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The Journey to Lucidity Movies

In addition to all of the inspirational consciousness shifting media on the website, here are direct feeds for the full length Journey to Lucidity movies for you to enjoy. Directed by Brendon Culliton. 

Plot Synopsis: A young man awakens unexpectedly under a tree to find himself in the midst of a magical dream-like festival full of artists, musicians, celebration, meditation, knowledge, and other yet to be explored mysteries and characters. Given a gift of a single pinecone from the mother goddess he sets out on his quest to learn more about it, himself, and the universe.

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(Playlist also includes links to other full length movies, including Three Days of Light, and Journey to the West.)

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Paradigm Shift Communities exist all across the world to host regular open-minded discussion and meditation circles.  
Anyone can help begin a Paradigm Shift Community where they are.
Allow your journey to begin - and help change the world. 

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Richann Haxton commented on Michaela Brown's blog post My ET Epiphany / No Need To Fear!
"Wow, thank you for sharing, both Michaela and Julia. While I myself do not recall any beings or experiences like yours, I still find your understanding and wisdom resonant and applicable to myself and my journey. And when Julia expressed, "additiona…"
7 hours ago
Richann Haxton liked Michaela Brown's blog post My ET Epiphany / No Need To Fear!
7 hours ago
Richann Haxton liked Brendon Culliton / Skull Babylon's blog post 906 Tarot Card Reading - The Sun (Video)
7 hours ago
Brendon Culliton / Skull Babylon published an article
- Interactive Conscious Community - 
Paradigm Shift Dream Class
Broadcasted Thurs, Feb 23, 2017
(Participant arrival time is 9pm EST. Live broadcast begins once the class is ready.)

'Paradigm Shift Central is a real world game to help bring togeth…
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Jeremy Moauro left a comment for Jeremy Moauro
"GUIDED MEDITATION MIND SILENCE Remove Negative Blocks Automatically Quiet The Mind Paul Santisi

"HEADPHONES REQUIRED! Brand New guided meditation. MIND SPACE (stepping into stillness) Remove negative blocks automatically and quieting the mind and…"
Laura, Björn Kenneth Holmström and Clementine Maril joined Paradigm Shift Central
Jeremy Moauro left a comment for Jessica Pitawanakwat
"It's a pleasure to meet you, Jessica! Much Love, Your Brother, Jeremy <3"
Julia Vinai liked Vera "Ariana" Le Doux's blog post Activation's with Ariana - Transforming the Form
Feb 16
Julia Vinai commented on Zoe Richardson's blog post The Importance of Energetic Maintenance
"I am having the same transmissions right now!  I was called to make a video about maintaining our virbrational state! Which I will be doing tomorrow!  so wonderful!  many blessings! "
Feb 16
Brendon Culliton / Skull Babylon posted a blog post
Today on Intergalactic Love Day (Feb 14) we did a very potent team live Tarot Card Reading with a very inspirational message for all of us with lots of vibrant reminders. 

The card of The Sun is all about seeing the Sun within yourself, self love…
Feb 14
Jeremy Moauro left a comment for Jeremy Moauro
"Happy Valentine's Day, Shifters! <3"
Feb 14

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