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PSC TV broadcasts scheduled community content.
New 24 hour schedule begins every Monday.
Communicate with other Shifters while watching what's broadcasting.

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Shifters earn Shift Points in exchange for
successfully creating Quest Journals and Conscious Articles,
along with other game related tasks and activities.
Shift Points can be exchanged for Shift Buttons
once the Team Patreon reaches beyond the 1111 milestone.

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Welcome to Paradigm Shift Central

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Paradigm Shift Communities

Paradigm Shift Communities exist all across the world to host conscious open-minded discussion and meditation circles. 

Anyone can help start or connect with a Paradigm Shift Community where they are as part of the real world game.
Allow your journey to unfold, connect with other Shifters, and help change the world. 

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Create conscious media, build conscious community, and help document and accelerate the shift in consciousness.

Be a part of the team and contribute to the unfolding real world story. 

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