subscribe”


Join the Golden Gaian Adventure!


Twitter: @Breezyspreadlov

Main Channel:

What is the Golden Gaian Adventure? A Gaian Traveller and Light Worker Explorer with Golden Creative Life Force Energy on a mission to cleanse the Crystalline Consciousness, and Root Universal and Solar Upgrades.


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What's Up High Vibe Humans?

I wanted to take the time to re-connect with writing my thoughts. Therefore, I will be experimenting with my YouTube series, Truthday Tuesday, and creating a written version.

Truthday Tuesday is a day high vibe humans, like you, ask me questions and I answer them based on my truth and my experience. The written format will be more detailed for the reader to enjoy. The video will also be created and linked to the blog, for those that still enjoy auditory and visual stimulation.

You can check out my "Why I walk Barefoot" post, or my "PAST LIVES MATTER" post for examples of Truthday Tuesday. 


This week's question comes from Mike. If you've been following the YouTube series you will recognize "MIKE" as a regular. He is currently the "good" question provider (not that there are good and bad questions). 

His question hits an emotional place, and makes me think about the deeper values I hold. 


He asks "How is your Journey changing you as a person?"


My journey through life is only beginning. I am 26 years YOUNG and finishing a Master's degree in Counseling Psychology. I am not sure what the future holds, and I look forward to it. I often see my life as a "Golden Gaian Adventure". As a story I can create and work to accomplish any goals I set my mind on.


My journey is spiritual and scientific. I often commune with the Divine in nature as a way to relieve the stress from graduate school. I enjoy knowing how plants get energy from the sun, and how I get energy from the plants when I eat them. Nom, nom nom I became vegetarian in 2009, and recently went vegan. #govegan2017 I went vegetarian for environmental reasons and I am going vegan for health reasons. My favorite foods are unlimited and include kale, brussel sprouts, quinoa, black beans, and red bell peppers.

You are what you eat. Here is a TEDx Talk by Pamela Peeke on "You are what your Grandparents ate":

My journey has changed the way I see my life, the way I see my food, and how I see myself. I am a fire sign. I was born a Leo with a fiery passionate soul. 

I am also part water. 

I am fluid. Sometimes I am huge crashing waves carving out the shore other times I am serene and calm. If I stray from my meditation and self care practices, I become restless and wrapped up in my head. Thoughts of who I ought to be replay themselves over and over, only wearing myself out. I have learned that self care is not selfISH. 


That's the idea behind one of my workshops, "Fill Your Cup" until it overflows. It is easier to serve others once you have taken care of yourself. If you need to take time to gather your senses, DO IT! If you are stressed out, there is a higher possibility you will be LESS compassionate towards others. So, be compassionate to yourself and the rest will flow.


Reviewing how my journey has changed me IS interesting. I would say that I know my values more intimately than I when I was young. When I say intimate, I mean a deeper sense of knowing that comes from experience. When I face tough situations it tests my values and moral code, thus defining and redefining who I am over and over again. My journey is not done. I look forward to sharing what I can with you.


Thank you Mike for your Question.

If you would like to watch the Video version, click >> here


That's all for this week. If you would like your question answered, post in my YouTube Comments OR tweet me @breezyspreadlove

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Hello All you High Vibe Humans and Sexy Shifters ;)
 Breezy Here!

I wanted to share with you all the updates, and upgrades going on in my reality.

I released a NEW YouTube Video you can watch Here. This highlights my message very well. This is an urgent message. If you feel called, please share this with as many people as possible. 

Recently, I have felt the pull to really step into the spot light and ignite my truth. I have been called to truly turn my dream into reality, and step into the role I feel called to be.

What is my dream? To impact the world in such away that people are inspired to make it a better place. My dream is to inspire the younger generations to keep changing the world, to keep making it a better place.

What is the role I feel called to fill? That role is Leader. Not just any leader, but a strong, independent, biracial, female. THAT MEANS SOMETHING in today's society. This means I will face levels of discrimination that are not found in the spiritual conscious community. It means I will face comments,and situations where people are not conscious.

This is an upgrade, because before I was afraid of my own power, and only doing the "bare minimum". Now, I recognize that doing the "bare minimum" of spiritual work will not get me where my heart and spirit feels I need to be. 

This is an upgrade, because now I am facing my fear, and putting forth that hard work. I'm raising the bar on myself. 

I share this with you, because maybe you feel called to do the same and feel the same fear.

Perhaps a voice inside of you is saying, "step into your power", or "JUST DO IT". Whatever that voice is saying, it wants your attention, and your dedication.

