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Beth Fehrensen's Posts (6)

You wake up, you check your phone,

“Did anyone like my latest Instagram post? What’s the new Snapchat filter? What was my crush doing last night? *Facebook stalking ensues*.”

Bing! Your calendar reminders start going off for all of the day's commitments.

You check your Emails and pray no one left you a voicemail while you were asleep.

“Do I have any texts I read yesterday that I have yet to respond to?”

Off to work where you most likely sit in front of a computer for several hours and if you’re lucky enough to not, you are most likely under florescent lights inside of a not so well ventilated building.This lifestyle my friends is most likely why you are reading an article titled “Three Awesome Reasons to Get Out in Nature”. Sometimes we need a little extra motivation to inspire us to do what we already know we need to do, so here it is.

(Castle Valley Utah Sand Flats)

Number 1. 
We Need Space That Does Not Confine Us (Spirit Space)

Your soul craves expansive landscapes in which it can peacefully extend itself beyond the confines of a cubicle, an office, or any enclosed structure for that matter. For those of us who are sensitive to our own energy bodies we know that we’ve got a lot of energy to go around and when we are trapped within four walls it can almost fill up to the point where it feels like we might experience spontaneous combustion. This energetic pressure can express itself in our bodies as tension, anxiety, unrest, jitters, feeling lightheaded and in the long run, if totally ignored for long periods of time, can even result in panic attacks.

Most of us live and work in heavily populated environments where our auras and energy fields are packed in like sardines next to our co-workers, neighbors, family, and so forth. This presents another issue altogether. It’s enough as an energy sensitive person to contend with the demand for expansion that our own bodies call for, but when you cram us in with a ton of other folks we get to contend with their energy bodies as well. This might seem like an authentic “yippie!” moment if you are imagining compassionate intentional openhearted energy connections, but that’s not always the case. Sometimes we share an office with a co-worker who is going through a difficult breakup, or live in an apartment complex riddled with criminal activity. When we have no choice but to live amidst these difficult energies in order to make a living and keep a roof over our head we must seek ways to alleviate some of the energetic tensions.

Even if you live in an area where you must share your green spaces with several others, the outdoors offer an endless expanse in which your energy body can be at ease. You can trust that mother nature and her creatures will buffer you from any heavy energy and you can let go. Let go of that shield you have to hold up against energy vampires and the many tangible and intangible environmental toxins of confined indoor environments. There is something very sacred about feeling one’s feet on undeveloped earth, about silently observing the natural pathways that lead through leaves. Maybe in reading these sentences you are already beginning to breathe deeper, to feel more expansive. That’s what nature does, it opens us up to be able to receive, to let go and be held. We don’t have to turn off in nature, in fact we are turned on in ways that allow us to effortlessly be as we were intended to be. As Jack Kerouac would say in nature we can be “Empty and awake.”

(Berkshire County Massachusetts)

Number 2. Time for Actions That Don’t Require You to Actively Intellectualize is Absolutely Necessary (Mind Melt)

When you are outside solely for the sake of being outside. When you are soaking up sun, listening to water, witnessing the daily birth cycles of blossoms, as so many yoga teachers have said in savasana, “there is nothing to do and nowhere to go.” Being outside is waking savasana for the mind.

No matter what you are doing, as long as you are out of doors, you can take in a deep breath, receive the life force energy that is given to you from the plants and return it back to them transformed. We do not have to think to breath. Visualize for a moment yourself in the most peaceful outdoor space you can imagine. Where is your mind? It’s simply observing right? Taking in the sensations, witnessing it’s surroundings, smelling the flowers, hearing the crunch of twigs, feeling the waves kissing your toes and then running away.

It is imperative to take moments to simply breath, digest, let your heart beat. In nature these passive processes are given your attention and in that place of being witnessed they can nourish you even more because you will feel more deeply the gratitude you have for these gifts of life. When you take the time to see how alive everything in nature truly is you will remember how much you yourself are blossoming, flowing, and glowing. In societies where fast paced competition and an endless drive for more success are celebrated, simplicity is forgotten. Going outside is an act of remembering, remembering that we are breathing alongside all that is within and without. In nature we dance effortlessly without any need for willful brain interference.

(Arlington Gardens Pasadena California) 

Number 3.
 Our Bodies Were Made to Move (Body Bliss)

Movement! Nothing in nature is stagnant, everything is ALIVE. Connecting with the infinite life that is gracefully exploding from every corner and crevice of mother earth is the perfect way to activate the will within yourself that calls you to move. Have you ever been standing by a gushing stream and felt a deeply rooted impulse to howl or wiggle your hips? That’s what nature offers us, a call to shake off the doldrums of the humdrums, to enliven the muscle and sinew of our human temple with a good old rustle in the winds. Whether you're swimming in a pond, ascending a mountain, or swaying in lotus in the middle of a dandelion dotted field you are always offered in nature an opportunity to be healed by the magic of earth mama’s movement.

-Beth F


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