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Aimee Kathleen Muse's Posts (1)

I started documenting my channeling experiences on YouTube (search Star Vessel channel & it should appear) last year as I now feel comfortable fully stepping into gifts I have been aware of for years now.The first time I channeled anything it was the spirit of my mother's father. This did not occur by choice he in fact took it upon himself to use my body to cry in front of her after we had been speaking about him for a while. We both felt cold air circulating around us in a whirlpool like effect with the temperature of a freezer. I had full control of my vessel and was present but my eyes were closed as I pointed to myself repeating "I'm not the one crying!" As I was sobbing. Luckily, my mom is a shifty mother of magickal awesomeness so this experience for her was healing instead of terrifying.This experience for me was actually more blissful than anything as I retained the energy from whichever realm he was being channeled from for over 3 hours. I was in such awe at what had happened that for those 3 hours nothing else was relevant to me other than knowing energy of that magnitude of sheer bliss was in fact REAL beyond the "living" human experience.I decided in December 2016 it was time to broaden the horizons and test out channeling with confidence. I chose to wait so long because I had been programmed with fear from various sources claiming "be careful when you channel! You don't want to become posessed!" And other ridiculous statements which now humor me at best.I now genuinely feel guided to work on these abilities intently and "perfect" them to a degree they can be used for some higher purpose later on.I have recorded 3 separate channeled sessions of various beings from hyper-dimensional extraterrestrials, Agarthan "middle earth" beings (also extraterrestrials), and various elementals (dominantly Fae, and other umbrella-Elven races) on my Youtube channel Star Vessel.(It's all done with my phone so they aren't of quality but keep in mind they are only really intended for me at the moment hah).Today was the 2nd day I attempted channeling Elementals & was able to channel with my eyes open! This is extremely exciting for me as I have only previously been able to do it with them closed.If I had to describe the experience I feel while channeling it would be that I am in fact very present but require zero thought during the process. It feels like meditation except there is another "soul" or energetic being sharing said space with me.I can feel their feelings(or my own feelings as the information is relayed not sure if it's theirs yet or my reactions)They often use very expressive facial/hand movements which highly excites me as I feel it aids getting the message across sometimes even though these downloads from the sessions are all meant to be energetically understood.Soon I hope to begin channeling them in English instead of elemental languages/light languages, but I have to say I enjoy their native tongues more because listening with the heart and not the ears seems to always be the most effective listening.Art Credit: "Forest Palace" by Maxime BiBi
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