As a way to show my dedication to my calling, I am revamping my YouTube Channel.
My Main channel will feature the Q&A series#TruthdayTuesday and a new series #TheseThoughts , a health focused inspirational comedy program.

In the VIDEO "I am Just One Person", I emphasize the idea that sometimes we feel alone. Sometimes we feel like we are the only ones striving for real tangible change. Sometimes people use this feeling as an excuse to do nothing about the world and the state that it is in. We are not alone and we must not give up on EACH OTHER. We have to keep reminding each other, and keep each other accountable. 

By definition a Golden Gaian Adventure is anyone who is filled with Golden Creative Life Force Energy and is on a mission to cleanse the Crystalline Consciousness, and integrate Universal and Solar Upgrades. We all need to ignite our inner life force energy and make a change. 

This is a very important time in our history and I feel this is an urgent message. We need to keep inspiring each other to save the world despite how big the problems may seem. We are all parts to a larger puzzle, we must not forget that. I am just one person, I am not alone. 

BE- You- Til-ful! 

"Spreadlove and subscribe"

Breezy OUT!



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Breezy's Teaching Two Workshops!

Hey all you High Vibe Humans! 

I am so excited to share with you this news! Okay, in reality I am giving ONE workshop twice, at two different festivals. Let me start at the beginning, I'm so excited to share this with you. 

Every summer I do a Golden Gaian Adventure, a documented trip about a Gaian Traveller and Light Worker Explorer filled with Golden Creative Life Force Energy on a mission to cleanse the Crystalline Consciousness, and Root in Universal and Solar Upgrades.

This year, I was blessed with the opportunity to help co-create at several festivals this year. I have created a workshop on Personal Empowerment called “Fill Your Cup: Empowerment” that I hope to share with all who attend.

  1. The first stop on my tour is “Branch Out Camp Out” Festival in Bangor Michigan, from June 10-11th. This festival is run by the TreeLove Collective and is located on the Elderberry Farm Property. My workshop is scheduled to take place on Saturday June 11th @ Noon. Let’s meet up and empower each other to Spread the Love. I look forward to listening to my friends SpaceShip EarthDrewphoria &Friends preform as well as Dixon’s Violin and Unlimited Aspect ! My friend Angelina (The BookFairy) will also be giving a highly anticipated workshop as well! 

  2. The second Stop is in Pennsylvania for the 5th annual Mad Tea Party Festival June 17th- 19th. This festival began as a Wedding & Reception, and continued on as their anniversary. I am blessed to be apart of this expression of love and creativity. A big thank you to Project Bring Me To Life for coordinating the workshops and putting in so much effort to co-create this festival. I will be giving my workshop along side these wonderful co-creators: 
  3. The Next stop the #goldengaianadventure is Electric Forest 2016, held in Rothbury, Michigan. It’s one of the largest festivals in the mid west. I am excited to be apart of that creative energy that makes Electric Forest the rocking festival that it is. Check out my Latest Festival announcement video for more details, Click Here

  4. Then, after a brief break, I will be heading to the Mountains of North Carolina in August for Three Days of Light: Activation . This is a consciousness festival and retreat which provides a wide varietyof workshop topics, meditations, and exercises during the day. At night, heady meditation music, transcendental New Age EDM, and the sounds of drum circles fill the air. I will be volunteering my time to help co-create the festival and will be working alongside The Book Fairy in the Kid Village Speading the looooove.

Along our journey we may do crazy things like Give away free Books, meditate with crystals on our foreheads. Once again, thank you for your support on this Paradigm shift Journey. My adventure is only beginning.

Join the adventure by following any one of my socials:

SnapChat: Spreadlovescott

Twitter: @Breezyspreadlov


Main Channel:

My last Truthday Tuesday Video, THE TRUTH ABOUT SHAVING 

See you on the Flip side, until next time
Stay Healthy, Stay Light, Don't Give up the Fight



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Truthday Tuesday: 5 - 10 - 16

Hey All you Sexy Shifters and High Vibe Humans! Breezy Here with another whirlwind update! 

As you may or may not know I am a graduate student and I recently took a break from my YouTube Channel to focus on finals. I am happy to announce that I completed this semester with a 4.0 GPA. 

Summer has begun and I can know pour all my creative juices into my personal projects such as #TruthdayTuesday and #GoldenGaianAdventure

If you haven't already, check out my latest Truthday Tuesday Video Click Here

Truthday Tuesday is a day where you the High Vibe Humans ask me questions and I answer them based on my truth and my experience in the world. This week's video I tell the Truth about my channel.

Shout out's to this week's Shifters: 

Dystonia Wife who asked “How would you describe your channel?”

Jose Martinez who asked “Do you use Crystals or Gemstones?” (I discuss a bit about how I use them)

Andrew Joyce who asked “What would you say to someone who reports experiencing DejaVu while doing something ‘bad’ such as shooting heroine, or waiting to kill someone?”

To which I replied, "I would have to know more about that person’s thoughts, feelings, and beliefs they have in order to assist them. But in the end they draw their own conclusions."

Sending out positive supportive energy to those who participated this week! If you would like your question answered post in the YouTube comments OR tweet me @breezyspreadlov

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This was the phrase I started with in 2016. I saw the symbolisim of the New Moon on the New Year and made a commitment to myself; I would make at least one YouTube video a week.

This is a personal goal. Therefore, I am writing this quest journal to report my successes and short comings thus far.

CLICK HERE to Watch this week's Truthday Tuesday Video

^^ In this video, I talk about my spirit animals, Reiki, and Future & Past lives.

Truthday Tuesday is a day where you, the High vibe humans, ask me questions and I answer them based on my truth and my experience of the world.

Erick asks “What is your Spirit Animal?”

I have a few the butterfly, Salmon, Lion, and the Horse. Reflecting on these animals and what they mean, I realize how I draw on the strengths of these animals throughout my life.In my last video I talked about my survivor experience. Looking back on that time in my life, it makes sense that these animals were symbolic to me.

Nick Mielnicki asks “What do you think about future lives?”

How we act today, creates the future others will live in. 

Brendon aka Skullbabylon asks “What do you think about past lives?”

The actual knowing of the past life, is not as important as knowing the lessons that were learned in that life. These lessons provide insight into your life now.

Amie asks “What do you think of the Practice of Reiki?”

I’m no expert but I do believe in energy work. I would like to know more!


That was just a taste. If you would like to ask a question, post in the comments

OR tweet me @breezyspreadlov

So Far I've kept my promise - to myself

I promised to make one video a week. That's a success.

I release on different days of the week. That's a short coming. People like people who are consistent.

I am here to report that the #GoldenGaianAdventure continues to grow evolve and get stronger.

I will not give up, I will only give better. #bethechange 

Stay Healthy Stay Light, and Don’t give up the Fight.


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Ya ho! Breezy Here, with another Whirlwind update for all you sexy shifters!

It's 2016! And boy did this year started off with a Bang! Holding nothing back, it unleashed all its potential and  inspired many to create.
For instance, there is this sweet new Paradigm Shift platform for all of us to converse! Nothing is more important than the sharing of information. 

That is why I am so happy to be a part of this shift! I get to share it with you! We can be creative together, inspiring love together. It will be magical.

I digress.

2016 was not shy about being new... no it took "New" to a whole new level by opening with a NEW MOON. This brought upgrades for every being on this planet. When one tunes in, one begins to notice a subtle vibrating energy of "beginning", and when this energy is noticed it begins to take hold. Maybe some of you can attest to "upgrades" in your life or a space that has opened up allowing something new to come in. 

Either way, there is a subtle vibration that leads to a not so subtle expression of newness.

For example, I decided to revamp my YouTube Channel concept, create a Vlog channel, get my dreadlocks re-twisted, and do TWO photo shoots. My "newness" KNOWS NO BOUNDS. In this energy, I feel free to expand and act on my true potential. In this energy, my authentic self emerges un-apologetically to nay-sayers and discriminators. It will not go quietly into the night. For it is here to stay.

....See not so subtle....

I can tell 2016 is the year of the "Hustler".

To me a hustler is a person who has dedicated every breath to bringing their dream into reality. This takes dedication, sacrifice, strength, integrity, and most of all determination. This person might be called crazy, a workaholic, a dreamer, an idealist, or a fool. Yet, despite all the name calling, the facts show the opposite. The path of the hustler becomes clearer with each hard earned step forward.

If you want something done right, do it yourself. If you want something to be done about the world, you do it yourself. If other people inspire you, you still have to do something. It all comes down to doing. 

ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS. That is what the "Hustler" lives by. 

And that, High Vibe Humans is what 2016 has told me.

"Work Hard, Play Hard, Work Hard, Play Hard."

Stay Healthy Stay Light, and Don't Give up the Fight. 

Breezy Out!


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WE are the Embers!

We are the Change!

I know that we are the ones we have been waiting for. We are the change we wish to see in the world.

Remember, the struggle only makes you stronger.

Keep working at whatever you are doing.

Stay Healthy, Stay Light &


Here is the WE ARE THE EMBERS Hula Hoop Inspirational VIDEO <CLICK HERE>.


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The Bare Foot Truth

HUMANS are Natural Creatures who CAN walk barefoot.

I know, I know...

We all know we can walk barefoot. Therefore, I'm going to tell you WHY we should walk barefoot. 

I walk barefoot a lot myself,. It was an intuitive inclination of mine and I was curious to see if this had any positive effects. I did some research and found out that it does! I was walking barefoot in order to feel more NATIVE and exotic. BUT there are actual studies to prove that it is good for you!

In other words, Barefooting is a Shiftivism activity! It's something you can do to shift the consciousness :D 

THE TOP 3 reasons I walk barefoot (and you should too)

#1 Walking barefoot is the most natural human thing to do. 

I feel like a creature of Earth! I am no longer masquerading as an animal pretending to be better than other animals. I AM my feet touching the dirt that provides me with food for consumption and trees for air.


Below are some links to RESOURCES explaining the exact science of grounding.

The gist of it is that your feet exchange electrical charge with the Earth's surface and stabilizes your Electromagnetic Frequency.

While you read through these links; DO NOT buy any products. This is a practice that anyone can do for FREE.

My FAVORITE YouTuber Charis talks about her barefooting experience and what it is like to walk around in a city. Barefoot Progress Video

Information about the grounding process and energy exchange

7 Healthy Benefits of Going Barefoot Outside


Describes the free electron process


#3 Barefoot AWARENESS

I live in a country that is rich in everything. I can go to a second hand store and find shoes that fit me. I can knock on a neighbors door and ask if they have any shoes they need to get rid of. I can ask a friend if I can borrow their shoes. Americans are rich in STUFF. There are many things we take for granted and among them is : Wearing Shoes

There are 100's of people who go without shoes because there is no other option. I go barefoot to humble my ego, to remind myself there are others who walk dangerous areas without shoes and have no choice in the matter.

You know that saying:

Learn to Walk in Another Person's Shoes

This is taking that saying and making it a reality. Know what it's like to walk with another person who doesn't have shoes.

TOMS Shoes use this as a way to make money. They have a yearly movement called "A Day Without Shoes"   which encourages its followers to walk without shoes to raise awareness. The company is designed so that when a customer buys a pair of shoes, they give a pair to someone in need. It's a great business plan. (kind of). #withoutshoes


Check your Local barefoot policies. States and counties have different policies regarding which businesses and establishments exclude barefoot customers. 

>> I mostly go barefoot in parks, nature preserves, and neighborhood sidewalks. (surf shops and beaches are other good places)  

That's it for this Journey Log. More information can be found HERE

Truthday Tuesday is a day were you the High Vibe Humans can ask me questions and I answer them based on my truth, my experience of the world.

Stay Healthy Stay Light, and Don't Give Up the Fight


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This is a flashback to a few years ago, when returning from a consciousness retreat in North Carolina.

It's good to look back and see how far I have come in telling my story.

The focus of my Golden Gaian Adventure series is to share with others what I am learning on my journey. I have set the intention to live my life with the golden  creative life force energies that permeate our world. 

Life is an array of colors, from colorful landscapes to colorful language. Our lives as humans are a gift, and that why its important to stay present in the present moment. 

This specific video features my general reaction to the 3 days of Light Experience. A few of my friends are featured and give their testimony to the life changing event.


In a under a week this festival will be happening again. The annual Three Days of Light Gathering will be better than ever this year. I am looking forward to artists like The Human Experience, SpaceshipEarth, EarthCry and Beautiful Chorus. 

I will be attending and working with The Book Fairy ;

This little adventure will be logged in the Shiftivim activity section and under my Golden Gaian Adventure section.

Once again I will be returning to North Carolina for a transformative event. I hope to see all you high vibe humans! 


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I was completely inspired to make this video. Someone commented on a FB post, and I felt the need to expand on it.

I called it this journey log >> REAL & RAW because the material flowed out of me, and I felt like I was channeling a higher perspective.


There is a desire to shift our reality... I believe that we can effect our reality with our auras and the power of our minds. 

There is a technique that debuted on "Three Days of Light: A consciousness Shifting Story"

This technique can help a lot of people, and can be integrated into the soul work/soul healing process.


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